Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2 How to Connect

A new device for humidification of air from the partner of the Xiaomi corporation. the company Smartmi, created for operation as part of the ecosystem of the smart home Mijia.

The device is curious for users, first of all, because it has an extraordinary functioning algorithm. Xiaomi Humidifier 2 non-ultrasonic humidifier, unlike the lion’s share of devices of this category and an earlier version of this equipment, and mechanical. Here is the procedure for the natural removal of moisture from a large area of ​​the plates. Thanks to this evaporation mechanism, white plaque does not form on the furniture surface. There is also no effect on the sensor of the device for air purification.

Manual equipment is controlled by means of 2 keys at the top. The left key changes the brightness of the LEDs. bright, medium and off. There are 10 LEDs in the humidifier. Half of them are the volume of water, then the Wi-Fi sensor and operating modes, automatic and 3 speeds. The button located on the right in a circle changes the operating modes between 3 manual and independent operation of the device.

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App for Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

The device operates as part of the ecosystem of the “smart” home “Xiaomi Mijia”. You can manage it through the program “MiHome”.

After connecting to the network, you need to activate the Add Equipment Wizard, which in the second version of Xiaomi Humidifier looks like a radar. Then you need to find it, pick up the main Wi-Fi network and wait for the synchronization to complete. After a few minutes, the equipment will be included in the overall system. Further, you only need to indicate its location.

The main window of the plugin, in the middle, in the largest font. reflects the existing degree of humidity in the room. The upper part shows the degree of convenience and temperature. Immediately below the moisture indicator, the level of remaining water is written. In the lower part there are on / off keys, diode brightness adjustment, dehumidification mode activation. it is not yet clear what it is, as well as parental control. it deactivates the control from the keys, and the notification mode of ineffective functioning.

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The menu provides access to gadget management. In the main list, in addition to traditional functions, such as changing the name of the equipment, adding to the desktop, location and deletion, updating the firmware, there are also a number of interesting options.

Xiaomi Humidifier 2. Instruction

Some time ago, the ability to change the time zone for equipment was added. for the proper functioning of the time indicator, and when installing “MiHome” from “Vevs” there is an equipment token in the network information menu.

The humidifier Xiaomi Humidifier 2 is able to function only in the action mode, although it would not hurt, and create for the conditions the readings of a thermometer and a hygrometer. The device has 7 actions, including activation, deactivation, switching and 4 operation modes, auto and 3 degrees of speed.

The gadget is economical, low noise during operation. After it does not appear white precipitate on the furniture, does not interfere with the device for air purification. Perfectly managed with alternative control systems.

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Gradually, if you get a chance, you can change all the ultrasonic humidifiers on this device. Pleasure is not cheap, but the result will pay off.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2 How to Connect