Xiaomi Mi vacuum cleaner how to set up

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2: setup and use

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 (Xiaomi RoboRock S50) is a second generation robot vacuum cleaner from a famous Chinese brand. It is endowed with a host of useful functions that allow you to effectively clean living space with completely different floor coverings. At the same time, you can control the device from the proprietary Mi Home application on the phone.

Connecting and configuring the vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 after purchase fully stocked. The set includes a vacuum cleaner itself, a charging station, a water tank, microfiber for cleaning floors, a power cable for connecting a charging station, a plastic backing.

After unpacking and assembling the device, the charging station is installed and connected. It must be installed in such a way that there are no furniture or other objects nearby that will interfere with movement. The assembled vacuum cleaner is turned on by pressing a button on the body. By the way, it can be sent directly to the charging station. To do this, you need to press the “Home” button.

Immediately after that, you need to connect the robot to your smartphone and make the necessary settings. Do the following:

Робот пылесос Xiaomi инструкция по использованию, подключению и настройке

  • Download the proprietary Mi Home application on your phone.
  • Run it.
  • Register.
  • Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner (this is the “Add” button).
  • Go to the “Available Devices” category. Click on the vacuum cleaner icon after the app finds it.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network to which the vacuum cleaner needs to connect.
  • Wait for the initialization and initial configuration process.
  • If necessary, watch the instructional videos on device management. If there is no desire, go to the main application.

In the application, you can configure the operation of the device, control and monitor it in real time, as well as monitor its status. For example, you can immediately set a cleaning plan by specifying the desired time, the vacuum cleaner will clean daily by timer.

If you are not at home, but the apartment needs to be cleaned urgently, then here, too, an intelligent vacuum cleaner will help you a lot. You can start cleaning remotely, no matter where in the world you are right now. You can also control how the cleaning is going by looking at the online map of the room.

You don’t have to worry that the robot won’t clean up somewhere, get stuck or fall. It is equipped with many sensors and smart brains. After the launch, it examines the premises, analyzes obstacles, makes a route, taking into account every square meter of the territory. Information about where the robot has already removed is displayed in the application.

If the vacuum cleaner cannot get through somewhere, it will go back and go the other way. The height of obstacles, which he overcomes without problems, can reach up to 20 mm. If he approaches the edge of the stairs (for example, when cleaning the second floor), then the height sensor will instantly work. The vacuum cleaner will stop and travel in the other direction.

The application displays the status of all consumables. Therefore, you will see when they need to be changed.

In addition, the robot has many more advantages. The main one is, of course, super-quality cleaning. And thanks to the optimal cost, most people can appreciate them.


The instruction is suitable for Mi Vacuum Robot Cleaner of the first and second generation.

For firmware you need a PC with Windows operating system.

Next, you need to unpack the downloaded file to the root of the C drive and run as administrator.

Open the system file of the utility called win-mirobo.ini with a notepad for editing and enter the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner. After that, don’t forget to save your changes.

You can find out the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner in the Mi Home application.

IMPORTANT: If you have an application installed from the Play Store, uninstall it and install MiHome.APK. You can download it on the Internet, for example from here.

You will not be able to see the token in the Mi Home app from the Play Store.

in the Mi Home app, connect to the vacuum cleaner

go to the network information item (in it you will find the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner)

IMPORTANT: In order to start loading voice packs, the vacuum cleaner must be at the charging station and have at least 20% charge. This is an artificial limitation to avoid problems.

Run the win-mirobo.bat file which is located in the root folder of the downloaded utility.

After starting, a window with a command line will open where, if the connection is successful, the ip-address and the charge level of the vacuum cleaner will be indicated in the first two lines. Below there are three numbered menu items. You need to select item 2. it is called Flash voise package. Accordingly, press the number 2 on the keyboard and press Enter.

Next, you need to choose any package you like. Enter the required number and press Enter.

Then the installation time will count down (no more than 15 seconds). When OK appears instead of the time confirming the completion of the installation, press any button on the keyboard and close the program window.

After simple, the above-described manipulations, your vacuum cleaner “will find a soul”, will speak in Russian.

