Xiaomi Mi Band Sync With iPhone

Gordeev Artemy July 26, 2016 F.A.Q.

Content:. Step 1: preparation

A frequent question that arises for newly-made owners of Mi Band: “How to tie a fitness bracelet to the phone.” This information will be useful for owners. iPhone, and for devices running Android.

Before starting synchronization, it is important to understand two main things: whether your phone can work with Mi Band and what you need for this. In order to bind (connect) Xiaomi Mi band (1, 2, 1s) device requirements the following:

  • IOS version not lower than 7th (all smartphones starting with iPhone 4)
  • Android not older than 4.4 and the presence of Bluetooth 4.0
Xiaomi Mi Band Sync With iPhone

And also you need an application Mi fit to track your activity and sleep. The easiest way to install it is to scan QR code in the instructions.

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Mi Band Instruction

QR code with which you can download Mi Fit

Snap to smartphone

The process of linking Xiaomi fitness bracelet to iPhone and Android smartphones is the same. It is performed in the next sequences:

  1. Enable Bluetooth
  2. Open attachment
  3. Create / Log In Mi account
  4. We select the device that we want to connect (in our case. Mi band)
  5. Awaiting connections
  6. At the end, the device done to use

This is how it will look for iOS:

Create or enter Mi account

Select the first tab

Here you need to choose Mi Band

Waiting for a bracelet connection

And so for Android devices: (first two steps are identical to the previous example)

Choose Mi Band

We are waiting for the device to finish the search.

Click on the Mi Band sensor to confirm the connection

Step 3: Sync with Google Fit and Apple Health

After you have completed step 2, you can already use all the functions Mi Band: monitor sleep phases, receive various notifications on the bracelet or use a smart alarm clock. But there is the next level of synchronization, which is still more reliable than Xiaomi cloud storage of activity data: synchronization with powerful services Google fit and Apple Health. You will use the accounts of these services quite often, in addition, they are protected by the best security ciphers in the world, and the data of these applications uses almost all sports applications on your Android or iOS device.

Therefore, I would recommend that you perform this very simple synchronization and save all the data of your activity for many years. To sync Xiaomi Mi Band and Google Fit / Apple Health need to do the following actions:

  • Pre-download Google Fit (relevant only for Android users, in iOS Health. a standard application)
  • Go to the “Notifications” tab in Mi Fit
  • In the “Services” section, select Google Fit (or Health in the iOS version)
  • Click on the “Sync” button

That’s all, now the Mi Fit application will transfer all the data about your activity to your Apple / Google account and in the future will download information directly there.

I hope this article was useful to you. All the best and enjoyable to use Mi Band!