Android how to launch an application from a browser. How to launch an emulator in Google Chrome

Launch of Flash Gigr on Android

Adobe Flash Technology Support for Adobe is about to end (planned at the end of 2020), however, the products released with its help, in particular, are still available. With the opening of such applications in Windows there are no problems, which can not be said about Android. Nevertheless, there are ways to launch your favorite “flash drives” on a smartphone, and we will talk about them later.

One of the simplest and most compatible options for achieving the goal is the installation of a web facial, which still supports the technology under consideration. We will show the use of such programs on the example of Puffin Web Browser.

Ready. you can play. If there are problems with control, call the Puffin settings. slip into three points at the top right and activate the “mouse” option.

Choose the desired version of it. through a virtual touchpad or by pressing.

If the decision is not satisfied for some reason, check out the review of other web facial recreational facilities for Android supporting Flash technology.

Installation Adobe Flash Player (Android 5.1 and below)

For devices that operate Android version 5.1 or more old, solving today’s problem will be an installation of adobe flash player. Details of this procedure are described in a separate guidance on the link further.

Launch any Android application in Google Chrome

For more than a week I am thinking about how easier to explain to a simple user who has no technical knowledge, the process of launching Android application right in the Google Chrome browser. And the more I tried to think about it, the longer the text of the article became, with a bunch of points and tedious chewing of emerging situations. Which gave rise to even more questions and their explanations. As a result, everything has come to a minimum of actions, as well as a complete lack of clarification on the topic “Why this works”. We assume that this is the magic of the Internet.

Below you can see a number of simple actions that will allow you to prepare your Google Chrome browser to launch applications. And also teach to prepare the applications themselves for the launch in Google Chrome.

We update your Google Chrome browser to the development version so that its version is at least 40.0. You can always download this version from the official browser distribution channel at this link.2. We download with GitHub the “crutch” in the form of a simple emulator that opens the hidden capabilities of Chrome, called Archon Runtime. In total, the author made 3 versions that are designed for X32-X64 of the discharge OS and the browser itself. Separately there is a version for ARM processors that are used in chromebooks. We unpack the archive in a separately created folder with the name “archer” (or any other), placing the folder itself in any place convenient for you.3. We activate the developer’s mode on the extensions page in the Google Chrome browser (Chrome: // Extensions/). And then load the unpacked Archon Runtime using the same button, which will appear after activating the developer mode. We do not pay attention to various errors notifications.four. We rejoice at the installation of an emulator, but this is not all, since it’s just not to start the apk in the browser, first they need to be prepared.5. We download the prepared free Archon Packager application. We also install it as Archon Runtime through the “Expansion” page. Then we take any APK, any Android application and move it to the folder with Archon Packager, to the Discus: \ Archer \ Archon Packages \ Vendor \ Chromium \ CRX directory. We launch Archon Packager, indicate the folder with “Archon Packager”, and then click Next and select the item “Installed Application”. A window for choosing an installed application appears, select that we threw it into the CRX folder and we are given the choice of application orientation and a couple of additional points. Most often, if this does not concern games, you can leave everything as it is and press Next, after which the application will create an archive with the APK we need. You can find this archive in the next directory “Disc: \ Archer \ Archon Packager \ Chromeaps”. Unpack the folder from the archive, to the directory with the emulator. And then install through the page with extensions in Google Chrome itself. It will be possible to choose and start the extension from the page of extensions or launcher from Google, which allows you to fix the shortcuts on the offline applications on the taskbar, in the Start menu or somewhere else.

That’s all, now you know how to prepare Android applications for their launch in the Google Chrome browser. And finally, several answers to the frequently asked questions.

Why is absolutely all Android applications cannot be launched?- Because many have specific requirements, such as the availability of a camera or Google services, or a device brand. As a result, such applications will not be able to start. Where to find application files APK?- Download on appropriate resources, or directly from Google Play using the online service of the Apps.Evozi.COM/APK-Downloader.Why neglected applications do not support the touch screen?- Because Google wants so, use the mouse. Perhaps the author will be added to the future version of Archon Runtime.

How to launch social applications. networks on the tablet

The formula that allows you to play games through social networks on the tablet is simple: Adobe Flash Player browser with support for Flash = Successful Launch of Applications Flash.

