Xiaomi Mi fitness bracelet install

Installing the Mi Fit app to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

While the Xiaomi bracelet is charging, we’ll install the official Mi Fit app on your phone. It’s available for Android in the Google Play Store (formerly Play Market) and for iPhone in the AppStore on iOS.

After completing the download and installation, start Mi Fit and register a new one or authorize in your Xiaomi account. In the updated app, you can also log in with a Google account or. Which is much more convenient

Get to the start page of Mi Fit, which will have a lot of all sorts of data about your walks and workouts.

How to turn on Mi Band 5 for the first time

Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelets are constantly active, provided that the battery is sufficiently charged, and they do not have a special button to turn on, like other devices. The Mi Band 5’s gesture control and chin touch home key are left over from previous versions. Tapping on it just confirms the tracker functionality. a list of languages will be displayed, and then a request to synchronize with the phone.

After purchase it is desirable to connect the device to the charger from the kit before first use. Lack of response of the bracelet to touch the display is a sure sign of a dead battery, although the devices usually come with a considerable percentage of charge.

The charging process is optimized with each generation. You do not need to remove the bracelet from the strap, the kit includes a magnetic cable that easily sticks to the contacts on the back of the device. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB port of a suitable device: power adapter, laptop or PC, power bank.

In case of malfunction, when after 15-20 minutes on charge Mi Band 5 does not animate the power supply, you should contact the service center or the store for a refund under warranty.

Also check whether the contacts are not covered by a film and try to press the charging cable to the bracelet more firmly.

It takes about 1.5-2 hours to fully charge. Track the charge level by the display of the fitness bracelet and limit yourself to 80-90%. To ensure that the process of synchronization and installation of updates is not interrupted, the manufacturer recommends reaching at least 50% fill.

Preparing to connect the Mi Smart Band 5 to the phone requires you to install a special application to manage and configure the tracker. The official offer for the Mi Band series of devices (as well as Mi Scale) is the Mi Fit, which will be used as an example to further explore the operation of the bracelet. The software is completely free and available for download on Play Market, App Store and on the 4PDA forum.

Connection and detailed configuration of smart bracelets offer other, alternative programs:


All settings take place in the “Profile” tab. It’s in the bottom right corner on the app’s home screen. Essentially, the Mi Fit profile stores all your workout information, and all your settings.

The first time after logging in, you need to add your device that you are using. There are 4 gadgets to choose from:

Обзор, настройка Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, установка Mi Fit.

The algorithm for how to add the device is shown in the photo below.

We wait until the device synchronizes, and then we go to the settings of Mi Fit.

xiaomi, fitness, bracelet, install

How to set up the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet and use it as efficiently as possible

Xiaomi Mi Band is, without exaggeration, the most popular fitness bracelet in the world! Xiaomi sells more wearable electronics than anyone else, including Apple, while taking 21.5% of the total market!

A lot of people, buying a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet, face all sorts of difficulties and questions. In this article we will tell you how to set up and use your Mi Band with maximum benefit and efficiency!

How to connect and set up the Mi Band 3?

When you turn on the bracelet for the first time, you will see the message Pair device first on the screen:

That means it’s time to install a special app on your smartphone and link the bracelet to your smartphone.

Please note: you can not use the fitness tracker as a standalone device, it works only with your smartphone.

Of course, after the initial setup and activation of the bracelet, you can not use the app, but, then, you will lose most of the functions and features of the device.

Downloading the Mi Fit app

Mi Fit is the official client from Xiaomi to work with the bracelet, which is available for installation on both the Android smartphone (link in the Play Store) and iPhone (link in the App Store):

After downloading and installing the application (by the way, on some devices it can be installed initially), we proceed to its configuration.

Getting an Xiaomi account

After launching the Mi Fit app, you will be prompted to either log in to your existing Xiaomi account or create a new one. If you haven’t had a Xiaomi smartphone, you probably don’t have an account either. So, let’s press the Create account button:

Next, fill in all the required fields. If you need to specify a phone number, do not be afraid of this. You will need it in order to restore the password to the created account in case you forget it.

