How to charge Xiaomi fitness bracelet

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How long does a full charge last?

The manufacturers promise that the bracelet will function without recharging for 20 days. However, the battery life depends on the mode of use of the device. So, the most energy-intensive function is periodic heart rate tracking. In addition, the battery will drain faster if you configure too many options for different notifications from applications to which the gadget will respond.

On average, from 100 to 0% the battery is discharged per month.

How to find out the current charge of Mi Band 2

You can find out the battery status in several ways: on the device itself or using a special application.

Using the Mi Fit app

Download and install the Mi Fit app. On the first launch, create an account and set up pairing with the “Xiaomi Mi Band 2”. After that, go to the “Profile” section. the percentage of charge will be to the right of the name of the fitness bracelet below the heading “Devices”.

Charging rules

In order for a smart device to last longer, you need to follow a few simple rules for charging it:

  • use the charging cable supplied with the bracelet;
  • if there is no standard device, and the gadget is on the verge of shutdown, do not choose power supplies with an output current of more than 1 A to replenish the charge level;
  • do not allow the device to be completely discharged;
  • after charging the battery, disconnect Mi Band from the network.

How to charge a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 2

Knowledge of how to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is necessary for every user of this fitness bracelet in order not to unexpectedly lose the usual conveniences from using the device: a pedometer, an electronic clock, as well as calls and notifications.

Using the button

For this method, you only need the bracelet itself. Touch the round touch button on the display several times. Each time you press, the information on the screen will be different: watch, number of steps, heart rate and battery level in percent. This list changes. in addition, the distance traveled, as well as the number of calories spent for the current day, can be displayed. The list is configured in the Mi Fit app.

Methods for charging the bracelet

To put Mi Band 2 on charge, you must first remove the oval capsule (the working element of the bracelet) from the strap. There are 2 small contacts on this part of the device. The capsule must be placed in the specially designed compartment of the charging cable that comes with the bracelet. Its contacts must be adjacent to the metal plugs.

How to Charge Redmi Smart Band Simple Steps | Redmi Smart Band Charging Time

There is a USB connector at the other end of the standard charger. It can be connected to the USB port of a desktop computer or laptop. Another option is to use a specific USB outlet or a familiar 220 V outlet by connecting a device to it via an adapter.

What to do if Mi Band 2 won’t charge

It happens that the charge level of the device connected to the current source does not increase over time. In this situation, it is not always necessary to replace the “Mi Band 2”. To solve the problem, you can consistently use the following methods:

  • Make sure the pins on the capsule and in the charging cable are snug against each other. Try to push them harder, but do not push too hard to avoid bending the items. If the method fails, clean the contacts on the capsule: do this without using abrasive materials or corrosive chemicals. Wipe the metal parts of the charging cable with a soft cloth, pre-moistened with alcohol.
  • If it’s not about the contacts, try cooling the gadget by placing it in the freezer. This process will speed up battery drain and result in a system reset.

The service center specialists will help solve the charging problem in cases where the previous options did not fit.

How to charge a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

In 2018, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was recognized as one of the best inexpensive fitness trackers. A year later, keeping all the best, Mi Band 4 came to replace the third model. It has a better display, more activity profiles, and an increase in the number of smart functions. and options for customization. And despite clear improvements, this tracker still has the most affordable price tag among competing accessories.

charge, xiaomi, fitness, bracelet

It is not only a pleasant price tag and advanced functionality that captivates the fourth Mi Band. Many users first of all pay attention to the battery life of the bracelet. And it is impressive: one battery charge (its capacity is 135 mAh) lasts for 20 days. This means that it will be used not only as a clock, but other Smart functions will also be actively demanded.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Remove Strap and Charge. How to

As the satisfied owner of this Xiaomi tracker noted on one of the forums, for one day after three long runs and receiving heart rate data every 10 minutes, the Mi Band charge level did not move from 70%. The third Mi Band is not capable of this. Its battery in this mode of use will not be enough for a couple of weeks. You will need to charge the battery every ten days.

