Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Cyclic Reboot

Android users often come across the fact that the device starts to reboot constantly. In the process of studying the problem, it turns out that the cyclic reboot has a different origin and symptoms. After not very successful manipulations with the software, the user may encounter a problem that his Xiaomi redmi 3s is constantly rebooting, the same ailment can be with any other phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Cyclic Reboot

What types of bootloop are there?

  • When turned on, the device displays the firmware logo on the screen, then it turns off sharply after 2-20 seconds, and the download starts in a new way with the same cycle (classic bootloop).
  • The device operates in the usual mode, then abruptly (urgently) turns off, turns on and starts again. The intervals between instant shutdowns can vary in time. from a few seconds and minutes to several hours and even days.

In this article, the causes of a cyclic reboot will be analyzed and recommendations for its elimination will be given.

Looping reboot breaking off on the MIUI logo

It must be considered first, because the causes of this species are more serious. It may appear in such cases:

  • Automatically or manually, the Android operating system update was installed. No one is safe from releasing updates with new problems, even if old ones have been fixed.
  • The device was flashed with new firmware using a computer or TWRP.
  • A new program was installed just before the last phone shutdown.
  • A more rare case is that a low battery charge (less than 2%) or its malfunction may occur.
  • Well, you should not forget the classic cases. the phone wanted to fly from the table to the floor, swim in a bowl with soup or in the washbasin, or become an adorable toy for your active pet even for 2-3 minutes.

What to do?

  • The first thing to consider is whether the phone is still under warranty. If it is valid, go straight to a specialized service where specialists will find the reason and eliminate it.
  • If the smartphone’s warranty has expired and you want to try to fix it all yourself, it’s very good if there is a backup of the previous version of the system somewhere. It can be done using TWRP or other specialized programs. In this case, it is enough to enter the advanced recovery (when the phone is turned off, hold down the power button and both volume keys and hold it for a couple of seconds after the screen turns on). In the Wipe menu, select all items except the memory card (or other place where the backup is stored), swipe the slider to format the device, then in Restore select the desired copy of the system and swipe the slider to restore. Be careful, do not update again! It’s better to wait for the next version of the update, it will be released in 2-3 days, if the problem is observed by many users. A similar incident happened once with Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and may well be repeated with any other device Redmi or Mi model.
  • If there is no copy, remove the memory card, dump all the important data from it to the computer through the adapter, and flash the phone with the penultimate version of the MIUI firmware from the official developers website. Instructions on firmware can be read from us.
  • Connect the phone to the charger. it may just be discharged, and after a while it will load normally.
  • If none of the above helps, contact your branded service center.

The device turns on for just a few minutes, and then reboots again

  • The most common problem is installing an unstable operating system update.
  • Before abruptly shutting down, a program was installed from an unknown source or beta version even from a familiar and trusted developer.
  • An important system file has been deleted or modified.

What to do?

  • As soon as the phone turns on, immediately remove the last installed application. It may be damaged or have a virus inside. Then you must reboot.
  • Sudden shutdowns of a working device may be due to overheating during operation of a resource-demanding game. You can’t do anything here. either delete the game permanently or wait for the next update. It is advisable to inform the developer that Redmi Note 3 Pro or another smartphone does not behave well under load on the iron.
  • The processor creeping frequency sometimes also leads to a sharp shutdown of the phone. This happens either in idle mode or while a resource-intensive application is running. Get root access and use the “CPU Setup” program to slightly lower the maximum frequency height, percent by 2-7, then watch. If the problem is less likely to occur, lower it a bit a second time.
  • Save all important data from the device and flash it again, preferably with the latest stable version of the operating system.

Basically, the causes of the bootloop device are software errors that appear as a result of updating or installing the operating system or programs. If none of the above methods help solve the problem, then most likely the matter is in the gland. Perhaps the RAM is in trouble, or the internal drive is damaged, or the battery is worn out. Also, the possibility of marriage is not excluded, most often it manifests itself after a short time after buying a phone. In the above cases, be sure to contact the service center. regardless of the availability of a guarantee, to specialists who know what needs to be repaired in Xiaomi devices.