How Is The Ipod Or Ipad Right

How to do it: iPad or iPad.

I don’t know who the code was,
And I, iOS. Fool, I use.

Microsoft programmers praise Russian programmers for good localization of the Windows operating system:

You Russians translated the word file very accurately!

And we didn’t translate.

It is no secret that lately the Russian language has been actively “growing” with foreign words, in particular, with Americanisms. This is understandable: with the development of information and communication technologies, an AVALANCHE of foreign words (for example, a computer, file, brand, startup, insider, etc., etc.) fell upon us (and continues to fall!). Some of them take root, become an integral part of our vocabulary, others disappear into oblivion.

Why foreign words take root so quickly in everyday speech, in professional terminology, and in literary language?

Some people use foreign words, following fashion, but baboutMost of them use them for one simple reason: as a rule, one such word allows you to convey in one capacious word (forgive the pun!) a whole concept, phenomenon, i.E. One such foreign word allows you to replace a long phrase in your native language.

A bit of terminology

Transcription a method for unambiguous recording of the sound characteristics of speech segments in writing.

Transliteration letter-by-letter transmission of texts and individual words written using one graphic system by means of another graphic system.

Tracing paper the formation of a new phraseological unit, word or new meaning of a word by literal translation of the corresponding foreign language linguistic unit.

Let’s go back to our rams ipad

Borrowing of foreign words now occurs in two ways (we are no longer talking about a real translation.): Either we use transcription (how the word sounds, only we sound it in our own way), or transliteration (how the word is spelled, we just replace the letters with our own). Linguists call this phenomenon tracing. Calca arises as a reaction of native speakers to a sharp increase in the number of direct foreign language borrowings (linguists DO NOT HAVE to correctly translate foreign words.).

Let’s take one that is already integral. The reality of our time, like a tablet computer iPad.

At the suggestion of a large army of journalists, broadcasters, television and radio presenters, the Russian-speaking (more precisely, Russian-speaking) media firmly established pronunciation [ip and ́Д].

Let’s try to figure out how legitimate such a pronunciation is.

English word pad [pæd] there are a lot of meanings, but in the field of ICT, the main thing is its current! Value the tablet, internet tablet, Tablet PC, tablet.

Respectively, iPad this is a “tablet” from Big-Brother-Apple-Core Apple corporation, which from time immemorial adds the prefix “i” to all the names of its “product line”.

How to translate from “Anglo-American” to “great and mighty” word iPad?

Academic translation will sound something like this: “Apple’s tablet computer”.

Therefore, you just need “ip eh ́Д “.

But As noted above, for some reason, in Holy Russia. The pronunciation of [ip and ́Д]. This “is not right”.

Anglo-Saxons pronounce [‘ai, pæd] [ayped] (with stress on the first syllable).

Correct pronunciation of a borrowed foreign word iPad should be [ip eh ́Д] (with the stress “in Russian” on the second syllable).

And the correct spelling, based on the established linguistic tradition, probably should be iPed (compare: say “brand”, write “brand”; say “flash drive”, write “flash drive”; say “test”, write “test”; say “brandy”, write “brandy”).

The capital letter “P” in the middle of the word should be kept to convey the “foreign” flavor

For those who say “ip and ́Д “, you can advise in your” Russification “of a foreign word to go even further and say” un and ́Д “.

It just so happened, as they say, historically. That the dominance of Anglo-Americanisms in the Russian language coincided with the development of the Digital Era, the Era of the Personal Computer, the Era of ICT.

Perhaps this is not without reason. Even, for sure, for a reason.

If PCs were created by Russians, then now the whole world would know and intensively study Russian. But alas

Guide-Apple. How to pronounce iPad or iPad correctly?

I want to say right away that I am not a linguist and I will not build theories according to some rules. I’ll just tell you how everything really is in real life.

How Is The Ipod Or Ipad Right

Since childhood, we have had a rather strange teaching, because very often we come across teachers who teach us the wrong pronunciation.

But besides this, we are also very lazy people and just do not like to delve into details that are not particularly useful to us in life.

Such a detail is the pronunciation of various names of foreign devices and brands. Today’s article will only concern everyone’s favorite device called the iPad.

