Checking barcodes for Android

Scanners for Android

We present a selection of the best barcode reading apps for Android smartphones. With the software. Scanner program, you can quickly find out the full product information, link. QR code encrypted and any other data using your gadget’s camera. The decoded text will instantly appear on the screen of your mobile device.

QR Barcode Scanner. a powerful code reader for Android Smartphones and Tablets. Can use the exposure option, auto focus and flashlight, which is useful in low light conditions. Features high speed scanning and easy-to-use interface.

You’ll be able to create your own linear barcodes with calendar events, phone numbers, and email address information. Transmission of data to your comrades in social networks is available. WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, as well as via E-Mail or SMS.

The software recognizes commodity (1d, 2d) and industrial QR, PDF417, Data Matrix, Aztec and many other formats. There is a useful function to automatically open web pages.

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  • Beeps and vibrates
  • Keeps scanning history;
  • High positions on Google Play;
  • The option of inverting is supported;
  • Copying materials to the clipboard;
  • Possibility to read in bulk mode;
  • The new version of the scanner works with Android 4 devices.0 and higher.

QR Droid Code Scanner. a modern barcode scanner for cell phones and tablets. Reads information in 2-3 seconds and saves it in the cloud, so you can view the required scanner data from another device at any time.

Utility is able to work not only with main camera, but also with front camera. Focus and flash options available. Newcomers can ask for help from the integrated hint (question mark key on the bottom right of the screen).

It is possible to create your own QR codes. You can set a specific action after decoding, such as dialing a number, recording an event in the calendar, search for text on the Internet, etc.

  • Availability of a history section;
  • Pleasant sound alerts;
  • Synchronization with Android Wear Smart Watch;
  • Built-in store with other programs from the developer;
  • Choice of two-dimensional code recognition mechanism (Zapper or ZXing).

Barcode Scanner. Android laser barcode scanner with a wide range of functions. Scanned codes with web-site addresses, phonebooks and other data can be sent via email or SMS. Advanced system of personal settings available.

  • Simple and clear interface;
  • Use of flash and autofocus;
  • There is a section with help for beginners;
  • Work in portrait or landscape mode;
  • History log with the history of decoded barcodes;
  • Transmission of information to social networks and messengers.

QR-Barcode Scanner is a convenient and functional QR code scanner, which you can use to find out the price of one or another product, read your business card, URL of the website, etc. Just point the camera.

If you click the Scan from Gallery button, the smartphone gallery opens with a choice of images to decrypt. You can create your own codes by placing your contact information, bookmarks from web browsers and so on.

  • View history list;
  • Opening links to websites;
  • Autoconnection to WI-FI network;
  • Support EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code128;
  • Matrix code validation tool;
  • Sending content to social networks, SMS or email.

QuickMark QR Code Reader. mobile application for barcode scanning. Once the reading process is complete, you can automatically navigate to the site, open a message, find out the exact geo-coordinates of the user, and so on. Can not only decrypt codes, but also create them. Contains a mass data recognition tool.

  • Zoom function;
  • Device flash access;
  • Saving traffic (Wi-Fi only);
  • Change the grid size in the camera;
  • Use of front and main camera.

Gamma Play QR and barcode scanner. a good program for reading QR codes. It contains the touch focus option, which allows you to focus precisely on a certain object by taps on the display. Tool for opening web-pages after successful recognition WebLink-QR.

  • Clear principle of operation;
  • Copy to clipboard;
  • Product identification function;
  • Ability to enter numbers manually;
  • Flashlight activation in low light conditions;
  • Supports all modern types of codes;
  • Takes up little space on your smartphone.

The lightning QR-scanner is distinguished by a powerful focusing system with the possibility of zooming objects. Decodes product codes in automatic mode. It is worth noting that the developer Application4u stably releases updates for their software.

  • A pleasant interface;
  • Working with the camera flash;
  • Export of content into CSV format;
  • High speed of information reading;
  • than 10 million downloads from the Play store;
  • Recommendations of useful utilities for your phone.

QR Code Reader is one of the simplest utilities on the background of analogues. It’s enough to point your phone camera to the barcode you are interested in and read the information. The program works with the camera flash, but does not support autofocus, so the maximum scanning distance is limited.

There is a useful tool for searching and decoding QR codes in images and photos from the gallery. The main disadvantage of the software is an abundance of ads.

  • Easy to use;
  • Compact size of APK-file;
  • Allows you to find out QR code information instantly;
  • Horizontal and vertical scanning;
  • Supports Code 39, Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPC-E.

How to read a QR code

Action algorithm for scanning and reading data:

  • Step 1. Open the installed QR code reader on your cell phone;
  • Step 2. You point your smartphone’s camera at the barcode so that it is completely within the designated scope;
  • Step 3. If the code is not automatically read, then press the camera shutter button.

