How to adjust the picture on your Samsung TV

Calibrate the picture of your Samsung TV. How to Adjust the Picture Aspect Ratio on Your TV

Each of us has a different idea of what a perfect picture should look like. it’s a matter of personal taste. That’s why it’s important to be able to easily adjust the color, contrast, and sharpness settings of your TV screen. Just know a few simple tricks for further adjustments to the picture settings. That’s what we’ll talk about today.

Before you begin, download a special calibration chart from the link on this page, and save the downloaded file to your USB drive. Connect the USB stick to the TV and open the picture with the media player so that it appears on the screen. For newer Android TV models, play the file from a DVD or Blu-ray player, as using the “Album” app, you can’t change the picture settings.

It’s always best to start with the basic settings, and to do this, we need to disable some advanced settings. On the TV’s main menu screen, go to Eco System Settings and disable the light sensor. Then go to the Picture Setup and disable the Reality Creation, Smooth Transition and all Noise Reduction settings.

Note: Only access the picture settings from the home screen of the TV by starting it with the HOME button on the remote control. If you access the picture settings menu with the OPTIONS button, any changes you make will only apply to the current source, not the entire TV. Also check that the target input is set to General.

Instructions for setting up Samsung brand equipment

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DVB-C receiver is built into all models from 2009 onwards (letter code B, C or D).

Before tuning you need to set the following parameters in the menu: Country. Slovakia or Slovenia, Auto search for digital and analog channels, Source. Cable, Network.

General algorithms for setting digital channels for different models of LCD TVs Samsung brand

Press to enter the menu. (green button);

Select in the menu. Channel (Satellite Antenna icon);

Select. Auto Tuning;

Select. Signal Source. Cable;

Select. Digital;

Press. Start.

The tuning takes about 5-10 minutes.

Setting of digital channels on Samsung TVs of 2010 production year and later

In order to configure digital TV channels for the vast majority of Samsung models, press Menu on the remote control, you will open the TV menu, where you will select the Channel section (the icon Satellite Antenna). The TV asks for a pin code, if you have not changed it then enter 0000. Make sure the following settings are selected in the Channel. Country menu to have the DTV search options you want:

Make sure that in the menu Channel. Antenna you have selected the parameter Cable.

Open the menu Channel. Cable search options. Start Frequency. 298000 KHz, End Frequency. 362000 KHz, Baud Rate. 6952 KS/s, Modulation. 256 QAM.

Open the Channel. Auto Tuning menu. Signal Source. Cable, Type of Channels. Digital.

Choose the type of channels at your discretion, you can find only digital channels, or digital analog channels. Press Next.

Search Mode: Network.

Press Search button. When the channel search is finished, press OK.

After the automatic search you will find all the existing digital channels in the cable network. But it will show only those that are included in your selected packages of digital TV channels. The other channels are most convenient to delete.

Channel Sorting. Open the menu Channels. Channel manager. Select the desired channel (or several, using the C (yellow) button on the remote control), press the Tools button on the remote control and select Delete.

After confirmation, the selected channel will be deleted.

To sort the channels, select the one you want in the Channel. Channel Manager menu, press the C button, then the Tools button, the Sort menu, and move it to the right place in order.

Find Smart Hub button on the remote control, press and select Channel icon. Next you’ll see a list of channels, in the upper right corner choose Edit.

Answers to questions about Samsung TV

Setting up cable and regular channels

18.12.2018, Samsung UE32F5020AKRU How to set up digital broadcasting? 11.1.2019 Samsung CW-3335z Small,old TV with remote control. Help set up digital TV

Setting digital TV channels is available only if the “Source” parameter is set to “TV”. Select DVB-T for terrestrial digital TV or DVB-C for cable provider’s tuning in the MENU setup section. Autotune will find all the digital TV channels available on the network. Digital TV is not possible to configure on old Samsung TVs otherwise than with the additionally purchased set-top box DVB-T2?DVB-C

LCD Panel malfunction

21.10.2018 Samsung UE32F6330AK The problem is this: on the bottom third of the TV screen, the backlight either does not work or does not work fully. Interested in whether the repair is advisable, because Google search for similar problems with anyone else, did not help. 26.04.2020 Samsung LE23A330J1 What’s the situation?My TV set has recently started to change the color of the screen from bright to darker when watching TV.for a couple of minutes and then everything is fine again.Now it is working, and then abruptly the screen goes dark for a couple of seconds and then works fine again.Please advise what to do? 10.20.2020 Samsung le40s81b When I turn on the left corner it starts rippling and then everything is ok, but after 5-7 minutes part of the screen does not show.

