Xiaomi Smart scale 2 how to use

The appearance of Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

The scale looks great. The design combines clear lines, and the pleasant white color fits perfectly into the bathroom interior. Lightweight, only 1.6 kg, will allow you to take them to the gym or playground for training. Don’t limit yourself to one room.

The new scale is thinner than its predecessor, measuring 300 x 300 x 14.75 mm, which is 30 percent smaller. Thanks to such dimensions, the device looks compact and fits easily anywhere in your home. It is worth highlighting the use of a molded one-piece metal plate in the construction of the scales, which shifts the center of gravity, increasing the stability and strength of the device.

The design of the device looks fresh, slightly innovative, as the designers refused to place a rectangular screen with huge bezels, and instead used a hidden LED panel that remains hidden under durable plastic that has a low level of transparency until you step on the scale. Feeling the heaviness, the balance will instantly display the result of the measurements.

SMART Scale Xiaomi Version 2

The Mi Smart Scales 2 is designed for maximum safety. The design uses rounded edges to avoid injuries to the legs, or troubles during transportation. Larger weighing platform will allow you to comfortably position your feet during the weighing procedure, significantly reducing the risk of slipping.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 white

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. the second generation of smart scales

Continuous observation of changes in body weight plays an important role in the lives of many people. Scales Mi Smart Scales 2 provide a rich set of functions, among them: determination of body mass index, percentage of fluid in the body, the amount of adipose and muscle tissue and, of course, total body weight. In total, the balance analyzes ten different indicators of the body. This is possible thanks to the use of 304L steel electrodes.

This scale is the perfect fulfillment of your dreams.!

Scale Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 white

The most important values ​​in one weighing!

The balance has a professional technology for analyzing the electrical resistance of various parts of the body. It is also called bioimpedance analysis. With it, you can evaluate the level of metabolism, muscle mass, get the BMI value, calculate the amount of visceral fat, analyze the mass of bone tissue, the amount of fluid in the body, the ratio of adipose tissue, and also determine the general condition of the body and body type. Together, the scales determine 10 different parameters and indicators, which will allow you to instantly assess the smallest changes in your physical condition and, if necessary, take measures to improve it.

The new generation of smart scales is extremely easy to use. You need to synchronize the scales with your smartphone or tablet through the Mi Fit app one time in order to constantly monitor all indicators.

The data will be automatically downloaded to the device as soon as it appears in sight. In addition, the balance distinguishes between individual users and measures for each of them. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scales 2 can be used by up to 16 people, without worrying about the safety of information, because each of them will receive only their own data.


The second generation of Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 in appearance is distinguished by the presence of sensors (four circles on the surface), the absence of a logo and updated functionality.

The body of the device is durable, but thin enough, so the scales look very modern and fit seamlessly into the room. They can be used both in the bedroom and in the bathroom, the laconic design makes them versatile in terms of placement.

The materials of the product are pleasant, considering that you need to contact the sensors for full measurements by standing with your feet on the surface itself without shoes, this is an important indicator for daily use.

Personally, I liked the “hidden” display in the design. such a proprietary feature makes the gadget look even more modern and aesthetic.

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2: Personal Trainer Review with a Digital Approach

In everyday life, we are already accustomed to meeting smart gadgets. many who wear a smart watch or a fitness bracelet on their wrist, some have a robotic vacuum cleaner at home, and a smartphone is an everyday device that even the smallest users have.

Xiaomi often surprises its fans with a variety of household devices. Imagine, the company even produces a Smart trash can (!). A well-known gadget that has become a bestseller in its niche is the Mi band fitness bracelet, the third generation of which continues to keep its relevance and finds many fans around the world.

Another device with a sports purpose is the Xiaomi Smart Scale. Our team tested the second generation of this gadget, which has not only the corporate design of the company, but also a rather nice price. The fact is that smart scales are not a big innovation, because many other companies have already released similar devices before Xiaomi. But I would like to note that most of them had a purely sports and, almost professional purpose, which of course influenced the price.

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 has interesting functionality, which we will discuss in more detail below, but at the same time they stand at the level of the “mass market”. for everyone who wants to buy a fitness gadget for home use, this scale offers a balance between features and price.

