Apple ID cannot be used to unlock

How to unlock iPhone

Instructions in case you forget your password code, Apple ID key, or your device is tied to a certain carrier’s network.

Apple is constantly improving the security of its devices to keep user data safe, so there are several different security methods and, accordingly, locks. There are three altogether: screen lock with a passcode, activation lock, and locking to the carrier’s network. Let’s look at each case and consider all available solutions.

But first. backup

As before any serious manipulation, before bypassing the iPhone activation lock, don’t forget to back up the contents of your smartphone in any convenient way. You can do it for example via iCareFone. there are detailed instructions here. Once you are sure that the backup is ready and you are not risking important data, you can move on.

Fix the Apple ID that cannot be used to unlock this iPhone / iPad using iPhone Unlocker.

If you forget access code/password, we can’t use iPhone/iPad, iPhone Unlocker is designed to remove the access code/Apple ID on your iPhone/iPad, then you can use another Apple ID to unlock this device.

Note: one thing you need to know: the deletion process will erase all the data on the device. If you want to protect your data, you can first recover data from your device with iOS Data Recovery.

Step 1: Open the program, click Unlock Apple ID ⟶ Start removal.

Step 2: Make sure screen lock and two-factor authentication are enabled, tap the Yes button icon three times and download the firmware. When it’s finished, select Start Delete button.

apple, cannot, used, unlock

After a few seconds, the Apple ID will be deleted. Wake up your iPhone/iPad, then you will see the Hello screen, now you can configure this device with your Apple ID.

Tutorial: How to remove iCloud activation lock with one click

Run UkeySoft Unlocker Download the Mac version of this program to your computer. Launch it and select “Unlock Apple ID” in the toolkit interface. Then use the digital cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Start Unlock Apple ID UkeySoft Unlocker will identify your iPhone model, confirm the device information and press “Start” to activate the unlock process.

Successfully delete iCloud account without password The program will start to remove the iCloud lock. And the iCloud lock will soon be removed in about 15 minutes.

When you see “Successfully remove Apple ID” displayed, it means that the iCloud account has been successfully removed from the iPhone. You can now use your new Apple ID and use all the features of your iPhone.

Tips: Make sure “Find iPhone” is disabled before, then UkeySoft Unlocker will help you remove Apple ID on any iOS devices. If you’ve purchased a used iPhone or iPad with a locked iCloud account, and “Find [device]] is enabled, you should ask the original owner to remove the iCloud activation lock.

Can call for help?

You may come across all sorts of people and offices on the Internet offering to solve your Apple ID locking problem. Should you trust them and how they do it? It’s very simple. If you are offered to get rid of a lost or stolen device lock, you are being tricked. The device is locked by a number on Apple’s server and you have to break the server to unlock it. To unlock any other device follow the steps outlined in Mode 2. In some cases, the help will really come in handy, because they have experience drawing checks, talking to tech support, etc.д. BUT! Remember that there are no guarantees of success, no matter how you are persuaded otherwise. If you have contacted honest people, then in case of failure you will get your money back, but only if you have contacted honest people. Do it all yourself, or trust someone more experienced. only you decide.

They say if you sit long enough on the bank of the river, the corpse of your enemy is sure to swim by. In our case, this proverb does not work. There is little hope that hackers will create a utility to bypass Apple ID locking. Well-known iH8sn0w jailbreak developer wrote in response to numerous requests that he would never do it. over, no “honest” hacker would write such a tool, since it could be used by thieves. In reply iH8sn0w received numerous messages consisting of two words: “Fuck you”. or three: “Fuck you mother”. But it didn’t shake the hacker’s position at all. He also claimed that he had found some vulnerabilities on Apple’s server that could be used to bypass Activation Lock, and he immediately reported them to the company.

If this article helped you in any way, we are very glad. If it upset us we’re really sorry. If you found any inaccuracies in it, or have your own experience in successfully getting rid of Activation Lock. describe it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Let’s start with what an Activation Lock is?

After the release of the iPhone operating system, iOS 7, Apple has introduced a new security feature called Activation Lock, which allows you to check whether the activation lock is on or off on your iPhone. It protects your iPhone and all of your data in case your iPhone is lost or stolen. When activated, the device cannot be used without entering iCloud account data. in other words, Apple ID.

You can check the activation lock status here Activation Lock. After entering the IMEI or serial number of your iPhone, which can be found in the “About device” section of your smartphone’s main settings, as well as the verification letters and numbers, you’ll know whether or not the feature is enabled.

