Xiaomi redmi AirDots left earphone not working

Redmi airdots dont work left earpiece

Why the headphones don’t respond when turned on

First, let’s take a look at why Redmi and Mi AirDots won’t turn on at all. Most often this indicates a serious breakdown, in which an appeal to the masters is required.

AirDots won’t turn on

Headphones from Xiaomi are very comfortable to use, because you do not need to use wires to connect to the phone and further listen to music. But with wireless headsets, other problems often arise. The main problem is desynchronization, but also AirDots may not turn on at all. What to do in this case and when to go to the service center. now we will tell you.

One earbud disconnected

When the sound does not come from just one earbud, the situation is more favorable. A system crash usually occurs, resulting in an out of sync. We have already described in a separate manual how to return binaural mode. We will duplicate the basic information here.

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Full discharge

The most harmless reason is the usual discharge of the battery. The case must be connected via USB to a power source, and then place the ear pads in the “sockets” for wireless charging.

The dots should turn on automatically after being removed from the case, but this will not happen if the docking station is discharged: you will need to manually turn it on by long pressing the buttons. For the same reason, the earbuds may not turn off on their own in the case, so always keep an eye on the charge level.

Mechanical damage

After being dropped from a great height or in the water, AirDots may not work at all. Check your device for cracks, chips or scratches. Unfortunately, it is impossible to cope with a mechanical breakdown, when a part is beaten off / damaged, at home. Only an experienced master will help.

Manufacturing defects

Also be aware of counterfeits. A fake gadget does not function well, looks unpresentable and breaks very easily. Check out our article on verifying the originality of headphones.

Factory reset

Hard reset. hard reboot, after which the device is completely returned to the factory state. A reset fixes system problems and allows you to customize your gadget from scratch. It is recommended to use this operation if the left earbud is not connected to the right one and the sound is coming from only one ear cushion.

  • We take out the headset from the case and clamp the panel until the red indicator appears.
  • Press the button again and do not release it for 40-50 seconds. The bulbs should blink red and white several times.
  • We place the earbuds in the case and take them out after a few minutes for re-pairing with the phone.

How to connect Redmi AirDots headphones to a smartphone?

Redmi AirDots wireless earbuds model, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. Consider connecting two headphones at the same time to a smartphone, as well as the option of connecting one as a mono headset.

Before using the device, you must remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, place them in the case and charge them. The indicator glows red while charging. When fully charged, its color turns white, and after 1 minute it goes out.

How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi AirDots One side of Redmi AirDots stopped working (Urdu / हिंदी)

To connect, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth enabled and Redmi AirDots headphones. The headphones are turned on automatically when they are removed from the case. Connecting two headphones to a smartphone:

  • remove both earbuds from the charging case and wait 2 seconds until they turn on.
  • after switching on, the left earphone automatically connects to the right one, the indicator of which starts blinking white.

Go to the smartphone: in the Bluetooth menu, search for available devices.

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In the list of available devices, we find Redmi AirDots_L. This is the left earpiece. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts. Depending on the version of the headphones: Redmi AirDots or Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, the name in the list of available devices may differ. If you have a version of Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic headphones, then in the list they will be referred to as Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L. The only difference between the versions is that one was produced for the domestic market of China, and the second for the Global market. This does not affect the functionality and operation in any way. Options and specifications are identical. But the price may differ.

After a successful connection, information about the status of the device and its charge level will appear in the menu of paired devices. The headphones are plugged in and ready to go. Now, after the first successful pairing, Redmi AirDots will automatically connect to the previously paired device if Bluetooth is enabled on it.

If for some reason you are unable to pair with the headphones, remove the headphones from the charging case and make sure they are turned off. Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for 15 seconds. After the indicator flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the earbuds to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if present. Then pair again.

What to do when headphones are not pairing with each other?

The connection between the headphones can be established by resetting the Bluetooth modules.

  • disconnect both earbuds. press and hold the buttons until the red indicators turn on;
  • now hold down the buttons again for 30-50 seconds, wait until the headphones turn on. a white indicator should appear, then after another 10-20 seconds the indicators will light up and flash twice in white and red (do not release the press) and then flash twice more and go out;
  • put both earbuds in the case;
  • now remove them from the case, wait until the synchronization procedure is complete and reconnect the headphones to the smartphone.

