Youtube Does Not Work On Tv Philips

Youtube Does Not Work On Tv Philips

Modern TVs from world brands have amazing technologies and useful features that make the device turn into a full-fledged computer. Smart TV allows you to watch movies, play music files, use search engines using the Internet, watch high-quality paid channels, for example, through Rostelecom. over, there is no need to make long-term settings and install additional software, just connect the TV to the mains and find your access point. It would seem that everything is very easy, but there are unforeseen situations, for example, smart TV does not work on a Philips TV even after all the steps specified in the instructions are completed. Let’s get it right.

The first problem that the user encounters is connecting the TV to the Internet. This usually happens with a Wi-Fi router. These devices differ in shapes and colors, but the principle of operation is identical for all models. receiving a signal from a provider and then transmitting it to the end user literally “by air”.

How to check network connectivity

If you are connected to the Internet, you can immediately go to watching movies or use Rostelecom to watch high-quality television. Otherwise, verification activities should continue. Checking the connection of the Philips TV is practically no different from Samsung, with the exception of a few commands. If you have problems with the operation of Smart TV, then be sure to check the network settings of the TV.

Click on the button with the image of the House and go to the “Configuration”. select “Network Settings”. After clicking on “View network settings”, you can see all the network characteristics of the device. Pay special attention to the “IP address” field, there should be a number in the format 192.168.X.XX. This will mean that the TV and the router found each other. If this condition is met, but smart TV still does not work, then you should proceed to checking the router itself.

Often the router is far from the TV, which does not allow you to connect to the network. Therefore, you must either install the router in another place, or purchase a more powerful model. Sometimes the TV refuses to connect to the router, although all the rest of the equipment successfully uses the network. At the same time, the Samsung TV may have Internet access, but Philips will not, many will find that the problem is on the TV, but in fact it is hidden in the router. The solution is to upgrade the firmware or install an alternative version for very outdated models.

Attention! When installing an alternative firmware version, there is a risk of damage to the router.

Sometimes a specific application or function does not work in Smart TV, so when checking the connection, you should check several options, for example, a browser, a music application and the work of Rostelecom.

How to quickly connect your Philips TV to the Internet

  1. You must go to the main menu. Press the button on which the House is depicted (hereinafter “Home”).
  2. Go to the “Configuration”.
  3. Select “Network Connection”.
  4. Next, select the type of connection. Two types are presented here: Wired and Wireless. The first involves connecting to the Internet through a network cable that connects to the router, the second uses Wi-Fi directly.
  5. When connecting by wire, you should use a network cable and a router. If you did everything correctly, a corresponding notification about the working Internet will appear on the screen. Wi-Fi connection is almost the same, only without a network cable. from the list of networks you should select your access point and enter a password for it.
  6. Then you need to update the firmware, this will fix all the errors made in the old version of the software. Click “Home” and again “Configuration”.
  7. But only now we select “Update prog. provision “.
  8. Next, select the installation source: from the network or flash drive.
  9. The TV will automatically check for updates. If any, he will offer to continue the installation, you must agree to a further update. If there is no new software, a message will appear that will mean that you have the latest version installed.
  10. Now you can directly go to smart TV, to do this, click “Home” and select “Browse Net TV”.

When buying a used Philips TV, the network settings from the previous owner may be saved in it, therefore it is advisable to reset all the settings, because smart TV often does not work on Philips and Samsung TVs. In addition, such a solution will allow you to adjust the contrast, the location of the channels, the brightness “for yourself”.

recently, there has been a massive malfunction that affected almost all Samsung TVs, making it impossible to connect to the Internet. Now the problem is solved, users are again happy with all the benefits of smart TV.

If the TV is connected to the Internet

In some cases, even with a network, the application refuses to function properly. If other devices are steadily accessing the Internet, then the problems should be sought on the TV:

  • It is possible that scheduled technical work is being carried out on the manufacturer’s server. This can be found on the official resource or from the consultants of the company.
  • Smart TV is an application that should be updated automatically, but sometimes crashes occur, because of them the work is not carried out correctly. The solution is to replace the firmware, but it is better to do this in a specialized center.

Attention! Download the firmware exclusively on the model of your TV, otherwise you can completely damage all the software, which is fraught with serious consequences, for example, you can never use this or that application or you will not take advantage of Rostelecom.

  • In some cases, the cause of the malfunction is the failure of a technical element. The firmware can also be replaced at home, subject to certain rules and regulations, but only a specialist can fix a broken hardware.
  • First launch of Smart TV

    At the first start, the terms of use of the service will appear on the screen, which should be agreed. Next, you need to make small settings, these are one-time manipulations. After agreeing to the terms, you must do the same with Cookies. Next, you will be asked to register with Philips, this is a completely voluntary matter, which you can skip if you wish. In the next window, the function of memorizing the viewed material will be offered in order to further recommend materials for viewing.

    Now you can choose whether to block applications with an 18 restriction. The list of settings has ended, the next time you start Smart TV they will be gone. After that, a special window will open where you can go to watch television, select an application or go to the browser.

    Setting up a Smart TV on a Philips TV is very similar to setting up TVs of other brands, such as Samsung or LG. Therefore, if you have experience using such a technique, then you will surely cope in this situation. The main thing is to adhere to certain rules and recommendations! Smart TV is a very useful feature, because it allows you to not only view paid materials, such as Rostelecom, but also use the completely free benefits of the Internet.