Check iPhone For Originality On Apple Website

The easiest ways to check the originality of the iphone

Consider alternative options for checking the quality of iPhones.

How to find your iPhone serial number

You can find out the serial number of your iPhone in several ways. The owner needs to go to the settings, then go to the “basic” tab, and then click “about device”. Also, the serial is located on the box from under the phone, most often it can be found at the bottom of the box under the name “Serial No”.

How to find the serial number

A more difficult way to find the serial number of a smartphone is the iTunes application. To do this, you need to sync your iPhone and computer, and then go to iTunes. Near the “music” field, the user will see a thumbnail image of the phone that needs to be clicked. A menu will be displayed on the left, in which you need to select the “About device” item, the owner will see all the necessary information.

Also, iPhone data can be viewed using iTunes even if at a particular moment the person does not have access to the phone. But this is only possible if the smartphone was previously paired with a computer and backups were made to it. You need to sign in to iTunes, then in the top bar to find the “edit” tab and from it go to the settings. Then you need to go to “devices”, select the desired gadget from the list and click on it.

If the user knows the IMEI, then he can use it to find out the serial number online. To do this, he needs to go to the iUnlocker website and enter an email in a special field. In this way, the owner of the device will not only be able to check the iPhone by IMEI for the presence of a SIM lock or binding to a specific mobile operator, but also learn the data of the smartphone. the date of its release, Syrian language, technical characteristics, etc.

You can also find out the serial number using the IMEI info online service. To do this, go to the site, have the info and punch the email code. The owner of the gadget will see all the information about his smartphone, including the serial number, date of manufacture of the phone, etc.

The support period has expired, but the right to service remains

After the expiration of the three-month term, the period for free technical support ends, but the right to service and repair remains. This means that the phone has been used for less than a year, and until the right to repair has expired, you can find out the time when the iPhone was first turned on.

How to find out the date of the first iPhone activation and the remaining warranty period

Go to the Apple website section to check your service and support eligibility;

Enter the serial number of the iPhone, which can be found on the box, case or in the Settings → General → About this device;

In addition, information about the IMEI and serial number can be found on the welcome screen when you first turn on the iPhone. click on the “i” icon in the lower right corner.

In the third paragraph, “The right to service and repair,” the status should be “Provided”;

Subtract the 365 days warranty expiration date below to be the date you first activate your iPhone.

How to teach iPhone to pronounce the name of the caller.

Examples of iPhone Service and Support Eligibility Information Received After Verification

New unactivated iPhone (this should be stated if you are buying a new Apple smartphone):

Newly activated iPhone (up to three months) under warranty:

Activated used iPhone. Warranty expired:

Possible warranty conditions. How to check iPhone by IMEI

To check the iPhone by IMEI for the right to service and technical support, the user needs to go to the official website of the company that is the manufacturer of his smartphone. Once on the site, go to the menu and find the “Eligibility for Service and Support” tab. There you enter your devices and all the necessary information.

How to authenticate an iPhone hand-held

In order for the owner of the gadget to be eligible for free warranty service, it is necessary that the smartphone data match the data on the packing box and on the SIM card tray. You will also need an iPhone purchase receipt.

By IMEI, you can determine the originality of the smartphone. To do this, you need to use a special algorithm.

How to determine the authenticity of an iPhone by its name:

  • It is necessary to add all the digits of the number that are in even positions, except for the check one (second digit, fourth, sixth, etc.).
  • Replace numbers in odd positions (1 will become 2, 2. 4, 3. 6, 4. 8, 5. 1, 6. 3, 7. 5, 8. 7, 0 and 9 do not need to be replaced).
  • Add Converted Digits.
  • Now all converted numbers need to be added with the result from the first paragraph (except for the check digit).
  • Subtract the check digit from the received number.
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The final number should be a multiple of 10. If the result is divisible by 10 without a remainder, then the iPhone is real.

How to check the warranty directly on iPhone or iPad (this method is only suitable for devices with iOS 12.2 and newer)

Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

In the window that appears, open the “Limited Warranty”.