You may have a faulty backlight line. You need to replace it with a new one, or try to repair it. Not displaying part of the screen, sudden change of image brightness may be due to the T-Con board or matrix glass failure. Whether it is worth repairing depends on each specific case. It is best to contact an experienced technician who has a “disassembled” spare part, and who has experience repairing LCD panels.

“Check cable connection” message

10.09.2018 UE32J5100AK TV was turned off.Then I got the message: “Check the cable connections and the source parameters.Press the SOURCE button on the remote control to select the connected sources. Doing all this does not change anything.

This situation can occur when there is no signal from the TV antenna. You need to contact your cable provider, or check your own antenna if you watch terrestrial TV, or your cable connection if you have cable TV.

Not available “Full screen” picture format

15.08.2020 UE49NU7100 Full screen TV picture size function is not available, 3 format change function is available, others are not. TV shows the image in the center, around the dark frame of 10-15 cm.

Changing the picture format is changed by entering the menu: Settings / Picture / Picture size settings / Picture size The picture size on the TV screen can be changed to: Standard 16:9, Custom, 4:3. Be aware that supported picture formats differ depending on the input signal source. Samsung UE49NU7100 TV set has Auto Resize. To turn it on, go to Menu Settings / Picture / Picture Size Settings / Wide Auto

Connecting Satellite TV

8.20.2019 Samsung PS-42 S5SR long agony with TV, after repairing badly showed the antenna, then tricolor connected, with it, too, a lot of problems occurred, installed the antenna outside the window, a little work some receiver, changed to two other, now even one channel does not show, freezes the image. but this struggle for 20 channels is already pretty annoying. What to do?”

You are confused satellite TV and digital terrestrial, where you can receive 20. 30 free channels. However, in a metropolitan area, very often it is difficult to receive a steady signal from both the satellite and from the TV tower. In that case, it is best to focus on one of the operators of cable digital television.

Changing channels

12.3.2019 Samsung Smart Touch control AA59-00776A Could not turn off the TV with the remote, other buttons did not respond and the button on the TV, for manual control did not work either. I had to unplug it.I plug it in, it starts working and switches channels and volume, but the off button does not work, although the red light flashes. After turning it off the other buttons on the remote control stop working again.Remote control with a small touch screen in the middle.Please advise what it can be? Maybe something was pressed on the remote control and changed the settings?

6.17.2019 Samsung PS42C91HS/KLG Hello. I got my TV used. Channels I set up. 1) When I switch channels with the “tick” button, they switch chaotically from the remote control and the sidebar of the TV itself. 2) Don’t know how to turn on channels with two-digit numbers. I tried all the settings. Nothing works.

12.03.Samsung Ue32Es5530W I pressed the gray-blue button on the remote (AA59-00582A) P with an arrow up, down (next to the sound button) and the image screens, lost the image

You might have found yourself on a channel with a missing broadcast. Enter the two-digit number of the working channel using the numeric buttons.

Blue screen on Samsung TV

27.01.2022 Samsung CS-29Z45HSQ Ditina spelled something with the remote control and knocked everything out. Now the screen is blue. Please help me.

If your TV set is frozen in the “blue screen” position and you cannot control it in any way, you need to unplug it, wait for one minute and plug it back in.

When to call for service

In a working TV, the power light must always be on.

09.12.2021 Samsung UE55RU7470U Turned off with remote control, did not work when turned on again. The LED blinks 2 times and then blinks 3 times.

Blinking of the LED indicator encodes the fault code. This information is used by the workers of the SC to speed up the finding of the TV defect.

25.01.2022 Samsung ue43n5500au Hello, a child threw a toy at the TV, the outside of the screen is undamaged. But only works halfway the rest of the stripes. Is it possible to do the repair, and how much will it cost?

How to display the test pictures on the TV?

To display the test pictures on your TV, you need to use a USB mass storage device (just save the pictures from the archive to the device) if your TV has a USB input, but if not have a USB input, you can display the test pictures on your PC/laptop.


Samsung Smart TVs are rightly considered to be one of the best on the market of TV technique producers. Many of our compatriots have already appreciated the decent quality and reliability of the products of this brand. Every year the number of models and lines of the manufacturer only grows, and to understand the necessary set of functions becomes more difficult. So how to configure the TV Samsung?