Experience of use

In the breadth of functionality, the older scales received additional capabilities, because they are equipped with sensors that measure using the bioimpedance method (a method for diagnosing a person’s body composition by measuring the electrical resistance of body parts in various parts of the body). The sensors that we see on the surface make it possible to find out the amount of fat in the body (including visceral fat), the mass of bones, muscles, water, determine the metabolism and body type, BMI (body mass index), and also assess the state of the body. Thus, the user can get a comprehensive assessment of his physical form, understanding not just the weight of his body, but also the ratio of its different components. Why do you need to know this? I think everyone who has ever been involved in deliberate weight loss knows that there is a point where you continue to adhere to the training schedule and diet, and the weight “stays in place.” The fact is that a person, with proper physical activity, not only burns fat, but also gains protein mass. muscles. Therefore, it happens that the total body weight is the same, but the physical form is better. I advise you to take measurements not only of weight, but also of body volume, because they will show that the effectiveness of your work on yourself does not decrease.

I will demonstrate for myself what an assessment of the body is given by the scales, but I want to note that two smart devices have already been tied in my Mi Fit application. fitness bracelet Mi band 3 and Smart scales, so I received information not only about weight, but also about my sleep and physical activity. This is how the Mi Fit app menu looks like when devices are connected:

For example, it will help me choose the right days for training, because it is inappropriate to force my tired body to work with increased loads. And secondly, the training data (and the calories consumed from the bracelet) will be taken into account in the Smart scale menu:

So, the first information about sleep from a fitness bracelet is shown like this:

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The application immediately suggests going to bed earlier and shows my data in comparison with other users. It was especially interesting to see the amount of deep sleep. on other days it happened that I slept longer, but deep sleep was recorded for a couple of hours, so I felt more tired.

Information about the scales is displayed in the application on a similar tab:

On this page, you can configure the operation of the device. When you use it for the first time, tabs appear with instructions:

In the application, you will need to maintain known data about yourself. age, height and so on. Then this information will be used to determine the body mass index. At the first complex weighing, you will receive information about the general condition of the body (called an assessment), as well as age.

As you can see, the application gives advice immediately. The same Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be provided after each measured indicator. Based on all the information, as a result, the scale will show your body type. I will say right away that the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of the application coincide with the real state of affairs. thanks to the scales, I began to pay more attention to protein food and try to walk 10,000 steps every day (the fitness bracelet does not allow me to sit too long).

It was especially interesting to see what the ratio of muscle to bone in body weight is. In my opinion, of course, there is an error, but approximately the user will understand how the body weight is distributed between its various components.

The most interesting is the part of the fat, the scale can also determine the visceral (internal) fat.

The scales will even demonstrate the amount of water. this will help you understand if you are drinking enough fluids.

Finally, the user receives data on the physique:

In general, I liked the scales because it doesn’t take a lot of time to measure all the data, and the device provides quite a lot of data about your body. For those who are involved in sports, they will help to save measurements and see them in dynamics. so you can analyze what factors affect efficiency, what needs to be paid more attention, what needs improvement, and so on.

Libra identifies different people, so all family members can use the device (16 profiles supported).

The data is stored on the smartphone, the application interface is very clear. there were no problems with work. I would love to use such weights, especially when you already have a fitness gadget, like a bracelet or Smart watch. Even if every day you will not analyze all the indicators, but simply weigh yourself, once a week you can assess your body comprehensively in order to better understand it and maintain your physical shape.

For the start of the summer season, Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 can be a pretty effective personal trainer. We wish you good health and successful training, you can find out more about fitness devices by following the links:

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 manual

The Chinese brand is still filling all the gaps in the line of its products, at the same time making tools, then curtains, and then for some reason it was necessary to “return” and create additional devices for measuring the mass of a person.

In terms of its parameters, the second version of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale is in many ways similar to its predecessor. The device shows the mass in the range from 5000 g to 1.5 centners. Up to eight hundred measurements are stored in the device’s memory. In this case, synchronization with the program on the cell phone is not required. Bluetooth version 4 is used for synchronization.

Other characteristics are derived from body weight and bioimpedance studies. This includes body fat, body weight index, visceral body fat, water quantity, body type, and bone and muscle mass.