Here’s the end date for your limited 1 year warranty.

How to create a double in a photo (clone objects) on iPhone.

International Mobile Equipment Identity

The official IMEI website is We go to the site and enter the IMEI of our phone in a special field:

After completing the introduction of the number indicated on the tested smartphone, press “Check”. Full information about the device will appear on the screen.

How to check iPhone by serial number on apple website

If you are planning to purchase a device “hand-held”, then before buying, do not forget to check the iPhone for originality by the serial number or IMEI. This can be done using the official Apple website or third-party services.

Authentication by serial number

The serial number can be found on the box and in the documentation. Since this information is easily compromised, it is best to focus on the one that is indicated in the settings of the smartphone itself. Where to find the iPhone serial number:

  • Go to the settings menu and open the “General” block. Here find the item “Information about this device” (section names may differ depending on the version of iOS).
  • Detailed information about the iPhone will open. Here, copy the information from the item “Serial number”. It is with its help that you distinguish an iPhone from a fake.
  • Open the official Apple website. If necessary, change the language of the web page to Russian (in the upper right corner).
  • At the bottom of the page, look for “Support” or “Support”. On the tab that opens, click on the blue inscription “Check the right to service for your product”.
  • On the new page, find a blank field and paste the copied iPhone serial number into it. Additionally, enter the verification code from the picture and click on the blue “Check” button.
  • The information will be updated, and the tab will display detailed information about your device (activation date, warranty availability, other details).

If an error appears when entering the serial number or the information is not true, then this is not a genuine iPhone, but a fake.

IMEI authentication

You can verify the originality of the iPhone not only using the serial number, but also the IMEI. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to each mobile device. Unlike a serial number, it is almost impossible to counterfeit it. Check iPhone by IMEI:

  • Find the IMEI on the box or cover of your device. Additionally, it is indicated in the main iPhone settings (item “Device Information”).
  • Go to any site that checks Apple devices by IMEI. For example, or any other.
  • Enter the received data and click the “Check” or “Check” button to get the data about the iPhone. If the device is in the database, then here you will see detailed information about the manufacturer, date of activation.

It is recommended to use this method when buying a used phone. If the iPhone was stolen from the previous owner, then it will appear in the list of missing devices.

How to distinguish an original iPhone

If you are making a purchase “by hand”, then make sure the authenticity of the device. The iPhone may be a Chinese counterfeit or a refurbished smartphone. Distinctive features of the original iPhone:

  • Box. It should have a logo, model name, device image. Refurbished iPhones have a pure white box.
  • Equipment. The smartphone comes with all documents (instructions, warranty), headphones, a charger, a clip for removing the SIM card.
  • Serial number. The data on the box must correspond to the information that is indicated in the settings of the smartphone, documentation.
  • Must match the serial number on the iPhone box or case.
  • Smartphone appearance. The refurbished iPhone is essentially the original one after an official Apple repair. The Chinese counterfeit is distinguished by the use of low-quality materials, and instead of iOS, it runs on the Android operating system.

You can distinguish an original device from a fake (or a refurbished iPhone) on the Apple website, using third-party software or special online services. This will require a serial number or IMEI. You can find them out in several ways.

Other recommendations

In order not to purchase a refurbished device or a “Chinese” fake instead of the original iPhone, follow the recommendations below:

  • Shop only in branded showrooms or official retailers. Information about the nearest points of sale in your city is available on the official Apple website.
  • Pay attention to the price. If it is suspiciously low, then this is not the original iPhone, or it was stolen or has other flaws.
  • When buying “hand-held”, check the phone by IMEI or serial number. How to do this, see above.
  • Make sure your smartphone syncs with iTunes. If the device has been restored, information about this will be displayed on the “Overview” tab, next to the serial number and other details.
  • Examine the look of your smartphone. The screen should be glass, not plastic. The body is metal. Make sure that the device has not been disassembled and has no mechanical damage. Check if you can connect to official Apple services.
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Checking the iPhone for originality must be carried out without fail by those who have never used an iOS device. This can be done using the IMEI or serial number. If errors occur in the process or the seller does not want to provide this information, then the purchase should be abandoned.

Now you know how the iPhone is checked for the original and what information is needed for this. If you buy a device not in an official store, then this is the only sure way to verify the authenticity of a smartphone.

Checking iPhone at apple. Check iPhone by IMEI: ways

In fact, there are plenty of resources on the web to do this. But experts recommend using one of two. For what reason? Simply because they do not need to pay for information, and there is no doubt about the reliability of the information received. All data. you can be sure. will be 100% accurate.

First of all, we are talking about the resource on which the device was purchased. And the second is, you guessed it, the manufacturer’s website. The last method will be discussed in detail today.

IPhone check. How to know your iPhone is new?

All new iPhones require activation. After buying a new phone, to start working with the “apple” smartphone, you need to activate it. Before that, insert the SIM card and connect to the Internet, which will allow the iPhone to connect to Apple servers and activate. You can connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network or use cellular data.

After completing the activation procedure, the owner of the new iPhone can start using the device. If the iPhone you purchased did not require activation after the first start, then you are not the first owner of this device. But this way is not 100%. The Apple mobile operating system has the ability to restore software, which means that the phone will be reset to factory settings. After restoring, iPhone requires re-activation. That is, the operating system is activated, and not the phone itself. Thus, any trickster can take advantage of this trick and sell you a non-new iPhone at the cost of a new one.

But don’t worry, iPhone verification is done in another way. The company took care of its customers and made a special service on its official website. To do this, you need to go to the menu item “Verify the right to service and support”. add the serial number of the device and you will be informed. whether this device has been activated before. iPhones that were activated earlier store the serial number of the device in the configuration, for this go to Settings. then in General and tap About this device. There, in one of the list items, you will receive information about the serial number. If you want to check an unpacked or not activated iPhone. the serial number can be found on the box of the device or on the rim of the SIM card tray

Check iPhone by IMEI on the official Apple website

Checking the serial number on the official Apple website will allow you to determine 100% authenticity of the device. Also, the serial number of the iPhone can be checked by other methods. through the gadget itself, by the inscriptions on the packaging.

Remember that any iOS device from Apple must be verified for authenticity before purchase. This unit will entitle you to warranty repairs, support services and other benefits.

To check the iPhone by serial number, you first need to find out this combination of numbers. And then it will be easy to get data about the iPhone on the Apple website. Either punch the gadget under test through another source.

And how to check iPhone by IMEI on the Apple website. read our article.

Checking iPhone step by step

  • First, turn on your smartphone, insert a SIM card into it. You will then be prompted to connect to Wi-Fi or use a cellular data network. Choose any of the ones that suit you and activate the device.
  • Next, you need to go to the official website of Apple, and select the item in the menu Verify the right to service and support
  • Enter the serial number of the device in the field provided for this, enter the security code from the captcha and click Continue. Remember that there is no letter “O” in the iPhone serial number, use 0.
  • Next, a message will pop up that this iPhone needs to be activated, which will confirm that no one has previously used the device.

Upon completion of iPhone activation on the company’s website in the Eligibility section. you will see the date that appears after which your device warranty expires. Usually the warranty is 1 year from the date the iPhone was activated. Try to subtract one year from the specified date, and you will get the exact date of activation of your iPhone

This is another way to check if your iPhone is new or not. If, after the calculations, you received a date different from yours, then rather run to the place where the device was purchased and demand money from the seller. You have all the proofs on your hands, so don’t be afraid.

With this instruction, you can find out if your iPhone is new or has been used by someone else before.

How to check IMEI on an Apple resource on the network?

Especially for you. step by step instructions. The procedure is done very easily. in just 3 steps. Each of them is not very difficult. So let’s get started.