If we talk about charging, the fourth “Band”, in comparison with the third, has noticeable differences. If the latter had a 2-pin connector for connecting to a charging cradle on the lower end of the capsule, then for a more advanced brother, these two contacts are now on the back of the case, below the optical heart rate sensor. The shape of the cradle has also changed. The charger looks like a kind of cover-cover, and in order to put the bracelet on charge, the capsule must be inserted into this case.

Instructions: how to charge Mi Band 4

To connect the Xiaomi tracker to external power, you will have to disconnect the electronic unit (capsule) from the strap. To get the capsule, you need to squeeze it out of the recess of the bracelet.

Hold the strap on the side of the bottom of the tracker screen. Press down on the back of the strap with your finger and push out the bottom of the capsule. Then, with the fingers of your other hand, grasp the electronic unit and lift it so that it is completely released from the strap.

Branded straps “Xiaomi“, although strong, but with excessive use of force, they can break or break. Be careful, do all operations with the bracelet carefully and carefully.

You took out the capsule, now you need to insert it into the proprietary charger, on one end of which there is a cradle and on the other there is a USB connector. Remember that the Mi Band 3 charger is not suitable for charging the Mi Band 4! They have a different arrangement of electrical contacts.

Insert the electronic unit into the cradle and make sure that there are no distortions: the contacts on the capsule and in the cradle must fit snugly together.

Now all that remains is to plug the charger into a USB port on your PC or laptop. Using a charger from a mobile phone, the plug of which is inserted into an electrical outlet, is highly discouraged.

Keep in mind that the nominal values ​​for charging the Band’s battery are 5V input voltage, 0.25A current. The lowest power charger for a smartphone is designed for at least 1 A, which is too much for the battery of a fitness bracelet. The most acceptable charging option for Mi Band 4 is to connect to a USB 2.0 port, which has a current of 0.5 A (for comparison: USB 3.0 supplies 1 A of current).

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Under normal conditions, the bracelet takes 1.5-2 hours to charge. Leaving it connected to the power supply for a longer time is impractical.

When the capsule is charged, you need to insert it back into the strap. Place it with one end in the groove in the strap, and press on the other end with your finger until it snaps into place. After charging, the fitness tracker is ready for use, no additional manipulations or activations are required.

How to charge “Mi Band 4” without removing the capsule from the bracelet

This Xiaomi tracker is good for everyone, but not every owner likes to take out and insert the capsule into the strap every time. Tech geniuses have found a way to recharge the tracker without disassembling. In this regard, the 4th version, in comparison with the 3rd, has a big advantage. the contacts “moved” from the end, usually well covered by the strap material, to the back panel. It would seem that engineers from “Xiaomi” could have developed a more convenient charging device themselves, but they decided to leave their old solution, only slightly changing the cradle.

For the design of a new type of charger, the following are required:

  • parts printed with a 3D printer: polymer components for clothes pegs and materials for cradle finishing;
  • sharp knife, solder and glue.

You will also need a USB cable and contacts (pins). These parts do not need to be manufactured, they are taken from the charger that comes with the tracker. The cable is cut off from the cradle with a knife. Subsequently, you will need to solder it to the metal pins.

When all the components are ready, the stage of the charger assembly begins. The cradle (an overlay that repeats the shape and size of the back panel of the “Band” capsule) is attached in the appropriate position to the clip. The cable is passed through the hole in the cradle, only after that the platform with pins can be soldered to it. After that, the platform is attached to the cradle. All parts of the structure are fastened with glue after careful adjustment.

When the charger is ready, the cradle cover with contacts is applied to the back of the bracelet capsule. It is held in place with a clothespin. The end of the USB cable plugs into the power bank or computer connector. The device starts charging.

What to do if Mi Band 4 won’t charge

For one reason or another, some owners are unable to charge their tracker. When you face a similar problem, try this:

  • check the connection between the charger and Mi Band 4. Also make sure there is no moisture on the charger;
  • metal contacts can oxidize or become dirty. Clean them from dirt and dust. The oxide film can be removed by rubbing the contacts with another metal object, such as a coin;
  • measure the value of the charger output voltage using a multimeter;
  • replace the old charger with a new one.

