You Can Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos On A Samsung Smartphone – Photo Recovery Methods

You Can Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos On A Samsung Smartphone. Photo Recovery Methods

When erasing files from your gadget, do not forget that there are insignificant chances for their recovery by a simple (standard) method. In the article we will consider Is it possible to recover deleted photos on Samsung using advanced techniques. If Samsung does not read the memory card, then you should read the instructions on how to act in such a situation.

Return photos via Samsung Cloud

Image Return Instructions using Samsung Cloud pretty simple. So, to save the files, you should do the following manipulations:

  • Open the “Settings” in the smartphone. Click on the icon indicated by the pink gear displayed in the context menu. If you once made a copy in Samsung Cloud, then you can return the pictures through your own phone.
  • Scroll down to the next name, Cloud and Accounts. You will find it almost at the end of the list.
  • After refreshing the page, select the “Samsung Cloud Application Cloud Service” tab, which is located at the top of the page.

After the second update, you will see a button called “Restore”. It is located in the Backup and Restore section.

  • From the list that appears, select “Photo”. If you do not select this item, all data that has been deleted will be restored.
  • At the bottom of the screen, the “Restore Now” button will appear. The return process may take several minutes.
  • Established funds

    By default, Samsung’s cloud storage is connected to Samsung’s mobile devices. Its capacity reaches 12 gigabytes. If for one reason or another, synchronization is disabled, you should go to other recovery methods. So, for example, you can check the network connection.

    You will need the Internet to use snapshot return programs.

    DiskDigger device

    You can restore images to Samsung using the presented application. The program can be quickly mastered. There is a free version, so access is not difficult. The advantage of the server is the ability to find the photo that was deleted on the Samsung gadget. Download DiskDigger, install it, click on a single icon and wait for the results.

    Absolutely all systems on the phone are scanned, as well as images from the cache. Thanks to this, you most likely You will find a lost photo if it was opened, for example, in a graphics editor or other device before liquidation from the phone. In the corner of DiskDigger you will find a gear icon. Using the filter hidden under it, you can reduce the search range.

    A useful feature of DiskDigger is the ability to select a date range from a file. If you know when the photos were deleted, you can specify a date to reduce the number of options. If the application has found several options, then you can restore them immediately. When purchasing the official version, you can use the advanced features of the DiskDigger application.

    If you install the root mode on the Samsung phone, then there will be much more return options. To resort to this method should only be experienced users.

    Returning Images via Google Market

    There are applications on the Google Market that you can use to restore photos. The most common of them is Photo Recovery. There are many advantages. It is worth mentioning the main ones:

    • Ability to work without root mode. No changes are made to the programs and systems of your mobile device. The application scans only those media that are visible to it.
    • The ability to restore photos at once in a few pieces.
    • The photo is returned using a single button, so an inexperienced user will also be able to recover.

    If none of the methods presented helps, then you should run the Root check. This is the main search for Samsung mobile device drives.
    To summarize, we can say that there are three main methods of how to recover deleted photos on Samsung:

    • Find a copy on the cloud. The quality remains the same, but access to the cloud storage will require the ability to use the network.
    • Find a photo in the basket. Since the mode is not provided on the mobile device, you need to install a specific application.
    • Find a copy on disk. The presented method is ineffective, since the desired file may have been overwritten by another device.

    How to prevent the loss of pictures?

    Install a cart called Dumpster on your phone. Its advantages are that it works independently and allows you to recover deleted photos on Samsung. over, all this is absolutely free.

    You can also install Yandex-drive and enable automatic upload of photos. The advantage of this method is that you have the opportunity not to save photos on the phone by loading memory into the Samsung storage. However, there is a minus. to use the Yandex-drive requires the Internet, otherwise there will be problems with the transfer of images. In this sense, the Dumpster application is more reliable.