1 The first thing to do is to determine the IMEI of our gadget. This is easy to do, because the number is indicated in the device settings and on the packaging box in which the device was delivered. And if you could throw away the packaging, no one bothers to enter the gadget menu and quickly get the information you need. 2 Next, you need to go to the Apple resource on the network, to a special section, where the check is performed. In the field you need to drive in the number determined in the first step and click on the continue button. 3 We get the results quickly. Here we will see detailed information about the gadget. its color, version, end of technical support period and more. A message will also appear about the need to activate the device, if this operation has not been done before.

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After the final step, we can already conclude about the authenticity of the Phone. We can also find out if the body of the gadget has been changed, and if the serial number belongs to our device.

Remember that the instructions above will allow you to check not only mobile iOS gadgets, but all other Apple products for authenticity. This also includes a number of accessories, TV set-top boxes, etc.

However, in addition to checking the IMEI, there are other ways to find out if the iPhone is real in front of you or a fake.

Checking iPhone or iPad on Apple website

Friends, underground Chinese craftsmen have learned very well how to make copies of iPhone phones, fake them in such a way that an external examination sometimes does not allow a beginner to determine a clone in front of him or a real original iPhone. over, to date, many Apple phones have been released and it can be problematic for novice users to understand the intricacies of the appearance and features of iOS firmware. In order to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake, several methods are used.

Today I will tell you. How to check iPhone on Apple website. This method is the most common, since you can check on the site not only an unpacked, but also a sealed iPhone, iPod player or iPad tablet, without opening the box.

This method has one more “plus”. iTunes is not required. You can check the purchased iPhone on the Apple website using a computer or using any mobile device (phone, tablet) with access to the Internet. To check the iPhone in this way, in any browser go to the site:
At the top right on the Apple website, select the section. Support

Scroll to the bottom, there you will see the subsection “Other resources”, in it select. Check the right to service and technical support

A verification panel will launch on the site, where you will need to enter the serial number (aka Serial Number) of our iPhone and click the Continue button. You can find the serial number of an iPhone or other Apple device in several places, both on the box and on the gadget itself. If you have problems finding a serial, then read. here. and see the pictures. here. Serial, Serial No. this is all the same serial number.

If you entered all the letters and numbers of the serial number correctly, then the name and model of our iPhone should appear, in our case the Apple database correctly recognized our iPhone 5S. So the iPhone is original and officially released. Below the iPhone picture, model name and serial number, you can view the warranty status, below we have discussed the possible warranty conditions that you may encounter when purchasing an iPhone:

Example 1. In the first example, we see the iPhone 5S, which is in a sealed box, i.e. we even checked it without unpacking it and made sure that the iPhone was real, not a fake. The model is displayed, the Apple website has not yet displayed warranty information, which means that this model has never been activated after leaving the assembly line, so we made sure that no one really used this phone before. If you bought a new iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and have not yet activated it, then when checking the site should give you approximately the same as in our first example. You must confirm the date of purchase of the product

Example 2. After 3 months, we decided to check our iPhone on the Apple website again. As a result, we see already different warranty data. In addition, during these three months the free period of technical support by phone has expired, but the right to service and repair is still granted. In example number two, we see that this model is already activated, this phone has already been used, but the one-year warranty has not expired yet. Until the warranty for repair and maintenance is over, you can find out the date of the first activation of the iPhone.

Example 3. In the last example, we see that this iPhone has not only been used, but also the warranty for repair and telephone support has expired. The third example shows that the iPhone is also original, not fake, but it has been used for over a year.

Check iPhone For Originality On Apple Website

Well, now you will know how to check the iPhone for authenticity on the official Apple website, if you follow exactly the points indicated above, then the warranty information will also be displayed in Russian. You can use site verification when buying a new or used iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you are purchasing not a new, but a used device, be sure to perform a full reset of settings and content before buying and do not forget to activate your phone, insert a SIM card and call.

Several ways to check iPhone for originality

Signs such as the presence of two slots for SIM-cards, compartments for a memory card, American assembly and other things are not worth mentioning. All this directly reveals fake.