In addition, when using a smartphone from Xiaomi with the SIM-card of the specified number, you will have additional advantages: SMS messages to other smartphones Xiaomi will be sent for free.

After creating an account, you need to select a Mi account to log in to the application:

Now you can connect the wristband to your smartphone.

Connecting the bracelet to your smartphone

To tie the fitness tracker to your phone in the Mi Fit app do the following:

  • Go to the Profile tab
  • Click the Add Device button
  • Click on Bracelet
  • Wait until the bracelet shows Tap the button
  • As soon as you see the inscription, press the button under the screen on the bracelet

A very common mistake is to connect the bracelet to your smartphone in the Bluetooth settings and not through the Mi Fit app.

Do not do this, you must perform the connection strictly according to the above instructions, otherwise you may have problems with attaching your bracelet.

Description of the basic settings of the Mi Band 3 bracelet

Let’s take a quick walk through all the bracelet settings in the Mi Fit app, which can be found here:

  • Launching the Mi Fit app
  • Go to the Profile tab
  • In the My Devices list, select Mi Band 3

By turning on the notification of incoming calls, you will see on the bracelet information about who is calling you. In the settings you can enable delayed notification. In this case, the bracelet will notify about the call not immediately, but after a few seconds (depending on settings).

In this section you can manage reminders of various events. Please note this is not a function of the bracelet to display events from your calendar (for example, Google). This is a kind of analog of the Mi Band alarm clock only with text. Here you can create reminders, set the frequency of events.

If you add an alarm on your smartphone in the standard app, it will not work on the bracelet! If you want your bracelet to vibrate the alarm must be added here.

There is no smart alarm in the Mi Fit app. That is, the bracelet out of the box does not know how to wake at a certain phase of sleep. If you need this feature, you’ll have to install an additional app called Mi Band Smart Alarm (only available on Android).

Here you can select a list of apps from which you want to receive notifications on the bracelet.

Inactivity alerts

By enabling this function, the bracelet will periodically remind you to warm up (if you have not moved much during the hour, for example, while working at the computer).

By selecting this menu item, your bracelet will vibrate once. You can use the function not only to find the bracelet, but also to check communication (whether the app sees the bracelet).

When we open this setting, we will see the inscription Enable visibility for nearby devices. This is actually where you turn on the visibility of the bracelet for other apps, not devices. Many other apps besides Mi Fit can work with the bracelet, and if you don’t enable this option, they won’t be able to detect your device.

Specify here which arm you are wearing the bracelet on. This setting plays almost no role. The bracelet will not count steps differently depending on your hand.

The point of the setting is to help the bracelet better detect the movement of raising your wrist to view information. This should minimize the number of false positives so that the screen only turns on when you really want to know the time and other information.

Lift your wrist to see the information

xiaomi, fitness, bracelet, install

Most of the time, the bracelet screen is off. Press the button under the screen to turn it on. If you activate the wrist-raise feature, the screen turns on automatically with a corresponding hand gesture.

Here you can choose one of the 3 modes of the heart rate monitor or turn it off altogether:

  • Automatically detects heart rate. The bracelet will measure your heart rate continuously 24/7. By activating this option you must select the frequency of measurement (from once a minute to once every 30 minutes).
  • Sleep Assistant. In this mode, the bracelet automatically starts to measure your heart rate only during your sleep. Heart rate monitor readings help the bracelet better detect sleep phases and display a more accurate report. For more on how to understand Mi Fit sleep reports, what sleep phases are, what they affect, and how long they should last in a healthy adult, read our special.The article “Sleep and Fitness Bracelets. A Guide for Dummies.”.
  • Collaborative mode. In this mode, the heart rate while you are awake is measured at a frequency you specify, and when the bracelet determines that you are asleep the Sleep Assistant mode is activated (changes the frequency of measurement).

