Xiaomi note 7 camera error

The main causes of breakdown

Method 2. clearing the cache

  • Open the phone settings menu.
  • Go to the section “Applications”.
  • Find the default camera app and then tap on it.
  • Delete all accumulated program settings data.
  • Reboot your smartphone.

xiaomi redmi note 7 (M1901F7G) erro na camera

Try to open the camera and take some pictures.

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Camera is buggy on Meizu Note 9. Problem solution

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Camera error: “Failed to connect to camera” on Android device

It all starts with the fact that when you try to use the camera of an Android device, you first see a blank screen with a camera icon in the center, and then you receive the message “Failed to connect to the camera.” Sometimes it is possible to use the camera after restarting the device, but, as a rule, the error rate increases, and soon it becomes simply impossible to use the photo module to take a couple of photos. Many users also complain that they receive a similar error message when trying to shoot video at the minimum resolution (240p). Is there any way to fix the situation? Let’s try together to figure out what is happening and find available ways to solve the problem on our own.

Medium difficulty methods

These are the standard steps you can take when the application displays the error message “Failed to connect to the camera.” Try using them all. it should help. And do not forget to stop the application and restart it before each new attempt to connect the camera. The methods given here to fix the error “Failed to connect to the camera” do not carry the risk of losing saved photos and videos.

A) Clearing cache and data

  • Go to the “Settings” Android device;
  • Select “Applications”;
  • Find the camera app and select it;

In the application menu, click “Clear cache” and “Clear data”, confirm your actions;

  • Reboot the device, or force-stop the camera app (disable / enable) before making another attempt to start the camera.
  • B) Removing and reinstalling updates Go to the same settings of the camera application, as shown above. If there is an option to uninstall updates, then do it. But remember that you should not use older versions of the apps, so you will have to visit the Play Market to update the camera app again.

    B) Check Permissions (Android Marshmallow only) Android Marshmallow has a personalized system for allowing access to main applications. You must confirm that your camera app has permission to access the camera. Usually, if the required permission is missing, it is requested during application launch.

    • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Cameras”.
    • Click on “Permissions”.
    • Make sure the Camera Resolution slider is moved to the right. You can turn it off and on again.

    Available methods

    A) Reboot Users reported that the camera starts working after rebooting the Android device. Sometimes you have to reboot the gadget several times to achieve the desired result. In any case, it makes sense to try this elementary method. turn off and then turn on your smartphone or tablet.

    B) Restart in Safe Mode Every Android device has a boot function in the “Safe Mode” function, that is, you restart your phone and turn it on, activating only the basic applications and a limited number of available functions. Safe Mode is great for troubleshooting as downloaded applications will be disabled and you will be able to determine if there is really a conflict between various third-party software and system software related to camera use.

    To restart in safe mode:

    • Turn off the device.
    • Hold the power button for a few seconds until the shutdown menu appears.

    Confirm you want to restart your device in Safe Mode.

    When starting in safe mode, enable the camera system app. View some photos, then exit the app.

  • Turn it on again and see if it works.
  • If the camera works normally in safe mode, then you have narrowed down the search for the causes of the error. The problem lies in the conflict of third-party applications with the system software. It is because of them that you are unable to connect to the camera. Your next steps:

    C) Remove conflicting third-party applications Try uninstalling third-party camera-related applications. These are applications that can take pictures in the course of their work. For example: Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. Surely there are programs on your smartphone or tablet with which you can take photos directly from the application and share them. Remove such programs one by one, checking after each uninstallation if the error has disappeared. If you were able to connect to the camera, you found a third-party application conflicting with the system software. And one more thing: do not forget to switch between video, panoramic shooting and other modes during the test. the problem may appear in any of them, and it is important for us to restore the full functionality of the camera.

    If you managed to launch the camera from a third-party application downloaded from Google Play, then the problem lies in the official system application for it. Try the following:

      Go to Settings. Applications. Cameras;

  • Remove updates, if any;
  • Clear the cache and data;
  • Troubleshooting Methods for Advanced Users

    Attention: these methods for correcting the error “Failed to connect to the camera” when used entail the loss of data saved on the Android device. In order not to lose contacts, photo galleries, games, music and other content, you need to back up. Save photos, account information and apps backup to your Google account. All of this will be reinstalled after adding the same Google account to the device.

    How to Fix Cant Connect Camera Error in Redmi Note7/ note7 Pro

    A) Clear cache This action allows you to clear the device’s system of temporary data. obsolete and only cluttering the memory. This option is activated in Recovery mode, which becomes available after restarting the phone using the bootloader.

    To clear the cache, follow these steps:

    • turn off your Android device;
    • hold down the volume and power buttons at the same time to start the phone. you will see an image of an Android robot;
    • navigating with the volume button, switch to Recovery mode;

    After clearing the cache successfully, restart your phone and try launching the camera app again. Please note that your Android device may have a different combination of buttons to access maintenance and recovery mode.

    B) Resetting to factory settings Resetting the settings is considered the most radical way to solve problems, as it entails a complete loss of data. But if no other methods help, then you will simply be forced to use it. However, backing up will help save the data, and re-configuring the device will only consolidate the skills of working with Android devices. Here are two methods using which you can reset your phone or tablet to factory settings.

    Method I: From the recovery menu

    • Turn off your phone or tablet;
    • Press the “Volume.” and “Power” buttons at the same time to restart the device (you will see the Android robot);
    • Select the option that prompts you to return to factory settings (Factory or Factory Reset) by pressing the power button to confirm.

    Method II: From System Preferences

    • Go to Android Settings.
    • In the “Advanced” tab, find the options “Restore and reset”.