Manual for Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

To determine the mass, it is not at all necessary to connect the gadget to the program on the cell phone, but if the user needs to see a full set of characteristics or he wants to use the device for weighing several persons, then he will need to add the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 in the Mi Fit application.

There are only 2 interesting characteristics in the functionality of the equipment. The first step is to assign the units for the measurement. There are pounds and kilograms to choose from. In addition, here you can set the mode of combining the same indicators with a time difference of less than 60 seconds. The general settings provide for the possibility of assigning a weighing target. This completes the device adjustment procedure. The balance is prepared for immediate use.

The weighing procedure takes approximately 10 seconds. The Mi Fit program allows you to save information about the mass for sixteen people. over, the utility independently determines who specifically uses the device at the current moment and itself records the result for this person.

With the measurement of body weight, everything is clear. In addition to the graph for determining the user’s weight, the Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 shows a general graph of body weight for everyone who used the device, as well as the position of the weighed among all the others. In addition, the ratio of weight to height is indicated. In addition to calculating the body weight of a specific user, the program can determine the body weight of newly born toddlers when they are weighed together with their mother.

To summarize, it should be noted that the company in question from China has once again won its place in the market: in this case, among the manufacturers of “smart” devices for measuring body weight.

In fact, the considered model of scales is a budgetary and practical replacement for all analyzer scales existing on the market. In such a performance, they will surely appeal to both ardent fans of “Xiaomi” and those who heard about this company from this review for the first time.

What does the Xiaomi Mi Body fat scale 2 measure?

In addition to body weight, smart scales are able to track other important indicators. With their help, you can find out such information as:

  • body mass index (BMI);
  • percentage of subcutaneous fat;
  • muscle mass;
  • visceral fat percentage;
  • bone mass;
  • percentage of water;
  • basal metabolism.

The basic parameters concerning the percentage of fat, muscle and bone mass are calculated using the bioimpedance method. The method is based on the fact that different parts of the human body have different electrical resistance, or impedance. By measuring this resistance, it is possible to obtain data on body composition by means of ratios. The electrodes located in the smart scale deliver a weak discharge through the feet, which is hardly felt by the user. As a rule, such technologies are present only in scales of a high price category. The Xiaomi Mi Body fat scale 2 is one of a small number of budget gadgets with such measurement technology.

When using the special Mi Fit app after weighing, the user will receive a detailed report. Because of the potential for bioimpedance analysis, smart balances are called analyzers. The method for diagnosing body composition by measuring impedance is considered one of the most accurate.

Xiaomi Mi Body fat scale 2 review

Bathroom scales Xiaomi Mi Body fat scale 2 with a laconic and pleasant modern design that will easily fit into the interior of any room. They are made of impact-resistant glass and are very comfortable to use thanks to the anti-slip coating, so you can stand on them even with wet feet. The main element of the balance is stainless steel electrodes located in the corners of the structure. There is a display on the front panel, which is practically invisible when turned off due to a beautiful and functional frameless design.

The scale does not need to be switched on with an additional button during use. When you get up on them, switching on occurs automatically. Xiaomi Body fat scale 2 is capable of memorizing the performance of 16 different users. over, the user can even be a small child. To find out the exact weight of the baby, the parent must first weigh himself alone, and then take the baby in his arms and repeat the weighing. In this case, the scales will only show the weight of the child.

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The scale is suitable for people with a fairly large weight. The maximum load for them is 150 kg. At the same time, the determination accuracy reaches 100 grams. This is very important, since body weight can vary widely even during the day. You can weigh 60 kg in the morning, and 60.8 kg in the evening. For people who strictly follow a diet, this is a significant indicator. Thanks to high-precision measurement, you can track weight surges and find out why they occur.

Thus, Xiaomi scales are suitable for all people who want to be healthy and look good. They will help you learn a lot about your own body, find out all the patterns and use this knowledge in practice to always be in good shape.

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 review: cool as always and as always. nothing new

Xiaomi continues to “close white spots” in its range, simultaneously releasing screwdrivers, curtains, then everything, and then suddenly for some reason it was necessary to “return” and make another scales. We offer to see why?

