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Mouse setting process in PUBG

If the user is interested in victory in PUBG, then for this you must definitely configure the computer mouse correctly. The thing is that the results depend on it, because it affects the shooting parameter a little more than completely.

To configure the mouse, you just need to go to the appropriate section, which is available in PUBG. It remains to indicate the sensitivity and save the result. It should be noted that the most difficult thing in this case is to determine this very sensitivity. How to do it? It is worth choosing one of the following methods:

  • The first way. The user should place the mouse in the middle of the rug, and then try to hold the mouse to one and the other edge. The character should turn 180 degrees and only in this case we can say that the sensitivity was correctly configured.
  • The second method. This is quite a simple, but not too effective way. The user is invited to copy the settings of a professional player and install the same! So it will be possible to feel yourself in someone else’s skin, which may like the reader. True, this is a risk.
  • The third way. This is constant editing existing sensitivity. You must first configure it randomly, and then adjust each match. So it will be possible to achieve precisely your parameter, which will be ideal for use.

These are the most simple and effective ways to determine the sensitivity.

If we talk about their general terms, then first of all, the sensitivity should be low and this is relevant for any games with the need to use weapons. Why? Because it will be easier for the user to aim at the opponent and take a decisive shot. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this when choosing a suitable setting for yourself.

Most professional players prefer to use sensitivity in the area from 35 to 50. This is a golden mean that is suitable for most readers and can be used in setting. It only needs to be adapted specifically to your mouse and the existing rug (the larger it is, the less sensitivity and vice versa).

Control settings in PUBG

DPI mouse (sensitivity) for PUBG

When it comes to the sensitivity of the mouse, then 82% of professionals use DPI (dots per inch) 800 or below. These advantages are approximately distributed between 400 dpi and 800 dpi. The reason for this is that most professional PUBG players have the history of CS: GO and other similar FPS shutters and have already developed their muscle memory around these DPI settings.

DPI that you choose, first of all, will depend on your personal preferences, but we do not recommend understanding our level. But remember that there is no advantage in using DPI at a speed of over 1600. sensitivity PUBG

We have average sensitivity settings for shooting and aiming used by professional players PUBG. PUBG by default has 50 values ​​50. The following settings are well used, however, sensitivity settings in the game will depend on your personal preferences.

Most professionals reduce their sensitivity when aiming. Lower sensitivity gives them a little more accuracy with distant distances. The idea of ​​finding the correct sensitivity is to find a balance between the surrounding the environment in the zoom, while at the same time maintaining control during shooting.

Examples of settings Pro Pubg players


The widely known in the Russian.speaking community Streamer and Dmitry player “Makatao” Pustovarov, with the support of PUBG Corporation, released the fifth and last episode from the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds series of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. In the new video, Makatao spoke about transport in PUBG, and also gave a couple of useful tips on how to get out of a difficult situation and get superiority over the enemy.

How to configure sensitivity in PABG on PC

Shooting control at PUBG Mobile is a very important process. The developers tried to make the game realistic, including through weapons behavior. Each gun, machine gun, machine gun and other types of weapons have unique characteristics that affect their behavior. The greatest influence remains behind the dedication.

Not a single weapon in PUBG is complete without adjusting the shooting for returns. Especially assault rifles. In order to shoot, players study the behavior of the sight with a clamp and test the shooting in bursts.

The second factor that needs to be taken into account when controlling the shooting is the pace of shots. Number of bullets produced per unit of time is closely associated with subsequent dedication. The higher the pace, the more difficult it is to keep the sight on the enemy. Fans are well aware of shooters from AKM, BERYL M762 or Groza.

When playing PUBG Mobile on PC with Bluestacks, there are two methods of impact on shooting control:

  • Play only on narrow locations without exiting long shooting distances. There are a lot of such places on all mobile Pubg maps. You take a position in the back or in the courtyard of some house, lure opponents there and shoot them. Such tactics are well suited not only for machine guns, but also for submachine guns like Vector or Bison. The main rule here is not to drop. If the enemy approached the middle range, you shoot in bursts. As soon as it comes close, release bullets in the clamp.
  • Configure the sensitivity of the sight so as to respond to all shooting factors. It sounds simple, but not every player is capable of it.

In this guide, you will learn how to configure sensitivity in PUBG Mobile and what to pay attention to in the process of adjusting this parameter.

What is sensitivity?

This is an option in the PUBG Mobile settings, which is responsible for the angle of rotation of the camera when the character moves. Sensitivity is divided into several independent parameters: from general to sensitivity when aiming. Consider this factor and get off when setting up your game style.

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that sensitivity is a unique parameter. You can copy the behavior and style of the play of another user, but the sensitivity of the sight and the movement of the camera will definitely be different from you.

