Emoji Keyboard Xiaomi can you delete. How can I find my Facebook application?

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Delete or disable pre.installed applications on Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, any Android ⁠ ⁠

We continue to remove garbage from the phone and the Internet. In the previous post, we examined the removal of advertising in the navigator and on the Internet as a whole.

Now we will deal with garbage applications that began to install on demand this year, as well as some garbage applications from manufacturers. These applications eat memory, battery, take place. And in principle they are not needed.

There are two elementary schemes on how to remove them. The list of applications will be lower.


Settings. applications. all applications. And now go through each application and if you do not need it, we go into it and click:


Turn off (or delete, if there is such an opportunity)

Data transfer. turn off the background mode. Even the disconnected application still receives data (this can be done even with the applications that you use. Just closed, the application still receives data in the background, which negatively affects the charge of batteries).

Battery. restriction in the background. limit.

Thus, you do not delete the built.in applications from the phone, but completely turn off them. Now, if you have installed, say YouTube Vance, then when switching from browser links, the original YouTube will not open automatically.

Some application in a simple way do not turn off, for example, the FaceMoji Keyboard for Xiaomi keyboard. To do this, go to Play Market and download the Activity Launcher program.

We launch it and look for “safety”, click, and in the drop.down menu we are looking for “place in the storage”, click, the storage menu opens, click “Information about the Appendix” Find the Keyboard for Xiaomi, we go and the “Delete the application” button will be at the bottom. Delete.

In the same way, you can delete a number of more applications unnecessary to you.

one.If you already have an expansion of a VPN on a PC or laptop, then pass this item. If not, then go to the Chrome online store and install Browsec VPN.

Open the extension and turn on the sliders, it will automatically put travokurryland, this is enough for the eyes.

We go to the 4PDA website by link (do not forget to download, you need to register on the site. )

and download the Adb AppControl 1 program.7.1 and unpack the archive.

We do everything, as in the video, so that it is simple and clear. Works for all phones on Android.

About programs that can be safely deleted:

YouTube. Kamon, guys, YouTube Vanceted. In 2021/22, it is already embarrassing not to have Android YouTube Vance, provided that it is much cooler than the premium, since Sponsorblock is built into it (which removes built.in advertising in the video). The original YouTube should be deleted or disable, at least so that it does not open links from the browser.

You can download Vanced from here, and in the previous post, there is all the instructions for installing and setting up:

The SIM cards menu-this rubbish, mobile operators are used for advertising, for example, as a megaphone when checking the balance, an advertising window appeared. Remove without regret.

Reviews about the market. It will be useful only for those who write reviews about applications in Play Market. If you are not doing this, you can disable.

System Print Service. If you do not transfer files from a smartphone to a print printer, you can turn off.

Android Auto. If you do not connect the smartphone to the multimedia system of the car, you can safely disconnect.

Bookmark Provider. Advertising tabs in the Browser from Google partners

App Manager, Services, App Installer. One of the most voracious partner services in any smartphone. If you do not use this social network, delete without hesitation.

Disk.This is a cloud storage from Google. If you do not use the cloud storage. feel free to delete / turn off this application.

Google.The laconic name hides Google Assistant (Apple Siri analogue). If you do not want to communicate with virtual assistants or is simply not interested in the information that they provide. delete this application!

Briefing. A rather useless application for most people, which, moreover, consumes a battery charge. This is a special news table. It can be opened by making a swipe to the right on the main screen with icons (not on all smartphones). If you do not use this news reader, delete!

Duo. This application can safely give the title of the most useless application from Google. Of course, the idea itself (the implementation of video calls) is excellent, only no one uses this application, since there are much more popular analogues. Feel free to delete!

Google photo. This is an application where all the photos and videos from your smartphone are unloaded into the cloud (on the server) of Google and an unlimited amount of time is stored there. If you really do not need this function, then be sure to delete the application, since it consumes the battery charge relatively strongly.

Google Music. If you do not listen to the music by subscription from Google, there is no point in this application, because there are many more convenient and functional analogues to listen to your MP3.

Google films. This application can be safely deleted. Unless, of course, you do not mind paying for watching one movie 10-20 (or rent it for 450), and even without translation (many films go only with the original path).

Google Cards is a useless utility for those who use Yandex cards. Without it, there will be more space on the device, and its battery will hold the charge much longer.

emoji, keyboard, xiaomi, delete

OneDrive. is an analogue of Google from Microsoft. Remove it.

Linkedin. unpopular in the post.Soviet space social network.

Now about mandatory applications

Yandex.Browser. if you use other browsers, then it is worth deleting it, at least as a punishment, which has been broken in the new law. And besides, it takes a place, eats the battery in the background and arranges surveillance.

Yandex.Disk. cloud storage, if you do not use, then feel free to remove, also takes a place, eats the battery in the background and arranges surveillance.

ICQ New is Pzdts. Removal. Those who use should be alone.

The answer to the post “Why is anyone, even the most productive and topline, after 2-4 years turns into brick?»⁠ ⁠

The same crap. And there is also a moment. There is SS. It seems to be imprisoned for cleaning. So, when cleaning, he constantly supposedly cleans 2 gigs of all trash, but there are two points incomprehensible to me:

In common memory, this does not affect the word at all

He constantly finds traces of applications that were installed and almost immediately removed several years ago.

It turns out that the application of the type SS is a fake, imaginary cleaning?

How to delete Coco launch program from my Android device?

How to delete Microsoft Launcher

  • Open Android settings.
  • Click on applications.
  • Click on configured applications (a gear button in the upper right corner).
  • Click on the application “House”. Switch launches to Android.
  • Select the previous launchers. For example, Google Now Launcher.
  • Press the “back” button in the upper left corner.
  • Select the Microsoft Launcher application.
  • Click the “Delete” button.

How to remove emoticons?

To add the reaction to Messenger, just open the conversation, press and hold the message and select the desired emoticon. To remove the reaction, press and hold the message, and then press the smiley again. Meanwhile, references should be much more useful, but potentially more annoying.

The section “Frequently used emoji” on the Emoji keyboard built.in in the iPhone can be dropped to default values ​​by going to the “Settings” application → “Basic” → “Dropping” and clicking “Reset the keyboard dictionary”.

The keyboard on Xiaomi Redmi is gone. why and what to do?

The appearance of sensory screens completely excluded the need to have a physical keyboard on phones. The virtual input method has wider functionality and capabilities. However, in the operating system, malfunctions can occur that affect the work of this tool.

The article will figure out what to do if the keyboard on the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone is gone.

The causes of the problem

Since the keyboard is virtual, the reasons for its disappearance are hidden exclusively in the Xiaomi smartphone software. You can divide the problems of this nature into two groups:

It will be useful: to cope with the trouble is easy enough. This will be done without involving a specialist or contacting a service center

Elimination of the problem

Correct the improper functioning of the virtual input tool on smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note7 Redmi 8 and earlier versions can be several methods. Consider the process step by step in each individual case.

Cleaning cache data

During its work, any application creates a set of data that is necessary for a faster response to user requests. Sometimes memory overload with such files negatively affects the correctness of the functioning of the program. To clean the cache, you need:

  • Open the phone settings, then go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find a program that is responsible for the withdrawal of a virtual keyboard. You can see its name in the section “Language and input”, the column “Methods of input”.
  • On the application page opened, click on the “Wipe the Data” and “Clean Cache” buttons alternately.
  • Restart the operating system of a mobile device.
  • Check the elimination of the malfunction.
emoji, keyboard, xiaomi, delete

Selecting the default input method

If the keyboard on Xiaomi is gone due to the installation of several programs that perform the same function, the system can fail due to the impossibility of choosing a tool installed by default. The problem is solved as follows:

  • Visit smartphone settings and open the section “Language and Entering”.
  • Press the “Current Keyboard” item.
  • In a pop.up window, choose a tool that will be installed as a default used. It is recommended to assign GBOARD or other proven application.

It is recommended to choose only those programs that have received a large number of downloads and positive reviews. For example:

After installation, the choice of the keyboard by default automatically will be offered. If this does not happen, you will be able to change the tool, following the instructions from the previous section of the article.