How to unlink Mi Band 3. Or what to do before selling the bracelet

If you decide to sell/gift your Mi Band to someone else, it must be unlinked from your Xioami-account, otherwise the other person will not be able to connect the bracelet to their smartphone.

  • Launch the Mi Fit app
  • Go to the Profile tab
  • Choose your bracelet by clicking on the Mi Band 3
  • Scroll to the end of the list and click Disconnect
  • On the next page, click Disable again

Now that your bracelet is not attached to any account, you can reset the settings on the Mi Band itself to factory settings (so that the screen shows Pair device first again). For this purpose, on the bracelet itself:

Swipe the screen (from bottom to top) to the menu:

Now swipe from right to left to the Reset Settings menu:

All that remains is to confirm the action by pressing and holding the button under the bracelet screen for a few seconds:

Before you buy a bracelet on the secondary market, make sure the seller has unlinked the Mi Band from your account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to link this device to your smartphone.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions about the Xiaomi bracelet:

Is it possible to swim with the Mi Band 3 bracelet?

Here it is not so simple and unambiguous. The manufacturer itself declares the degree of moisture resistance of the bracelet equal to 50 meters (or 5 ATM). But, you should realize that [mks_highlight color=#e2f6ff]this number has nothing to do with the actual depth to which you can submerge the device[/mks_highlight].

Just one quick movement of the hand at a depth of 1 meter is enough to create the maximum pressure for the bracelet, equal to 5 atmospheres.

Therefore, despite Xiaomi‘s recommendations, there is a risk of damaging the watch when swimming. And diving at depth with this bracelet is out of the question. On the other hand, you can easily take a shower without removing your Mi Band 3.

Can I pay with a bracelet with NFC??

Despite the fact that Mi Band 3 supports NFC technology, you can not make payments using the bracelet. This chip allows the Mi Band 3 to be used in China as a transport card. Read a detailed answer to this question in our special material:

As for payments, there is only one payment system supported by AliPay. But it works only in China and is not based on NFC, not reading the barcode that appears on the screen of the bracelet before the payment.

Is it possible to install other dials, in addition to the standard?

Officially, the bracelet only supports 3 watch faces. But you can download other firmware, which contains new watch faces and additional features. This is done with a special smartphone app called GadgetBidge.

Such actions (flashing the device) can lead to various problems with the bracelet, up to its complete failure, with no way to fix anything. So if you are not confident in your abilities it is better not to do it.

What applications does the bracelet work with besides Mi Fit?

Mi Fit is the official app from Xiaomi to work with all of the company’s wearable devices. You can, however, link your wristband to another app without using Mi Fit (or using it in combination with the official app).

Among the most popular apps for the Mi Band are the following:

    A great replacement for the Mi Fit, has a lot of features and functions (takes into account all the activity, sleep monitoring, heart rate and more). Another more functional replacement for the standard app. Among other things, it has support for a smart alarm clock, the ability to customize the button on the bracelet, etc. an app that extends the capabilities of Xiaomi bracelets (customizable heart rate graphs, support for synchronization with third-party apps like Sleep As Android, advanced notification setup, and other features). Smart alarm clock for Mi Band bracelet (tracks sleep phases). a simple program to find a lost bracelet.

How to set the weather display on Mi Band 3?

If your bracelet does not display the weather, despite the fact that in the settings of the Mi Fit app this feature is enabled, then you can solve the problem as follows. It is enough only in Mi Fit to specify your city in manual mode (rather than automatically determine the location by GPS).

If the function does not work (which is very rare), try in the native application Weather, installed on your smartphone by default, also disable GPS positioning and add your city manually.

Immediately after purchase it is recommended to recharge the device, for which the kit includes a magnetic charger. If the battery is completely discharged, the recharging process will take about 1.5 hours.

On the smartphone you need to download the branded application, called Mi Fit. It is available for free in the Google Play store. After downloading it is necessary to install the utility, which requires just to use the system prompts. Please note that the program is suitable for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Prerequisite. the phone must be in an active mode to determine the location and Bluetooth.

