Xiaomi Redmi 4x Change Screen

What to do if the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X display is faulty? In smartphones, this phenomenon is very common, as inaccurate user actions can greatly damage both the screen and the entire phone as a whole. When the phone is dropped onto a hard surface, such as asphalt or concrete, with the highest probability the xiaomi screen will at least crack. Depending on the complexity of the damage, the price for fixing the display may vary.

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Change Screen

The most unpleasant case is when the phone goes blank screen and no longer turns on. So you have to completely replace the entire display module. To do this, you can contact the service, where the xiaomi screen will be repaired for a fee, or try the replacement procedure yourself, but you need to do this carefully.

Touch Screen Replacement

As already mentioned at the beginning, dropping the phone, you can easily break the glass, but it is worth noting that the display and touchscreen are not the same thing. If the touchscreen fails, the device will not respond to touch. In this case, users are wondering, but how to change the display of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with a touchscreen? If you try to do it at home, then the following actions are usually performed:

  1. First, we get a touchscreen for the desired phone model, in addition to the screen itself, there will be a cable for the sensor function. You can find it on the Internet, but cheaper on Ali. It is desirable, of course, the original.
  2. If the touchscreen does not work fully and the screen is broken, you will have to open the phone to disconnect it. We remove the cover, pull out the battery (if removable), SIM cards and other elements.
  3. Unscrew the bolts and disconnect all connected loops.
  4. In some cases, to disconnect the touch screen cable, you first need to remove the battery.
  5. We unscrew the remaining bolts and remove the board.
  6. Before us lies one building. Here you need to unstick the cable.
  7. We use a hairdryer or any other device with which you can warm up the screen to detach it.
  8. After warming up, immediately peel off the damaged screen.
  9. We take a brand new touchscreen and put it in its place.
  10. It is necessary to insert the cables into the required holes, and then glue the screen with glue.
  11. After the procedure, the touchscreen should be attached to the body. In a good way, you need to put it under the press to glue the glue, but you can temporarily do without it and check the performance.
  12. We begin to collect the phone in the order that they were disassembled.
  13. We connect all the cables, tighten the bolts.
  14. We try to turn on the smartphone and check the sensor. Does it respond to touch? So everything is fine.

Thus, in a moment, a broken touchscreen was replaced. It will not take much time if there are at least some skills in this matter. After that, the screen is usually calibrated to more clearly identify touches in the right places on the sensor.

Screen Replacement

The screen or simply the display of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with a touchscreen can be replaced in a slightly different way. It is more complex and requires some experience in these matters. Replacing the screen (not the touchscreen) is a complicated procedure, because the broken display needs to be warmed up strongly and peeled off with the help of any thin object (credit card or something similar). It is not advisable to use sharp objects, knives, nails, etc.

They usually act as follows:

  1. They completely disassemble the smartphone, remove the board and battery.
  2. Warm up the panel with the display.
  3. Using a credit card or other object, disconnect the display glued with glue. Any incorrect movement and touchscreen can be damaged, which means you have to buy and replace everything at once, which will be much more expensive.
  4. After the display is off, we try to turn on the smartphone to check the performance.
  5. If everything works, turn it off again and take it apart. We clean the body of glue residue.
  6. We take a new screen and glue that dries under ultraviolet light (you can buy a flashlight or a nail dryer).
  7. Apply glue to the touchscreen in the form of the letter Zh and gently apply the screen. After fixing and spreading the glue on the surface, we place the phone in the ultraviolet oven or use a flashlight.
  8. We are trying to turn on the device.

Some people wonder what glue to use. There are many companies, but the most common is LOCA, since it spreads well on the display, and you can also find cheap options on Aliexpress.

As you can see, replacing the display of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is not such a simple procedure. First you need to find out which screen Xiaomi has, then we buy the right option, then glue and an ultraviolet furnace, if not. Also do not make a mistake with the color, if the phone is black, then the module is black.

Smartphone glass protection

Before buying a mobile device, many are interested in the issue of screen protection, because without it the screen is scratched at least. The answer is obvious. you need a film on the screen or tempered glass. The second option, of course, is better, since this component is practically not damaged, if you do not do it on purpose. It also all depends on the quality of the purchased product.