Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Does Not Turn On

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Does Not Turn On

Before getting to the bottom of the issue, let’s recall what the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet is and refresh its characteristics.

Features Xiaomi Mi Band:



Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.1 LE


3 x indicators, vibration motor

LED color:

Blue, green, orange, pink


Magnesium Alloy Polycarbonate


Working temperature:

Body color:





Autonomous work:

One of the most common problems that users periodically encounter is the inability to charge the device. So what is recommended to do when the Xiaomi Mi Band does not charge? Very often, the problem can be eliminated with the help of fairly simple and understandable manipulation. The methods that we describe are perfect for all users, regardless of whether they understand the technique or not.

1. Cleaning contacts

In some cases, the problem, which seems to us to be very important, is on the surface and for its solution it is necessary to do the most simple manipulations. When searching for any kind of malfunctions, first of all, you need to pay attention to the mechanical part of the issue. If your device does not charge, check all possible external electrical connections in which there may be an open circuit. In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Band, there are not so many such connections.

Two contacts are clearly visible in the photo, the oxidation of which leads to a violation of the normal charging mode. Try to clean these contacts well. As practice shows, such a method can be very effective and will help you to eliminate the trouble that has arisen. It should be assumed that these contacts are oxidized by moisture that enters the device. Despite the manufacturer’s statements about the case’s water resistance, if you constantly wet the bracelet, take a shower or a bath, it is quite possible that a similar problem will arise due to oxidation of the contacts. If you look closely at the design of the bracelet, you will notice that the module does not fit tightly on the strap. Therefore, to avoid such situations, try not to wet the bracelet once again, even taking into account the fact that the manufacturer gives the green light.

2. Put the bracelet in the refrigerator

Now the question is, how long should it be kept in the cold? No one can give an exact answer to this question, here, as they say, you need to use the poke method, since no one knows the desired ratio of temperature to the length of time the device is inside the refrigerator.

The truth is that this method really works, despite its oddity.

It is worth noting that despite some technical improvements, in the updated version of the fitness bracelet under the name Xiaomi Mi band 1s puls, the problem with the backlog also occurs. If you use this bracelet model and find that Xiaomi mi band 1s is not charging, try to reanimate the device in the same ways as described above. With high probability, one of them will help to solve your problem.

At the end of all that has been said, we want to give you the last and very important advice: if you are faced with the fact that the device you are using has stopped working in normal mode, do not rush to send it to the bin. Have a little patience and check out the options for solving the problem on popular forums. We also suggest that you follow the updates on our resource, as here you will also find a lot of useful information.

The Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet quickly gained popularity among fans of fashion lotions. Given the low cost and very attractive features, the number of his fans around the world is constantly growing.

Well, if still none of our tips helped you, maybe you should think about the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (OLED) that promises to be the same hit as the first generation of bracelets?

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