You can withdraw money from the phone

There are times when too many funds have been deposited into the Beeline account and there is a need to withdraw them to the card. How to do this?

All major mobile operators provide an opportunity for their customers to withdraw funds. Such a service, of course, is in Beeline. You can withdraw money from Beeline to a Sberbank card, electronic wallet, or to the account of another subscriber. The transfer is carried out almost instantly, since the operation takes no more than 5 minutes.

Operation conditions

You can withdraw money from the phone

The default withdrawal service is provided to all Beeline operators who are over 14 years old. Money transfer can be carried out with some restrictions:

  1. From one personal account you can make a withdrawal of money only to 5 different cards of Sberbank, associated with one owner.
  2. One bank card can be replenished with only two phones.
  3. A maximum of 14 thousand rubles can be withdrawn per day.
  4. The maximum withdrawal amount per month is 40 thousand rubles.
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Read more about the commission on the withdrawal to bank cards of Beeline

The cost of a withdrawal service with Beeline

The service itself is free, but a transaction fee is charged. Transfer fee. 6% 10 rubles, but not less than 50 rubles.

How to withdraw funds to a Sberbank card?

You can transfer money using two methods:

Withdraw money from Beeline using a mobile phone

  • To toll free number 7878 you must send a text message indicating the type of card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro), its number, as well as the withdrawal amount. Example: visa 1234567890987654 (account data) 1500 (amount). For MasterCard and Maestro customers, the word “visa” must be replaced with “maestro” or “master”. Templates below.
  • After that, you will receive SMS, which will contain a confirmation code, which will also need to be sent to 7878.
  • If there are enough funds to complete the transfer, then the money will be debited and the bank account replenished within 5 minutes.
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Examples of templates for withdrawing money:

  • Master 1234567890123456 1000. Withdrawal of 1000 rubles to the MasterCard with number 1234567890123456
  • Maestro 1234567890123456 3300. Withdrawal of 3300 rubles to the Maestro card with number 1234567890123456
  • Visa 1234567890123456 2500. Withdrawal of 2500 rubles to a Visa card with the number 1234567890123456

Withdraw money from Beeline through the operator’s official website

  • In the menu “Payment” you must find the link “Pay from phone bill
  • The page that opens will provide links, among which you will find a suitable service that matches the bank card;
  • Then it will be necessary to fill in the appeared fields, in which it is required to enter the card number, the telephone number from which the transfer will be carried out and the withdrawal amount. The window will show the commission, as well as the total amount that will be transferred from the Beeline account;
  • A confirmation code will be sent to the indicated phone number, with which you will need to confirm the transfer.
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instruction for withdrawing money from a Beeline account


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