Therefore, when buying an iPhone from hand, you need to make sure that the previous owner has deleted his or her iCloud account. Go to the menu “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”, select “Erase content and settings”, then you need to confirm the reset. If you see the window for entering your Apple ID and password after resetting, it means the device is locked to the owner’s Apple ID and iCloud, or “Find iPhone” is enabled. In this case, the phone is not unlocked from iCloud and it is not recommended to buy it. Require the seller to confirm the Activation lock by entering the e-mail and password, then turn off the “Find iPhone” function in the phone settings. And try resetting it again. Otherwise, when the reset occurred without asking for a password. the device is not tied to the Apple ID and can be purchased.

What is iCloud and Apple ID ?

iCloud. a storage device from Apple, which allows users to access their music, photos, documents and other files from any device, and also saves data backup iPhone and iPad, helps the owner to find lost devices and allows you to share photos with others.

An Apple ID is an email address that is used as your login name for almost all Apple services. With it, you can use iCloud to store content, buy songs, movies, and TV shows from the iTunes Store, and download programs from the App Store.

The problem of bypassing iCloud activation blocking has become a sorrow for users who unsuccessfully purchased an iPhone off-hand. Please note that neither reflashing nor resetting will help unlocking iPhone from previous owner’s Apple ID. That’s why we decided to write general recommendations on how to unlock iCloud for Apple handsets bought not officially. The problem with many people who buy an iPhone off hand is that they are trying to save a thousand on very important things. You must buy a used iPhone with a complete kit which includes the iPhone, a headset (headphones with microphone), USB cable, charger (small box), a box with a sticker with the IMEI and serial number that matches the phone and preferably the receipt. In case the seller can not offer you that, then the probability that your iPhone in the next few days will become an unusable “brick” is very high!

How to remove Activation Lock and change your Apple ID?

1.To unlink your Apple ID from the previous owner of the phone, you need to write an official letter to Apple Support, adding a picture of your iPhone, as well as the sticker from the box and the sales receipt. If you have a complete set with the box and receipt, go to the next step 3, “Writing a letter”. If you do not have them, you need to make them yourself!

2.We will need the box with the iPhone in any case. First you need to scan the stickers from the box (you will need to find the box of the exact model of your iPhone) and based on these models make a sticker with your iPhone data (IMEI and serial number). Apple looks most at Serial No. Do not save money, make the stickers on good quality paper and a good printer.

3.Now we need to make a receipt for the purchase of the iPhone. You can make it in a cash register emulator and print it out on a printer, but remember that you can be prosecuted for making a fake receipt. You can try writing the first letter without the receipt, indicating that the previous owner did not keep it. So, what should be written in our receipt: the model of iPhone (iPhone 6S 16GB Space Gray), IMEI (must contain 15 digits 353313071931976) and serial number (FK8QGSF0GRY5)

4.After you have prepared a box and a receipt, which confirm that you are the owner of the iPhone, it is necessary to take a photo. Put iPhone on the table with the back side up, the box with the sticker and the receipt, take a picture so that all the parts fit into one picture.

5.Write a letter to the e-mail: If you get the answer that your iPhone is locked with Find My iPhone (Apple says it is stolen) in this case write to

6.In the Subject field write Case 22153744. Activation Lock. Purchase Validation. (Case 22153744 is your first Support Apple email) How do I know Case? Go to the Apple Support website in Russia. Now you need to fill out the request form, press “Start”, then select your device. You need to set up a “Service and Troubleshooting Request” where you need to choose whether you can’t set or unlock your phone. Then choose “schedule a call” and enter your iPhone serial number (FK8QGSF0GRY5), first and last name, phone number and your e-mail. And in a couple of minutes you will receive a letter with the assigned Case number, and you may also receive a call.

iPad is locked to Apple ID how to unlock?

Are you ready to disconnect your iPad from your previously synced Apple ID? If so, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Directly enter your Apple ID and password

If you know your iPad’s Apple ID and password, you can quickly and easily bypass the “This iPad is tied to an Apple ID” screen. Notably, if you just bought a used iPad and know the previous owner, you can contact them to help you enter the previously linked Apple ID and password on the device. The person can then deactivate it so that you can set up the iPad with your preferred ID and password.

After unlocking your device with your Apple ID and password, go to “Settings” “Basic” “Reset” “Erase all content and settings”. The previous owner will enter the correct Apple ID and password, and then you will need to disconnect your iPad from the Apple ID.

Remotely bypass the “This iPad is tied to an Apple ID” screen

If you know the previous owner, but they are not physically in the same location as you, this method will come in handy. The previous owner can bypass the “This iPad is tied to an Apple ID” screen by using the “Find iPhone” feature remotely.

  • The previous owner will go to and log in to your Apple ID.
  • Go to “Find My iPhone” on the iCloud page.
  • Tap the “All Devices” option at the top of the interface.
  • Select the specific iPad for which you want to skip the “This iPad is linked to an Apple ID” screen and delete from iCloud.
  • Tap “Erase”. Press “Next” until you are sure the device has been deleted from iCloud.