Typically, these measures will help solve the problem. If not, then the device may be defective and you will have to contact the service.

How to charge your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 watch

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a 110 mAh lithium-polymer battery, which provides good autonomy of the device, although this parameter was higher in the second version of the tracker. There are situations in which the battery is discharging faster than it should, or there are problems with charging it. How to fix the situation in such cases. we will consider further.

Charging from an outlet

The first way to charge the third model tracker is a regular outlet, to which the device is connected via a cable, but there are important nuances: you need to have an additional power adapter, which is not included in the package, and it is often not recommended to use it. The manufacturer claims that powering directly from the electrical network can lead to malfunctions and breakdowns of the bracelet due to power surges, and this may take more time compared to standard methods.

How to properly charge the bracelet

To fully charge the Xiaomi fitness tracker of the third version, on average, it takes 2 hours, it is not recommended to interrupt the process prematurely. Before this, the device must be removed:

  • take the strap with your hands on both sides with the screen up;
  • pull it back slightly from the side of the upper part of the capsule;
  • squeeze the other side up by pressing down on it with your index finger.

After that, the capsule is inserted into the connector of the charging cable so that their contacts coincide. Then the cord is connected to a computer or Power Bank. the device will start charging.

Using the PC USB port

You can easily charge the bracelet from a regular USB port on your computer. You just need to remember that the time until full charging depends on the port itself. when using USB 3.0, a current of about 1 A is supplied, in the second version of the connector. half that.

Fundamental rules

After purchasing the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet, it is recommended to charge to the maximum value. this will increase the autonomy of the gadget and increase its battery life.

Then it is recommended to charge the device battery up to 80-90%, which is enough for about 3 weeks of battery life. It is undesirable to completely discharge the battery, the best option is to connect it to the power adapter when the charge is 10-20%.

The package contains a cable for charging Xiaomi Mi Band 3, a device capsule is connected to its slot, and a USB connector is connected to a Power Bank or computer. You can use a power adapter with an outlet, but this is not the best option. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer recommends charging your fitness bracelet with a weak current of up to 1 A, the adapters give out a higher power current, which has a bad effect on the quality of the battery.

You can find out about the beginning of the charging process of the tracker by the information on its display, the data is provided in percent. When the gadget is disconnected from the network, you can find out about the remaining charge in the following way:

  • make several vertical swipes from bottom to top;
  • select the menu item “Steps”;
  • switch the screen to the right. the display will show the percentage of the device.

Charging from Powerbank

A more reliable option is to use a portable battery that delivers a low power current. Reviews on thematic forums indicate that this option provides an increase in the autonomy of the tracker.

If the tracker won’t charge

As with other gadgets, problems can arise with the tracker, for example, when the device does not charge when it is connected to a cable and a power source. You can often fix the problem in one of the following ways:

  • clean the contacts of the charger and the bracelet capsule from dirt;
  • remove traces of oxidation from metal parts using alcohol or some special liquids;
  • try using a different USB port, power cable, adapter, or charging outlet.

Also, some users advise to put the watch with problem charging in the refrigerator, leaving it for a short time. The recommendation is somewhat strange, but in many cases it can solve existing problems.

Mi Band 4 | Charging Test 0-100%. How much time Mi Band 4 Take to Charge | How to Charge Mi Band 4

In addition, if you have problems with charging, you can try one of these tips:

  • Leave the device to charge for a longer time: if its battery is completely discharged, then additional time will be required to fully restore the charge;
  • remove the tracker capsule from the charger, shake it several times and plug it back in;
  • check the cleanliness of the contacts on the device, clean them if any traces of dirt are found.
  • make sure that the cable, adapter and power source are working, replace them in case of any problems;
  • in the case of the first charging, it is advisable to use a relatively powerful source. from 1 A, leaving the bracelet connected for about 3 hours.