The table below shows only some of the voice packs and some of the phrases that the robot pronounces in response to certain actions.

Voice pack ru_leathers_Bastards Robot Voice

Voice package ru_maxim_vashe_velichestvo with the voice of a robot

Voice pack ru_alisa with Alice’s voice

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C integration with Home Assistant

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner 1C. not an expensive model of a robot vacuum cleaner with the possibility of wet cleaning. Let’s consider the integration of the device with the Home Assistant automation system. Everything described below applies to model STYTJ01ZHM (China version: SKV4073CN, global version: SKV4093GL) dreame.vacuum.mc1808.

Integration with Home Assistant

To integrate Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C with Home Assistant, you need to install a third-party component. with out of the box integration with the xiaomi_miio component, the vacuum cleaner does not work. Download the archive from the component page to GitHub, from the archive, put the xiaomi_vacuum folder with all the contents in.homeassistant / custom_components. if not, then it is necessary to create. For Linux / Unix systems it will be like this:

Delete the archive and unpacked files and folders:

We fill the configuration file configuration.yaml.

name. the name of the vacuum cleaner in the Home Assistant, can be set arbitrarily

host. The IP address of the vacuum cleaner on the home network. In the home network, you can look at the router; for reliability, it is better to set a permanent IP address for the device in the DHCP server settings.

token. Device token obtained at the “Preliminary preparation” stage.

Checking the Home Assistant Configure configuration. Server Controls. Check Configuration. if all is well, then we reload the Configure automation system. Server Controls. Check Configuration. Restart.

After reboot, under Configure. Entities vacuum cleaner should appear.

Preliminary preparation

The vacuum cleaner in the local network works using the Xiaomi miio protocol, therefore, to connect to third-party automation systems, we need a device token. How to get a token is described in detail in the article: Xiaomi miio getting a token to access the device.

Adding Yandex smart home devices, managing with Alice

If Home Assistant is configured to integrate with Yandex smart home, then the vacuum cleaner can be controlled using a smart column. In order for Alice to understand what they want from her in the configuration.yaml configuration file, add a vacuum cleaner to the yandex_smart_home integration section. How to control devices in Home Assistant using Alice is described in detail in the article: Integration of Home Assistant and Alice by the name of Yandex.

Checking the Home Assistant Configure configuration. Server Controls. Check Configuration. if all is well, then we reload the Configure automation system. Server Controls. Check Configuration. Restart.

We update the configuration in the Yandex smart home.

Now it is enough to say to Alice: Vacuum.

Adding a control card to the Lovelace panel

In Home Assistant, go to the HACS section. Fronend. looking for and adding a Vacuum Card.

How to install HACS is described in detail in the article: Installing HACS in Home Assistant.

  • Start / stop cleaning
  • Set cleaning mode (quiet, standard, intensive cleaning, turbo)
  • Make the vacuum cleaner cast a voice so that it can be found
  • Send the vacuum cleaner to the docking station
  • Shows statistics while cleaning
  • Shows the charge of the vacuum cleaner and the status of consumables (filter and brushes)

Add a card to the Lovelace Edit Dashboard. Add Card. In the added card, click Show Code Editor. fill in:

Now, during standby mode, the card will display the total number of cleanings and the status of consumables, while cleaning, the cleaning time and the harvested area will be displayed.


Since the vacuum cleaner does not have a lidar and instead is equipped with an upper chamber, it is well oriented only in a lit room. The idea of ​​automation is that, as soon as the vacuum cleaner starts cleaning, in the rooms where it is supposed to be cleaned, the overhead lighting is turned on, in rooms where there are motion sensors and the light turns on / off automatically, the light turns on and off only after the end of cleaning, while maintaining. turned off and after cleaning, the values ​​of the automation triggers were restored.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Unboxing, Setup & 1st Clean | TechManPat

While there is not enough time to do such automation, after its implementation it will definitely appear in this section.

Manual for Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner

The appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner does not differ significantly from similar devices from other manufacturers, but it has significant functional advantages. The body of the model has a circular shape, has a matte surface and is made of white plastic. Such material requires careful use of the device and needs proper care. The cover is located at the top of the structure and provides a cover for the panel, which has a white mirror-smooth surface.