If the version of your Android is not higher than 4.0, go to the application list and check, perhaps the flash is originally installed, like mine, for example.

If you have a tablet with android 4.2 and more, install Flash for your Android version. Here you can find a flash player itself, as well as familiarize yourself with the methods of its installation.

android, launch, application, browser, emulator

After successful installation, you need a “right” browser, because Google Chrome and Opera Flash do not support.

All of them have support for technology from Adobe, so it is recommended to download at least a couple of them. I will install a nimble and functional UC Browser. a masterpiece of Chinese. Open the browser, collect the address of the social network. I will give an example on. because I do not use anything else.

The mobile version of the site opens, but we are interested in the full version (click on the “Full Version” link at the very bottom of the site).

Next we enter our account, and go to the section with games and applications, there we choose the one you like. It will be necessary to click on the “playback” icon so that the application is loaded.

The load has gone, so the flash is installed correctly, and the browser is suitable.

The application has started and now you can play calmly.

All this is very good, but the game hangs very much. Flash is a rather ancient technology, and does not work on a computer so quickly, so it is quite difficult to cope with it. For a comfortable game, you will need either a very powerful tablet or play very simple games. But it’s easier to just download the appropriate toy from Google Play and do not fool yourself. In addition, there may be other errors/problems.

Problems with the launch of games/applications and methods for solving them

There is another way to play games through social networks. You need to go to the official Android application of your social network ( for example), and go to the “Games” section.

There will be several games on the list. I had such games as many as 7 pieces, but over time I think their number will increase.

However, you won’t play right from the application. these are not even games, but just links to loading through the Play Market, just authorizing and preserving gaming progress goes through a social network.

Set up the application for your taste

The next step is to configure your launch application. As you could see above, you can choose between the “portrait” and “album” orientation, you can also choose the size of the application, as if it were launched on a “tablet” or “phone” (there is a third option to expand the window for the entire screen). Finally, you can provide or prohibit access to the exchange buffer. This is definitely useful if you are the developer of the testing application, and must make sure that it looks great regardless of how it works.

Developers: If you are a developer, it is worth noting that you will have the opportunity to download the ZIP file of your application. You can download the ZIP file for the Chrome online store, and Google outlined some principles (though they, in English) for those who want to do this. If you are not a developer, we continue.

The last step in this process is the actual launch of the application. After you set up the parameters to your liking, click the “Launch application” button. Now you should see the application open in the new window and there should be an application icon icon icon (on the Dock panel if you have a mac, or tasks in Windows).

Surprisingly, I found that almost all the functions on Instagram worked perfectly. The application is connected from my computer to the Internet, I can scroll the application with two fingers on the touchpad, and I can press anywhere that will need to be used. In addition, the Instagram application even allowed me to use the file system of my computer to upload photos, and you can also use a USB camera to shoot photos. I was amazed at such performance.

Select your favorite applications and give them a chance.

Fair warning:

While Instagram actually works normally, many applications are not completely suitable for launching in Chrome. If you think that you can just upload ARC welder and start any Android application, you will be very disappointed.

For example, Google services are completely absent. so most Google applications will be useless. This is only because the ARC welder is in the beta testing stage, so we should expect support for someday in the future. Also, some applications simply do not work. A great example is the Netflix program, which simply will not load.


First you need to open the Google Play app store. To do this, go to the following address:

In order for you to have the opportunity to install an application or game, you need to enter the Google account, which you used when registering on your Android device. To do this, click on the “enter” button in the upper right corner.

Then enter the email address and press the “Next” button. In the next window, enter the password and click the “Enter” button.

After entering the upper right corner, your user data should be displayed. Make sure once again that this is exactly the data that you used at the entrance to the Android device. Otherwise you just can’t get the application using this method.

Installation of the application

After the entrance, you can proceed to the installation. To do this, in the search bar, enter the name of the application or game. For example, find the Link Messenger program.

By clicking on the icon of the found application, you will fall on the page with a description of the program. If this is not the first time you install applications from Google Play, then you probably know that here you can read the description, reviews, and by pressing the “Read more” button, find out the date of the last update, the number of installations, etc.D.