Another problem is incomplete charging of the device, when, when 98 or 99% is reached, the process stops without permission. In this case, the problem lies in the insufficient power of the power supply. If this is not the case, you need to contact the service center.

If problems arise with the device, the first step is to find out exactly where the problem is. in the cable or in the capsule itself. If the fault is in the cable, then you can simply replace it with another one. When the whole thing is in the tracker itself, then you need to contact the service center, since you cannot solve the problem on your own.

Charging recommendations

Not all users know how to properly charge a Xiaomi fitness bracelet. To do this, consider the following:

  • Avoid completely discharging the device. It is better to connect the Xiaomi fitness bracelet to power when the charge level drops to 10-20 percent. Otherwise, the accessory will turn off at the most unexpected moment. In addition, the deepest discharge is not desirable for a Li-Ion battery.
  • Avoid charging the device for more than the prescribed period. Almost all models are not equipped with overcharge protection. That is why it is necessary to watch this level and turn off the device when it reaches 100% charge.
  • Beginners often make a mistake and try to charge the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 or another model even with an insignificant discharge, for example, at the level of 80-90% with daily bringing to a full charge. It is not recommended to do this, because it is fraught with damage to the power supply and deterioration of the autonomy of the device.
  • Once every 6 months, carry out a charge-discharge cycle to calibrate the device and get the clearest information from the working indicator.
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Following these rules can extend the battery life of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet.

How to properly charge a fitness bracelet: recommendations

In the manufacture of fitness gadgets, an ordinary Li-ion battery without memory effect is used. To compare, the old batteries had to be discharged and charged one hundred percent, observing a full cycle. Lithium-ion power supplies do not have such requirements.

Immediately after the purchase, it is recommended to charge the Xiaomi fitness bracelet to 100%. After that, charge it and put it on a full charge again. Such actions are provided not for overclocking the battery, as almost everyone says, but for calibration and correct display of the charge level.

Next times, you can charge the phone in normal mode, but not bring this level to 100%. The best option is to charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet or any other model on average up to 80-90 percent, subject to a small overload. If a person uses the device at full capacity, you need to charge it to 100% and thereby extend the battery life.

Using the Mi Fit app

Download and install the Mi Fit app. On the first launch, create an account and set up pairing with the “Xiaomi Mi Band 2”. After that, go to the “Profile” section. the percentage of charge will be to the right of the name of the fitness bracelet below the heading “Devices”.

Solving the problem of incomplete charging

Usually, in the event of an obstacle, the charging failure occurs at the same level. 92, 94 or 98%, when it is reached, the process stops. It may seem that this is caused by a decrease in battery capacity by a few percent, and nothing can be fixed. But it’s not like that.

Such a discrepancy. software, it is connected with the controller. there is a desynchronization between the indication and the real features. Ignoring obstacles leads to a decrease in the autonomy of the device.

To correct the situation, the controller should be calibrated. You can do it like this:

  • completely discharge Xiaomi Mi Band 2;
  • connect your device with a USB cable to a massive and high quality power supply;
  • wait for the complete charging cycle of the device to complete, it lasts about 3 hours. the battery status should reach 100%;
  • if the discrepancy remains and the watch is still not fully charged, disconnect the cable from the power supply and reconnect it, leaving the tracker to charge for about an hour more.

Usually, in this case, the discrepancy is successfully solved, but in some cases it may be necessary to repeat the actions, but in the end, the battery of the fitness bracelet will definitely be charged to 100%.

How long does a full charge last?

The manufacturers promise that the bracelet will function without recharging for 20 days. But the battery life depends on the mode of use of the accessory. So, a more energy-intensive function is the periodic tracking of the pulse. In addition, the battery will run out sooner if you configure a lot of options for different notifications from applications to which the gadget will respond.

On average, from 100 to 0% the battery is discharged per month.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The first question that arises before the owners of “smart” watches Xiaomi Mi Band 2 immediately after purchasing them. how to turn on the device? Traditionally, the device needs to be pre-charged, which will eventually happen automatically. But how the bracelet is charged correctly is the most difficult question, since there is no usual USB connector on the case. Let’s see how the device is charged and how to correctly use the device charger.

