Xiaomi Redmi 4x Mute Microphone

Modern mobile gadgets have many additional accessories, the most popular of which are headphones. But what if Xiaomi does not see the headphones? Often a situation happens when we plug a headset into an audio jack, but the smartphone does not detect them. Many users complain of a bad sound with interference, while others only have one earphone.

We will tell you the most basic causes of this problem, share tips that will help fix this problem.

Problems with a wireless headset

People who have just purchased wireless headphones cannot connect the wireless device to their smartphone for quite some time. Some users think that the headphones do not work, or something with Bluetooth on the phone.

In fact, everything is different: when you turn on the headset, you must definitely go to the “Search for Bluetooth devices” on your smartphone and select a connected device so that there is a pairing between the gadgets. Simple activation of Bluetooth will not give a positive result.

Dust in the connector (headset mode does not turn off)

Perhaps some people may find this reason ridiculous, but it does have a place to be. If you rarely use headphones, then it is likely that your aux connector is dirty with dust or other small debris. The main central contact of the plug may have a poor connection with the contact pad in the socket, as a result of which the phone does not recognize the connected headphones or the headset mode does not turn off after disconnecting them.

Try to carefully clean the socket with a needle or a mini screwdriver. Do this with the smartphone turned off to avoid a short circuit. This method has been tested on Xiaomi Redmi 4 with the 7th firmware version.

Software problem

Many users report that their devices ceased to perceive the headset after updating the firmware to version 8. There are 2 solutions to the problem:

  • roll back to the old version;
  • Install Miui 8 with full formatting.

If you liked the new firmware, and there is no desire to roll back, then simply format the system data of the device and install the new firmware version from scratch. This method helped a lot.

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Mute Microphone

Incompatible Pinout

There are 2 main standards for wiring audio plugs: OMTP and CTIA. Each of these types always has three main contacts, and in the case of a headset, four. Most often, problems arise with a 4-pin headset. The fact is that the GND pin (common, ground) on the old type of pinout. OMTP was the first (from the wire), then came the microphone, the right earphone and the left channel.

In the new type of pinout (CTIA), the GND and the microphone are swapped. Accordingly, if you use old headphones on a new device, then they will not suit you. For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro does not see old OMTP-type headphones, the device is compatible only with new headset models.

The phone sees the headphones only the first 3-5 seconds

If when connecting the headphones you see the corresponding icon in the status bar for only the first 3-5 seconds, and then the connection is interrupted, the following trick invented by forum users can help:

  1. Insert the headphones all the way
  2. The headphone icon should light up
  3. Then after 5-10 seconds, insert the headset all the way

Surprisingly, the fact that such a manipulation really helps almost all users with this problem.


As you understood from the article, there are several reasons why the smartphone does not accept the headset. Do not immediately panic and run to the service center for help. You yourself can diagnose and fix the problem. Experiment with headphones that the smartphone does not accept on another device. Perhaps this particular model is not compatible with your gadget.

I have redmi4. And a completely different problem. Headphones sees music playing. But the speakers do not turn off. Sound both there and there, and even the volume is adjusted equally. What to do ?

When connected, does the headphone icon appear at the top? From the first day of purchase, such a problem or a problem appeared after some actions with a smartphone?

There is an icon. At first I didn’t notice, I listened to it three times with headphones, then I noticed it for two days, yesterday it began to work normally again, without speakers. I do not see any pattern. Stick-in doesn’t help.

It looks like a bad contact, check the headphone jack for debris and dust, if this does not help, try changing the headphones, maybe there is a problem in them.

With the old three-pin headphones, there is an icon and the sound is only in the headphones, but with the headset there is no icon and the sound is through the speaker. This is a problem from the very beginning, so to speak from the box.

Reboot did not help? Have you tried other headphones?

No matter how I have a problem, it doesn’t go to the end, like I’ve already tried the 3rd headphone and there’s something blocking it, but there’s nothing inside, what could be the problem. (I used it during the day and everything was fine, but in the evening there’s such a shnyaga) Phone: Xiaomi Redmi note 3

There is more likely mechanical damage, inspection is needed.

After, he fell in the snow with me, so they do not work? He just fell sideways with the other # 127776;

Quite possible. There are many reasons. Try to make a normal reset, if it does not help, it is better to give it for free diagnostics.

Good afternoon.
Is it safe for a phone to clean a headset jack with a needle?

If cleaned carefully, without excessive effort, it’s safe

On Redmi 4 Prime, the headphones began to be defined as a headset, only the left earphone was playing, after rebooting everything became normal, but later the problem returned and the reboot did not help. I tried the headset, defines it as headphones, and the “Mi Sound Improvement” settings stopped working (the same way with another car radio). I tried to gradually connect, then everything is defined as a headset. How can I fix it?

Initially check for debris in the headphone jack. If this problem is from the very beginning of the operation of the device, then this is either a software glitch or a marriage. A similar problem was discussed at the Asian forum, a lot of flashing helped there.