To get you started a little familiar with the pronunciation, I suggest looking at the review of this device a little:

If you listened carefully, you probably heard the iped. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it’s an American accent or a British one. Everywhere you will hear exactly this option.

In most English words, the letter a is read as e. You don’t say the name of the Apple brand like Apple, but you say Apple. Here with the tablet exactly the same situation.

In general, for everyday life, you can speak as you like and absolutely no one will correct you. You start to think about this topic when you want to go somewhere abroad or just learn English.

How to speak iPad or iPad correctly?

This article will focus on a device such as the iPad, or rather, its pronunciation. We will figure out how to speak correctly: ipad or iped?

Considering that the device came out a long time ago, it is already possible to fully form thoughts about this topic. The article is purely informational and a little of my reasoning.

The most interesting news about Apple technology and not only.

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Say ipad or ipad, as it is convenient for you, and there is absolutely no need to bother about it. I just shared the information with you as it is in real life.

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If you are interested in this topic, I can write an article on the pronunciation of the most popular brands. But this will only be if you leave your comment and say that you are interested in it.

Why do people rent apartments in “babushatniki”?

How to speak iPad or iPad correctly?

Correct ipad. In america, ipad. Of course, in general, the iPad is correct, but we do not speak Beijing. Beijin, and the states don’t say Moskva, but say Moscow. Therefore, it all depends on who you communicate with)

If with a foreigner, then ipad.

We do not read “cat” as “cat” (cat translation.), we read as “cat”, as well as “apple” as “Apple”, so why do they illiterately read and pronounce Ipad like an ipad ?? Here is also a closed syllable, we read And how is the sound of E. Ayped)))))))))))))

“in Russian” is correct iPad. Cats and apples are not applicable here, because this is a proper name, the name of the device. And then you have to say panesonic, payoneer, etc.

In my opinion, it is illiterate people who say “ipad”, this is in order not to confuse the letter when writing (it is written as a Russian “A”). Closed syllable, what other questions and options can there be? Learn grammar!

Correctly say AYPOD 🙂

In my opinion, it is illiterate people who say “ipad”, this is in order not to confuse the letter when writing (it is written as a Russian “A”). Closed syllable, what other questions and options can there be? Learn grammar!

That’s certainly not the reason. There are simply no complexes about English. In an English-speaking environment, I speak as is customary with them, but why show off with pronunciation? Most of the time it looks silly.

But for some reason especially literate people are selectively literate. For some reason, half of the names are spoken in Russian, and half in English.

They say ipad, in the states of ipad, just like Nike, and in the states of Nike, so where you live and call things.

Sergei, I disagree with you. In Germany, for example, “a” sounds like the Russian “a”, but everyone pronounces ayped. The younger generation here knows English very well and does not distort English terms. I think that not the old women born in 1925, but the generation that has every chance to learn English well, are also fond of iPads. By the way, my friends from the Czech Republic and Poland also speak iped. That is, almost all of Europe pronounces this word correctly. Why reinvent the wheel? Most likely, just the owners of iPads with English were bad friends at school 🙂

By the way, if you read in the Russian manner, you get ipad. Let’s be consistent then 🙂

Bouté I wrote above that the iPad. Proper name. There are no hard and fast rules about how to pronounce it.

Ask your German friends what they call Rome, for example. We also call him that now?

Ah, mane’s perd. How to say



Don’t you know that it is indecent to write caps, what is difficult here?


I can’t stand it when he says everything through the priest, those people who pronounce the iPad like an iPad are simply illiterate, they correctly noted that the Germans who have the same And this is the same And as with us, and not E, and yet they pronounce the word iPad is correct) so friends, use it correctly) and don’t say that suddenly it will be pathos, but in the states I say this, and not that. Nonsense) you need to speak according to the correct standards)


Tell me what does Panasonic have to do with it? The name Panasonic was derived from the ancient Greek word ╚pan╩, which means all and the Latin ╚sonic╩ ≈ “Sound” because it was originally used for audio equipment. Did you read it correctly? Ancient Greek and Latin, and then suddenly they already forgot the Russian language! Do you want every brand to read English? After all, it’s the! Ipad! In another, as everyone knows, the American apple firm, which means that we should read the name of its and its products in English.

EPL EPL is called something like in Russian should it sound like this? Something is not noticeable. It’s just who says the iPad is trying to justify his ignorance by looking for different excuses

Sergey you are a stupid deer

By the way, you have to write “come”, do not come “and, of course, i-pad.

