Xiaomi Redmi 4a Microphone Does Not Work

Xiaomi does not work microphone. 1 of the most popular problems of mi devices. On xiaomi devices, usually 2 microphones are installed. Their work is disrupted for a number of reasons.

Xiaomi Redmi 4a Microphone Does Not Work

Although the problem is global in scope, the solution is within the power of even an inexperienced owner.

Causes of Phone Breakdown

  1. There are many reasons for a non-working device. Before thinking about drastic measures, it is recommended to perform an action. restart the gadget. After the manipulation, you should see if my device has recovered.
  2. Poor communication quality in Redmi 5. The problem is a bad signal (for example, leaving the city). The problem is solved by itself as soon as a good coverage area becomes available.
  3. If you bought a poor-quality cover for the device, it may be that there is no corresponding hole for the microphone. This sometimes happens. There are 2 solutions: purchase a high-quality product, or make a hole for the microphone yourself. Also do not forget that there is 2 microphone. Its function is to suppress noise. If it is closed, the quality of communication will deteriorate due to the fact that the interlocutor will hear ambient sounds.
  4. Carefully inspect the mob. device. Perhaps a business card or other paper is put under the cover, which has moved out and blocked access to the voice device. If this happens, clean the microphone from debris and try to talk again.
  5. If you are hard of hearing only 1 user of Redmi 5A Prime or 5S, and everyone else has perfect voice communication, advise the other person to check the microphone in their own device.
  6. If during the dialogue the interlocutor hears an echo, then the noise reduction option should be activated. Do this as follows: in the gadget settings, visit the “Sound” section, enable the function. It is present exclusively in new software versions. If a bug occurs when the option is activated, it is recommended, on the contrary, to disable it.
  7. Service “Ok Google” may negatively affect the operation of the voice device. It responds to voice, thereby degrading the quality of communication. To disconnect, select the “Voice” section, find the appropriate service and deactivate it. Then reload the gadget. The problem should be fixed. The problem can also be observed among owners of Mi Notebook Pro (Pro) laptops.
  8. Check if there are software updates for your device. As a rule, in new firmware versions bugs are eliminated.

How to solve and understand why the microphone does not work on the phone

If the above methods did not help, you may need to perform a series of actions through obtaining root rights. Such manipulations can lead to a complete update of the device, which means that it is recommended that you back up all important files before the process. Setup is done on the Redmi Note 4A gadget. Also, the instruction is suitable for owners of mi a1.

  1. If sound is lost on both voice devices after recording a movie, the following actions:
  • look for the name xml, located at: / system / etc;
  • play through the application “ES Explorer”, look for an inscription starting with “kctl name = audio”;
  • in the program we change the inscription “ADC1” to “ADC2”. We activate the changes, exit the application, reboot the device. After making the appropriate changes, the channels in thes are reversed.
  1. Deactivating the bottom microphone.
  • in the above system folder there is a file that is responsible for the voice device. Its name: prop. To fix the bug, make adjustments;
  • open, look for the phrase “persist.audio.fluence.voicecall = true”;
  • in this caption we change “true” to “false”;
  • activate the changes, perform a reboot.
  1. Install Xiaomi through the engineering menu (analogue of fastboot).
  • it is recommended that you adjust the voice output. To do this, you must obtain Root rights;
  • enter the combination in the input box of phone number: ## 3646633 ##;
  • “Hardware Testing” opens. Here we launch the “Audio” section;
  • look for “Normal Mode”, then “Type” and the inscription “Mic”. Display the subsection “Level”;
  • where the phrase “Level 10” appears, we manually enter 200. We remember, perform a reboot. This method is required if the owner of the device wants to set a more comfortable communication volume.

The microphone does not work when making a call

If the microphone does not work during the conversation of Xiaomi, and during the call you hear the user well, but he is not there, it may require intervention in the device. If the sound of the second user is heard perfectly when the loudspeaker is activated, and the sound is distinct when recording, then this is a hardware problem.

It is recommended that only technical knowledgeable owners fix the problem. To debug an option, you need:

  1. Disassemble the smartphone and find the plastic insert. Underneath is a speaker.
  2. Unscrew and remove the board on which the volume source is located. Blow it thoroughly.
  3. Assemble the parts back.

If this method did not help to deal with the problem when making a call, then the fact is that the voice device is rejected. Contact the service center and have a replacement by a specialist.

Speakerphone does not work

If the microphone on the speakerphone has stopped working after the device has been dropped / hit on a hard surface, or if liquid has got inside the case, the microphone will need to be replaced.

In this case, we are talking about mechanical damage to xiaomi, or about the oxidation of contacts. Also, the contact may have gone away. These problems can only be solved by contacting specialists.

Main problems with the microphone on Xiaomi Redmi 4X

The main microphone problems on Xiaomi Redmi 4X include:

  1. Software issues. They can be easily eliminated by rebooting the device, or by resetting the settings to the original ones.
  2. Poor redmi 4X coverage area. Good audibility will not be achieved if the device catches only 1-2 “strips”.
  3. Poor quality gadget case (there is no hole for the speaker).
  4. Failure may result from incorrect device settings. They should be adjusted using root-rights.
  5. The item may be dirty or accidentally closed. In this case, open the device and clean it.
  6. If the defect appears after liquid has entered the case, or after falling, the microphone should be replaced by the after-sales service.