If you use Google’s account on several devices, then on the program page you can also find out which of your devices is a compatible application. For this, under the name of the program there is a special link, by pressing which you will receive the necessary information.

To install the application, return to the page on and click the “Install” button. Select the device for which installation will be installed, read the necessary permits and press the “Install” button again.

How to Run Android Apps in Google Chrome

After performing the above actions, if everything went successfully, a message should appear that the application will soon be installed on your device.

After some time, the right application will be automatically installed on your smartphone or tablet if there is an active Internet connection.

Now you know another way to install applications on Android. This method is suitable for people who are more comfortable working with a large computer monitor and classic keyboard and a “mouse” than with a touch screen of a smartphone or tablet.


Genymotion-not quite ordinary Android emulator. precisely, not an emulator at all, but without it, our top 5 would be incomplete. He is one of the few capable of replacing the physical device when developing and testing mobile applications. The principle of Genymotion is to virtualize the “living” Android system among VirtualBox.

Genymotion is the only paid product in today’s review. Its price starts from 136 for an annual license, but, according to users. professional developers, it costs each invested cent. The program of delivery of the program includes several dozen Android images that are ready to work (already at the end of 2017, Android 8 support was implemented in Genymotion.0.), the development environment of eclipse and Android Studio with plugins, Shell. There is ADB support.

Other Genymotion:

  • Very high speed.
  • Support for almost all versions of android.
  • Emulation of sensors, GPS with the ability to change coordinates, front and rear cameras, battery charge level.
  • Emulation of phone calls, SMS and various methods of connecting to the Internet.
  • Support for hardware acceleration Opengl.
  • Emulation of the discharge of the phone to factory settings.
  • Window and full.screen viewing mode.
  • Change IMEI.
  • Changing the amount of RAM, the number of processors and other hardware parameters of the emulated device.
  • Pixel Perfect mode.
  • Rapid switching between emulated gadgets.
  • Google Apps Service.
  • Common with the host system of the exchange buffer.
  • The remaining functions available in traditional emulators: control from the keyboard and mouse, Multi-Touch, screenshots, macros, streams, synchronization of these applications with a real device, Root rights, etc. D.

Genymotion is available in versions for Windows, OS X and Linux. At least 2 GB of RAM and OpenGL support are required for installation. To download the installer, registration is necessary on the official website.

In addition to the desktop version of the product, there is a paid Genymotion Cloud service designed to test developing virtual machines in the cloud. Access to the service is possible from any device, regardless of its platform and performance.

Android emulators online


Free online APKONline emulator works right in the browser window. It is designed to launch mobile applications in any operating system without installing a virtual Android environment on a computer.

Service emulates Android OS version 6.0 and supports the following functions:

  • Calls and SMS.
  • Turns of the screen.
  • The choice of the location of the device.
  • Sensors.
  • Creation of screenshots.
  • Keyboard control and mouse.

The virtual system has several preinstalled programs and games: WhatsApp, Telegram. Several games (Angry Birds, Zombie Age 2 and T. P.) and the application for working with documents.

Anyone who wants to have Apkonline is constantly at hand, can install it as an extension in Google Chrome or Firefox. Together with the emulator, the manager and application bootloader (APK) is installed.

Dark Wylder (Arc Welder)

Expansion Dark Wylder (Arc Welder) is another online emulator that works right in the browser window, this time in Google Chrome. Its purpose is the launch and testing of mobile applications and games in APK format on any desktop platforms.

Arc welder emulates the Android 4 system.four. It starts in the form of an empty vertically oriented window and does not require any special settings. To install the application in it, press the plus button next to the inscription “Add Your Apk”. Indicate the Android program pre-saved on the computer and wait until it starts.

  • Switching between the vertical and horizontal orientation of the screen.
  • Window and full.screen regime.
  • Control using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Common with the host system of the exchange buffer (for loading into the APK emulator is not intended).

By the way, the ARC Welder does not have a built-in Google Play content store, which will seem uncomfortable for someone, but this is due to the fact that the emulator is designed to launch only their own developments.

Launch of Android-game on a computer

Despite the variety of methods of launching android games on PC, most solutions are reduced to the use of special in emulators. Such software has certain requirements for PC, the performance of which should be not lower than the average level. Particular attention should be paid to support for virtualization technology and updating drivers.