How to charge a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 2

The knowledge of how to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is needed by every user of this fitness bracelet in order not to suddenly lose the usual amenities from the introduction of the device: a pedometer, an electronic clock, as well as indication of calls and notifications.

How to charge a Xiaomi fitness bracelet

A cable for charging the device is supplied with the product. Specifically, with its help, you need to connect the fitness bracelet to the various sources mentioned above. From time to time, users complain about the loss or damage of the charger. In this case, you can charge the device in 2 ways:

  • Use a USB cable from another accessory. After that, cut the dark and reddish wire, and then press them to the contacts of the bracelet. Secure the connection with paper clips to secure it. Finally, connect the USB cable to the PC. If everything is done correctly, the Xiaomi fitness bracelet will start charging.
  • Power Supply. The use of this method is suitable for users who are electricians. First, find the “plus” and “minus” on the accessory, and then assemble the power supply. Set the voltage on it to 5 V and bring the “spikes” to the contact group.

Do not use third-party equipment to charge the fitness bracelet. Such acts without experience are fraught with damage to the device.

Huawei Honor Band

A special docking station for attaching to a bracelet is provided with a device from this manufacturer.

How to connect a SIM?

Smart bracelets Xiaomi are equipped with connectors for two SIM-cards.

  • After the card is carefully inserted into the slot, you need to go to “Settings”, where you need to find “SIM cards and mobile networks”. Here you can immediately register SIM cards.
  • Next, go to the “Default Settings” item. It is necessary to establish which SIM-card will serve for making calls, and which. for working with the Internet.
  • To disable the SIM card on the Xiaomi bracelet, you need to go to “SIM cards and mobile applications”, click on the SIM card that you do not plan to use and select “Disable”.
  • For notification settings, go to the “Notifications” section and go to the “Operator”. Find “Notification icons” and move the slider to the right.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Mi Band 4)

On the model of the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it became possible to change the vibration level using the settings. For this you need:

  • open the application on the phone;
  • find in “Profile”;
  • click on “Alarm”, find just below “Vibration”;
  • tap on “” at the bottom of the display;

Vibration will be set by pressing the phone screen. After setting the desired option, click on “Save”. In the sports watch Xiaomi Band 4, it became possible to lock the screen using a pin code, to activate this function you need:

  • We go into the program and open the “Profile”, click on the name of the watch.
  • We select “Laboratory”;
  • Click on “Locking the bracelet”.
  • We tap on “Password” and enter the invented password.
  • Repeat the password and click “Save”.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (Mi Band 2)

When setting up the Mi Band 2 bracelet, you should select the parameters that should be reflected on the main screen, namely:

  • time and date;
  • number of steps taken;
  • the number of calories burned;
  • online pulse;

The clock on this model is automatically synchronized with the user’s smartphone. In the mi Bend 2 bracelet, you can also set up and activate reminders that you sit or lie down for a long time.

You can control this model of the Xiaomi bracelet using gestures, for this go to “Settings” and click on “Profile”. Next, find “Mi Band” and click on “Raise your hand to display data”.

To configure the activation of smart unlock, you need to open the main section and find “Screen Unlock”. After enabling this function, you can bring your hand with the bracelet on to the smartphone. The phone will immediately identify the owner of the watch without entering the peak code.

The band 2 bracelet has a function for calculating the distance to the phone. To activate it, you need to go to “Settings” on your smartphone and find “Unlock with a bracelet”. You need to click on it 10 times.

If you lost your native charger?

Charging the Xiaomi bracelet lasts an average of 17-20 days. After such a long break, it is quite easy to lose the “native” charging capsule.