After launching the app, you should sign in or create a Mi account. Here, too, everything is simple, because the system prompts you for further actions. It will generate several requests for permission to access wireless communication and other parameters. It is necessary to provide all the required permissions.

In the upper right corner there is an image “”, which should be clicked. Selecting “Bracelet” will automatically start the search for a suitable device. It is important that the Mi Band 5 is as close as possible to the phone, which will ensure the stability of the wireless connection.

You will know when a pair has been found thanks to the vibration of the fitness bracelet. The screen will ask if the device is found correctly, to which you should answer positively. In a few seconds the device will be ready for use.

When you select its profile, all sorts of settings become available, which are determined at the user’s discretion.

Setting up the smart alarm clock

Having this option allows the user to track their sleep quality and calculate the best time to fall asleep and wake up. The app effectively determines which phase of sleep the person is in and depending on this it chooses the mode for waking up.

A deep sleep is characterized by an absence of dreams, and if one wakes up at this moment, it will be extremely difficult for him to wake up.

In a light sleep, a person sees conscious dreams and waking up is quite simple. it is desirable to wake up exactly at this time. Mi Fit in this case makes the bracelet vibrate several times, thereby ensuring an easy awakening.

The principle of the smart alarm clock settings is that the user sets the time when he needs to wake up. The program then automatically selects a time within half an hour for triggering in the light phase of sleep. If the sleeper is in a deep phase, the alarm is triggered at a strictly scheduled time.

The latest versions of Mi Fit in Russian and other languages do not have the smart alarm clock function, so you need to use a third-party app to install it. The most popular is the Mi Band Smart Alarm (XSmart).

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band to your Android phone or iPhone?

Let’s start by connecting the smart watch to your phone. After charging and powering on the screen Xiaomi Mi Band will display two different icons with some hieroglyphs.

But it is not a problem. The main thing we need is the installed on your smartphone app Mi Fit. In details about its installation and operation I told in the article about the Mi Band 2. The only thing I want to note here is that when registering or logging into an account, you had to select the region “Russia” in it. And accordingly, the whole interface of the application must be in Russian.

If you did not do this initially, you need to completely remove the application, install it again and log into your account with the choice of Russian

Next, turn on the module Bluetooth on the smartphone and from the main application screen, click on the link Add device

Here the phone will start searching for the smart bracelet. As soon as the two see each other, the tracker will vibrate and the screen will ask you to confirm the connection while still in Chinese, of course. We click on the check mark on the screen.

Then we go back to the Mi Fit app and allow the bracelet access to our geo-position

xiaomi, fitness, bracelet, install

How to customize the time display on the Mi Band screen

Displaying information in a 12-hour format isn’t always appropriate for people who keep a tight, precise schedule. If the 24-hour format is more convenient for you (or, conversely, the 12-hour format), then go back into the Mi Fit app and do the following:

  • Open “Settings.”.
  • Tap on “Date and time.
  • Choose the format you like in the advanced menu.

After you save your changes, you can turn on the watch screen and make sure the format has changed.

“My Workouts.

Another tab with a lot of useful information. Here we see:

Steps today

Based on the name, it is clear that this tab is very detailed description of each step. It’s worth noting that to measure steps more accurately, it’s worth entering your height correctly in the Mi Fit app. Data displayed in the tab:

Plus, there’s a summary table for the past 30 days that includes:

  • Average number of steps walked per day
  • Average distance walked for the day
  • Kilograms Burned
  • And even the gas saved during this time

A tab at the bottom with a history of steps taken per day/week/month

Activity today

Shows detailed information about today’s workout.

Attention! Be sure to turn on the activity in order to see its data in this section in the future.If you do not activate the activity, no data will be saved.

If you click on any past activity, you will get a full breakdown and analysis:

Energy today

Shows a graph of calories burned today. By the way, compares lost calories to ice cream scoops. If you go to this section, you can see at what time, for what time and how many calories you have spent. The distance traveled during this time is also indicated.