The very first and most important issue is to configure the channels on a Samsung TV.

To configure it, you need to select the following items:

  • Go to the menu;
  • Select the appropriate setting item;
  • Start channel search;
  • Select the method of tuning automatically or manually.

After completing the process, you will be able to rename the channels saved in memory. Thus, the procedure will not be difficult. Setting up digital channels on a Samsung TV is the same way. Just choose a digital image source.

Having dealt with the issue, how to adjust the channels on your TV Samsung, you can safely proceed to the setting of the image.

How to adjust the Picture on your Samsung TV

How to properly adjust the image on a Samsung TV

Recommended settings for Samsung UE32H6400, UE40H6400, UE50H6400, UE55H6400, UE60H6400, UE65H6400 TV

Setting the characteristics in the TV, this is one of the main components of the picture property. Although the Russian car industry with the release of the TV and create a pre-installation of characteristics of alas often these options are quite far from perfect. Sell in addition the user will be able to make adjustments to their own TV. Below we present the basic option characteristics of TVs Samsung H6400 series.

  • Picture Mode:= (picture mode): Movie
  • Backlight:11
  • Contrast (contrast). 92
  • Brightness: 45
  • Sharpness: 0
  • Colour: 50
  • Tint: G50/R50

Picture Size: Screen Fit (by screen size)

Advanced Settings

  • Dynamic Contrast: Off/Low
  • Black Tone: Off (off)
  • Flesh Tone: 0
  • RGB Only Mode: Off

Color Space (color mode): Custom

  • Red R49, G0, B7;
  • Green: R22, G50, B0;
  • Blue: R8, G8, B50;
  • Yellow: R48, G48, B0;
  • Cyan R15, G50, B47;
  • Magenta (magenta): R48, G0, B49)
  • White Balance 2- Point: Red Offset 0, Green Offset 0, Blue Offset 0, Red Gain 0, Green Gain.7, Blue Gain 7
  • Gamma: 0
  • Expert Pattern: Off
  • Motion Lighting: Off

Picture Options

  • Colour Tone: Warm2.7)
  • Digital Clean View (digital signal enhancement): Off
  • MPEG Noise Filter. Off (off)
  • HDMI Black Level: Low (If applicable)
  • Film Mode Movie Mode. Auto2 (If applicable) (Auto 2)
  • Motion Plus (motion enhancement): Off (off)

How to configure the TV Samsung

Any options in Samsung TV (channel search, changing screen resolution, picture and sound) are performed by using the “Service Menu”, which can be invoked by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

If you just got the TV, the “Service Menu” will be in English grammar, therefore before proceeding to the other options, change the language to Russian.

Press Menu button on the remote control, the TV will show you the “Service Menu” and choose Setup item with the arrow cursor (up and down). Press Enter on the remote control to enter options mode. And again use the cursor arrows to select Language. From those offered, choose the Russian.

Find (configure) the channels, is also carried out with the “service menu”. Press Menu on the remote control, select “Settings” where you will be offered a list of options, select “Search / Tuning channels. Here is likely to digital or analog channel search based on the connection of your TV. Select “Manual” or “Auto-tuning” and choose the level, on which the tuning and search channels will be done manually or automatically.

Automatic channel search will be done without your role. Programs will be automatically assigned numbers, which can be changed if necessary. Channels you watch more often than others, you can easily assign the 1st number to the remote control.

Adjusting the picture is done in the same way as the previous settings. Press Menu button on the remote control, then “Picture” item. Here you can select the best image by configuring the characteristics of “Contrast”, “Sharpness”, “Brilliance”, “Color” with the arrow cursors by changing the scale value of the desired parameter to a greater or lesser value.

Configuring Samsung TVs 2018

Setting up the image working in movie mode for Samsung UE40H6400 6 Series TV 2014. Calibration Equipment:.

Calibration or picture options TV Samsung H6400

Sound characteristics are also subject to adjustment. On the remote control Menu, “Settings”, “Sound. In this function select the sound quality and system from the available ones. Depending on the model, Samsung TVs have different sets and sound properties. In modern models, of course, the big sound function, Dolby, EQ.

How to configure the Samsung TV

Colorful colors, accurate images and pleasing to the eye level backlight receive on the TV screen only if properly adjusted Samsung TV. You are one of the connoisseurs of beautiful? Then this article is for you. Than two it will be useful and ordinary users who have brought a brand-new TV home, frustrated to find that the picture does not match expectations.