Recently acquired redmi note 4
Headphones work, but the problem is this:
1. the sound stage while listening went behind the head
2. No penetration of channels ie sound like double mono
Please advise what can be done with this?

Initially check the headphones and the input for them, reboot the phone, use another application to listen to music. If all else fails, then just upgrade or reflash.

damn me I have the same garbage as if two sounds I don’t know what to do

Any recommendations do not help? Have you changed your headphones?

How to remove MIUI 8 firmware?

And what should remain on the device instead?

Redmi Note 4 X 3/32 from the box, the 4-pin headset from the tablet and phone does not work at the same time, the ancient headphones from the cassette player work with a bang. What is the reason?

Hard to say without inspection. Is the headset generally working? Does the phone work with other 4-pin headsets?

mi 5 and a headset air capsule (like I write correctly). calibration is not performed in the “key calibration” settings (there is no reaction to pressing), at the same time, when this headset is connected to another mobile device, the keys work, the tracks and answers to the call are switched.
Is there a problem in the firmware? just rollback?

Check the headphone jack on mi5, is there definitely no rubbish? It is difficult to say without inspection, but the problem may be in the firmware. Not necessarily a rollback, you can try to upgrade to a newer version, although sometimes glitches and bugs during the upgrade are transferred along with the data. Here only a complete flashing with data deletion can help.

The problem is the same, not a single remote control on 5-wire headsets works on MI5, while the remote control on bluetooth headphones works.

How many pads on the 3.5mm headphone jack? Have you tried updating firmware or resetting it?

4 platforms, the firmware was updated yesterday to MIUI 9, the problem did not fix. Headphones from APPLE 6S do not work either. Besides dropping, what else can help?

If a reset or a complete flashing does not help, then most likely this is a problem in the hardware. It is necessary to do additional tests, but already with the filling of the smartphone, for the sake of security, we do not offer such methods and do not describe. Try to find a service center where they conduct free diagnostics and give them to them.

After the next firmware Redmi Note 2, the buttons for switching tracks via bluetooth stopped working. Checked on two bluetooth headsets and a car media center.

Is the firmware official? Try resetting your settings.

Redmi note 4. When the headphones are connected, the headphones icon appears, but there is no sound. Before that, they worked well. In another phone, these headphones continue to work.

How long did they work well? Until the next firmware update?

The same trouble, tracks stopped switching after updating on a wireless headset

If rebooting and deleting bluetooth from connected devices does not help, then this is most likely a firmware bug. Wait for the next update, if the problem recurs, you will have to do a complete flashing.

So if everything works, why do the calibration?

I have such a problem in my xiaomi redmi pro 4x phone, when I connect the headphones, two headphones icons with and without a microphone appear? please tell me how to configure so that there is one icon, headphones without a microphone?

What kind of headphones are you connecting?

Phone Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro. When connecting a Chinese copy of the Apple headset, EarPods incorrectly detected the buttons.
Since I do not need a microphone and buttons, I remade the headset into 3-pin headphones, where the first two contacts (from the wire side) are shorted to ground. In general, I got what I wanted. all the functionality of 3-pin headphones. But if you move or twist the plug (for example, the phone is in your pocket when walking), the phone “thought” that the button was clamped, and accordingly added volume or turned off the music.
When this business was completely tired, I remade the plug into the CTIA type, where the “microphone” contact hangs in the “air”. The problem with the false response of the button has passed. But new problems appeared: the headphone icon does not appear for the first five to ten seconds (accordingly, sound goes through the speakers), after this time the icon appears, but the “sound improvement” is inactive (muffled) and does not affect the sound in any way.
According to the results of the “experiment”, two theories get into my head: either the Xiaomi headsets use a “tricky” system with pull-up resistors (this explains why CTIA is not detected without a microphone contact), or you need to change the connector in the phone (after all, the phone should not work by turning the plug ) Change the connector is not a hunt, because in modern phones this is still masochism!
Therefore, if someone has a headset with normally detected buttons, without false positives, describe at least briefly the circuit board with buttons!

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with this specific issue, we recommend contacting a foreign forum, they should help you there.

Good afternoon. Please tell me how compatible are these devices Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone and Mi Quantie “Hybrid, Pro” Silver headset
The reason is this: how do they work with headphones (you can listen to music), like there is no headset. The microphone during the conversation does not work when recording the recorder, too, the switching buttons are not active and when pressed, switching tracks does not occur. I tried to do the calibration does not help, in general, when I press the buttons, it does not react like that. Updated for the new firmware MiUi 9 Beta, everything also remained on it before. What do you recommend?

Hello. Have you checked this headset with other phones? In particular with xiaomi? In theory, these devices should be more than compatible.

I bought redmi note 4 days ago. On the first day, I listened to music with headphones without problems, the second morning I noticed that he overloaded at night because I had to enter a pin on a SIM card, and since then music has only played in the speakers of the phone, headphones does not perceive, in xiomi the novice has always used samsungs

Is the firmware new? You can try to reset the settings. If you bought from your city, it’s better to bring it to the seller, let it be his problem.

