Xiaomi Redmi Laptop Update 7

Very funny: the whole world is already talking about the release of Android 8, and some smartphone manufacturers are just announcing the transition of their gadgets to the version of Android 7. The Chinese company Xiaomi has published a list of its devices that are ready to upgrade to the new firmware version.

By the way, the smartphone Redmi Laptop 4 Pro has become one of the fastest-selling in India for the entire existence of the company: in the first ten minutes after the start of sales, a huge batch of more than 250 thousand smartphones was instantly sold out. By the way, only in India a unique version of the gadget with a Snapdragon processor for 8 cores is sold, while the rest of the world uses a phone based on the MediaTek chipset for 10 cores.

The second interesting news: the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced a Beta version of the MIUI 8 shell for Redmi Note 4, which is based on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The only negative is that this update is available only for the Qualcomm gadget on the chipset so far, but nothing has been heard about the update of other versions.

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Why updates come out infrequently

Many users are unhappy that Xiaomi gadgets are getting all the Android OS updates rather slowly, however we will explain why this happens. Due to the fact that the MIUI shell itself often receives new versions (this means that the manufacturer carefully monitors the maximum level of security and stability of their gadgets), it has limited resources for conducting “double work”. to monitor both MIUI and Android. As a result, you have to balance between two important components. the basic code and Google updates and the freshness of your own shell.

Xiaomi Redmi Laptop Update 7

It is also important to understand that the release of the update for MIUI is not at all a guarantee of the release of Android Nougat, however, some Xiaomi devices will still receive the long-awaited update of the operating system. The developers have already published a list of 14 smartphones, which includes the already updated Mi 5 and Mi 6 with the initially installed Nougat “out of the box”. But in none of the stable firmware of these models, the much-advertised split-screen mode does not work yet.

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Model List

Of all the smartphone models released in 2017, only four of them will work on Nougat 7.1: Mi 6, which is the flagship, Mi 5c (the average gadget in all respects, running on a proprietary processor), Xiaomi Mi Max II (“shovel” with 6.44 inches) and a budget device Xiaomi Redmi 4 X.

Android Nougat 7.0 will already have 10 smartphones running. In addition to the above Mi 5, the update will receive such gadgets as: Mi Max and Mi Mix, Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus, Mi Note Pro and Mi Note II, Mi 4s and Mi 4c and one of the budget employees Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. In addition, it is likely that Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 will receive it with an international version and identical characteristics.

We draw your attention to the fact that gadgets running on a processor from the Chinese manufacturer MediaTek will not be updated and will remain on the 6th version of Android. Marshmallow.

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When exactly the new Android versions for Xiaomi will be released is not exactly known. Beta versions are already available for testing on some models, but there are no Nougat benefits yet.