Failed to install the WhatsApp application on a computer

Install the WhatsApp application in Windows 7

Many users use mobile messengers for communication and also often install additional applications on laptops and computers. This is especially convenient when the work is related to computers.

And if Viber or Skype can easily install any Windows 7 user, then the problem arises with the installation of WhatsApp. The network suggests mainly using various Android or WhatsApp Web emmulators (version for work through a browser).

But the problem is solved and easy enough!

You just need to install Windows 7, which allows you to run WhatsApp. At the same time, all the possibilities of the messenger are available. In addition, the update is required that Microsoft is installed on the PC.Net Framework 4, but it is used by many programs and often already stands on a computer. If not, then below you can download it and install it.

Reason 3. Lack of additional software

For the correct operation of WhatsApp on the computer, Netframework and Microsoft Visual C must be installed on the computer. Packages are not included in the installation file of the application, as this would significantly increase its weight.

If WhatsApp does not open on the computer and the white screen replaces the usual menu, you should check the presence of packages on the device, and if necessary, download them from the official website of Microsoft.

What is whatsApp for Windows 10 differs from the mobile version

The mobile version of WhatsApp was released for a long time, back in 2009. All these years, developers actively finalized it, added new functions, improved safety and much more. At the requests of users, not so long ago, a web version was released, which did not like everyone.

The desktop version of WhatsApp web for a computer appeared only in 2018, which can be downloaded for Vin 10 on the official website.

Unlike the mobile version in the desktop, you can not make audio and video calls, you can only send voice and text messages. Restrictions relate to changes in the phone number, and you cannot delete your profile. In group chats and dialogs, the user can send photos, images, if a webcam is installed on the computer can take a photo with it, send a document or contact. In chats with increased user activity, you can turn on the mode without sound, block the dialogue, clean it or delete it.

Whatsapp does not work in the country

Whatsapp loading failure can happen due to the country’s features. In some countries it is impossible to download WhatsApp, as it is prohibited for political reasons. Here’s a list:

Advice. To communicate with friends, select another messenger that is supported in the listed countries. Some subscribers use VPN, but this connection will require special services and knowledge.

How to update WhatsApp

If WhatsApp asks to download the update, you can do it for free. Free 2-3 minutes and perform several simple operations. It is not necessary to reboot the device, all operations are performed in the background after pressing a special key.

We will figure out how to update WhatsApp and get rid of the error: “This version of WhatsApp is outdated”.

On Android

On Android, updating the messenger can be through the built.In Google service. It is called Play Market and is available for free.

Attention. If you use a limited package with megabytes, before performing the operation, switch to a free Wi-Fi network. The new version of WhatsApp can occupy from 30 MB or more.

On the iPhone

What to do if the inscription appeared on the iPhone: “This version of WhatsApp is outdated”? Act in the same way as on Android. Go to the built.In store and download the last assembly of the messenger.

Guide how to update WhatsApp to iPhone:

  • Open the App Store store.
  • Click on a magnifying glass from the bottom right.
  • Print search query: WhatsApp.
  • Enter the messenger page.
  • Tap the button to download updates.
  • Wait a few minutes.

Advice. Check the settings of auto.Reinforcements in your iPhone. The new version of WhatsApp must be downloaded automatically if there are no prohibitions or a certain network is not installed.

Why is the Vatsap version out of the? Developers constantly improve the service and release new audits of the messenger. If you do not update the service, over time it will be very out of time and will not be able to work with new options. In this case, a familiar error appears on the screen, and Watsap’s work is limited.

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On the computer

The error “version of WhatsApp is outdated” appeared on the computer? You can get rid of it in a few minutes. For this:

  • Open the messenger.
  • Find the key to download the new version.
  • Click on it and wait a few minutes.
  • After the operation is completed, the notification will disappear, you can use the service in normal mode.

You can update VOTSAP on a computer in another way. Using the installation of a new version through the official site. To do this, open the messenger page in the browser, find the coming operating system and download the file. After loading, click on the file twice and confirm all requests. The update will pass automatically.

Whatsapp is not loaded to iPhone

In terms of errors with iOS, everything is much simpler when compared with Android. This is due to the fact that Apple has a very small line of mobile devices, and it is quite easy to follow it. But still, the download failure in WhatsApp on the iPhone and iPad is possible, and for several reasons.

First, try to restart the device and check the free space in the inner memory. As a rule, this is the case.

Internet connection

It’s no secret that a stable Internet connection is needed to download the distribution. If you use mobile Internet, check the number of available MB.

The Wi-Fi network is very dependent on the reliability and quality of the setting of the router, so check its performance. Change the firmware, if necessary, or buy a new.

If the problem is when WhatsApp is not installed, it has not gone, and it is not on your side, call the provider to find out the situation on the line. Perhaps technical work is underway, hence the malfunction of the Internet.

Synchronization of the device with iTunes

If it’s not on the Internet, we recommend synchronize your device with iTunes. For the implementation of the conceived life:

  • Launch PC and open the browser.
  • We go to the official website of Apple and download the current version of Aytyuns.
  • We activate the distribution and install by.
  • We connect the iPhone via a USB-shener to PC, wait until the program sees the device.
  • Enter data for authorization in the system.
  • We are waiting for the smartphone and iTunes to enter the mating mode.
  • Then the exchange of data will begin, we are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

It remains to pull the cord from the smartphone, activate the Internet connection, go to the official store and slip to the “download” and “install” buttons opposite the WhatsApp messenger.

