Xiaomi Redmi 6a Or 7a Which is Better

Xiaomi Redmi 6a Or 7a Which is Better

With the advent of redmi 6a and honor 7a, many fans of these brands considered them to be clones of each other. But now the question is which phone is better smartphone honor 7a or smartphone xiaomi redmi 6a can not be asked. The first of them turned out to be a passing model, which the manufacturer tried to forget as a failure, and the second. an example of how an excellent budget smartphone should be.


Both gadgets are sold on retailers with the same meager set of accessories. In addition to boxes, Xiaomi Redmi 6A is traditionally red, and Huawei Honor 7A is blue, it includes:

  • usb cable
  • 5 V charging unit. 1 A;
  • paper clip to open the card tray:
  • documentation (instruction and warranty card).

But with Honor, a guaranteed gift is issued. A protective bumper for Honor 7A and one accessory to choose from: Huawei AM12 Plus headphones or a selfie stick. Redmi 6A is simpler: only Mi Piston Basic headphones.


Xiaomi Redmi 6A is rich in colors: the case is painted in blue, golden, pink, gray, silver and black. The front panel can be either white or black. The Huawei Honor 7A has only a black, blue and golden model.

The cases of both models are made of medium-quality matte plastic.

Cameras and LED flash units are combined in a horizontal unit, and the brand name is placed in the lower third of the devices. However, with Redmi 6A, the main speaker is located on the back of the device. Honor 7A has only one speaker located on the front side.

At the end on the right are a long sound adjustment key and a power button, and on the left. a slot for installing memory cards and SIM cards. Redmi 6A has separate carriages for SIM cards and SD cards, and Honor 7A has one triple slot.

On the front, Xiaomi Redmi 6A has a rounded frame screen, above it. a camera selfie lens and a single-color indicator of new messages. Huawei Honor 7A, like its competitor, has a screen with noticeable side frames, but there is no rounding, even at the software level. Below is a silver-plated inscription Honor. A couple of selfie lenses are LED flash.

A version of the gadget with 3 Gb of RAM and 32 Gb of permanent memory is also sold in China.

It is distinguished by the presence of a hybrid tray for SIM cards and an SD card and the absence of some LTE band bands.


This option is unlikely to help determine which is better.Redmi 6a or Honor 7a. The first weighs less than 145 grams versus 150 grams in the brainchild of Huawei. The size is not much, but larger than Redmi 6A. 71.5 mm by 147.5 mm, while Honor 7a has smaller height and width values ​​- 70.9 mm by 146.5 mm.

The thickness of both smartphones is the same and is 8.3 mm. Both gadgets do not feel massive, lie well in the hand, do not slip. The keys are pressed effortlessly, squeaks and extraneous sounds were not observed during the tests.

Honor 7a is the cheapest device in the seventh series of “honest” smartphones.

Those who need a fingerprint scanner, a larger screen and a dual camera should take a closer look at the pro version. With a similar filling, the latter will cost a little more. 8970 rubles.


An important feature of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A screen is the presence of a rounded 2.5D shockproof glass, while the competitor’s usual 2D. In addition, the latter does not have an oleophobic coating! With Xiaomi Redmi 6A, fingerprints are removed quickly, although he is still far from the flagships.

The device matrices are the same: they are made using TFT IPS technology with a density of 295 pixels and a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels.

The proportions of the screen are 18 to 9. The sensors support up to 10 simultaneous touches. Redmi has a brightness value of 6a 440 cd / m², and Huawei Honor 7a has 350 cd / m². In this case, the first minimum value of 1 cd / m² and the second 2 cd / m².

In terms of contrast, the comparison is also won by the Xiaomi baby. 1020 versus 1008. As a result, Redmi 6A feels comfortable both on the street and indoors. It has a slight glare, the color temperature is close to 6500 K.

Honor behaves a little worse: his brightness is low, the tones are given in cold shades. If desired, the screen can be manually calibrated. The viewing angles on both devices are good, the colors are not inverted, but they lose contrast quite strongly with large tilts.

Do not block the Redmi 6A bootloader.

Launch such a device does not work even with a complete flashing of the smartphone. Unlock codes are not available even in certified workshops. When buying a Chinese version of the gadget with global firmware, you should disable OTA updates. It can also cause the gadget to lock.