Saying “nothing new” in the title, I meant nothing new for the market, but in relation to the first Xiaomi weights, the device came out, of course, “innovative”: besides weight and mass index, there is a lot more.

Comparing with competitors, of course, is free. Any argument will still be tough: “but cheaper”, and this is fair, because everything that Xiaomi offers us now in 2017, in the second scales, is already familiar from the models Runtastic, Garmin, Withings, but before it cost about 10.12 thousand, and now two or three times cheaper.

Like any analyzer scales, Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 is addressed to those who want to lose weight or gain weight, for which additional interrelated metrics have been introduced. Among the main ones:

Bone mass, or “the mineral composition of the skeleton”

Generalized statistic indicating skeletal strength / weakness. It is calculated in kilograms and is at the level:

The indicator is relatively static in the long term, but bones become weaker with age, and in older people the numbers may be slightly different, which indicates a lack of minerals in the bones. Also, the indicators in pregnant women will most likely differ due to the loss of calcium during gestation.

Unsegmented muscle mass

The scales “estimate” the weight of all muscles in the body: both smooth and skeletal. Indirectly indicates problems with being overweight, since muscle loss = fat gain.

One of the key indicators for scales in principle. The metric is calculated as a percentage, and increased indicators are an indicator of long-term problems, since obesity is often accompanied by diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system and a number of others. Average normal indicators are easily “googled”.

The parameter is also subject to the “logic” of the product: a decrease in the level of hydration of the body can lead to fat gain, therefore, in the context of the device, the metric is clear. The normal level of hydration for an adult is 50-60%.

All information read by the new scales is displayed in the proprietary application “Mi fit”. It is partially Russified, and, say, the decoding of some metrics is given in Russian, and some in English.

In addition to the data already listed, here you will find familiar parameters: body mass index, of course, weight, and also offers a “summary analysis” of the data. body assessment.

The balance analyzes body composition by calculating the electrical resistance of body tissues, or biompedansometry, which is widespread in clinical practice and, more recently, in consumer.

Despite the fact that the method is heard by ear, it can be recognized as confirmed, and in a number of sources you can find mentions that bioimpedance is the most accurate method of diagnosis, there are still questions about accuracy. How to check?. No way.

xiaomi, smart, scale

In devices of this kind, we are asked to rely on faith, intuition, etc., as well as to draw indirect conclusions about the accuracy according to other metrics: for example, they determine the weight exactly, why should they lie in another?

Actually, bioimpedance as a technology has led to some changes in the design of the device: now it is not smooth glass, but a plastic surface, where there are large metal conductors at each edge. You need to get up on them.

In the center of the design, a laconic “Mi” logo.

Despite new features and new elements, the scales have become thinner and lighter: now they weigh about 1.6 kg versus 2 kilograms of the first version.

The scales rise from the floor on stable rubber feet: they are “squeezed”, soft, and therefore can take into account some surface irregularities, and also do not slip!


The display of numbers has changed: in the first version, the weight “jumped out” in the form of dots, and here. “sticks”, but the display retained its best qualities: it is not visible, no frames.

The new scales are powered by AAA batteries (AA. in the first version), the compartment for which is located at the bottom of the device:

To synchronize the scales with a smartphone, you will have to stand on them the first time you connect, however, here all the necessary instructions will be given directly by the application.

As a result, it is worth saying that Xiaomi has once again shaken a niche: this one. the niche of smart scales. Indeed: Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 is an inexpensive and practical alternative to all analyzer scales available on the market in this design will surely appeal not only to fans of the brand, but also to those who hear “Xiaomi” for the first time from this note.

Appearance and ergonomics

The small body of Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is made of special ABS plastic. The scales themselves are square with rounded corners. There is a spacious foot area with a special coating for the best stability. There is a very strong aluminum plate inside, which significantly increases the strength. On the upper side there is also a “hidden” LED display showing digits.

The smart scales are available in white and pink. Dimensions: height. 30 cm, width. 30 cm, thickness. 2 cm, weight. 1.6 kg.

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 design

The design of the model is laconic and aesthetic, the body is made of white plastic. There are no protruding elements or inserts on the surface that could block the view of the display located at the top. The display is invisible until the measurement starts, and during weighing, illuminated symbols appear on it.

