Xiaomi Power Bank How to Charge

Power Bank. Mobile energy source for smartphones, phones, tablets, players, camcorders, cameras, GPS navigators, as well as other gadgets.

Ease of use Power Bank!
In short, instead of connecting the phone to a charger that plugs into an outlet, you simply connect the phone to an external battery, making it mobile, mobile, and you can do it anywhere;).

Charging your mobile device with an external battery.

    Connect your device to the bank using the cord that comes with your phone / tablet.

Xiaomi Power Bank How to Charge

Most banks should automatically start charging a mobile device immediately after connecting it. If, after connecting, the phone still does not start charging, you must press the ON / OFF button once, twice or hold it pressed for a couple of seconds. it all depends on the model of the external battery.

I would like to note that in most cases the phone will not automatically charge if the external battery has been lying for some time with the cord connected and you have connected the phone to it, in this case you will definitely need to turn on the external battery by pressing the ON / OFF button.

  • A lit indicator on the universal charger indicates that the charging process is ongoing. When your device is fully charged, the external battery will automatically turn off. This function is inherent in the majority of high-quality banks, and was made so that there is no recharging of the phone’s battery and it does not fail, so we recommend not to save on quality, because then you still pay for the phone repair.
  • As the external battery discharges, less and less indicators will light on it.
  • Charging an external battery.

    1. Connect the external battery to the network charger (SZU), which you use to charge your phone / tablet, or that comes with the bank (which is extremely rare today, because the manufacturer does not want to hit the cost of the bank, because it believes that once buy a bank, then there is already a mobile device with charging).
    2. After connecting to the RAM on the external battery, the indicators will start flashing, which indicate the charging process and the level of the current capacity of the bank. As you charge, more and more indicators will light up. If all indicators are on, the external battery is fully charged.
    3. After a full charge, the power bank should automatically shut off, which protects it from overcharging and increases the life of its batteries.

    Operation of an external battery

    In order for the bank to serve for a long time, follow these recommendations:

    • Do not leave it in places with low temperatures. Remember that cold greatly reduces the capacity of all batteries.
    • Charge the power bank only with high-quality network chargers and serviceable cords. Once again, do not buy cheap accessories, then it will cost more to repair a phone or a bank.
    • Use external batteries more often, and if you leave it idle for a long time, try to keep the charge at 80%. For example, I don’t remember when I charged the phone from the mains charger. in the office. from an external battery, in cafes / bars. from an external battery, at home. same. Thanks to the banks, you can extend the battery life of the phone. put on charge the mobile phone and at one time charged 100%. Forget about the constant connection and disconnection when you called the phone, which “tied” to the outlet.
    • The leading companies in the sales of power banks (Yoobao, Xiaomi, Pineng) give a guarantee for 500 charge / discharge cycles of the power bank, which is enough for 7-8 years of active use, so do not be shy, charge if necessary.

    Power Bank Kit Options

    When buying a mobile charger, in the kit, as a rule, there is only one cord for charging, the device itself, instructions (most likely in English or Chinese).

    Battery capacity using an example of an external battery for 10,000 mAh

    With one full charge of the external battery you can charge:

    • 4.6 times iPhone 5s
    • 4 times iPhone 6
    • 1.6 times iPad mini
    • 2.3 times Mi 4
    • 3.2 times Huawei honor3c
    • 2.6 times Samsung S5

    I want to pay special attention to the choice of sellers, checking the external battery for originality and quality of the external battery itself, which will be discussed in the following articles.

    We recommend the new products of 2016 from the company Yoobao. leader in the production of external batteries: