Xiaomi Or Huawei What To Choose

Huawei is a leader in Chinese manufacturers and is among the top 3 brands in the global smartphone market. The popularity growth of the brand is stable due to three components: attractive design of phones, high-quality “filling” and high-quality camera. But the guru of Chinese gadgets is confidently breathing in the back with xiaomi, whose phones are already dispersing around the world in large print runs. The abundance of offers from Chinese developers is quite difficult to figure out which is better than xiaomi or huawei, especially for those who do not follow the latest in the world of affordable gadgets. What to choose xiaomi, huawei and what parameters should you pay attention to when buying a new phone, we will understand this review.

Which manufacturer is better and why

Consider the gadgets of famous brands not in general terms, but with the help of today’s popular phones, which will help determine which huawei or xiaomi smartphone is better and why.

Huawei honor 6x vs xiaomi redmi note 4x. These are budget models with the same screen diagonal of 5.5 inches. The design and controls of smartphones are similar, as are the dimensions. Huawei has shockproof glass, but xiaomi uses an oleophobic coating. Xiaomi’s filling consists of the popular qualcomm processor with good power consumption, but low heat generation. Used Adreno graphics chip, 4 GB memory. Huawei uses the classic HiSilicon Kirin 655 flagship design.

Both phones show good results during the test on synthetic tests. The capacious battery and powerful processor provides redmi non-stop operation for up to two days. Opponent also boasts a good result. Listening to music. about 60 hours, the game mode. up to 10. Xiaomi is stuffed with various modes and functions for shooting with a 13 megapixel camera. The honor 6x camera will surprise you with a good 8 megapixel front camera, a great option for a selfie. Models have the same screen and memory parameters, they are distinguished by the quality of cameras and body cover. Redmi attracts with autonomy, and huawei with excellent image quality. Models are in almost the same price range.

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In the segment of budget smartphones, huawei nova 2 and xiaomi redmi 4x phones also take pride of place. Compact smartphones with a screen diagonal of 5 inches. The huawei model is smaller, in its arsenal has phones with plastic and glass cases, xiaomi prefers only metal for redmi 4x. Both developers use standard chipsets for their lines with a capacity of 8 cores. Both models work on similar versions of Android, on top of which Xiaomi has MIUI V 8.0. The use of components from different manufacturers, as well as devices with different processors, makes it difficult for the developer to quickly fix problems with the phone and firmware. The quality of cameras again leads huawei. Xiaomi overtakes a competitor in the battery life of the phone and costs 3, 5 times less.

Flagship huawei p10 dual sim vs xiaomi mi6. Smartphones are visually quite similar: they have the same size rounded around the perimeter of the case, are almost identical in size, the flagship xiaomi is a bit heavier, but in terms of internal content, these are completely different models. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip is installed in the xiaomi phone, the model is stuffed with 4 custom Kryo cores, which significantly increase the gadget’s performance. Huawei uses the HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor along with the Mali-G71 MP8 graphics, while improving gadget performance. Xiaomi’s battery capacity is 3350 mAh, the huawei Z10 smartphone with a slightly lower battery capacity of 3200 mAh will demonstrate the same autonomy. Thanks to its “stuffing,” the xiaomi smartphone is slightly inferior to huawei in performance.

Xiaomi Or Huawei What to Choose

Cons and pros of Huawei smartphones

  • Thanks to the development of its own hardware, huawei is considered the best Chinese manufacturer of the most powerful smartphones. The presence of Kirin chipsets allows to achieve improved characteristics of models, not to hang from third-party suppliers, more quickly release software updates, and also better optimize software.
  • The purchase of advanced models from Sony allows the brand to take a leading position in the market of camera phones. Even Xiaomi flagships shoot significantly worse than the budget versions of Huawei.
  • In the post-Soviet countries, huawei has official representatives, xiaomi is content with dealer companies for the time being. The presence of branches allows us to provide official technical support services.
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But these visible flaws still pull customers to the side of xiaomi:

  • The lack of oleophobic coating contributes to the poor performance of the fingerprint scanner under the screen.
  • After seizing a leading position, the brand began to increase the price of gadgets. But everyone is ready to buy the Chinese at the price of Samsung.

Better or worse xiaomi smartphones

  • A significant advantage of Xiaomi over Huawei is the price. It is almost impossible to find the flagship huawei for 300, but xiaomi offers a premium phone for the money.
  • Quality filling. The brand is trying to ensure the maximum configuration of gadgets, while using the minimum investment. Developers practically do not use cheap chipsets.
  • Use of high-capacity batteries. However, this does not affect the design of xiaomi, the developers maintain an acceptable thickness of the cases.

But some shortcomings interrupt the brand’s path to leadership in the global smartphone market, namely:

  • Cameras are one of the weaknesses of the brand. The situation in the flagship line is not particularly pleasing. Even high-quality matrices do not cover software flaws.
  • It seems that the company lacks a long-term brand development strategy. There is no clear distinction between the model range, and the chaotic release of new products sometimes negates the elimination of shortcomings in previous models. Understanding the assortment of smartphones that are often reincarnated is difficult.
  • Using components from different manufacturers, the quality of firmware is significantly reduced, and the use of devices with different hardware only increases problems with debugging software. This entails slow elimination of bugs and mediocre software optimization.
  • The company still uses MediaTek chipsets, which do not enjoy a good reputation in the world market due to overheating and reducing the smooth operation of the smartphone as a whole.
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And if you still do not know what to choose xiaomi or Huawei, pay attention to the filling. If xiaomi has the MediaTek chipset, not Qualcomm, it is clearly worse than its competitor. In this case, savings are completely inappropriate. According to the results of xiaomi vs huawei, it is clear that the first option is budget, but with powerful hardware. Due to the oleophobic coating, the ergonomics of xiaomi are significantly higher. That is, this is a great option for an inexpensive smartphone. It is definitely worth choosing huawei if you need a powerful camera and various design solutions. Having an official warranty is another important priority that will stop the choice on huawei.