To prevent slipping, the front side has a raised surface. Round metal conductors are located at the corners of the case, which are necessary for bioimpedance analysis.

On the back there are 4 stable rubber feet that prevent slipping on the floor. On the back there is a compartment for installing batteries, closed with a lid.

Functionality and capabilities

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 can withstand a maximum load of 150 kg. The measurement accuracy is quite high. 0.05 kg. At the same time, a variety of parameters can be measured here, in addition to weight, you can find out the percentage of adipose and muscle tissue, as well as the proportion of water. Especially it is worth highlighting the calculation of body mass index and the mass fraction of bone tissue. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 has automatic power off and on.

Synchronization with mobile devices occurs via Bluetooth, you will also need a proprietary Mi Fit application. This electronic device works with smartphones that have got Android OS 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and newer.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 Review

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. “smart” scales in a compact body. The device can measure a large number of body parameters. Electronic scales were announced in March 2017.

Functionality of smart scales Xiaomi Smart Scale 2

Simple scales can only measure body weight. If you use a smart model, you can get a lot of useful information about your health. To do this, you need to stand on the scales barefoot, then the device will conduct a bioimpedance analysis. As a result, you can find out:

  • BMI. The body mass index is determined by dividing the weight (in kg) by the length of the body squared (in m²). But even if your BMI exceeds the norm, you shouldn’t be upset. It is impossible to judge the presence of obesity by this indicator alone, you need to find out the ratio of fat and muscle mass.
  • Fat level. This is the ratio of adipose tissue mass to total body mass, in English it is called “body fat”. A high score indicates obesity. But low adipose tissue in the body is bad and threatens the development of health problems.
  • Muscle mass. This indicator displays the weight of the muscle mass. A decrease in muscle volume leads to a decrease in metabolic rate, which means that fat will accumulate even with a moderate diet.
  • Body type. Body type is inferred based on the percentage of muscle and adipose tissue.
  • water. The human body is about 75% water. But this is not an absolute indicator, it depends on age, physical activity, diet, the presence of diseases and other factors.
  • Bone mass. This is an indicator of the mineral content of the skeleton. Low scores increase the risk of osteoporosis.
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There is an additional function. determining the mass of an object that a person holds in his hands. To do this, you need to weigh yourself, and then once again stand on the scales with an object, the mass of which must be determined. The device will calculate itself and show the weight of the object. This method is convenient for weighing babies or pets.

Working with the Mi Fit app

The next step is to sync the apps with the scale. And if the user already has a smart watch or fitness bracelet of the brand “Xiaomi”, then all available devices can be linked to the application.

Then you need to weigh and wait a few minutes until synchronization occurs. After that, at the end of weighing in the smartphone application, weight, BMI, percentage of fat and other indicators will be displayed.

You can also specify the desired weight, then the program will draw up an individual action plan. Recommendations for physical activity will be given. In addition, you can share your results with friends.

“Smart” scales Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 offers serious functionality for a modest price. Such a gadget has an attractive design and an elegant LED screen. It is necessary to highlight the modest physical dimensions along with high-quality performance.

Xiaomi Body Composition Scale 2 Smart Scale Guide (2019)

Scales Xiaomi Body Composition Scale 2 (2019) will become an integral part of your life, you just need to understand a little about their functionality;)

Recommended reading before using smart scales Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 (2019)

Mi Body Composition Scale 2 (XMTZC05HM). This is an updated version of Xiaomi balance released in 2019. Among the innovations, it is worth highlighting the improved analysis of body composition thanks to the new BIA chip, more accurate weight determination, Bluetooth 5.0, a simple balance test, as well as a durable glass surface.

Gadget complete set: 1. Scales; 2. Four AAA batteries; 3. Instruction booklet in Chinese.

First turn on

Before weighing for the first time, set up the Mi Fit app. It’s free, available for both Android and iOS.

  • Download Mi Fit for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?ID=com.Xiaomi.hm.healthhl=ru
  • Download Mi Fit for iOS: https://apps.Apple.com/ru/app/Mi-fit/id938688461

IMPORTANT: to connect, the smartphone must have Bluetooth version 5.0 or higher.

After installation and registration in Mi Fit, select “Connect device”, then click the appropriate button “Connect scales”, and then just stand on them. Synchronization will turn on automatically. The system will remember you and in the future will keep statistics of your weighings.

Also, after the first power-on, an automatic firmware update may start if the pre-installed version from the factory has become outdated.

Functionality and settings

To measure small objects, apply a little pressure on the balance and then place the object to be weighed. The minimum sensitivity is 50 grams. Maximum weight. 150 Kg.

Group weighing function is available in the “Weighing” tab.

We go to the weighing tab, press the plus button and enter the data of a family member. Ready! New user added. In total, you can store up to 16 people, while the scales will automatically detect the person being weighed. And if the body indicators turn out to be almost identical, the application will ask for clarification.

Also, the scales can be linked to several Mi Fit accounts at the same time. In this case, the group weighing function is not needed, and everyone will be able to use their account on their smartphone when weighing.

For each user, the scale determines 13 body parameters and analyzes them:

Total weight 2. BMI 3. Fat 4. Muscles 5. Water 6. Protein 7. Whitzer. fat 8. Metabolism 9. Bones 10. Age 11. Physique 12. Health score 13. Ideal weight


Now let’s see what indicators the scales can get.

The first is your weight, as surprising as it sounds. After weighing, you can see information about the current state, a graph of changes and comparison with other users. In the body assessment tab, you can plot the change.

Yes, judging by this graph, my weight is gradually increasing upwards.

Body type

The value is derived from fat and muscle mass.

xiaomi, smart, scale

Based on all these factors, we get an estimate on a 100-point scale:

Personal experience of use

Since the problem of excess weight must be actively dealt with, the Xiaomi scale will be an excellent tool to help keep track of changes. Of course, one can argue endlessly about their accuracy, but for the price it is a good solution. With the purchase of the Mi Band 4 Smart bracelet, I began to actively follow the daily rate of steps, it remains to follow the diet and observe the changes in the body. I hope I succeed.

And that’s all, you can ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Until next time.

Which Xiaomi scales to choose

If only the scales under the direct Mi brand are affected, then 4 models can be distinguished (at the moment).

Scales measuring only weight: Mi Smart Scale (XMTZC01HM) and Mi Smart Scale 2 (XMTZC04HM). Body Analysis Measuring Weight: Mi Body Composition Scale (XMTZC02HM or LPN4008CN) and Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 (XMTZC05HM or NUN4049CN). The same scales are sometimes called Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Scale 2 or Mi Smart Scale 2 (2019), they are one and the same, just the scales are called differently depending on the region.

BMI (body mass index)

It is calculated depending on the indicators of height and weight. It should show the same value on different devices (unless of course they show the same weight).

To correctly measure the following indicators, you need to get on the scales barefoot. A small current will flow between the sensors and the following values ​​will be calculated based on the resulting resistance. Again, they are approximate.

Measures the percentage of fat to total body weight. My performance is within the normal range.

Appearance and delivery set

This time the box had to experience the full power of our mail:

It measures 340 mm x 326 mm x 46 mm and weighs 2275 grams. Inside, only the scales themselves and a set of four AAA batteries are waiting for us, well, and instructions (I have a Chinese version of the scales, instructions, respectively, too). Looking ahead, we could put a cleaning napkin, the scales are very easily soiled.

The batteries are different from the standard ZMIs that Xiaomi devices usually come with. The inscriptions are in Chinese only, let’s hope that this choice is justified.

Let’s install the batteries right away, open the compartment at the bottom of the scales and install them, there shouldn’t be any difficulties.

The legs have a rubberized surface, which is why they stand steadily on the floor (I tried it on laminate and on tiles). The height of the device is 26 mm, it is worth considering this if you want to store the scale under the sofa.

The main dimensions of the device: width and height 300 mm. The lower part of the case is made of white matte plastic, and the front side is made of glass.

On the front side of the device you can see a silver Mi logo, and 4 sensors for measuring bioimpedance body analysis.

The display with numbers is hidden at rest, it lights up if you put a load on the scales. Not to say that the brightness is very strong, but the value is seen well.

Let’s talk a little about the characteristics of the device.