Operating instruction for Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum

The instruction in Russian for Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum can be downloaded from the website, for which it is enough to follow this link.

To start cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner, it is enough to press the corresponding button, which is located on the body of the device. The launch can be performed using the Mi Smart Home mobile application, previously downloaded from Google Play or App Store. To use remote control, you need to obtain an account. To do this, you need to open the program, go to creation, accepting the proposed conditions and settings. If in the process there are problems, then you can register through

Before starting the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to make sure the device is fully charged. To do this, press the device to the station, select the “Add device” item in the mobile application and search by name in the drop-down list. After that, a light will blink under the cover on the front panel, which will become a signal that the vacuum cleaner and the phone are being paired.

The ongoing process can be understood by the nature of the indicator’s behavior. A slow heartbeat indicates that the connection is not complete. When blinking quickly, you should expect a connection, and a continuous backlight means that a connection is made via Wi-Fi. The application makes a request to select a network and asks for a password. When the robot vacuum cleaner icon appears, the connection process was successful.

Eliminating device malfunctions

To avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended to check in advance that the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS modules are enabled. Sometimes changing the region, performed in the section of adjustments of settings, helps to eliminate problems with work. You can use Wi-Fi reset, for which it is enough to simultaneously hold down the buttons on the panel until a voice message arrives. Slow blinking of the indicator means that the reboot process is complete. Possible ways to restore the robot to work include rebooting the smartphone, reinstalling the application, replacing a plug-in or firmware.

The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner assumes the ability to control the device in Russian. The application supports several support options, so to get this function, you just need to update the application.

Manual for Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

It is impossible not to mention one Smart device. the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, which, in fact, will be discussed further. It is worth noting that the inclusion and control of “smart” appliances differs from the connection of simple household appliances, therefore it is strongly recommended to study the instructions included in the kit in detail before using high-tech devices.

Setting up the Mi Home app

If you have completely prepared your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner for use, you can proceed directly to synchronizing the device with your smartphone and home network from https://vpnki.ru. Next, let’s figure out what exactly needs to be done for this.

First of all, you need to install the Mi Home application on your mobile phone, supplied by Xiaomi for all smart devices that may be present in your home. The software can be installed on a smartphone running such operating systems as Android and iOS.

Immediately after installation, you will need to select the region in which the robot vacuum cleaner will be operated. So, if you purchased the device for the Chinese market, then your item is Mainland China. Europeans choose Europe, respectively. If you are in doubt about which market your particular model is suitable for, you will need to select the Other option. Later it can be changed to any other region by going to Settings. Region.

At the end of the installation, you will need to log into your previously created Mi-account.

In order for the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to be able to connect to the Mi Home system, you need to activate Wi-Fi in your smartphone. In this case, you need to ensure that the radio signal always remains stable and the Internet is turned on. The last condition is very important, since a smart device must always remain connected to Xiaomi servers, otherwise remote control along with downloading updates will become impossible, even if you and your device are at home on the same network.

After you have charged the purchased Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and connected it to the Wi-Fi network, go to the Mi Home program, add the device (Add Device) from the list of Mi Robot Vacuum or find the model you are interested in in the section with the available robotic vacuum cleaners. If all the steps were done correctly, your “smart” device will be synchronized. Be sure to also install any updates suggested by the system.

In the process of connecting the phone, the system will ask for Wi-Fi access in a pop-up window. You may only need to enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and wait a little.

Instructions for working with Xiaomi Mi vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaners can clean floors in automatic and manual mode.

The automatic cleaning mode is considered preferable, as it has several advantages. Firstly, this is the compilation of a map of the harvested area in automatic mode. After switching on, the device moves around the perimeter of your house and makes a map of the area for itself, dividing it into zones. The user can choose one of the types of cleaning for himself: along the walls, along the perimeter and by the method of S-shaped movements throughout the room, moving from room to room. Upon completion of cleaning, the vacuum cleaner finds and stands on the docking station itself. The operator of the device can easily adjust the number of cleanings and the intervals between them at individual discretion.

