Control your android remotely from your computer

What you can do with your personal AirDroid remote control?

Play mobile games remotely on your computer

No need to install the Android emulator, you can directly control mobile games and play them on your computer. The bigger the screen, the better the experience.

Remotely access smartphones at home or in the office

Carry only one smartphone that you need and access the others at any time with Android AirMirror. When the need arises to access your office’s internal network, you can simply connect and remotely control your smartphone at the office.

Repair damaged phones

Phones with cracked screens or broken buttons get a second life. With the AirDroid Personal Remote Control, you can use these idle devices.

Stay focused on your computer screen, increase your productivity

Control remote mobile devices directly from your computer, instead of picking up your phone and scrolling through information on your screen. Increase your efficiency by focusing all your attention on one screen.

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Vysor for Google Chrome

The tool works through Google Chrome browser, so it can be used on different operating systems: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, etc.д. There’s also a desktop app for users who don’t want to be limited to Chrome.

There are several different ways to use Vysor. The first option is a mobile app and desktop client. The second is remote control via Chrome. After starting the browser, you will need to connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer via a USB cable so that the battery is charged at the same time as the data is streaming. Only before that you need to enable USB debugging in the settings, download ADB for Windows (not always required) and then install the Vysor extension in Chrome.

After launching the program you just need to click OK to allow the connection to the phone. Simply select a device from the list and it will be instantly displayed on your computer screen. With Vysor, you can even virtually share your Android control with other users. This may come in handy when troubleshooting.

Using AirDroid for remote access to an Android phone or tablet

Before proceeding, a few nuances: with AirDroid you can work with or without registration, over the Internet and local network (in this case both phone and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

Connecting if you are registered is easy: just use the same account in the app on your phone and in the program on your computer (or on ). But if, with registration, you will connect to the phone via the Internet and not in the home network, there is a limit of free traffic: 200 MB per month: for work with messages and notifications this is enough, but for something more serious it may not be enough. I recommend using the option with registration. it works more stable, when you are connected to the same network there are no traffic restrictions.

Without registration is available only connection within the local network, but no traffic limits. That said:

  • In order to use AirDroid on your phone without registration, after launching at the top right click “Skip”.
  • If you plan to use AirDroid Web without registration, to connect in the AirDroid app on your phone, open the “Transfer”. “My Devices” tab and then click on the QR code scan button to the right of “AirDroid Web”. On your computer, go to and scan the code displayed there with your phone. The second method of connection: on the phone, click on the item AirDroid Web, and on the computer enter in the browser IP-address indicated on the phone screen (displayed in the form of numbers).
  • If you need to enable the Russian language on AirDroid Web, pay attention to the letter “A” in the top menu bar, click on it and choose the language you need.
  • If you are using the AirDroid program on your computer and need to connect to the phone without registration, then in the program on your computer, press the “Quick Transfer” button instead of login. And on your phone, go to the “Transmission” tab. “Nearby”. After that, it will automatically start searching for mobile devices with AirDroid in the local network.

Once connected, depending on the method of connection, you will see one of two options for accessing phone data and other actions. In AirDroid Web. similar to the desktop, as in the screenshot below.

In AirDroid for computer the following interface, where you can switch between the different actions with the buttons on the left. Notification integration with Windows 10, drag and drop files from your computer to locations on the phone and other features work.

Some actions may not work by default as long as you have not given the appropriate permissions in the AirDroid app on the phone (which at first you will be constantly asked for).

Most of the available actions in both variants are self-explanatory and work as soon as you provide the necessary permissions on the phone.

However, for the functions of control of your phone from a computer (tapping the screen, recording phone screen from a computer, typing on the phone using the computer keyboard, remote access to the phone camera, including via the Internet) you need either access Root on the phone, or perform actions on the screen “Control” in the program AirDroid for Windows. Required:

    , Connect your phone to your PC by cable and allow debugging via USB from your PC (you will be prompted on the Android screen).

  • In the program AirDroid on your computer (the web-version is not suitable) go to the tab “Management”, click on “Non-Root” and follow the instructions on this screen.

I will not describe in detail all the available actions: I think they will be relatively easy to deal with. As a rule, most users find useful things like sending messages and working with files on the Android phone from a computer (files, photos, videos, music and others can be uploaded to the phone or downloaded from the phone).

In addition, I recommend looking at the “Tools” section in the AirDroid app on your Android phone, where there are useful features such as screen recording Android.

How to remotely control Android from a PC

Despite the fact that the mobile gadget always accompanies a person in any place, there are still cases when the first need to manage remotely. This is especially true if it is at home or even stolen. “Remote control of Android from a computer” is the topic of this article.

Standard ways to control your gadget include specialized programs or a web browser. The first ones show greater efficiency, so they will be discussed below.

Android Device Manager

This Google service gives you access to your Android phone while requiring authorization under your Google account. The work is possible in two ways:

If there is no possibility or desire to download software to the smartphone:

  • Open Google’s “Find your device” service.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Make sure that geolocation is enabled on your smartphone and that you have active Internet access.

