Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Battery Replacement

Urgent Xiaomi repair in Kiev

Smartphone repair of a well-known Chinese company is very popular these days. The popular phone models are powerful devices with 4.7-inch screens and Android operating system version 4.1 and newer. According to the functional characteristics, the devices are quite powerful, but sooner or later there will come a time when Xiaomi phone repair in Kiev may be necessary. If the device does not turn on or works with a hang. we recommend that you contact a specialist. It is very difficult to find a truly worthy service center, especially if you are in a large city, and workshops are located on almost every corner. Xiaomi smartphone repair is best entrusted to a trusted Re: Store company in Kiev. This is a whole network of service centers, which has deservedly received an excellent reputation for hundreds of thousands of reconstructed units of portable electronics. Our experts are ready to fix the breakdown daily, and the consultants provide all the necessary information regarding the maintenance of equipment of the Chinese manufacturer by the hotline number (044) 2ZZ-74-00. Additional numbers, addresses of departments and the cost of work can be found in the top menu of the site.

How to understand that the phone is malfunctioning?

Xiaomi repair in Kiev may be needed as a result of careless operation, as well as the negative impact of the external environment. Liquid, mechanical damage, software malfunctions. all this directly affects the functionality of portable electronics. Liquid provokes the appearance of oxidation elements, mechanical damage worsens the condition of internal components, and software malfunctions completely make it impossible to use the device. Consider the breakdowns, the appearance of which requires a quick repair of Xiaomi phones in Kiev.

  • Battery malfunctioning. The main symptoms are a quick discharge of the device, overheating, as well as spontaneous shutdown. It is easy to guess that to restore the functionality of the phone you need to replace the battery. The procedure is quite simple and not time consuming.
  • Display damage. In 90% of cases, the problem occurs as a result of drops and impacts on a hard surface and is manifested by the presence of spots, stripes and cracks on the screen. The item cannot be restored, it will need to be replaced.
  • The device does not see the SIM card. The reason for this is a violation of the integrity of the holder or damage to the card itself. In both situations, the replacement of faulty elements will be required.
  • Lack of sound. There are two causes of failure. damage to the speaker or microphone or disconnecting the loops of these components. In the first case, you need to replace the component, in the second. setting the correct loop position.

How to repair Xiaomi?

The start of recovery procedures is impossible without filling out an application, which describes in detail the problem and model of the phone. In our service center, you can fill it out directly on the site, in a nearby branch of the company or by the hotline number indicated on the site. The process will not take more than five minutes, but will help you get closer to performing high-quality equipment repair. After the device is delivered to the service, high-precision diagnostics of Xiaomi phones in Kiev is mandatory. The procedure helps to establish what type of work needs to be done by specialists. Having picked up the necessary components and having agreed with the client the time and cost of the prevention, we proceed to troubleshoot and test the finished result. The cost of services directly depends on the complexity and volume of work, as well as the availability and rarity of spare parts.

Why should you go to Re: Store?

Can’t find a company where Xiaomi phone service is responsibly and efficiently? You are right on target! The Re: Store team will inimitably quickly and at an affordable price will provide maintenance services for the equipment of the Chinese company. The use of modern equipment and reliable components eliminates the chances of an unsuccessful result. After contacting us, you will not have to re-visit the service center, which would happen with one-day workshops, because all the work is done responsibly and with special care. We also work in other cities of Ukraine. in Kryvyi Rih, Odessa and Lviv, where our competent masters will not repair your Xiaomi smartphone qualitatively in the shortest possible time. Contact us, a professional approach to business and optimal will leave you a positive impression!

Dates: from 40 minutes.

Instruments: soldering station, plastic blade, oscilloscope, meters, microscope, ultrasonic bath, screwdrivers, mounting hair dryer.

Materials: spare parts from the manufacturer, their quality analogues.

Warranty: from 1 to 6 months.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Battery Replacement