Primary sensitivity tuning is best carried out at the training training ground. You shoot at static targets and change the parameter, starting from the highest or lowest values.

The choice of weapons in this case does not affect calibration. Find the optimal value on one cannon, and you will notice how easy it will be to handle other weapons to you. Naturally, adjusted for its features.

Setting the sensitivity of the sight quite easy. Take a weapon with a molrage or collimator. Aim at the targets that are at close range. Shoot and edit the parameter. Do not try to fail sensitivity, shooting at distant targets. There are other types of sights for this.

To configure sensitivity when using weapons with 2 and 3 sights, shoot at long.range targets. The calibration process is similar to previous cases.

And as for the sensitivity of more powerful sights? Their configuration is the most difficult activity that requires special skills from players. If you at least once tried to play with AKM and BERYL M762 with 4 and 6 sights, then you understand how difficult it is. When releasing the line, these guns instantly lifts upward. We recommend setting up sniper rifles, the shooting rate of which is more suitable for these purposes.

Using a gyroscope:

In my opinion, the main setting that needs to be used in PUBG is a gyroscope. The gyroscope is important for aiming and moving without the use of the thumb. Most experienced gamers, including me, use this function, as it will come in handy during the battle at close and distant distances.

Many gyroscope users complain that their gyroscope fails and stops working. Well, this is only in the case of very old and low devices. There are no such problems in the last mobile phones, since they are equipped with the latest technologies.

How to enable a gyroscope:

The inclusion of a gyroscope is one of the simplest things that the Pubg user can do. I will advise you to turn it on. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open the setting
  • Choose the main settings
  • Scroll down under an inclined visitor button
  • Under the inclined button of the visualization, you will see a gyroscope.
  • Always choose on

Many people use a gyroscope on the sight, and not always. I would advise using a gyroscope, as always, because it will come in handy in situations from close range.

Problem with a mobile fire button.

Many users, including me, have encountered a situation when we are killed only because of the sharp movement of the sight when firing? Well, I covered you. This is one of the most common problems that people face and cannot find solutions.

I faced the same problem and could not find her solution on the Internet. But after some rummage, I learned the real reason for this problem. This is due to the presence of two fire buttons. One fire button has the properties of movement and finger.

When we press the “Move and shoot” button, it will move rudely, which cost us many battles. We can ignore the button by inserting it somewhere on the screen where we usually do not touch it. This allows you to shoot and enjoy battles without worrying about the rotation of the fire.

Hyde: Sensitivity Settings in Pubg

At the first launch of the game, everything was terrible, inconvenient, sharpness of the sight, the movement of the camera, especially shooting.

We will analyze everything by points, set up for ourselves. Be sure to configure everything for yourself, everyone has different devices, physiology, Internet stability.

To get started, let’s start with 3 points: 1. We go into settings, section Sensitivity

We take off the parameters (sensitivity of the camera, sight) up to 5%

We go to the “Training room” we recommend increasing the value of 5%. So we can most accurately determine the settings. Increasing the value, we run to shoot at targets to evaluate changes. And so on until the selected parameters seem convenient to you.

Camera sensitivity (free review). It is not necessary to configure, it was not difficult for me to set it 50%. The parameter is responsible for the sensitivity of the review around the player by 360 degrees. In the game plan, this setting is not needed.

The sensitivity of the camera. The response of the sight in terms of movement from left to right and vice versa (horizontal sensitivity).

The sensitivity of the sight. 100% is only responsible for the sight. By setting it up, you can choose the optimal sensitivity for any weapon.

The sensitivity of the gyroscope. You should not even climb here. By default, everything is given correctly, we do not touch.

How to configure Playerunknowan’s Battlegrounds

In order to make changes to the PUBG graphics settings, start the game and go to the “Settings” menu. There are 3 tabs here:

  • Graphics. is of the greatest interest and allows you to change the language of the game, go to the window mode, change the resolution, brightness and quality of what is happening on the screen;
  • Management. makes it possible to change the control keys, configure the mouse sensitivity in detail, when driving transport, during aiming and separately for each degree of scaling (tune for yourself and do not look at reviews. each mouse has its own degree of sensitivity and dpi);
  • Sound. adjusting the volume of sound effects, music and microphone volume.

The game provides extensive setting opportunities. But it will be difficult for an inexperienced user to understand the graphic parameters. Therefore, we present a small instruction about which Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds settings are optimal and will not harm your device.

According to the famous Shroud streamer, PUBG settings should be as follows: the resolution corresponding to the native (in its cases of 1920 x 1080); scaling 102%; Average brightness (50%); Ground smoothing; Post.cutting, shadows, effects, foliage. very low, textures at the highest value (ultra) and a distance of visibility on low.