This way is significantly limited in the control possibilities. Other applications are worth using for a more comprehensive management.


This software product gives you full control over your mobile system.

  • Visit the official TeamViewer website and download the desktop version to your PC
  • Download the mobile app on your smartphone TeamViewer QuickSupport. [appbox googleplay]

Please note! The major versions of programs on your PC and your smartphone must match, otherwise you will not be able to connect.

Once connected, the connection menu will transfer files from the PC to the phone, see the battery status, the amount of occupied and free memory, etc. д. If you want, you can also provide easy access without the need for constant password entry.


This program is also quite popular among Android remote control tools using PC.

  • Go to AirDroid and follow a simple account registration procedure. You can sign in using social networks.
  • Install the AirDroid mobile app on your phone and log in to your newly created account. [appbox googleplay com.sand.airdroid]

In this way, you can get wide access to a lot of functions. Using the web interface, contacts are managed, messages are typed and calls are made. A special buffer allows you to install the program on your phone using the APK file. You can also locate your gadget here, control the camera, including taking photos or shooting videos.

To access the Android desktop, you need to install the AirMirrow plugin in your web browser. It allows full interaction with the smartphone screen, including the ability to control messaging in messengers.

Mobizen Mirroring

Another serious platform for performing remote control of an Android phone. As usual, you need to download the program to your gadget and computer from the official website. Next:

  • Sign up for a service, such as the mobile app.
  • Open the program on your PC and verify it.
  • A six-digit code will appear. Enter it in the mobile app window.

The program allows you to make screenshots and provides access to files on the phone. The standard version of Mobizen is functionally limited. So, you can only control the gadget using a USB cable. The full version of Mobizen costs 6500.99/month, but you can get it for 23 for a year discount.94.


AirDroid is another popular program for connecting Android smartphones to PC. Unlike ApowerMirror, once you connect your smartphone to your PC, the former is not displayed as usual, but as a standard PC desktop with all installed apps, windows, folders and more.

It is possible to run the main or front camera of the device, take pictures and immediately view or transfer them to your computer. There is also a remote control of the device which opens in a special window. You can use it to browse apps, read messages, launch the camera and other basic functions.

It’s handy if you gave your mom her first smartphone, you explained everything, she “understood”, and then you left, but now every day mom calls and asks for help. In this case, it is easy to connect remotely and the main thing is to save yourself time and nerves.

The AirDroid service has two smartphone apps: AirMirror or AirDroid. The first is to control your gadget from your computer and the second to access your gadget’s files (music, documents, videos, messages, contacts, etc).

In both cases the connection is via USB or Wi-Fi. Start one of the two applications on your smartphone and put AirDroid on your PC. To connect the systems you will need to scan the QR code on the computer and then everything will connect automatically.

AirDroid available for Windows and macOS. There’s also a web version in Google Chrome.

With Vysor

In case you are not suitable for ApowerMirror, you can try Vysor as an alternative. But this service is in many ways inferior to the previous one.

Vysor clients are available for Windows, macOS and Linux. There is even an app for Google Chrome. Alas, the free version of Vysor displays your smartphone screen in not the best quality, shows ads and only allows you to connect your device via USB. In addition to controlling your smartphone, it only allows you to take screenshots.

To improve image quality, unlock screen recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and file management features, you need to buy a 2.5 per month subscription. For lifetime access to these features, you need to make a one-time payment of 40.


One of the most popular programs of this type. Often used for communication between two computers, but can also work between a mobile device and a computer.

The program is free for personal use, but to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you will need to pay from 2 thousand Euro per month. No settings are required for basic use.

  • remote control of a smartphone,
  • Change Android settings,
  • application installation,
  • screenshot creation,
  • Viewing events on your home screen.

How to use TeamViewer

Controlling your mobile device from a remote location is very easy:

  • Install the program on your computer and phone by downloading the appropriate version from the official site (the version with QuickSupport will work for your mobile device).
  • Start TeamViewer for your computer, setting the access password and checking the box next to “Remote access”.
  • Launch the mobile version. A nine-digit numeric code is displayed. you must either write it down or send it to your messenger.
  • On the computer, in the “Partner ID” line, enter the numeric code.
  • You will connect to his device. Wait for your mobile device to respond and you can start controlling your Android.
  • 100% free option for streaming from your Android device to your PC.
  • No functional restrictions.
  • No ads or watermarks.
  • Secure 256-bit encryption for added security.
  • Works with or without Wi-Fi.
  • Requires a TeamViewer account
  • No advanced features found in pro versions of other apps.

Precision farming based on GPS technology

Agriculture makes the switch. Companies like Trimble use TeamViewer to remotely access, manage and troubleshoot their precision agriculture and livestock management software. Trimble has developed an Android-based touch screen device for farming equipment. Software malfunctions can be resolved remotely using TeamViewer, which drastically reduces downtime and on-site visits, and helps farmers ensure maximum yield and productivity year-round.