Removing conflicting software

The installed additions can cause malfunctions in the main tool for typing text. Such programs include sets of emoticons, voice synthesizer, etc. If the keyboard on Xiao is gone after installing one of this type of applications, it should be removed. The process is performed as follows:

  • Open the settings of the mobile device, then the section “All applications”.
  • Find the recently installed software associated with the functioning of the keyboard.
  • Go to the application page and make it deleting by clicking the “Delete” button.
  • Restart the smartphone.

Reset to factory settings

This is the last decision that should be resorted to if all previous recommendations have not had a positive effect.

Please note: resetting the settings of the mobile device to the values ​​set by default will lead to a complete loss of data in memory. Before performing the procedure, you should transfer all valuable files to another medium.

The tips presented in the material will help to cope with the problem if the keyboard is gone on Xiaomi Redmi. The solution is to install a third.party text input tool, checking the settings, deleting conflict applications or resetting the system to factory values.

Thus, you can use the iPhone emoticons on your Xiaomi without installing any application.

Since we know that the most convenient way to use iPhone emoticons is without applications, we will start with the explanation of this. Here we must use the aforementioned Xiaomi Themes store, which is usually preinstalled on all mobile phones of the company, since it is an important application of the system. However, before we delve into it, we must change the telephone region, since the source that we need is available only in India. You just need to do the following:

  • Go to the configuration. To do this, find the gear icon on your phone; It is located somewhere on the main screen or in the application panel (if you have it). You can also access the settings through the status line, pulling it down and clicking the corresponding icon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then look for an additional settings box, enter it.
  • Once there, click on the region.
  • Finally choose India.

Now that the Xiaomi mobile phone is tuned to the India region, it remains only to open the store. This, as a rule, is included on the main screen or in the application panel as another application and is indicated by the icon of the hand or brush.

Then, as soon as we are in topics, you must click on the search line to write and find the font “iOS 14 Emoji” or “iOS v14 emoji”. Any of these keywords will serve to display the goal we want.

With various results displayed on the screen, you must choose the one that corresponds to the search, which is usually “iOS V14 Emoji”. Then you need to click on the green button with the inscription “Free”., which will instantly start the font loading.

At the end of the load, the mobile phone must be rebooted to correctly install and configure a new font in Xiaomi. Thus, when the phone is turned on, you can see how the original emoji iPhone will be displayed on your keyboard, whatever it may be, since this is the font installed in the system. You can try this by going into the “Message” application and even creating a story on Instagram, inserting stickers and emoticons.

Finally, you can save yourself from the need to change the region to India, since the availability of fonts and thereby in the Xiaomi Themes store may change over time. Therefore, try to find source before changing the region. In addition, if you have already changed the region to India on your mobile phone and set the font, you can return to any country you want, and still have iPhone emoticons on the keyboard; Change of the region should be emphasized once again, it is necessary only to load the font.

Use iPhone emoticons on your mobile phone with these applications

If you want to do without a Xiaomi Themes store and choose third.party applications, this is also an acceptable option to have iPhone emoticons in Xiaomi, although the option described above is the one that we recommend, because if you are used to using a particular keyboard, such as GBOOD (Google keyboard), you may not like the idea of ​​installing new and other.

And in stores such as Play Store, there are many applications for setting up an integral and keyboard, and here we list some of them that have iPhone emoticons.

What is a smart switch and whether I need it?

Smart Switch mobile application can also transmit contacts, photos and messages from the iOS device to the new Galaxy phone. This simplifies the movement between Galaxy phones; You can move all your data to a new phone and pick it up from the place where you stopped on the old device.

AR Zone software provides Samsung mobile users associated with AR, such as AR Emoji and Ar Doodle. The AR Zone application allows users to choose a function and shoot funny photos or videos. This helps to feel more than life user integration for its users.

How to delete Memoji contact?

To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Open iMessage.
  • Click in a random chain of conversation.
  • Pass your finger along the icons of applications until you see a bubble with three points, and then tape it.
  • Select “Change”.
  • Remove the Memoji flag in the sections “Favorites” and “Other Applications”.
  • Click “Ready”

How to remove emoticons from frequently used?