In order to charge the device without a capsule, you can use the most common USB mini cable:

  • We unbend the mini connector body using pliers. It is better to remove the three central wires immediately to avoid shorting the device. If you put the cable with the icon up, then “plus” will be on the left side, and “minus”. on the right.
  • Now you need to connect the “minus” of the USB cable with the spring-loaded contact of the “native” cable of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, and the “plus” with the “plus”.
  • You can connect this design to a voltage of 5 volts.

The most important thing when doing this procedure is not to mix up the polarity. To avoid this, contacts “-“ and “”, it is better to immediately label.

Basic functions of Xiaomi smartwatches and fitness bracelets

Xiaomi watches differ in many models, however, the main functionality of fitness bracelets is geared towards keeping records of the physical abilities of users. Let’s consider the most basic ones:

  • Built-in ADI Motion module allows you to read the user’s pulse and immediately display information on the display.
  • All models are equipped with an acceleration meter (accelerometer).
  • Xiaomi fitness bracelet lets you know the distance traveled.
  • The basic functions include the presence of a motion sensor in three-dimensional space. a gyroscope.
  • Barometer. the ability to determine the temperature and humidity outside.
  • Battery charge. It is possible to view the charge level, as a rule, the charge indicator icon is located in the upper right corner of the Smart-watch display.
  • Many models of Xiaomi sports gadget are equipped with a compass.
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Some models of Smart watches are equipped with the functions of a music MP-3 player, organizer, Internet access (the ability to connect to social networks), etc.

How to turn on / off Xiaomi smart watch

The Xiaomi watch turns on automatically, for their further activation, you will need to install the application and synchronize with your smartphone. Some models of Xiaomi bracelets are activated by moving the hand up.

There is only one button on the body of a smart device, by pressing which you can find out the number of calories burned, battery level, time and number of steps.

You can turn off the Xiaomi watch only by gradually discharging it (up to 17 days). To speed up the discharge, you can permanently activate the physical indicators of the user and by constantly updating the application.

How to connect Xiaomi smart watch to the phone?

To properly synchronize the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, you need to do the following steps:

  • Using a smartphone, you need to connect to the Internet and activate Bluetooth.
  • After that, you need to download and install a special application for the Xiaomi fitness watch.
  • You need to open and register in the installed program.
  • When choosing a region, you need to click “Mainland China”
  • Find “” in Bluetooth and click.
  • On Xiaomi smart watches, press the button and hold until a slight vibration appears.
  • The smartphone display should show the name or image of the handheld device.
  • On the bracelet, click on the button, and on the smartphone, click on “Use”.
  • The smartphone will display a form to fill out. It must be filled in. date of birth of the owner of the watch, gender, weight, height.
  • Again go to “Settings” and select “Profile”.
  • You need to tap on “Setting”. We are looking for the item “Language”.
  • Click on “English”.
  • After that, turn on the “Menu” button on the Xiaomi bracelet, set the time zone and set the clock functions. reminders, call alerts, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, alarms, etc.).

If all steps are taken sequentially, the Xiaomi fitness bracelet will be connected to the watch and ready to go.

How to change the watch face on Mi Band 5

Xiaomi has prepared a lot of standard watch faces for the bracelet: about 100 of them are already available in the Mi Fit app, and the number of screensavers is regularly increasing. To install one of the official themes you need:

  • Open Mi Fit.
  • Go to: Profile Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 5.
  • Open shop”.
  • Choose your favorite screensaver from the list
  • Press the orange button “Synchronize watch face”

After that, 5-10 seconds of synchronization will pass and the splash screen will be displayed on the screen of the gadget.

The number of watch faces in Mi Fit depends on which language your smartphone is working in. For example, by setting the system language to English or Chinese, you can access screensavers that are not available in Russia.

The Mi Band 5 has built-in memory where the last 6 watch faces are stored, which can be changed directly on the bracelet. To do this, press and hold your finger on the home screen until the watch face selection menu opens. There are 3 standard options, including an analog clock face, as well as the 3 latest screensavers that are installed via Mi Fit.

By the way, the standard themes on Mi Band 5 are customizable. The setting item is called by clicking on the gear icon in the dial selection tab, which opens with a long tap on the main screen.