We will not argue with the opinion of the celebrity, however, we will imagine the optimal PlayerUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGRUNDS game settings based on our own experience with all the details:

  • The resolution should remain your own monitor, as well as the screenshot (100%). Each percentage towards the increase will not give a significant improvement in the image, however, there will be a lot of FPS. The reduction will lead to the appearance of cubes and extreme poisoning of the image, although it will give speed to the game. Place brightness at your discretion. this will not cause any changes in performance;
  • Shadows. medium or low (but not very low. then the shadows from opponents will not fall at all, which takes advantages in buildings). A rather voracious parameter that is of practical significance in the game. You can play very high, but very few video cards can afford this;
  • Smoothing. put low or very low. You can try the average, however, this will simply remove the insignificant “ladder” on the sides of the objects, sensually lowering the FPS;
  • Post.cutting. preferably average or high value. It allows you to observe the effects of glow, glare, passing the rays through objects and improves the overall saturation of the picture. A higher value can significantly blur everything that is the sight of the pose;
  • Textures are high (you can try ultra, if there is no fps decrease). Are responsible for the details of all game objects, so even on the weakest configurations you should not put below the average;
  • Effects. medium or low, which will avoid drawdowns during shooting or explosions. We advise you to set lower, as this will slightly reduce the quality of smoke, dust and other particles, but will avoid unpleasant consequences in hot contractions;
  • Foliage. graphics lovers can put high, since this parameter does not greatly affect performance. We advise the rest to put it very low, because although it will reduce the quality of all vegetation, with it it will remove the grass everywhere, in which enemies can hide, which will give a tangible advantage without the use of cheats;
  • Visibility range. the more, the better. It allows you to see enemies over long distances, and given the size of the locations of the game, it will make it possible to play a real sniper;
  • Blur in motion. immediately turn off, because it blurs the image when turning the camera and pretty reduces performance.

Now you know everything about how to configure PUBG for a comfortable game on most configurations. Experiment and create the mood in PUBG, which is right for you.

How to configure sensitivity in Pubg?

Often players ask how to configure sensitivity in PUBG. For some, sensitivity setting up. an empty phrase, but if you want to squeeze out the maximum from your game and optimize control for yourself as much as possible, then you should definitely ask you a question of sensitivity settings. If you notice that you are missing something to win more often, it may well be that this article is for you.

How to configure sensitivity in Pubg?

There are two ways to configure sensitivity. We will analyze each of them with a specific example:

Take a fairly large mouse mat and install the mouse in the middle of the rug. After that, spend her from the center to the edge of the rug and check how your character behaves in the game. This is your working area, within which it is comfortable for you to control the character. Ideally, the character should turn around 180 degrees. If it rotates around its axis, like a Christmas tree, apparently, you increased the sensitivity too much.

The second option. start from real settings of professional players. Take the sensitivity settings of some successful e-sportsman as a basis and experiment. Choose sensitivity for yourself. Try to play a few matches to get used to sensitivity. If the result did not like the result, try to increase or loosen sensitivity by 5 points. In order not to look, we propose to take advantage of the sensitivity settings of Svyatoslav Dranys Komissarov, who previously played for Avangar and Navi, and now the leading career of the Streimer:

  • General sensitivity: 54
  • Sensitivity of aiming: 54
  • Driving sensitivity: 54
  • ADS sensitivity: 54
  • The sensitivity of all x.sights: 54
  • Display mode: full screen (Fullscreen)
  • Resolution: 1728×1080 (also plays from 1920×1080)
  • Camera Review (FOV): 93
  • Brightness: 52
  • Screen Scale: 100
  • Smoothing: very low
  • Post-processing: very low
  • Shadows: very low
  • Textures: average
  • Effects: very low
  • Foliage: very low
  • Visibility range: very low
  • Mouse: Logitech G Pro
  • DPI: 400
  • Durtain of the Port of the Mouse: 500 Hz
  • In Windows by default

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How to determine until what moment to continue the setting? How to adjust sensitivity settings? If, when shooting, the sight twitches with the fault of the return of the gun, but due to the fault of too high sensitivity, it is obvious that you have overdo it, and the bunks need to be slightly reduced. If it turns out that you play, and the rug is not enough to play comfortably, feel free to increase the settings. But again, this should be done gradually, trying to find suitable settings precisely for yourself.

What happens if you underestimate or overestimate sensitivity parameters?

There is no only universal sensitivity settings for each player. Everyone should choose it for themselves individually. It makes sense to lower the sensitivity a little in order to aim better and more precisely. This is especially felt at large distances. High sensitivity, on the contrary, will play your hand at a short distance, and will also allow you to control the return when shooting more easily, and will help to better keep moving targets in the sight such as boats and cars.