Tell me what to do, all my life I have been learning German, English grammar is like a dense forest, but I have not been to Germany and I don’t know that he is an “iPad” there. How to continue to live. And the current generation would first learn Russian, and then talk about English too.

“The modern norm proposes to transfer exactly the pronunciation: e-mail ≈ wrong, right: email; the mistake would be to write Tom Hanks, right: Tom Hanks. Consequently, the iPad variant is closer to the Russian nature of borrowing. “

“The English word pad [pad] has many meanings, but in the ICT arena √ the present! √ value √ tablet, internet tablet, tablet computer, tablet “

From this we can conclude that the correct name of the iPad is!

Madhouse. But only.

Like a hollow, why argue?

No matter how it was, I personally say originally iped (as well as an Englishman with amerikos).

Ipad of course, but how else.

Aipads only in Bydlor Russia.

I think I should say aypat

People, wake up!))) What does it mean? There is a language, and you need to read according to the rules of this language!))) IPad, this is not a common noun)))

Aypad, of course, this is not a Russian word for you

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How to Know iPhone Charge Cycles

Everyone knows that a full recharge cycle or just a cycle is the process of completely discharging the phone from 100% to zero. The battery life is not infinite, and for an iPhone it is about 500 cycles. After that, the battery capacity will begin to decrease until it is completely worn out. After 500 cycles, it will decrease by 10-20%. If the standard parameter is enough for 2 years of operation, then by simple mathematical calculations it can be understood that by 3-4 years of operation the capacity will already be 50% of the original. Your device will lose power in half the time.

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It is impossible to find out how many cycles a battery has gone through using standard tools, so people use specialized applications, for example, Battery Life. After downloading it from the App Store, you need to go to the Battery tab, where the number of recharge cycles passed by the battery will be indicated.

Important! The value can only be seen by owners of smartphones running iOS 7 (S), iOS 8 and iOS 9 (SE). For newer devices (X, Xr), a comparative scale will be shown with recommendations ranging from Perfect to Nearly Dead, indicating that the battery needs to be replaced urgently.

With Battery Life, you can regularly check the battery status

How to charge Apple Watch

If the watch battery is low, it will notify you with the appropriate icon. To charge, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Connect the cable from the side of the magnetic mount to the power adapter.
  2. Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet.
  3. Place the watch back on the charger.
  4. Verify that the corresponding icon is illuminated.
  5. Wait for the end of the process.

Can I charge my iPhone overnight and other Apple devices

As already mentioned, it is not advisable to leave the phone, like other Apple products, on charging overnight. This negatively affects the life of the battery, since its resource is not unlimited, and over time it will begin to lose its capacity.

The iPhone, like any other modern phone, has a charging controller in the form of an embedded board. It cuts off the current in automatic mode if the battery is fully charged, and also does not allow it to completely lose its energy. An additional safety measure is to limit the input voltage to 4.2 W. So, if the power supply fails and supplies too much current, the device will be able to cope with the drop on its own.

It is not recommended to leave the phone on charging overnight if you are using a non-original and cheap accessory from an unknown Chinese manufacturer. Also, you should not check your phone for strength if it has recently been repaired by not the most competent craftsmen. This is due to the fact that the repair around the corner in the passage is most often of poor quality, since in such places they use cheap or used components.

Note! Another case in which you cannot leave the phone charging overnight is bad weather conditions. A thunderstorm can cause a voltage drop at a power plant or in a specific house, which will have the most negative impact on the future performance of the device.

This is how a smartphone may look when using a non-original PSU

How long should the iPhone charge

Apple engineers have created charging that is a kind of compromise between speed and safety. Smartphones of this company do not support fast charging technology, but at the same time they discharge more slowly than their counterparts. According to statistics, serviceable devices should be fully charged in 2-3.5 hours. over, the newer version of the gadget is used, the more time it takes to complete a full cycle.