The reasons for the problem and ways to eliminate

When the messenger does not want to be installed on Android or iPhone, you first need to perform simple actions: delete the installation file, if there is, clean the smartphone’s memory, complete the operation of the service from which the download was performed and restart the device.

Note: To close the online store, you need to use the “Acceleration” function in the “Safety” application.

The reason why WhatsApp does not install on a computer can lie in an incorrectly loaded installation file. In this case, you just need to re.Download from the official website https: // www.Whatsapp.COM/Download or via Microsoft Store, if Windows 10 is used. And the reloading of the device and disconnecting antivirus can also help.

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Internet connection

The reason for the incorrect download of the installation file is the loss of an Internet connection. To make installation, you should connect to the network again, make sure the connection stability and try to download WhatsApp again.

Unsuccessful installation

The improperly performed installation or removal of the messenger can cause an error “-24” when trying to re-install. Problems arise in the COM folder.Whatsapp. It can be viewed and removed only if there is a Root-right, which an ordinary user does not possess.

The easiest option to get rid of the problem is to reset the phone settings. Before performing the procedure, you need to create a backup copy of the data, phone parameters and all installed applications or copy all information to another device.

Not enough memory

The minimum amount of free space needed to install a messenger is 100 MB. If the smartphone memory is overflowed, there will be a notification on the screen that there is not enough space for installation. You can fix the error as follows:

  • Conduct a deep cleaning of the device using antivirus or CCleaner.
  • Delete unused applications.
  • Clean the phone memory of unnecessary photos, videos, documents and music. This is most effective to do this through the program “Conductor”.

Google Play Migrant Error Market

If WhatsApp on Android is not installed: the download has begun, but is 0%at the stage, stop the process, close the Play Market and restart the device. And also can help switching to mobile Internet or activation of VPN connection.

If the online store gives an error “The application cannot be uploaded due to error 492”, the problem may be as follows:

To clean the Play Market cache, you need to open the smartphone settings, go to the “Applications” section (“All applications”), find the service and select “Clean Cache”. If the problem is not eliminated, you need to use the function “Clean everything”. On some smartphones, for example, Samsung or Lenovo, to reset the settings, the following actions must be performed: “Settings. Applications. Google Play Market. Restoration and Reset. Data Reset”.

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Inappropriate version of the device

Whatsapp will not be installed and work on devices whose version is not officially supported. Actual data can be found in the table below.

Device Supported version
Smartphone Android 4.1 and above
iPhone ten.0 and newer
The tablet Android The device is not supported
A computer Windows eight.1 and above
MacOS ten.10 and newer

Note: If the version of the operating system is below the specified, WhatsApp cannot be installed from the official online store. Early versions of the messenger can be found on third.Party sites, but they are hacked and can contain viruses. You cannot update the client, modern functions will not be available.

As well as the use of a program that is not supported by developers can lead to an account blocking. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the device or update its OS until the current version.

The device is not supported

Whatsapp can be installed on the phone, as well as on a computer for additional access to communication. It cannot be officially used on tablet devices. The messenger does not support either iPad, ipod, or Android tablets. When opening the official page of the messenger on Google Play or App Store, the user will see the inscription “Not supported on your device”.

However, this problem can be solved even if there is no SIM card in the tablet. To download WhatsApp on Android, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Download installation file (APK format) from the official website https: // www.Whatsapp.COM/Android.
  • Go to the tablet settings, section “Security”. Translate the toggle switch opposite the inscription “Allow unknown sources” to working condition. After installing the messenger, the function can be deactivated.
  • Find the WhatsApp file.APK via “conductor”. It should be located in the “loading” folder.
  • Start installing, accept a user agreement and give the application permission to use contacts, access to the camera and gallery.

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After successful installation, a form for registration will appear on the screen. The owner of the device can use the SIM card, which is installed in the tablet. If there is no one, you can tie an account to any available number.

You should specify the desired phone, wait for an SMS-informing or call and enter the resulting code on the screen. After the registration is completed, the user gains access to all applications.

Go to WhatsApp Web

If you constantly have problems with the WHATSApp desktop application, then it may be easier for you to use online service for the computer: https: // web.Whatsapp.Com/.

It was created by WhatsApp developers, and therefore you may not worry about the leakage of your personal data. This service has everything in the application for PC: fixed messages, notifications (only from the browser), download media files and so on. But, as well as in the application, there are no audio and video calls yet.

To use WhatsApp in a browser act like this:

  • Go to the service website: https: // Web.Whatsapp.Com/. And a unique QR code will appear before you to enter the system.
  • To scan it, enter the application on the phone or tablet, go to the “Settings”, and then click on the qr code image with the image of the QR code.
  • In this section of the menu, open the “scan code” tab, and then send the camera to the QR code that the online service offers you.
  • After a successful scan, the “Binding of the device” button will appear on the mobile screen. Click on it to confirm that you are coming from another device.
  • To finish registration in the system, you will need to enter a password on the phone.

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Whatsapp in a browser can be an excellent alternative until the developers bring to mind the application for PC. So if you do not open on the WhatsApp computer, then the fastest solution is WhatsApp Web.

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