The devices have rear cameras with 13 megapixel sensors. Honor 7A software is standard, so there are no chips in it. Smile trigger, timers, HDR shooting mode are available, but the latter does not give a noticeable effect.

There is phase autofocus, but it works correctly only in good light, while in poor lighting it constantly searches for the focus point. Night shots are far from perfect, automation increases photosensitivity, as a result, clear purple spots appear on the frames.

Redmi 6A is better in this test: the sharpness is average, the white balance is correct, the frame is blurred slightly on the sides.

The device shoots macro shots well. There are noises, but in monotonous sections they are noticeably less than that of a competitor. The full MIUI camera program has more features, including Beautify effects.

Both devices shoot in a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The sound track of the in both devices of poor quality, noise reduction, as in all cheap smartphones, turns out to be excessive, when shooting near the road the sound merges.

The frame rate does not exceed 30 frames per second. There is no recording in 4K and 60 frames per second. The advantages of Honor 7A include only the unlock function in the face. Although the speed of determination can not be compared with expensive models. There is no support for AI algorithms in the devices.


Both devices are equipped with non-removable lithium-ion batteries. The Huawei product has a little more: 3020 mAh, while Xiaomi has 3000 mAh. Both devices have special battery saving modes.

It was pathetically called Huawei Smart Energy Saving Technology 6.0. The device performs better than even more expensive models, for example Honor 9 Lite, but Xiaomi in this test is an uncompromising winner.

In mixed mode, the Huawei Honor 7A smartphone can live 6 hours 16 minutes, a competitor 6 hours 46 minutes. In game mode, Honor 7A lasted a little more than 5 hours, while Redmi 6A withstood 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Honor 7As are capable of showing within 8 hours, and the competitor is almost 13 hours. Smartphones do not support micro USB C connectors and, accordingly, fast charging; they charge at 5 volts with a current of 1 ampere. The full charge of the Honor 7A takes 2 hours 55 minutes, and Xiaomi Redmi 6A 3 hours.


Redmi 6a is equipped with a four-core MediaTek Helio A22 processor with a Cortex-A53 operating at a frequency of up to 2.0 GHz created using a 12-nanometer process technology. The accelerator is the PowerVR GE8320. The RAM is 2 GB, and the internal drive is 16 GB.

About 6 GB is occupied by the operating system. The device is not intended for games, although it is almost not heated when they are launched. In Antutu, the smartphone is gaining 62,240 points, and the competitor is indecently small. 45,419 points. This is easily explained by the ultra budget filling of the product from Huawei. G

The rafic adapter is more advanced than the Xiaomi Redmi 6A. PowerVR GE8100.

The processor is also low-power: the outdated quad-core MT6739 with Cortex A53 operating at a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz.

In Geekbench, the device scores 662 and 1,750 points, and the competitor from Xiaomi can boast of 827 and 2456 points.

When playing a with a standard player, Honor 7A skips frames at high FPS, there are also problems with codecs, somes lack sound. Redmi 6A passed all the tests well.

operating system

The gadget comes with Android 8.1 with a proprietary EMUI interface, the current version 8.0 this year, the manufacturer will probably release 9 androids for the device. The competitor is also based on Google’s brainchild but with Miyu.

The device from xiaomi is actively updated. At the moment, the global 10 version is already available, although the Russian-language version is only at 9k. The interface on both devices sometimes slows down, but Honor has it more noticeable.


The devices support all used bands of cellular networks, including LTE. The Wi-Fi module of the devices is the same, according to the standard 802.11b / g / n, version Bluetooth 4.2 with all the goodies.

There are no problems with satellites, GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, BeiDou are built-in. The conversations of the interlocutors during conversations are clearly audible, but Honor 7A has a dirtier sound, according to the owners it only gets better with bluetooth headphones.

Choosing Xiaomi 6A Or Honor 7A, the buyer will receive a high-quality dialer but nothing more. In its price category, Redmi 6A is the undisputed leader: in almost all characteristics it is slightly, but better than Honor 7A. However, you should not expect much from the Red Chinese, performance is not his strong point.