Some games originally released for Android, along with the growth of popularity, can be ported to other platforms, including a computer. In addition, the sequence can be the opposite. first the games appeared for PC, and only then for Android. The described situations with Fallout Shelter and Plague Inc are most famous. And although such games are practically not produced as full.fledged applications for Windows, you should still pay attention to browser options. The most striking examples are software from the section “Games” in some social networks.

This approach is the simplest method, since it is precisely the android applications, and not the version for the browser, are often popular. At the same time, it is important to take into account the reverse situations when several versions of the same game are not interconnected.

Arc welder

Google, responsible for the development and active support of Android, is in every possible way to create applications, in particular, games for the platform in question. This attitude has become one of the reasons for the extension of the ARC Welder for the Google Chrome browser, which is a miniature emulator. This option will allow you to start without problems on the computer many, mostly light APKs.

Extension preparation

    Before using the additions under consideration, you must download and install the Google Chrome web browser, available on any modern version of Windows. An other observer will not work as an alternative due to the lack of support.

Work with expansion

This addition supports the APK files of exclusively small size and compatible with old versions of Android. Do not add demanding software, as it will simply be a loss of time.

The main drawback of expansion is that initially it is intended specifically for applications, not mobile games. And although some lightweight options will not cause problems, more complex projects cannot be launched, regardless of the power of the computer. In addition, due to possible malfunctions in the process of work, the addition is not suitable for use on an ongoing basis.

A computer

Installing applications from sources through a computer can be more convenient than standard options. In order to successfully perform the installation procedure on a smartphone/tablet in this way, you need to enter the same Google account on the device and on the computer. If the installation occurs with sources, you will have to connect the device to the computer via USB.

This method is the most common, simple and safe. Play Market is a specialized application store (and not only) from official developers. Most of the programs presented here are distributed for free, but in some advertising may appear.

Instructions for installing applications in this way are as follows:

As you can see, in the installation of applications on devices operating under the control of the Android operating system, there is nothing complicated. You can use any suitable method, but it should be borne in mind that some of them do not differ in a sufficient level of security.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13176 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.


Android Apkonline emulator, with which you can play games designed for Android devices on your computer in a browser

Online emulator from which any user can launch applications and games using only to the browser. This extension operates on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. He knows how to imitate functions such as rotation of the device, some hardware sensors and access to the phone buttons through the menu on the right side of the emulator.

APKONline online is also integrated with a file manager who can be used to download files in APK format. This means that you can use this extension to test applications without access to real equipment. This emulator is completely safe for your computer and practically does not take space. Weighs no more than 1 megabyt. This extension is intended for the Google Chrome browser, but it can also be installed on opera, Yandex.Browser and other Chromium engine built on the engine.

  • First we need to go to the page of this extension.
  • Click on the blue button “install” on the blue button.
android, launch, application, browser, emulator

A little about the integration of this emulator:

  • The first button on the right turns off the emulator;
  • Next are two buttons of increased and decreasing sound;
  • The following two buttons change the screen orientation;
  • The camera button takes the screen picture;
  • The next three buttons work as well on your phone: the first button will return you back, the second to the desktop, and the third will open the list of applications that work in the background.
  • By clicking on three points, your parameters of this emulator will open;
android, launch, application, browser, emulator

In the Google Store application, you can install any games and applications.

Note: If you run the emulator and do not perform any action within 60 seconds, the system closes the session for you in favor of another user so as not to load the system.

In general, this tool is not suitable for games. If you want to actively play some kind of mobile game, the desktop emulator is better. For example, one of these:

Developer tools

Another way to emulate the phone in the chrome browser is to use the capabilities. Few people know, but in the Google Chrome itself there is already such a tool and it is actively used by web developers to test and debug web applications and websites.

On the example of testing the mobile version of the site:

  • We open the desired site in the browser and perform the right click in the free place.
  • In the context menu that opens, select “View Code” or open the Chrome Devtools tool using Ctrl Shift I keys combination.

It will not work here to launch applications or games. To do this, use either previously mentioned desktop versions of emulators or special extensions, for example, for Instagram or WhatsApp created directly for this purpose.

How to Run Android Apps In your Pc with Google Chrome Browser