Comparison of charging times of different phones

How to properly charge your iPhone, iPad and iPod so as not to damage your battery

There are several rules to properly charge the battery and not damage it:

  • Better more often than less. You cannot bring the charge to either zero percent or one hundred percent. In this mode, the element wears out faster and gradually loses its capacity. It is recommended to power the battery several times a day, trying to keep the level between 40 and 80%;
  • Above the average. As already mentioned, it is necessary to keep the charge in the middle range. Connection to the outlet can occur already at 50%, and disconnection when the indicator shows 90%;
  • Full discharge once a month. Experts recommend at least once a month, but violate the first rule and carry out the full process of charging and discharging the battery. This will help to calibrate it after multiple incomplete cycles and extend its life;
  • Timely shutdown. Do not leave your phone, tablet or player on power for a long time. So it will not reach 100% and constantly recharge by a couple of percent, which will save irreversible battery resources.

The phone can be damaged due to the wrong process

How to properly charge your iPhone and other Apple devices

Today, the iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones in the world. Any technology from Apple iPad, iPod Shuffle and iMac is popular among gadget lovers. This is dictated by its quality, mass scale and the presence of unique functions. Despite the durability of apple products, certain rules must be observed regarding the handling of devices, careful operation and safety. This includes using the battery. If you charge the phone incorrectly, you can significantly reduce the battery life and the gadget itself. This material will tell you in detail how to properly charge an iPhone (new and old), how to charge an Apple Watch and what to do if an iPhone takes too long to charge.

Five rules for long battery life: Rule 3. Calibration by full discharge once a month

It is harmful to constantly bring the battery to zero charge. We have already said this. However, it will be useful to carry out such a procedure once a month. It will allow your mobile device to calibrate the control units responsible for the battery indicators on the screen. Otherwise, over time, you will be shown false charge data.

How to properly charge your iPhone or iPad?

A rechargeable battery losing its capacity is the main cause of irritation and dissatisfaction with your own gadget. The smartphone can turn off at any time. Only there was 50 percent of the charge, and after a minute his screen went out, and the device turned off, since the battery was fully charged. Or, he left the house with a fully charged battery, and in the middle of the day it shows already 30% charge. How so??

And this can apply to both mobile devices with small batteries up to 2000 mAh and phablets with 5000 mAh. The reason for this “memory effect” the batteries most often have incorrect charging. Often, we are simply not aware or do not pay attention to the rules for charging the batteries of our devices. It’s time to learn some theory. We will share with you some of these rules, compiled by us based on the Battery University resource guide.

Do not leave your smartphone charging from night to morning

Many of us are accustomed to putting our cell phone on charge for the next day at work when we go to bed. As a result, the battery is charged from night to morning, although it takes only 2-3 hours to get a full charge. The rest of the time, a fully charged battery will be energized. It’s as if you were full, you would continue to shove food into your mouth, and you would refuse, closing your mouth. The state is, to say the least, stressful. Here is a recharge for the battery. It’s stress. After all, after exercising in the gym, we relax the muscles, otherwise they will hurt, and the body will overload. So it is exactly important to disconnect smartphones from the charging power supply when dialing 100 percent of the battery charge.

If you leave the phone to charge on a regular basis from night to morning, then after a year the retention time will drop significantly. (And the specialists of our service center fully confirm this fact)

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Don’t wait for 100 percent charge

It turns out that a lithium-ion battery pack does not tolerate a full charge. 100 percent. Such exposure to full load will lead to a sharp reduction in the resource. It is better to disconnect the smartphone from the charger when reaching 85-90 percent of the charge.

Unpleasant, but true

Today, manufacturers are guided by the following rule: the consumer must replace his smartphone with a new device every two years. Therefore, the service life of the batteries is set for the same period. If you have been using a mobile phone for more than two years, you should not expect that the battery will have the same capacity as new. However, following these five rules will extend the battery life by 1-2 years, so your next choice!

How to sell an iPhone or iPad correctly, or the first thing to do before selling

Before handing over your old device, make sure you haven’t left any sensitive information on it. It only takes a few minutes to erase all data from your iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below and you can easily clean up your iOS device.

Unlink your Apple Watch from your iPhone

If the Apple Watch is synced with the iPhone you want to sell or exchange, first of all, you need to untie the watch:

1. Make sure the iPhone and Apple Watch are close to each other;

2. Open the Watch app on your iOS device;

3. Go to the My watch section;

4. Select the Apple Watch you want to untie and press the i button;

5. Select Unpair Apple Watch;

6. Press again to confirm the action;

7. Next, you will need to enter your Apple ID to disable Activation Lock.

There are two more ways to untie the watch from the iPhone, which we talked about in this article.