Now you’ve successfully deleted your Apple ID and can set up your iPad for proper use.

Reasons for deletion

Whether you’re driven by privacy concerns or decide to use another digital system, it makes sense to delete your Apple ID if you want to stop using it entirely. But keep in mind that the deletion is final. This means that even the experts from Cupertino won’t be able to restore the account and data afterwards.

So if you plan to return to the company’s services in the future and not flood thematic forums with questions like “help restore Apple ID”, it will be more rational to deactivate the account instead of deleting it permanently. We recommend that you weigh everything up carefully and answer the following checklist questions.

You consider deleting your Apple ID account as a way to troubleshoot? It’s because you’ve forgotten your password or encountered problems with iCloud storage? Or you’re deleting your Apple ID because you want to attach it to a new email address? In this case, you shouldn’t go for such drastic steps. The Apple ID password isn’t hard to reset, removing iCloud issues is pretty easy, too. The email address associated with your Apple ID can also be changed.

How to remove the iPhone or iPad activation lock

In case Apple can’t help you restore your Apple ID (for example, you don’t have your purchase documents left) and you can’t remember your password, you can use third-party apps that provide their own services to unlock your iCloud activation. There are several such programs, but one of the most popular is iRemove iCloud Unlock Software. It is used by those who offer activation unlocking services, including some service centers. Of course they ask for extra money for that, but you can do everything without intermediaries and use the software directly from the developer.

Of course, from a technical point of view, bypassing the activation lock is not so easy. First you need to install the app and allow it to run on your computer in the system settings.

Allow the installation of the application in the settings

But that’s half the battle. After you plug in your iPhone, the app will tell you that the device will be jailbroken to disable the activation lock. yes, with a jailbreak.

The app will ask you to jailbreak

The app uses a jailbreak from checkra1n and supports phones from iPhone 5s to iPhone X, even with a current software version like iOS 14.6. There is nothing complicated about the jailbreak itself, just follow the instructions on the screen and press the buttons that will ask. Our author was happy to offer to use his iPhone 8 for the experiment, since he still can not use the phone because of the activation lock. And so there is at least a hope that the device will come back to life.

This is the familiar jailbreak, which is embedded in the app

Once the jailbreak is done, the app will check to see if the activation lock can be removed from a particular device. This is a very important step: the program checks the serial number against the blacklists of operators, and if your device is there, nothing will work. It is done largely to protect you from intruders, so they can not use this utility. We are lucky (of course we are, we have our own iPhone), so we can move on to the next step.

The app will check the device to see if it can be unlocked

If the device is not on the black list of operators, everything will work

The next step is essentially the final one. Follow the link from the app to the developer’s website to pay. It is necessary to have your device IMEI listed in the iRemove Tools database so you can continue to use the application.

I really liked this approach because you can pay nothing and check if you can unlock the activation and then pay for the unlocking service.

Your device will be unlocked after payment!

In many other applications, you need to buy a license first and then you have access to verification and other functions. Here everything is clear and you can only go to the payment from the application. This is made on purpose to avoid false orders, as the software does not support blacklisted devices. All bank cards and Z3X credits are supported. can be seen here, they depend on the model of the device.

After payment, your device will be unlocked! And not partially, but completely, access to ALL functions will be opened:

  • You will be able to log in with your new Apple ID (try not to forget it again);
  • You will be able to use all Apple services, including iMessage;
  • You’ll be able to log in to the App Store and download apps;
  • You will be able to make calls because the GSM module will also be unlocked.

I already tried to use an app like this once, but after that the possibilities were limited. However, many people agree to this, because it is better to get something than have your iPhone lying “bricked”. But do not settle for less, here we have a fully unlocked iPhone, which you can (and should) use.

If you still have doubts, there is a full video instruction on the developer’s website on how to unlock it:

And in general, you can find a lot of real reviews and instructions from bloggers on YouTube (personally, that’s how I found this app):

In general, iRemove is a program to unlock iCloud activation screen on iPhone and iPad, it is a must-have if you have an old iPhone with activation lock or have forgotten your Apple ID and password of your device (I know lots of cases).

The developer himself iRemove is fully specialized in all sorts of unlocks for iOS devices and Macs (including EFI, etc.).д.). And it offers a bunch of freebies, for example:

It’s all free. Like the apps for older devices like the iPhone 4/iPhone 4s, where you can remove the activation lock and don’t have to pay anything at all. Not for nothing iRemove has a cool rating on Trustpilot (4.9), a bunch of satisfied reviews, and a place in the cell phone recycling and unlocking service category. The software really works, and it’s convenient that you don’t have to be a cool hacker to use it. it all comes down to one click.