Do not forget about the existing manual cleaning mode, which makes it possible to determine the direction of movement of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner yourself. This cleaning mode is referred to in the program as Remote Control.

How to set up the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The models of the Chinese manufacturer are independent and work right out of the box, requiring the user to press the cleaning button. But with this use, the functionality of the device is minimal, and the very first charging will require the actions of the owner.

First, we will talk about the basic version, and then how to set up the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner through the application for maximum use.

Setting up Xiaomi Mi Robot without an app

You are required to enable the device to charge, check the battery status and prepare the apartment.

  • We take the base out of the box and connect it to the electrical network. The Chinese took care of the aesthetics, so they made a niche for the wire in the base so that it does not lie on the floor.
  • We position the base in such a way that there is free space around it: half a meter on the sides, a meter in front. Personally, my base is under a small table and the vacuum cleaner will calmly climb under it, ignoring official requirements. Experiment.
  • Next, we connect the vacuum cleaner to the base. Depending on the version, the contacts are located in different places on the case. If everything is in order, then you will notice the light indication above. Ready!

Too lazy to combine contacts manually? Place the device a few centimeters from the included base and press the button with the house on the case cover. If there is at least a couple of percent of the charge, the docking will take place automatically.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner

When talking about how to set up a robot vacuum cleaner on your own, we must not forget about preparing an apartment. Make sure there are no wires scattered across the floor that could entangle or break the device. Remove fringed rugs and make sure pets do not leave anything on the floor. The traces of their vital activity smeared during cleaning are an extremely unpleasant sight.

Your new assistant is equipped with height sensors, so no stairs are afraid of him. The main thing is that the sensors are clean. You can also start the device on some table, if suddenly you are too lazy to wipe it yourself with a cloth.


It is worth mentioning the voice messages and indicator lights that let you know what mood your robot is in today.

When switching modes or when errors occur, Xiaomi will report this to you by voice. The PCT version now speaks English, the gray version speaks Chinese. It is possible to flash your voice pack with Russian phrases, but this is a topic for a full article.

The LED indicator works as follows:

  • Uniform glow without blinking. the battery is 100% charged, the device is ready for work and waits for the cleaning button to be pressed.
  • White glow. over 50% charge.
  • Yellow glow. less than 50%.
  • Red glow. less than 20% charge, it’s time to eat.

How to set up Xiaomi Mi Robot through the app

The process of using the vacuum cleaner becomes more pleasant thanks to the special Xiaomi application. When using it, you can turn on the robot remotely or program it to clean at a convenient time.

In addition, you can monitor the wear of the brushes, the cleaning time and area, study the apartment map compiled by the device and update the firmware.

Now you can control everything. Choose options for voice acting and its volume, monitor the cleaning process and give commands, pointing your finger at an area in the room.

Partial cleaning

Press and hold the button. to start partial cleaning with the device paused or waiting for commands. Use this mode to clean a 1.5m × 1.5m area directly around the device. After the completion of partial cleaning, the main unit will automatically return to its original position and stop working.

Note. Turning on partial cleaning when the device is paused, stops cleaning that was previously performed by the device

Setting up the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Scheduled cleaning

In the Mi Home application for the vacuum cleaner, you can set the start time for scheduled cleaning. The main unit will automatically start cleaning at the appointed time and will automatically return to the docking station after cleaning is completed.


Click the button. to start cleaning Press any button to pause the device during cleaning

Note. ✓ The device cannot start cleaning without sufficient battery power. Recharge your device before cleaning. ✓ The device will automatically return to the docking station to recharge if it diagnoses a low battery level while cleaning. The device will automatically return to the place it left and continue cleaning after charging ✓ Before cleaning, remove all cords on the floor (including the docking station power cord) to prevent the device from falling on any cords during cleaning and when disconnecting other electrical appliances due to this, damage cords or furnishings ✓ The device cleans the cleaning area by default twice if it cannot complete cleaning in 10 minutes

Cleaning Modes

In the Mi Home app, you can select a quiet, standard or intensive cleaning mode using the robot vacuum cleaner. The default mode is standard.