If, after the reset, the smartphone begins to see the left and right headphones separately, you need to connect only the right one to the phone, and when it starts playing sound, you need to press the power button on the left. it should connect to the right.

If it doesn’t work the first time, try resetting again. Also, as a last resort, it will not hurt to clear the data of the “Bluetooth” application on your device.

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Because of which only one earphone can play

The fact that Xiaomi or Redmi AirDots do not pair with each other does not necessarily indicate a malfunctioning headset. The phenomenon may be due to the fact that the earphone operates in mono mode, regardless of the second. This feature can be used intentionally, which is very convenient in certain cases, but most often the owners of Xiaomi AirDots and Redmi AirDots are faced with the problem of lack of synchronization between the right and left earbuds, that is, they do not detect each other, and therefore do not synchronize with each other.

If we are not talking about a malfunction of the Xiaomi AirDots headset, clogging of the speaker, incorrect position of the battery, Bluetooth capsule, etc., and one of the headphones does not work, it may simply be discharged or the connection to the device is not correct. Incorrect smartphone settings also often cause desynchronization.

How to solve the problem of lack of synchronization of AirDots headphones

With the ubiquity of wireless devices belonging to different types of communication equipment, users have received many benefits. For data transmission, the presence of a wire is no longer a prerequisite and one of the technologies that provide a connection without a physical connection is called Bluetooth. Today, they are free of wires, including headphones, the main problem of which has always been the constantly emerging need to untangle the resulting intricacies. One has only to remove the earbuds from the ears and already before the next use you have to comprehend the science of untiing sea knots.

Wireless headphones are rapidly gaining popularity, displacing conventional models from the market, while well-known brands, trying to keep up with trends, support the popularization of wire-free devices. So, today Xiaomi AirDots and Redmi AirDots are in great demand, which can be used as a headset. Wireless headphones from Xiaomi and the recently formed sub-brand Redmi are loved for the most successful combination of price and quality among the models on the market. At the same time, users often have questions about connecting devices, as well as problems with synchronization.

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How wireless headphones work

Various methods are used to provide wireless data transmission between devices. Establishing communication between the headset and the sound source is possible due to the built-in receiver using radio frequencies, infrared port or Bluetooth. The Xiaomi and Redmi AirDots headphones use a Bluetooth connection. This technology is most often used to transmit a signal from a device to a headset due to the absence of interference, which is due to the receipt of data in digital form. The disadvantage of this method is the compression performed before sending the information to the headphones, as a result of which it is not possible to achieve high sound quality. The sound in Xiaomi and Redmi AirDots is quite decent, taking into account the price segment of devices, Bluetooth audio codecs are supported SBC, SBC XQ, but one cannot dream of AptX or AAC.

To pair a Bluetooth headset with a sound source, you need to turn on AirDots and synchronize it with the device. The procedure takes only a few seconds and usually succeeds. At the same time, in some cases, users have problems with synchronization, for example, by connecting a headset, you may find that the second earpiece is idle. What’s the matter and how to fix the situation, we’ll figure it out further.

How to solve this problem

Regardless of which headset is used by Xiaomi AirDots or Redmi AirDots, as well as which particular earphone is not connected, there is a solution, and you will have to act in the same way. If the Redmi AirDots do not connect with each other, the earbuds should be synced by resetting the wireless headset.

To reset Xiaomi AirDots, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the headphones. Clamp the touchpads and hold until the indicators turn red.
  • Clamp the panels again and hold for about 30-50 seconds, which will allow AirDots to turn on, this will be indicated by a blinking white indicator.
  • After 10-20 seconds, the lights will turn red-white and blink twice. We hold until the indicators go out, and after which they will blink again several times. This will mean that the reset procedure was successful.
  • We return the headphones to the charging case and after a few seconds we remove them together. The process of synchronizing the AirDots with each other will begin. When the left earbud finds the right one and syncs with it, it will be possible to connect to the smartphone.

The method is relevant when the second earphone is not connected in the case of both Xiaomi Mi AirDots and Redmi AirDots. At the same time, due to some design differences between devices, as for Redmi, while holding the buttons, you need to wait for a double beep, otherwise the above instructions will be similar.

After performing a full reset, there are often cases when the device sees each of the headphones separately, as different devices. To remedy the situation, you need to connect the right earphone and wait until it works, then press the button on the left one, after which they will be synchronized.

