Xiaomi Mi5 Unlocking Bootloader Without Applying

The forums dedicated to Xiaomi smartphones abound with various modified firmware for every taste. Largely due to this, devices from this Chinese manufacturer are appreciated. You can always use the software that you like. Thus, you can breathe new life into your electronic pet.

However, for some models, just taking and installing custom firmware will not work. The fact is that on phones released after November 2015, Xiaomi removed the ability to freely install alternative software. For example, in the once popular smartphone Mi4c, the bootloader is not blocked, and in the later released Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Pro, a lock is present. To remove it, you need to take a number of steps. How to unlock Xiaomi bootloader will be covered in today’s article.

Xiaomi bootloader unlock benefits

Experienced users are well aware of what unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi gives, what advantages it entails for their device. For those who are not familiar with this topic, it is sometimes difficult to understand why all this is for them and what their smartphone will benefit from. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the advantages that unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader gives:

  • You can install custom Recovery, it simplifies the work and allows you to install any unofficial firmware on the gadget.
  • Easy to get Root rights. You can easily get rid of unnecessary standard applications that take up memory. You can also increase autonomy and clean the device from advertising garbage.
Xiaomi Mi5 Unlocking Bootloader Without Applying

unlock bootloader xiaomi

Check bootloader lock

Before unlocking Xiaomi bootloader, you need to make sure that it is definitely closed by the manufacturer. Therefore, the first thing you should check the device. There are 2 ways to find out if Xiaomi bootloader unlock is needed or not.

Using smartphone

On the phone, go to settings, there is an item “About the device”. It has the line “Kernel” in it, you need to quickly touch it several times, after which a menu will appear, in the first place in which there will be a Software version, here we go. Here in the line Fastboot look state you will see data on the status of the bootloader, and find out if Xiaomi is needed to be unlocked. When Lock is written, it means there is a lock, and if Unlock, there is no lock.

On the computer

To get information through a PC on Windows, connect the device to it with a USB cable. Before the verification procedure on a mobile device, we immediately clamp the power key and volume control from below to boot in Fastboot mode. Then in the field that appears on the computer monitor after holding down the WinR keys, enter “cmd”, after which we will see the command line. We enter “adb” into it, press Enter, then write “Fastboot oem device-info”. An open bootloader will be displayed with the word True on the screen, closed. False.

Manufacturer Unlock Approval

To remove the lock in MIUI, your desire will not be enough, you will also need the permission of the manufacturer. The application for unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader is filled out under the link en.miui.com/unlock/, there you will see the only button in the middle. By clicking on it, the English-language version of the resource or Chinese will open. In both cases, a translator in the browser will help.

unlock bootloader xiaomi

Follow the guidelines below:

  1. Complete the authorization process in your account.
  2. Then you will be redirected to the page where you need to fill in all the fields to obtain an unlock, or you can immediately download the unlock utility.
  3. After entering the information about yourself. name, country, reason for applying for an unlock and phone number, check the box and confirm the action. We write everything in the language of the site, Chinese or English. In the Chinese version, one can’t do without a translator.
  4. After doing all of the above, you will receive an SMS message containing a confirmation code on your phone. It must be entered in the text box that appears, then click Next.

The success of the operation will be indicated by the notification received. Application processing time varies from a few days to a week or more. You can expect a response by SMS, but it is better to monitor the solution to your question on the site, reviewing it regularly, as the message does not always come.

The number of unlocks, unfortunately, is limited. The official site allows for one account to remove the lock for only one gadget per month, that is, once every 30 days. An application for the next device can be submitted only after a month.

It’s not thick, let’s say so, but this is the policy of Xiaomi. This state of affairs, of course, does not suit everyone, so many become interested in the unofficial unlocking of the Xiaomi bootloader. There are people who want to get around the restriction, but they won’t succeed, because approval is received by the account, not the device.

Getting to Unlock

The manufacturer approved your application, now everything depends on you. Make sure you have Chinese firmware weekly. A weekly global version of the software may be suitable, for example, in the case of Xiaomi Mi5. It is not necessary to open the bootloader for this software, as it is official.

The bootloader is unlocked by the Mi Flash Unlock program. On many devices, it works the first time, even on cheap models Redmi Note 5A and Redmi 4A. Put the device in Fastboot mode and connect it to the PC. The Mi Flash Unlock program window will appear on the monitor, it will offer to agree to the rules, and then enter the MI ID and password for it to enter. At the final stage, you need to wait until the program recognizes the device, then click on “Unlock”. That’s it, now there are no obstacles to installing the desired firmware, the archive with which you save in the phone’s memory, you will also need custom Recovery.

How to speed up unlock approval?

To make the manufacturer respond to the application faster, be an active participant in the official Xiaomi forum. Registering on it is easy, you only need a password and username. The company treats such users more favorably. Information about your participation in the forum will be tied to your account. For people with very high activity, permission may come automatically without waiting. Therefore, it is worth a try.

What to do if a refusal is received?

Unlocking is almost always approved, but there are sometimes cases of failure. In such a situation, the thought may arise about how to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader without submitting an application? But do not despair. There are 3 options:

  • apply again after 15-20 days;
  • use a different account;
  • write a support letter.

It is worth noting that the third tip can only give results if the letter is in English. Send it to service.eu@xiaomi.com with the subject Unlock Your My Device. Wait for a response letter asking you to write your details. Forward all the necessary information, in a day you can get permission.

Errors during unlocking

Sometimes users encounter problems when unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader. Here is a list of the most common errors with methods for resolving them.

  1. Half completed operation. There may be problems on the company’s servers, restart the process later. If the message Not Connected Mi Phone is detected, then you can reinstall the smartphone drivers.
  2. There is no confirmation code message. Probably the Russian quota has been completed. Use a VPN or change the number.
  3. The green button does not want to be pressed. In your browser, enable pop-ups.
  4. There is no entrance to the Mi account. Instead of the ID number, the phone number is entered in the login field.
  5. Failure after a short period of time. Re-submit the application, there may be a problem with the Xiaomi servers.
  6. Network Error has occurred. This is not your problem, but Xiaomi. You can change the IP, clean the browser or apply VPS.


Many owners of Xiaomi devices do not even imagine that their capabilities can be significantly expanded if you take only one step. unlock the bootloader. And this is available for all Xiaomi smartphones. Top models and budget ones such as Redmi 4X will not remain offended.