Pause state

Press any button while the device is running to pause it.

Click the button. to continue cleaning and then press the button to return the device to the docking station and complete current cleaning tasks.

Note. Charging the device at the dock while the device is paused completes current cleaning tasks.

Do Not Disturb Mode

The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner will not automatically start another cleaning task or give voice alerts in Do Not Disturb mode, and the indicator will be dim. In the factory settings of the device, the time from 22:00 to 08:00 is defined as the “Do Not Disturb” time. You can turn off Do Not Disturb mode or change the duration of this mode using the Mi Home app.

Vacuum cleaner settings

  • Set the “Time zone of the vacuum cleaner” for the correct operation of the vacuum cleaner;
  • Select “Voice service package” from the available ones;
  • “Volume settings”. adjusting the volume of voice notifications;
  • Do not disturb mode. select a time when the vacuum cleaner will not clean and will not emit voice notifications.

Connecting the robot vacuum cleaner to a phone with pictures

To connect the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to your phone, you need the Mi Home application, available for download in the Play Market and App Store.

Charge the vacuum cleaner beforehand. Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Launch the Mi Home app. To add a device, you must click “” in the upper right corner.

To automatically search for devices, the application will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth. Then you can connect devices nearby. To connect, click on the image of the robot vacuum cleaner.

If for some reason the device is not recognized automatically or you did not use the automatic search, then you can add the device manually. To do this, click on the “Add manually” button, select the desired vacuum cleaner from the list of devices in the “Household appliances” tab.

The application will ask you to reset the vacuum cleaner settings. Hold down the two buttons on the body of the vacuum cleaner, as shown in the picture, and wait for the voice notification to reset the settings.

In the next tab, select the home Wi-Fi network to which your smartphone is connected. After that, the connection and device update will start.

After successfully connecting the device, you can select its location. The location of the device, if necessary, can be changed in the settings.

In the next step, you can rename the device. It is recommended to set device names in Cyrillic (in Russian).

You can add Mi accounts to share the vacuum cleaner.

How to manage the cleaning process?

The application opens several main functions:

  • “Clean”. a mode that allows you to choose the order of cleaning. That is, where to start and how to proceed.
  • “Doc”. returns the robot vacuum cleaner to its place if cleaning is over before the appointed time.
  • Timer mode. allows you to set the time for cleaning the room, as well as the cleaning period.
  • “Cleanup mode”. allows you to set the desired cleaning method from four options. Adjusts the choice of intensity, which affects the cleaning efficiency. Controls the noise level of the equipment during operation.
  • “Remte Control”. a mode in which you can set up manual control and control the vacuum cleaner yourself from the gadget.

It is also equipped with additional information about the degree of quality of work, service life, etc. Access can be opened in the “Care” option.

How to set up the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner via the Mi Home app

This application is very popular among internet users. Thanks to special functions, it provides the ability to remotely control devices of the “smart home” system. The robot vacuum cleaner is on this list. But, if for some reason it is absent, then you can add the vacuum cleaner to the application.

When installing Mi home on the phone, the following actions appear:

  • Control of the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere;
  • Gaining access to personal data of equipment;
  • Tracking the battery level;
  • View technical data and status of all production parts.

How to set up a robot vacuum cleaner with the app

By installing the application, a person saves his time for other productive activities. Since the Mi home app is for remote control. Here are a few points to set up:

  • Install and download the Mi home app.
  • Select your region. Preferred. Europe, Singapore, America.
  • Create an account and sign in.
  • Add your robot vacuum cleaner model to the app.
  • Hold Mi robot key. Wait for a beep for a couple of seconds. This is a demonstration of successfully connecting the device to Mi home.
  • On the display, click on your vacuum cleaner and Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Designate a standard location for the technician. For example, a bedroom.

Now you can fully control the vacuum cleaner and make changes as you wish.

Voice control

It is used in almost any technical invention. Voice control technology has become relevant not so long ago, but has gained wide popularity. The special development of such control began after the release of the “smart home” system. If we consider a robot vacuum cleaner, then connecting the soundtrack is definitely necessary.

Voice control commands can be set in the system initially. Or a person himself can create the desired scenario. The equipment owner speaks the command clearly and loudly enough. This is required in order for the device to correctly fulfill its intended purpose.

For some reason, most robotic vacuum cleaner models do not have a voice assistant. But the exception is Xiaomi, since the financial side and technical capabilities made it possible to create a personal assistant. Xiao AI.

Xiaomi voice control implementation:

  • It is necessary that the selected model works on the Mijia smart home platform. The remaining settings are made in the Mi home app.
  • Going to the settings, it remains to register the working scripts of voice commands.
  • Choose key phrases: start or end cleaning.
  • For Russian-speaking users, it is more expedient to connect voice assistant Alice for more correct recognition of commands in their native language.

Synchronization with your phone

When a question arises, how to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the phone, we get an easy answer. without any difficulties. This is done in a couple of stages. First you need to download and install the Mi home program using the app store or Play store. Before synchronization, you should turn on and charge the robot vacuum cleaner. Mobile phone must have mobile data or Wi-Fi enabled. Also Bluetooth and GPS.

In the “add device” section of the application, we find the “household appliances” icon and click. This will start the synchronization process. If an error or other difficulties appear when connecting, restart the vacuum cleaner by holding and holding the two face buttons on the device body.

If the existing model is not displayed among the rest of the equipment even after restarting the vacuum cleaner, place the object yourself, manually. When the connection is still successful, in the new field, enter the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password from it. At the end, an icon with the desired model should appear on the main page. This will let us know that the sync was successful.

Possible difficulties

When connecting the vacuum cleaner to the application on the phone, we may encounter the following nuances:

First, change the DNS addresses: go to the Wi-Fi settings, open a valid connection and click on the “network properties” shortcut. Hold it for no more than three seconds. Then click on “change network”, then select “advanced”, at the end. “custom”. Change the current value to

If iOS is installed, the download will be the same as on Android. But if the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is not recognized, go to the following modes: Profile. Setting. Regions, select India or China. This will change the region and fix the problem.

There is no way to log into your account

Sometimes problems are in the server itself, which does not receive traffic from the device. In this case, install the VPN program, launch and select Singapore or Germany. And already re-enter the Mi home application

How to connect the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone

The robot vacuum cleaner has already become a common household gadget. In the arsenal of Xiaomi there are many models, the recently introduced Mi Robot Vacuum Mop and Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. how to connect Xiaomi washing vacuum cleaners to a smartphone.

Go to the downloaded software and go through the registration or authorization stage. Once in the main menu, click on the plus icon to add the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Next, you need to reset the Wi-Fi settings on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power and Home keys for 3 seconds until a beep appears. After that, the vacuum cleaner will appear in the application, where you can select it.

The next step is to specify the Wi-Fi hotspot. Please note that the vacuum cleaner can only be connected to the 2.4 GHz frequency.

After a couple of seconds, the device will be connected.

Then you can choose the room where the robot vacuum cleaner will be located.

If necessary, you can share access to the Xiaomi gadget with other users.

For further work with the washing vacuum cleaner, click on its image in the main menu of Mi Home.

To change the English voice-over to Russian, read this instruction.

You can also watch this instruction in video format:

⚙️ How to connect Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner to smartphone

The home of a person who tries to follow trends and keep up with the times is filled with smart helpers. Now the dishes are washed by the dishwasher, the multicooker prepares the food, the washing machine disassembles with the dirty linen. Paul also did not remain without an assistant: the smart Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is on guard of his cleanliness. How to connect a device to a smartphone and make it even easier to operate?

Go through the authorization process and get to the main menu of the application. To add a new device, click on “” in the upper right corner.

Next, select the required vacuum cleaner from those automatically found or from the list manually.

Choose a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi access point, enter the password and press the “Next” button.

Some time to connect, and the connection will be established.

Give a personal name if necessary.

The vacuum cleaner is now ready for use. After the first cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will build a detailed map and display cleaning statistics.

In addition, there are additional settings.

Here you can also see the statistics of the use of consumables.

Setting up call forwarding on Xiaomi

Most modern smartphones allow the use of two SIM cards. There is only one nuance here. During a call or receiving an incoming call on one SIM card, the second becomes inactive, because in most devices, only one radio module is used. In order not to miss an important call to the second SIM card, while talking on the first one, you can resort to call forwarding, which allows you to redirect the call to another number. How to set up call forwarding, what modes exist, today we will tell you in this manual.

To enable forwarding of incoming calls, you need to go to “Settings”. “System applications”. “Phone”. “Call forwarding”.

A window with forwarding settings will open. There are four conditions to choose from under which the call will be redirected to the specified number:

  • Unconditional call forwarding (transfer of absolutely all incoming calls to the specified number);
  • If the line is busy (if you are currently talking using this SIM card);
  • If there is no answer (if you did not pick up the phone);
  • If the subscriber is not available (if you are currently talking on another SIM card).

Having selected the condition you need, a window will open with the entry of the phone number to which you want to forward incoming calls.

After entering the phone number, click “Enable”. Under the name of the condition, instead of the inscription “Disabled”, the number to which the calls will be forwarded will be displayed.

For each condition, you can configure different phone numbers, if necessary.

To disable call forwarding, you need to click on one of the conditions and select “Disable”.

Thus, you can set up call forwarding for both SIM. cards, and not only conditions, but also phone numbers may differ.

Do not try to set up call forwarding from one SIM card to another installed in one smartphone. This will not lead to any effect. The SIM card to which the call will be forwarded must be installed in another phone.

Also, it is worthwhile to understand that money will be debited from the SIM card on which the forwarding is configured, since this is nothing more than an outgoing call to another number.

In this manual, we talked about only one interesting feature that is available in the “Settings” in the “Phone” section. You can read about some, no less useful, of them in other publications:

  • Call recording;
  • Automatic call answer;
  • Call blocking.

Setting up the Xiaomi Mi Robot robot vacuum cleaner: step by step tuning

Modern robotic vacuum cleaners, such as Xiaomi Mi Robot, are completely independent and are immediately ready to fulfill their duties. But the full extent of their abilities can be revealed by first making some adjustments. CHIP will tell you how to do everything step by step.

Setting up Xiaomi Mi Robot without an app

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes without an additional app. However, in order to take full advantage of its full scope of functions, you should definitely read the instructions in this article.

  • First, connect the base station to the mains and hide the extra cable in the special socket.
  • The base station should be positioned so that there is a free distance of 50 cm left and right and 100 cm forward.
  • Now insert the Xiaomi Mi Robot into the base station. If the rear contacts are properly seated, the light on the top panel starts flashing.
  • If the light on the Xiaomi Mi Robot is constantly on, then this means that the battery is fully charged. Press the button to turn on the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • If the battery is sufficiently charged, the LED will be white, less than 50 percent amber, and less than 20 percent red.
  • Important: Before the first use, remove all installed cables, reinforce any loose objects and block free access to the steps to prevent the device from falling.

Alternatively: configure the Xiaomi Mi Robot via the app

If you don’t want to start the robot vacuum cleaner by pressing the button every time, integrate the device into the Xiaomi app. With it, you can set a fixed schedule for cleaning or activating the robot, even without being at home.

  • First download the Mi Home app for iOS or Android.
  • Once you launch the application, you will be asked to select a server. If possible, choose a server from Europe, USA or Singapore. Some options are blocked on the Chinese server, such as, for example, connecting to Amazon Alexa.
  • Then login to your account or create a new account by clicking “Login”.
  • Click “Add device” in the middle of the application and select Mi Robot from the list.
  • Connect Xiaomi Mi Robot to power and hold the top button for 6 seconds. If you hear a beep, the robotic vacuum cleaner is connected to the app.
  • Select Mi Robot and then your home Wi-Fi.
  • Next, you can assign a main location, for example “Kitchen” for the device, thereby completing the setup of the robot vacuum cleaner.

After these steps, you can control the robot vacuum cleaner through the application, and also change all other settings as needed.