Auto -drive does not work on Android what to do

The screen of the screen on Android does not work

The screen of the screen is the current function for Android users, which prefer to conduct the most comfortable viewing of videos and photos. In this aspect, such questions very often arise: “The screen of the screen has stopped working, disappeared how to fix it?””.

First you need to understand how the option of turning the screen works. To do this, a motion sensor called “Akslerometer” is built into your device. If this device for one reason or another fails, the screen freezes in one position and does not change it more. However, in most cases, this kind of problem arises due to software failures.

If your screen has stopped turning or just working poorly, we advise you to contact the tackled tips to correct the failure.

Auto drive is not turned on

On most tablets and smartphones, this function is activated initially. For other devices, this function needs to be turned on on your own.

auto, drive, does, work

If you hold a new tablet or smartphone in your hands, and the screen of the screen does not function in it, then you should go to the gadget menu, select “Settings”, indicate the “screen” and activate the “screen of the screen” line. Often after this, the screen of the screen will work.

What to do

Now consider how to act if the screen of the screen on Honor with Android does not work, and it is not possible to use the device normally. Start with simple things, and after moving to more global steps, for example, reset to factory settings.

Restart the smartphone

It often happens that on Honor 10 I, the screen of the screen has stopped working due to temporary system failures. In this case, the malfunction can be eliminated by conventional rebooting. During the restart, a new loading of software and testing files occurs. As a result, the situation can be resolved without additional efforts. After the restart, check whether the option works or not.

Check the inclusion of the function

Many complain that the screen of the screen on the Honor 10i does not work, but they forget to turn on this function. To do this, do the following:

  • Pull the “curtain” with the settings from top to bottom on the main screen.
  • Find the point of auto.Cap.
  • Make sure the required icon is highlighted in blue. If it is gray, click on it to activate.

If the screen of the screen on the Honor 10 Lite or a smartphone of another model does not work anyway, proceed to the next step.

Check the support of the option with the application

There are situations when the picture on the screen does not turn over in all programs. In this case, users begin to blame the sensor or the smartphone itself in this. In practice, it happens when in the application on the Honor 9 Lite simply does not work the screen of the screen. Such an option is not provided by the manufacturer, and with this you have to come to terms with this. To check the version, take the following steps:

  • Turn on the function in Honor 10 I according to the above scheme, if it was turned off.
  • Enter the SMS / MMS application.
  • Turn a mobile device and pay attention to the display. It turns or not.

If the screen follows your movements, then the sensor works correctly, and the function is good. At the next step, enter the application itself and make sure that the automatic turning option is included in the program settings (if there is such a point). In the absence of such an option, we can say that in the application on Android does not work the screen rotation for Honor 10 I.

Check the energy saving mode

There are situations when some options are disconnected when transferring a mobile device to energy saving mode. This happens with a low battery charge when the system tries to extend the operating time of the Honor 10 I mobile device as much as possible. To check this version, go through the following steps:

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auto, drive, does, work


In a situation where the screen of the screen does not work on Honor 10 I, try to diagnose a mobile device. To do this, go through the following steps:

Make a reset to factory

In the absence of a result, more dramatic measures may be required. The output of the Honor 10 I smartphone to factory settings. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Click on the settings button.
  • Enter the System and Update section.
  • Find the discharge item and press on it.
  • Select the restoration of factory settings.
  • Confirm the action.

Pre.Make a backup so as not to lose important data. After completing the work, check whether the screen is the screen on the Honor 10i or not.

Contact in support

One of the advantages of Honor 10 I owners is the opportunity to contact in support. To do this, you can use one of the communication channels:

When communicating with specialists, tell the essence of the problem and ask for advice. In extreme cases, you can clarify the location of service centers for the repair of a smartphone.

Now you know why the screen does not turn on the Honor phone, which can cause a similar situation, and what to do. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience in solving such problems.

If the Smart rotation is buggy

Android screen auto.Drive on Lenovo phones directly depends on the OS processes. If this is an old version, and all the operational space is clogged, it should be cleaned. Sometimes cases will have to resort to Hard Reset. Emergency removal of information from the carrier. Then the manual settings of the user are dumped, and the phone begins to work according to the parameters installed by the manufacturer.

By default, the function of automatic rotation of the phone is active.

Also focus on the fact that the display is not in all positions independently unfold. If you have a desktop open, then it will not turn. If the site, video or game, then the module will work.

The simplest thing that can be done with glitches and freezes of the auto.Player is to shake the device. If the sensor responsible for the action works stably, then active movements will awaken it.

The vertical orientation of the screen is enabled

If the orientation of the screen when turning the device does not change, you need to check whether the fixation of its position is turned on. You can do this through standard Android settings, opening a section called “screen”, and then moving to the “Auto.Wall of the screen”. Usually there is a slider that must be moved to the right to activate the function.

You can also disable display fixation using a button that is located in the Android notifications curtain. If you draw a finger on the screen from top to bottom, a fast access panel will open to the main smartphone tools. Among them there should be a button “Auto.Wall” with a small icon in the form of a lock. By clicking on it, you can quickly turn off the blocking of orientation of the display without the help of settings.

How to set up and turn on the auto drive?

  • First you need to check: is it on your tablet. It may be that the function is in the off state, and you think about the breakdown or malfunction of the tablet.
  • Go to the settings through the main menu or using the curtain of the notification panel and at the same time control.
  • Now go to the tab with the screen parameters.
  • Find the item “Auto.Wall of the screen” and install a checkmark there. Or move the slider to an active position.
  • Check the operation of the image turning in any program.
  • Please note that the location of the settings or some points from this instruction may vary. It depends on which version of the Android operating system is installed on your gadget. However, the principle of inclusion of the screen of the screen remains the same, so you can find the necessary parameters yourself.
  • It is not necessary to tune a turn in some way in some way: it can either be turned on or turned off.
  • If there are additional problems, go to the next block.
  • Please note that you can adjust the operation of the car howl using the same button in the notification panel (or control). To call it, run a finger from top to bottom down the screen.