Depending on the specific screensaver, two active zones can be configured, each of which can be assigned to display the indicators of interest. These can be: steps, calories, heart rate PAI index, graphs from changes for the week, weather, notes, battery charge, etc.

Where to download watch faces for Mi Band 5

Since ordinary users can create watch faces for the Mi Band 5, many decent screensavers can be downloaded outside of the Mi Fit app. You will find them on the website or in the gadget topic on the forum.

Third-party watch faces are downloaded in.bin format and must be installed correctly. On Android, it is most convenient to do this using the Mi Band 5 WatchFaces utility (here is the link to Google Play).

How to install a custom watch face on Xiaomi Mi Band 5:

  • Download the dial and save it anywhere in the smartphone’s memory.
  • Open the utility, tap on the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and in the context menu select the “Set your own dial” tab.
  • We indicate the location of the.bin file and select any image (for preview), then click on “Add a watch face to Mi Fit”.
  • The application will immediately offer to go to Mi Fit, where you need to open the “Administrator” “Local” tab. There, according to the picture that we chose as the cover, we find the downloaded dial and synchronize it with the bracelet.

This procedure may seem a little confusing, but you do not need to resort to it every time, since it is much easier to install watch faces through special applications. Usually they contain all those screensavers that are posted on sites on the Internet, and the installation process itself is implemented much more conveniently.

Here are the best watch face apps for Mi Band 5:

MiBand5. Dials for Xiaomi Mi Band 5. We gave the link to this program a little higher, in addition to the ability to install.bin files, it contains a lot of screensavers with convenient cataloging, filters and search. In addition, there are dials in Russian, which are very few in Mi Fit.

Mi Band 5 Faces (link). In terms of functionality, this is an almost identical application, but it contains other screensavers.

Mi Band 5 WatchFaces (link). The application is in English, but anyone can understand it. There are also categories here, as in previous apps, and the dials are markedly different.

AmazFaces (link). Initially, the program is designed for Amazfit devices, but it has a tab with a considerable number of high-quality and bright dials for Mi Band 5.

Installation of all dials from third-party programs is carried out according to the above scheme through Mi Fit, so your bracelet must be synchronized with the proprietary application on the smartphone.

What are watch faces and why are they needed

The watch face is the splash screen that appears on the main screen of the fitness bracelet. It includes all interface elements: picture, text, icons, various indicators (time, steps, heart rate), etc.

Custom watch faces on Mi Band 5 are usually used by people who want to stand out from the crowd. The fact is that the new bracelet practically does not differ in appearance from the super popular fourth generation, which can be seen on the street on every fifth passer-by. And although their capsules are almost identical, by choosing an interesting strap and installing a beautiful Mi Band 5 dial, you can give a certain personality.

Watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 5: where to download and how to make yourself

Mi Band 5 is the main fitness bracelet of 2020. Xiaomi decided not to change the already successful product, improving it in small details: they added a convenient magnetic charging and enlarged the display, for which the developers themselves have already released a lot of high-quality dials.

The company has foreseen that standard themes will quickly become boring, and therefore made it possible for users to add custom design options. You can download watch faces for Mi Band 5 from the Internet or create your own watch face from any picture or photo. Our comprehensive guide will tell you how to do this in detail.

How to make your own watch face for Xiaomi Mi Band 5

You can create your own watch faces for Mi Band 5 right in Mi Fit. The algorithm of actions is extremely simple:

  • Open Mi Fit and go to the Profile tab Bracelet Mi Band 5 Store.
  • Above we see the Photo Watch Face item with 5 watch face templates to choose from.
  • Click on the one you like, set the desired text color and select any photo or picture for the background image from the smartphone’s memory.
  • We customize the look of the picture in the standard editor, click “Synchronize the dial” and after a few seconds it will be displayed on the bracelet screen.

As you understand, putting a new dial on the Mi Band 5 is a matter of a few minutes. This function on all Xiaomi bracelets is completely free, so annoying screensavers can be changed literally every day.

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