As a result of these simple procedures, your smartphone should read the QR code and show you exactly what is encrypted in it, or prompt you to follow the hidden link.

How to create a barcode reader application for Android

Even with the release of Google Play services version 7.8 developers have added Mobile Vision interfaces, which provide an API for barcode detection. They read and decode many different types of barcodes, quickly, easily and locally.

Classes for barcode detection and analysis are available in the com The main workhorse is the BarcodeDetector class. It handles Frame objects and returns a SparseArray array of barcodes.

Barcode type represents a single recognized barcode and its value. In the case of 1D barcodes, such as UPC codes, this will simply be the number that is encoded in the barcode. Its value is available in the rawValue field, while the barcode type (i.e. its encoding) can be found in the format field.

For 2D barcodes that contain structured data such as QR codes. the valueFormat field is set to a specific type of value corresponding to the data field. So, for example, if the URL type is detected. then the valueFormat field will return a URL constant and the Barcode object.UrlBookmark will contain the value of URL. In addition to URLs, there are many different types of data that a QR code can store. For example, postal address, date and time of a calendar event, calendar event, contact information, phone number, location on the map and other data, the full list of which is provided in the documentation. Links to documentation here.

Mobile Vision API allows to read barcodes in any position.

It’s important to note that the parsing of all barcodes is done locally, so you don’t need to use a connection to a server to read the data from the code. For example, if you read a PDF-417 linear barcode, which can hold up to 1 KB of text, you can get all the information encoded in it immediately.

So, to develop the application we will need:

  • Android Studio development environment
  • Android 4 Smartphone.2.2 or later version
  • The latest version of the Android SDK, including the SDK tools component. You can get it with the Android SDK Manager in Android Studio.
  • Google Play Services SDK. You can also get it from the Android SDK Manager in Android Studio.

Create a new project in Android Studio. Select the Empty Activity template when creating it.

The next step is to make sure your app can use Google Play services, which includes the Mobile Vision API. You need to update the build file to do this.Your project’s gradle.

The dependency section must have these lines. Update Gradle if necessary.

As of January 1, 2021 in this category, which includes a huge list of textile goods, it is prohibited to sell without a labeling code on the tag. Any Data Matrix code must not only be printed on the product, but also be readable in the application Honest Sign, because this way you can be sure that the product is made of the very material that the seller promises you.

Beginning October 1, 2020, mandatory labeling of poumer products manufactured and imported into the territory All samplers up to 3 ml. are not subject to labeling. If the sample volume is larger and they are used for sale, then labeling is necessary, if for other purposes, then no.

Honest Sign. all the truth about the products in your hands

Other groups of goods will be subject to mandatory marking: dairy products, wheelchairs, bicycles, drinking water, but so far they are involved in the experiment, the exact timing of the ban on circulation without marking will appear soon.

If products from the list of labeled products can no longer be sold without a Data Matrix code, but you can’t find the code on the packaging, or you can’t read it in the Honest Sign app, you need to report the violation.

If they refuse to accept cashless payment for a product with a code and give you a receipt, you should also report this.

First, the report of the violation goes into moderation, we sort out the type of violation and send it to the regulatory authorities. They leave in an impersonal form and no one will see your personal information.

If the dates of the ban on the sale without marking have not yet come, there may be errors in reading the code, as the manufacturer or importer is still testing the application of the digital code, you can buy the goods, but it is better to send a complaint.

Honest Sign system allows you to prevent counterfeit, counterfeit goods, because it provides the tracking of goods from the manufacturer to the point of sale. Public scrutiny is an important element of this system. You get a tool in your hands. the mobile application Honest Sign, which can be used not only to determine the origin of goods, but also to combat illegal products.

It is possible to report any infringement: infringement on the intellectual property of another brand, poor quality, sale without a cash register receipt, etc

The decision to introduce labeling in a particular industry is made by the government in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Honest Sign is the operator of the labeling system, acting as the developer and implementer of the system.