Disable Find My iPhone

Most websites that sell used electronics will not accept your iPhone or iPad unless you have disabled Find My iPhone on it. If you leave it on, the new owner will not be able to fully use the device.

Find iPhone needs to be disabled as this feature is related to Activation Lock. The device associated with your iCloud account through Find iPhone cannot be used by anyone without your Apple ID. To disable this feature:

1. Open the Settings app;

2. Click on your name at the top of the page to open your account settings;

4. Scroll down to Find iPhone;

5. Select Find iPhone;

6. Slide the switch to disable the function.

7. To disable Find My iPhone, you need to enter your Apple ID. This step was invented so that in the event of theft, the thief could not disable the function and thereby deprive you of the opportunity to find your device.

8. Now that Find My iPhone is disabled, you need to erase all data from your old device. However, first make sure you have backups of all your iPhone’s content in iCloud. For example, on the website (log in from a computer), you can check the availability of contacts, notes, photos, etc.

9. Open the Settings app;

10. Select General and scroll down the menu to the very bottom;

12. Select Erase Content and Settings;

13. If your device has a password, you will need to enter it;

14. Select Erase [device] and press again to confirm the action;

15. If you have not turned off Find My iPhone yet, then at this stage iOS will ask you to do this and the device will be removed from your iCloud account.

When the data wiping process begins, the Apple loading screen will turn on on your iPhone.

This will take a few minutes, and once the process is complete, the device will be rebooted, fully wiped clean, and ready for sale. The display will show a standard welcome screen with the word Hello in different languages ​​of the world.

Size and weight

The iPad measures 242.8mm high, 189.7mm wide, and 13.4mm thick. over, it weighs 0.68-0.73 kg. The iPod “Classic”, in turn, is 103.5 mm high, 61.8 mm wide and 10.5 mm wide, its weight. 140 grams. Other devices such as the Nano are even lighter. Ipod Touch is slightly taller but lighter than Classic.

Battery and power

Ipad has a built-in lithium polymer battery that can last up to 10 hours, while the players have a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 30 hours on a single charge (iPod Touch). Charging time can vary from 3 to 4 hours.

Ipad and iPod. Differences in storage devices

The iPad has capacities of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, while the classic iPod can hold up to 160GB. The differences in specific models range from 2 to 4 GB. At the same time, other modifications, including Nano and Touch, have capacities ranging from 8 to 64 GB.


The iPad has a 9.7-inch LED-backlit display, a glossy Multi-Touch widescreen display, while the iPod has a simpler color LED-backlit LCD. In turn, the iPod Touch has a 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display.

Differences in features and applications

Ipad has a touchscreen that allows you to browse websites and open one full page at a time with an onscreen keyboard to help you read and compose letters. In this case, it is possible to simultaneously use various software that allows you to store and exchange photos. The screen of the gadget has a high resolution for watching musics, films and other recordings, and the iTunes service will perfectly help you listen to your music collection with built-in speakers and wireless headphones. The tablet also has Ibooks for e-reading and other must-have features. Calendar, maps, contacts, and accessibility for people with vision, hearing or other disabilities. You can also sync apps from your Iphone or iPod Touch to download them to iPad from your Mac or PC. New apps are being introduced for the iPad for personal and business use.

The players have services used for storing music and photos, calendar, notes and some other built-in features. The latest version of the iPod Touch is offered with all additional features except e-book reader.

How does an iPad differ from an iPod? Comparison of gadgets

The iPad is a brand new device released by Apple, also known as the Apple Tablet. This device is considered a hybrid of an iPod Touch and an Apple laptop, so you can often hear the question of how the iPad differs from the iPod. The company describes the product as magical and revolutionary. This device can be used for web browsing and e-book reading. It supports nearly 140,000 applications. Target audience for iPad is consumers of previously released Itouch and iPhone who are familiar with touchscreen technology.

In turn, the iPod. Is a player from Apple mainly used for playing and storing music, photos, and is available in four different models. Shuffle, Nano, Classic and iPod Touch. The latter model is also an excellent pocket computer and can be used for sending emails, surfing the web and playing games. So, what is the difference between the iPad and the iPad model Touch and others?