The answer to the question of how to adjust the new TV is quite simple: from time to time (and this situation applies not so much to the South Koreans) produce devices with some enhanced features. a deeper color greenish or reddish colors, rich bass. It is believed that in this way their models will look brighter and better on the store shelf, next to rival products. However, what looks great in a large sales room is not necessarily suitable for an ordinary apartment. So from time to time TVs have to be reconfigured.

How to adjust the TV Samsung: the image

The only method to adjust the Samsung TV for the best picture quality is a hardware calibration. This is the name of the procedure when rational, standard images are fed to the TV box input and at the same time measurements are taken from the screen. Then the image properties try to fit the myth of the benchmark. However, because the calibration. it is rather troublesome and requires a certain level of knowledge, we will limit you to more ordinary means. To adjust the TV Samsung without assistance from others, you will certainly need a remote control (RC). Having pressed the Menu button, we will see the Service Menu, through which we can get acquainted with the options for our client.

Available sizes of the image on the TV Samsung value is explained

Samsung TVs support multiple picture sizes, and the image size does not depend on the resolution (number of pixels) in the transmitted video. Picture will always be the size set in image size setting.

This is the standard of modern digital broadcasting, this setting is suitable for watching TV channels and videos from the internet or external sources. But initially in some televisions, this setting crops the edges of the picture a bit. This can be seen in the first photo. If you only watch video on your TV, you can set this setting.

Solved: image settings. Samsung Community

@Gerrymac wrote:

Hi. Just bought an MU6470 with a 55-inch 4K LCD and was looking for what “picture settings are best for everyday viewing”. I’ve read a few articles online, but it’s mostly for blue rays and movies.

I. m provided that the picture settings in the stores are turned up to the maximum for the best viewing experience.

Greetings for any help.

Hi @Gerrymac, Generally, it’s best to use Cinema or Standard mode, minimize automatic processing and disable most Eco settings for a brighter picture. Various expert recommendations are available, but you may need a little tweaking according to your preferences. Personally, I don’t have the same model, but I prefer the backlighting to be a little higher than normally suggested. I’ll attach some links here https: // 7000. is the US version of 6400, so the recommendations for your set should be similar.

Properly adjusting the TV picture

As a rule, all modern televisions have quite nice and convenient picture settings, which most users, in general, never change. In most cases, the default settings are really good and make a pretty passable picture. However, there are situations when the factory settings do not allow you to fully enjoy the picture of the film, video or broadcast. Then it becomes necessary to set your own parameters. But how to do it? In this article, let’s figure out how to adjust the TV picture. Let’s get started. Let’s go!

Modern televisions have quite pleasant and comfortable picture settings

Let’s start with picture modes, which are present in every modern TV of any brand (LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, and so on). There are at least three of them:

In almost all models, the best picture is provided by the “Cinema” (or “Cinema”) mode. In this mode, the gamma and brightness are the most pleasing to the eyes, especially when watching movies or TV shows in the dark.

As for the correct color temperature, it would be best to set the “Warm” mode, as it is usually closer to the standard value of 6500 K. Some models have several options for a single color mode, such as Samsung TVs: “Warm1″/”Warm2”. Here you can choose what you like best, but usually the second option is the most pleasing to the eye.

If you set the TV picture settings yourself, it is recommended to disable all functions and modes of automatic picture setting by the TV. We are talking about such parameters as:

It is desirable to disable all of these and not use.

Now let’s deal with one of the key and most important image parameters, namely the contrast. If the contrast is considered the ratio of the white field level to black level, then in TV sets you will only adjust the brightness of the white field, in fact this is the maximum brightness level of the picture. If you have a plasma screen it is best to adjust the contrast when the light is off. Open the picture with the white level window. You can download it from the internet. Then set the contrast value close to the maximum, and start gradually reducing the contrast until the picture with the white level is the most pleasing to the eye.

Samsung televisions have an item “brightness of the cell”. this is the item that most affects the overall brightness.

If you have an LCD or LED screen, the procedure is the same, but there is another parameter. “backlight brightness” or “backlight contrast”. This difference in names is due to the different structure of LCD and LED TVs from the plasma panels.

Note that if the image is too bright, your eyes will tire much faster.

While “Contrast” adjusts the white level, “Brightness” adjusts the black level. To properly adjust the brightness level, you will need a picture “Plugepattern”. Download it and open it on your screen.