Another way to connect AirDots headphones is just as simple and involves the following steps:

  • We return both earbuds to the charging case, close them and make sure that the device is fully charged.
  • We remove only one earphone.
  • We are waiting for the headphone to turn on, and then turn it off with a long press.
  • Clamp the panel and hold it until the red indicator is activated.
  • We remove the second earphone and perform the same manipulations with it.
  • We return the headset with glowing red bulbs to the case.

After the procedure, the headphones should sync with each other and now work together. If it was not possible to correct the situation at the first attempt, the process should be repeated without breaking the sequence of actions.

In some cases, the matter is in the settings of the smartphone, then the problem will have to be fixed in them, for example, the speaker is often set by default as a sound playback device. Clearing Bluetooth app data sometimes helps.

If we are talking about a physical malfunction of the headset, it can most often be repaired. It is better to take the device to the service, unless, of course, you are a master and are really able to cope with the breakdown on your own.

How to solve the problem with connecting Redmi Air Dots to a smartphone

What should I do if I cannot connect the second earbud even if you connected the R-earphone first? Basically, this problem occurs due to the fact that the connection was not made correctly. In this case, confusion arises, and AirDots has to be re-paired with the smartphone.

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Redmi Airdots Earbuds Left Right Sound Issue | Blink Problem Re-pair Reset

What to do if you face a problem connecting two Redmi AirDots to your smartphone.

  • Take both dots out of the case and turn them off. To do this, on each of them, press the buttons so that the LED lights up red.
  • Turn on both earbuds with a long press. In this case, you should see that the red and white signal flashed twice. For this to happen, the physical button must be held down for a few seconds. After the indicator (both on the right and on the left) turns on and off twice, the button can be released.
  • Now put both back in the case.
  • On your phone, open the Bluetooth settings and in the list of connected devices, find and delete the Redmi AirDots R and L entries (if you have already connected these headphones before).
  • Take both dots out of the case again and reconnect them to the smartphone. Rather, connect only Redmi AirDots R, and it will automatically pair with L.

How to use Xiaomi Redmi AirDots in mono mode

Sometimes, for some reason, or simply on their own, the user wants to activate mono mode. This implies that only one of the headphones will be connected to the phone.

Step 2. Follow the procedure to pair Redmi AirDots_L with your smartphone.

Step 3. Now your left dots is connected to the device and you can use it independently of the right one.

If you have activated mono mode, the headphones will be out of sync. In order for the stereo mode to work, you need to reset the “mono” connection, first take the right earphone out of the case, and make it so that it connects to the smartphone first, before the left one is connected. If you first take out and connect the left earphone, Xiaomi Air Dots will not work synchronously in pairs, but only independently of one another.

What to do if Redmi AirDots won’t connect right or left earphone?

Step 1. Reset the Bluetooth connection to disconnect the headphones and smartphone. Clear Xiaomi Redmi AirDots connection information from mobile phone. Turn off the plugs themselves. To do this, press and hold the physical button on each of them for 5 seconds (the red LED will be on) to enter the shutdown mode.

Step 2. In the off mode on Air Dots, press the buttons again and hold them, without removing your finger from the buttons, for 10 seconds. The red and white light will flash alternately, and then the indicator will turn off. Press the buttons for 10 seconds, because you need to alternately light up the red and white signals three times each. Then the connection state will be reset.

Step 3. Put the dots back in the charging case and then remove them from the case. Wait 3 seconds for the plugs to turn on automatically and not connect. When the white light on the right earbud slowly flashes, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for “Redmi AirDots_R”.

You need to start pairing with a smartphone separately and certainly from the right dots. AirDots cannot automatically connect to right left. It looks like this was done on purpose so that you can use mono mode. To connect to stereo mode, in which two headphones would function simultaneously, you need to follow the steps suggested above.

Why only one earphone can work on Redmi AirDots

Surely the owners of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless headphones find themselves in a situation where their “ears” do not work? Or does it happen that only one of the pair works? Don’t worry, this problem can be solved.

Why can’t I connect both earbuds to my smartphone?

Unfortunately, it happens that one of the headphones constantly loses the signal, turns off and the smartphone no longer sees it. Then you have to re-connect the pair. This process does not always go smoothly, so it is not possible to connect both dots (stereo mode). There are 2 main reasons for this:

  • The user first connected to the smartphone Redmi AirDots L.
  • The procedure for connection was incorrect, therefore manual reconfiguration is required, as described in the instructions above.