Xiaomi Redmi 6 Screen Record

After buying a brand new Xiaomi smartphone, the user wants to ask where the voice recorder records are stored and where the conversation on Xiaomi is stored. Why look for voice recorder files somewhere, when you can listen to them in a standard application on your phone? For example, you decided to listen to the last phone call, but due to lack of volume and poor sound on Xiaomi Redmi 4 (for example), you can’t hear any important points, and this file needs to be sent to a PC or laptop. In this article, an ordinary user of a smartphone from a Chinese manufacturer will learn how to activate the ability to save a telephone conversation, and where to find it in the phone’s internal storage.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Screen Record

How to enable Xiaomi conversation recording

Saving phone conversations in mp3 format is a system feature, but is disabled by default. Therefore, you need to know how to enable this simple feature on Xiaomi Mi5 or any other Xiaomi smartphone. It doesn’t matter which company’s gadget you own –– Xiaomi MI phones have one MIUI system shell installed. Even if it is not a flagship, but the budget Xiaomi Redmi 4 or Redmi 4X. the function is also present.

  • near the call key, find the “Menu” button. It is indicated by three small horizontal lines (in MIUI 8 and 9) or lines with dots;
  • tap on the “Settings” button;
  • click on the “Record Calls” button;
  • A system for automatically recording conversations opens, which can be configured in different ways. To activate the ability to record voice files from telephone conversations, move the slider to the right next to the corresponding inscription;
  • You can configure the recording. From the choice of options, the user is invited to click on “All Numbers” or enter a specific phone number.

Saving phone calls on Xiaomi Redmi 4 can be disabled in the same “Call recording” item. The above method is also suitable for those who are looking for how to record music files on Redmi 3S. Recording conversations is not carried out only on a “clean” Android, therefore, if you were flashing the device, for example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 on a “bare” bucket, this method will not work! Ardent fans of Xiaomi products know that not all smartphones of the company have on board the shell of the MIUI brand. Of these devices, you can select the brand new Xiaomi Mi A1. In the world, this function is illegal, since you can’t listen to someone else’s phone calls.

You can record phone conversations on Xiaomi A1 using third-party programs, which will be discussed later.

Where are conversations stored

By default, the automatic call recording system saves voice files along the following path in the phone’s internal storage:
MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec

You can not only open the mp3 file on the phone and listen to it in the player, but also connect the phone to the computer via the USB connection and copy the voice file to the PC hard drive. In MIUI 8, saved mp3 files are located in the same way.

You cannot change the place where calls are saved. If this does not suit you, there are many similar applications in the Play Market that save recorded phone calls not only in the smartphone’s memory, but also on a memory card or external USB drive.

Acr. call recording

You can trust the recording of phone calls to a third-party application called Acr. The name stands for Automatic Call Recorder.

The program is famous for its great functionality and can do much more than the standard utility in MIUI. Two especially stand out: “ACR. call recording” and “Call recording. Automatic Call Recorder”. They differ in design, but perform the same functions.

The second program is more complex in structure, as it has a large number of functions. In the paid version, it is possible to record both all telephone conversations and some contacts. Here you can activate the function so that the sound capture goes from the microphone of the phone and the interlocutor’s smartphone, and also select the place where the files will be saved. The first application only works on versions of Android 6 and higher. The functionality here is a little smaller, it is configured according to the user’s desire.

The pluses of the programs from the Google Play Store are that you can record conversations on smartphones with MIUI shell and with a “clean” version of the Android OS. This method is suitable for Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone.


It’s time to talk about the built-in Sound Voice Recorder in Xiaomi smartphones. The MIUI shell has a special separate application called the Voice Recorder. It is needed to capture voice from the built-in microphone. Voice recorder is a useful thing, as it helps at school, at home and at work during business meetings. Journalists always use this phone feature.

To start Sound Recorder, you need to find the “Voice Recorder” application on one of the MIUI 9 desktops and open it.

A window appears with a blue background where you can start recording, but first you need to configure the recorder.

To do this, “tap” on the gear in the upper right corner of the screen.

A list of options opens from six positions:

  • conversational speaker. if you activate this setting, then you can listen to everything that you recorded, using the conversational speaker;
  • Recording indicator. The LED will blink when the smartphone is locked. The recorder should be in the “Play” state;
  • turn off all sounds during recording. notifications and other voice sounds of the phone will not be played while the function is running;
  • Rename entries manually. this option allows you to change the file name;
  • recording quality. you can choose high, standard or low quality with a certain bit rate. Accordingly, the size of the voice file will change;
  • delete recordings from Mi Cloud. after clicking on this item, Xiaomi cloud storage opens with all recorded sounds that can be deleted by clicking on the corresponding button.

To start the recorder, click on the white circle at the bottom of the screen. After that, at the top you will see the recording time.

Even if you minimize the Voice Recorder application, the status bar will turn into a blue bar to quickly go back. You can save the file by clicking on “Stop” and renaming the name.

Where does the recording from the recorder on Xiaomi smartphones go? You can not look for them at all if you do not need to send voice files to a computer. To listen to them in the application itself, click on “My Records” and select the one you need.

Android files are saved in a specific folder. Return to your desktop and find the File Manager, Explorer, or Files application.

A list of folders will appear, but you need to go to the internal storage of the phone and go to the “MIUI” folder. We go into the “sound_recorder” folder and easily find our recorded voice files.

Screen recording

Xiaomi fans will probably follow the MIUI shell news. The screen recording on MIUI 9, which the manufacturer announced at the end of this summer, was the discovery of this Chinese shell in the world. It allows you to record a picture from the screen of your smartphone, as you do on a computer. Please note that recording from the Xiaomi smartphone screen will not be in the best quality, since the shell has not yet been finalized.

To launch Screencast of the Xiaomi phone screen display on one of the desktops, find the “Screen Recorder” application.

After clicking below, a red circle will appear, which you need to click.

You can stop the screencast in the curtain by tapping on the corresponding inscription.