I have the same trouble after flashing the phone to 7.9.15 (miui 9) XRN 3 PRO. weekly global, I sin more on firmware. Buttons are not subject to calibration at all. It was possible to test the headphones and buttons on another Xiaomi 4X phone (7.9.15 but on a 7 droid). everything works fine and the flight is normal, the keys are calibrated correctly. Honestly, I thought that I had one such problem, but it turned out I wasn’t the only one, the Chinese and the Chinese didn’t need something with the firmware.
I forgot to add that the small firmware 7.9.22 with bug fixes did not fix the problem, the buttons didn’t react and didn’t.

UPD after 20 minutes))) I cleaned the nest with a cotton swab. the buttons react, everything works. The nest clogged with dust.

After a month of using redmi 4x, the headphones began to muffle, I put the headphones in and the icon appears not the headphones, but as if I had pressed the microphone button, I couldn’t listen to music because I immediately switched it to Google for voice search. What can I do about it?

Have you tried to clean the connector?

Good afternoon! I have xaomi redmi 4. If headphones are inserted, then during a conversation on the phone the interlocutor does not hear me. If you pull out the headphones, then everything is fine. Tell me please. what is the problem.

Have you tried other headphones?

I do not have redmi 4x headphones inserted, there is still space left, but before everything worked on the phone for a month, what is wrong with it? Maybe due to the fact that he fell?

Try to clean the connector.

good afternoon! Phone xiaomi redmi 4x 2.5 weeks. yesterday, after the headphones were removed, the headset icon on the phone did not go out. Talking on the phone is only possible through headphones. Sound does not go to the speaker. There is no dust in the connector. What could it be?

Apparently the system was buggy, did you try to reboot or reset the settings?

Also on the redmi note 4 with global firmware, the headphone icon does not disappear after using them. They rebooted more than once, inserted other headphones, returned to the original settings, and nothing helps, there is no dust and dirt in the connector. You can only talk on the speakerphone or through the headphones.

Then what happened?

After listening to music. The speaker works, just the phone does not go into a simple conversation mode, only on a busy basis or through headphones.

Recently there was such a case with one client. The audio chip has burned out, the device cannot be repaired. This is such a “disease” in these models. We advise you to contact the service.

Good afternoon!
Redmi 4x 3/32 after listening to active acoustics the headphone icon lit up. The spoken speaker has stopped working. Resetting and updating the firmware did not help. Replacing and after and removing the headphone jack also did not lead to anything. The service center said that the audio processor burned out. The phone cannot be repaired. This is not an isolated case. This phone and headphones are incompatible.

I have redmi note 4x. Recently I bought airstrip headphones (well, Chinese is all things). Headphones themselves work, but there is no remote control for them, or rather., But at the same time the pause button also works for the microphone. I checked on the iPhone, and there they work. What to do? (I could not find the answer on the Internet)

Apparently the commands transmitted via Bluetooth do not converge. We can not advise on Chinese fakes, especially since the headphones were made for an iPhone.

I have a redmi note 4 mtk 3/64. Xiaomi Piston Youth Headphones. for a couple of months everything was ok, and then the headphones began to be connected only through the last method (where you need to insert the headphones to the end for 10 seconds). Yes, you can listen to music, but the headset does not work. Buttons for switching are also inactive. The same ears work fine on other phones, and on my phone other headphones also work correctly. In short, the Chinese android = persistent problems (albeit small, but unpleasant).

And I have Redmi 4.
Headphones themselves add / reduce the name, scroll through the tracks.
At first (day 3) all the rules were, and then it started.

Check for dirt in the connector. Try using other headphones to understand the problem in your phone or headset.

Good afternoon!
I have the following situation:
Redmi 4x / 3Gb. When you connect a wired headset, the following occurs:
1. The volume immediately decreases, you can only increase it manually by pressing the button on its side (it happens that after increasing, the sound switches to “0” again). At the same time, they may not hear me during a call.

2. As a test, I turned on the radio through the headset. the radio stations changed spontaneously.

3. Also, as a test, I tried to record through the recorder application. the indication shows that there is a recording but I can not always listen to the recorded sound through the headphones.

Through a wireless headset, everything works fine.
I reset to factory settings did not help. Phone in operation 3 months.

Tell me what could be the problem and how can I fix it?

Is the wired headset original? Have you tried working with another wired?

Hello! At the Redmi note 4x, when you connect the bluetooth headphones from Sony, the equalizer and sound enhancement are not active. What could be the problem? The volume and control buttons on the headset work.

The equalizer is active when transmitting sound through the analog channel (simple sound to the headphones), the file itself is transferred to the bluetooth headphones in digital form, where it is already processed by the headphones themselves. It is on the xiaomi smartphone that the sound setting does not work when the Bluetooth headphones are connected. If this setting is important to you, try downloading an alternative player.

I inserted a plug from the speakers everything played! Then he put in his earphones and the place of music he heard a roar and hiss !! And when you or I call, the dynamics also have a hissing feeling that I or the other person is standing near the speakers