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So, if you still do not work for the screen of the screen, then let’s try the following methods. If for some reason you missed the previous block, then be sure to return to it and make sure that the auto-convert is turned on. Only after that can the following operations be done. Let’s start:

  • First, try to reload the device: turn off and turn it on in a couple of minutes.
  • If a simple reboot does not help, then completely turn off the device, then pull out the device battery and wait for at least nine minutes. Then insert the battery in place, turn on the tablet and check the work of the auto.Dominant.
  • It often happens that the updating of the tablet firmware helps. For example, if your version has an error with the operation of the screen of the screen, then in the next it could be fixed. Therefore, it is recommended to always update the version of the OS for the current.
  • You can also try to reset the device. He will return the tablet standard settings that were when buying and first launching the device. This will help if the rotation function has stopped working after certain manipulations in the settings that you yourself cannot correct.
  • If none of the above offers helped you, then, most likely, the case is in the sensor itself, which is responsible for the turn of the image and screen. Then you should contact a master or specialist who will replace the damaged components of your tablet.

Fixing the screen position on Android devices

If your accelerometer works properly, but you need to fix the orientation of the display, for example, you look at the photos in transport and you are not satisfied with the screen position that is constantly changing from shake, try additional software.

An excellent example of functional programs that allow forbidding the screen rotation and fix it in a particular position is the Rotation Control. A convenient widget is set with this utility, which can be taken to the main screen for convenient control of the display location.

Android screen does not turn. What to do?

Android (“Android”). An operating system for smartphones, tablets, e.Books, digital players, wrist watches, game consoles, netbooks, smartbooks, Google glasses, TVs and other devices. In 2015, support for automobile entertainment systems and household robots appeared. Based on the Linux nucleus and the own implementation of the Java virtual machine from Google. Originally developed by Android, Inc., which Google then bought. Wikipedia

, which does not turn when turning the phone on the side, look for the most common root cause. The hardware failure is unlikely, so the easiest solution would be an attempt to reboot or update the phone.

We have collected proven corrections for this problem, from the simplest to the most difficult.

Important: the tips below should work regardless of who produced your Android, whether Samsung, Google, Huawei or any other manufacturer working under the control of Android OS.

The reason that the Android screen does not rotate

Any of the following problems may interfere with the correct turning of the screen when turning the phone.

  • Auto.Highway option is disabled or does not work.
  • The screen you use is not configured to automatic turn.
  • Recent installed applications interfere with auto.Drummer.
  • You touch the screen when turning.
  • Your Android needs to update.
  • Faulty G-sensor or accelerometer.

How to make the Android screen does not rotate

It was reported that this problem arises on any Android phone, so there is usually nothing to worry about. Take these steps and you can solve the problem.

auto, drive, does, work

Turn on the auto.Convert. You will find this parameter in the quick settings menu. If you see an automatic turn is highlighted in blue, then the auto.Convert is turned on. If you do not see a car truck, but there is a portrait instead, the auto.Convert is disconnected. Click a portrait to turn on the auto.Drill.

Important: If you turned on the TalkBack addition in the settings of special capabilities, you should know that the inclusion of a motorway can cause problems. The screen rotation will interrupt any speech feedback that is currently processed.

Do not touch the screen. Remember that your screen is Android. This is a touch screen. If you hold your finger on the screen when turning the phone, the auto.Player function will not work. Any gestures will have the same effect. Therefore, whenever you turn the phone, keep it only by the edges of the body.If you are sure that you did not touch the screen, calibrate it on the sensory screen and make sure that the screen does not perceive touch when you do not touch it.

Reload the Android phone. The reloading of the phone cleanses system memory, which often eliminates many strange problems. This will not only solve minor problems, such as the fact that the Android screen does not rotate, but can also solve the problem of slowing down or even freezing the screen.

Important: it should only be a reboot, not a reset. You do not need to reboot your Android phone to solve this problem when the screen does not rotate.

Resolve the rotation of the main screen. If a certain screen, for example, the main screen, the lock screen or the vocal call screen, does not turn, while other applications rotate, this may not be a problem with the function of the tutorial. By default, the auto.Info does not turn these screens. You can turn it on, returning to the autopomatic icon described in the first step, and tape just below the icon to introduce its settings. Turn on the home screen switches. Blocking screen. Or the screen of the vocal call to enable this.

Update your Android. New OS updates often include errors and other problems. If there are any new viruses or malicious programs affecting the auto-info, the latest updates may include corrections. If you experience other symptoms of the Android virus, you need to work on removing the virus from your phone.

Important: if you find that you needed to clean your Android from the virus, you need to make sure that you have established a good antivirus addition so that this does not happen again in the future.

Twice check the rotation settings in the application that you use. For example, you can configure the rotation of the video in Google photo. These settings can conflict with your phone trying to automatically turn.

Calibrate your Android sensors. This includes the movement of your phone in the form of an eight.This makes an accelerometer and G-sensor re-adjust its default settings. This can potentially help the phone better respond to hand movement when you want to turn the screen.

Remove recently installed applications. If you have recently installed any applications before it has begun, this addition can cause conflicts with the function of your Android automatic excavation.

Send the phone for repair. The main reason may be faulty equipment and may require professional repair.

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