item MAY BE FOR SALE. positive result. Indicates that the marking code has passed the authenticity check and the item may be on sale. PRODUCT SOLD 01.01.2021. Positive. Means that the marking code has passed the authenticity check and the product was sold on the date specified. After a distance purchase (e.g., online store), the item’s status may change to “Item Sold” both before and after delivery. This is not a violation. item CANNOT BE SOLD. Negative result. Means that the marking code passed the authenticity test, but the product may not be sold. There can be several reasons, such as:. Item is retired. The item has expired. item has been destroyed. The product has not been released into circulation MEDICINE PRODUCED BEFORE MANDATORY LABELING BEFORE MANDATORY LABELING BEGINS. Neutral. Means the marking code has been authenticated and applied to the product during the experimental period. PRODUCT USED IN MEDICAL ORGANIZATION. Positive result. Means that the labeling code has passed authentication, but the item is issued to a medical organization and not a retailer. THE PRODUCT WAS ISSUED ON PREFERENTIAL PRESCRIPTION EE.MM.YYYY. Positive result. Means that the labeling code has passed validation and the product has been released on prescription on the date specified. GOOD IN REALIZATION. Positive result. Means that the marking code has passed the authenticity check and the product can be on sale or it can be used by medical organizations. item CANNOT BE REALIZED. Negative result. Means that the marking code has passed the authenticity check, but the product cannot be on sale for several reasons:. withdrawn from circulation. expired. NOT FOR SALE. The item has been marked as DESTROYED. Negative. Means that the marking code passed the authenticity check, but the product has been destroyed and cannot be on sale.

How to Scan QR Codes and Barcodes by Phone

Now the question arises, how to scan codes with your smartphone camera and which application to choose. I’ve made up my mind and choose the first of the following items, but for comparison, here are two others that are also pretty good and safe. If there is malware in them too, then no one in this world can be trusted anymore.

Scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera

We are talking about a tool that is built into the lion’s share of smartphones. the camera app. It is not necessary to install it, and in some smartphones it is not even necessary to select a separate mode.

All iPhones and some Android smartphones of the latest generations say themselves that a QR code is detected in the frame. They automatically scan it and offer to go to the encrypted address in a drop-down window. If the action suits you, you only have to agree.

The displayed bar will help you to understand if you need to click on the link. On the left iPhone 12 Pro, on the right Samsung Galaxy S21. Both with the latest versions of the OS.

In case your smartphone does not offer such functionality, just switch the camera mode or go to the section where you can find its additional features. Most likely, so the scanner will be in a separate mode, which should be run.

If for some reason you still can’t find the feature you’re looking for, you may simply not have it. Especially if the version of Android or iOS on your smartphone is too old. In this case, third-party applications come to the rescue.

Scan through Google Lens

Google Lens is one of the best alternatives to code scanners in 2021 because you never have to worry about this app infecting your device with malware or showing ads. Not so long ago I told you about the features of Google Lens.

Even if Google will collect some data about you, but the danger of such collection is no higher than just using an Android smartphone. Simply download the app and turn on the Lens option on your smartphone to scan codes.

Kaspersky QR Code Scanner

This alternative to the barcode scanner was developed by Kaspersky’s cybersecurity experts. In this way, you can fully trust it, as it helps to avoid scanning unsafe or malicious codes. If a risk is detected, the app will warn you about it and prevent you from unknowingly going where you shouldn’t.

One of the pleasant features of this application is the history of scans, when you can go to the previously scanned link at any moment.

Why use a barcode scanner app?

You can get product information quickly with a barcode, which you’ll agree makes the hard life in stores easier :). In addition, some applications use a barcode scanner to create a shopping list. To be honest, I have never thought about it but I decided to try it and you know what I liked.

I’ve tried many barcode scanner apps, and I’ve selected 4 of the best ones for you. Here we go!

QR and Barcode Scanner

If you need a fast, easy and convenient scanner, the QR Barcode Scanner app is perfect for you. It advertises widely for its QR code capabilities, but it can also read regular barcodes.

The scanning is fast and you get all the information right away. After scanning, you can do a Google search and get more information about the product.

Barcode Scanner Pro

Barcode Scanner Pro is an excellent barcode scanner application. It works like QR Barcode Scanner, but also knows how to save history with previous entries. This makes it ideal for scanning items for later use.

It also has a good set of options for scanning different types of barcodes as well as a vibration when scanning is successful.

Barcode Scanner for Amazon

Probably everyone of you has shopped at least once at the popular online stores Amazan and Ebay, and often compared their by switching between them. You don’t have to do this now. If you want to do a quick check, be sure to download the barcode scanner for Amazon.

The barcode scanner for Amazon scans barcodes and then uses the information immediately to search for a product on Amazon.

Barcode scanner to compare on Amazon eBay

If you’re not shy about buying things second hand, try the Amazon eBay Barcode Scanner app. Just scan the item and you’ll see all the auctions on eBay selling that item. It’s a great way to see if you can save money by buying something secondhand.

The app also shows Amazon product searches for quick price comparisons. The eBay and Amazon listings are shown at both ends of the screen, so you can view them simultaneously to properly compare prices.


If you received a message from the site that the entered code is incorrect, or if you have other reasons to doubt the authenticity of the purchased product, please send your request to the email address of InterChem Ltd. or leave a message on this site

If you received a message from the site that the entered code is incorrect, or if you have other reasons to doubt the authenticity of the purchased product of our production, please send your request to the email address of InterChem Ltd. or leave a message on this site