But it is worth remembering that everything is good in moderation. Do not fall into extremes, because very low or high settings will play a cruel joke with you.


Many players advise putting graphics settings on minimum, even if you have a top computer. If you look at professional players, then most of them play on minimum wagons. There are explanations for this:

  • On the minimum graphic settings, especially the textures, the landscape drawing significantly falls, while opponents become more noticeable on a blurry background;
  • The recoil speed is changing, not FPS, it can be huge in any case, here we are talking about the sensations of the game on the fingertips. With low settings, the game flies, while on the maximums of even movements and turns, it is felt as if heavier.

In general, I advise you to experiment with graphics and draw your conclusions.

Mouse sensitivity

Set up the sensitivity so that the base of your brush does not come off the table when turning the camera. All movements should come from the fingers and brushes, while the brush itself in the joint should be recorded. This is the advice from the players to the shooters.

Then in the game settings We increase Vertical sensitivity. This will simplify the control of the return, it will need to lead the mouse down at a much lower distance, which will positively affect the shooting.

I will not tell you the exact meaning, because here the role and general sensitivity in the game and the mouse itself plays. Just play with different values ​​and stop on more comfortable.

First steps

Before plunging into a real battle, you need to do several things:

  • Regularly attend the training mode and an arcade mode of 8 to 8, which the developers have recently added to the game;
  • play War Mode in the “user match”;
  • play in a dynamic match 4 to 4 in Pubg Lite (if you have not yet installed, do it, the game is free. how to install PABG LITE);
  • Play only in the first.person mode (FPP).

But the main concept of good shooting in PUBG is to control the vertical return. If in a nutshell, then when shooting (especially from automatic weapons with a clamp), you need to lead a mouse down much more dynamic than we are used to doing this in other shooters.

And most importantly in this matter. practice. Professional players, such as Korea e-sports team, train 8-10 hours a day playing Pubbu alone. They have a coach, a tough schedule, tasks for each player, analysis of errors and so on, everything is like in a real Olympic team.

Therefore, do not be surprised if in 2-3 hours a week, your skill has not grown. You must have either almost natural data and reaction, or fill the training time, achieving results. Approximately 300-500 hours of the game will be enough to start understanding all aspects, and you can become a real killer closer to 1000 hours of the game, and even then if you do everything right. About how correctly our article is dedicated to.

Between business you can train your accuracy and reaction on independent simulators, of which in our time you can list several dozen. One of the simplest and most popular. This is Aimbooster. Devote to him for 5-10 minutes and this will positively affect any shooters.

Training mode

The training was expected almost from the very first day of the existence of PUBG. A landfill for honing the basic shooting skills, but you can still “feel” the physics of traffic and practice landing (land with parachute to these points).

PUBG training mode helps to practice shooting.

To enter the training mode, just press the button, just above the settings of the match. Players fall on a small island on which weapons, ammunition, equipment and transport are scattered, there is a shooting range and shooting range with targets. The targets are turned over when they get it, so you can hone firing at long.distance distances. Available only in solo-mode.

War Mode

User game mode. The battle between the teams (or solo) in a limited safe zone. The main feature is that the players are reborn after death and landed back into battle with weapons.

There are several variations of equipment. For example only with assault rifles or only with sniper weapons. A quick, dynamic battle is ideal for honing skill.

The region can choose another, if only the servers are as close as possible to your place of residence for a good connection.

The best PUBG control settings

Talking about management settings is much more difficult than other settings. In fact, the purpose of each player is completely dependent on his style of the game, muscle memory and reaction time.

  • Some players prefer to play with low sensitivity, and some prefer an easier way with high sensitivity.
  • The type of your mouse and the size of the mouse mat are also important factors. As a result, there are no better settings for all.

You just need to adhere to a certain sensitivity in centimeters / 180 degrees and try to play it in every game, preserving the constant dpi setting. This will help you form a strong muscle memory, which will help you aim with aiming and clicks.

However, there are things that should be mentioned. Leave the inverting parameter of the mouse disabled. Make sure that you have a multiplier of vertical sensitivity equal to one. This mainly guarantees that your vertical and horizontal sensitivity are the same.

Character rendering in the inventory

He displays your character with all his skins and clothes when opening the inventory tab. If you do not see your character in a recently purchased skine that does not quench your thirst, continue to shoot. But if you strive for maximum performance, turn it off, as this creates a large load on your equipment.

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Color blindness mode

This parameter is mainly intended for people suffering from color blindness.

If you are ready to take a distortion of certain colors instead of better detection of enemies, you can go further and experiment with this potion.