Open the “Settings” application, go to “General”, click “Reset”, and then “Reset of the Keyboard Dictionary”. Enter your password and click “Reset the Dictionary” to delete all user words saved for the keyboard and return the dictionary to factory settings.

You can also click Smiles Favorites. Press and hold the sticker, and then click remove.

How to remove unnecessary emoji?

Open the “Settings” application, go to “General”, click “Reset”, and then “Reset of the Keyboard Dictionary”. Enter your password and click “Reset the Dictionary” to delete all user words saved for the keyboard and return the dictionary to factory settings.

To do this, you need to make a transition: Settings Language and Entering (Menu) Language and Entering (Menu item) Current keyboard select keyboard control methods. Here, install the switch standing opposite GBOARD to the “v.”, And the switch for Facemoji Keyboard for Xiaomi to the” Otkl.””.

What does a circle with an arrow-umji arrow mean?

The circle shown by the diagonal arrow in the upper right corner is used as a performance for men. The male sign was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 4.0 in 2016.

How to delete Emoji keyboard with iPad

  • Go to the settings on the main screen iPad.
  • Click the general.
  • Touch the keyboard:
  • Touch the keyboard:
  • Touch editing:
  • Click the deletion button next to the Emoji option:
  • Touch delete:

How to move their emoticons to iPhone?

Looking at your compatible iPhone, scroll to the emoticon that you want to turn into a smiley. Animoji. Make your face in the field of view and press the red record. Press the Sending button (Blue Strelka) to send Animoji.

emoji, keyboard, xiaomi, delete

transitional verb. If you say that someone beats another person, you mean that they attack, criticize, or strictly punish another person. Democrats insisted that they would continue to push the president from his tax plan.

Is it possible to arrange iPhone emoticons?

Inside the application, you can configure your favorite emoticons: you can delete the emoticons that you added by chance or do not want to bypass them in the application intensity. You can also press and drag any existing emoticons to rearrange them as you want.

Meaning. The pointer is indicated up to Emoji

Image of the white hand indicating up the index finger. This is a smiley used as an exclamation mark to emphasize the statement. It can also mean “I am available!”Or” Ask me if there are ambiguities! I’m ready for it! “”.

What does this emoticon mean?

Most people agree that this means ‘shy’. As if you are nervously twisting your fingers. Smiley can often be combined with emoticons to create additional nervousness. The sequence of emoticons can be used if you are going to ask someone a soft, but risky question, or if you just be shy.

The application will stop working on phone numbers Android 2.3. 7 years and older (gingerbread) will be stopped from February 1, 2020

Secrets Miui 12 and 11: a new way to remove trash from the system

A few months ago, the site has already been released about cleaning your smartphone from various software debris, including integrated into the firmware.

But since then, our Xiaomi has been updated several times, bringing with us both pleasant and not very useful innovations.

In the list of unpleasant innovations, you can safely make the inability to remove some system applications from the smartphone, which turned out to be. “FaceMoji Keyboard for Xiaomi”, because it not only takes an extra place in memory, but also sends data packages without permissions.

On the example of this program, I will show you a new way of removal, which will help many to free memory and save yourself from useless garbage. First you will need to check the version of the “Security” application. It should be at least 4.2.5. To do this, clamp the icon until a pop.up menu appears and go to the “Appendix” item.

You will find the current test assembly at the end of the article, but if you already have a version above 4.2.5, you don’t need to do anything. Next, download and install the “Activity Launcher” application (link as always at the end). We will need it more than once, so you may not delete it, since it takes less than megabyte in memory.

Now let’s go to the “launch of Activity” and after completing the load, click on the icon of the magnifying glass and enter the word. “Storage”.

Then we click on the point “place in the storage” and fall into the menu we need. And yes, this is a menu from Miui 12, which works even on my Redmi Note 8T, although there is MIUI 11 on the basis of Android 9.

Click on “Applications and Data”. find “FaceMoji Keyboard” in the list, click on it and see the “Delete application” button at the very bottom, which before that was not before. Agree to the removal of system plugins (horror story from miui) and that’s it, the matter has been done.

Of course, this method will not allow you to remove absolutely all system applications indiscriminately, but some of the useless pre.installed programs will no longer bother you.