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How to disable geolocation on iPhone

Geolocation services are now built into literally every smartphone. Without them, it would be impossible to use a mass of useful applications-from fitness programs to cards, navigators and many other applications. However, sometimes users do not want the programs on the iPhone (or the smartphone itself) to have access to their geolocation. In this case, it is possible to disable geolocation on the iPhone. In the article we will consider with examples how to disable geolocation on the iPhone, while the instruction is relevant for any iPhone models.

Instructions for disconnecting geolocation for the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 are no different from the instructions for completely old models, such as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. Therefore, the actions below are relevant for all models of Apple smartphones.

How to disable geolocation on the iPhone completely

Disconnecting geolocation is completely recommended only in extreme cases. Some applications can use geolocation services, even if you don’t know that. For example, geolocation services use many social networks.

To completely turn off the geolocation services on the iPhone, open the “settings” and go to the “Privacy” section.

Here go to the section “Geolocation services”.

Deactivate the “Geolocation Service” switch.

Next, you will need to confirm that you want to completely disable geolocation services. Click “Turn off”.

Now completely geolocation are disconnected on the iPhone, there is no doubt that not a single application or the user will be able to track your location.

Methods for turning on and deactivation of GPS on Xiaomi

You can enable navigation on Xiaomi devices in the same way as on any other gadget with Android. The methods listed in this article are suitable for the entire Redmi laptop line, as well as for phones Mi4, Mi8, Mi9 and versions “Pro”.

Background mode

Turn on GPS on the Xiaomi device, for example, Redmi Note 4 can be through a “curtain”. a advanced menu that appears if you run down the screen with a finger. Just press the GPS button in the window opened. If a new icon will appear in the notification line (the very top of the screen), then everything is done correctly, and navigation turned on.

How to enable and disable GPS on Xiaomi

It happens that the GPS icon does not have the very drop.down list. This happens especially often when using any firmware, except MIUI. In this case, the procedure will be different:

  • open the “curtain”;
  • In the menu, select the “Change” item (in the lower right corner) / tab “GPS”;
  • Activate “Access to the location” and the “Networks and GPS” mode.

To turn off the navigation on the device, you need to either open the “curtain” and click on “GPS”, or select the appropriate tab in the “Change” point and deactivate “Access to the location”.

Many users complain that they cannot enable or disable GPS on Xiaomi Redmi 3s. The device hungs hopelessly and will correct the situation only rebooting. Most often, the problem lies in the firmware of the phone. In such a situation, you can attribute a smartphone to a repair center or reflash independently, as in the video.

There is another way to include geolocation on the phone. through settings. To do this, you need to perform a sequence of actions:

  • go to “Settings” / “others”;
  • open the “Privacy” / “location” tab;
  • Activate access to determining the location of the device.

The instruction on the disconnection of the geopolition looks the same, with the exception of the last paragraph. At the end, you will need to remove the runner from the column “Access to the location”.

GPS on Xiaomi

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Additional settings

To determine your location, any mobile device. whether it is a progressive Redmi Note 4a or the first of the Mi line.ups. uses three tools:

  • Satellite systems. Global GPS and GLONASS global groups are most often used. A module receiving signals from the orbit is sewn into the device. This is the most accurate way to find a gadget. the error is from 2 to 6 meters.
  • Wi-Fi. The device learns where it is located on the network to which it is connected. Navigation error can reach the radius of the resource.
  • cellular. The position of the device can be determined by the towers, the signals from which the gadget accepts. This is the most unreliable search mode. the error reaches several kilometers.

You can configure the use of these tools in the smartphone itself. The established mode will help to more accurately monitor the movement of the device. Setting GPS Xiaomi Redmi 4x will clearly show the whole process for Xiaomi devices:

  • open the “curtain”;
  • Squeeze the GPS icon until a new window appears;
  • In the column “determination of the place” to choose one of the options, the most reliable is considered “for all sources”.

The navigation mode can also be selected through the “Settings” / “Others” / “Privacy” / “Location” menu menu.

Connection checking

The main way to determine the location remains satellite navigation. Firstly, due to her globalness, and secondly, because of her accuracy. For the correct determination of location, you need a connection with at least four satellites.

There are special programs for checking the quality of signals, for example, GPS test. The application can be downloaded for free from official sources. Play Market for Android and AppStore for iPhone. All that needs to be done after downloading is to turn on the program.

The main functions of the application are described in the table.

The name of the function Where is Why is needed
GPS status Left upper field Reports whether satellite navigation is included or not. Information is heard with a color indicator (green/red) and text (on/off).
Accuracy Right upper field Displays a possible navigation error. The application was developed in the USA, so the parameter is shown in feet.
Signal quality from satellite The main work field is a column schedule Each of the columns is a satellite. The color of the figure is responsible for the quality of the signal: green. good, yellow. acceptable, orange and red. bad.
Number of spacecraft shown The main working field is the left upper corner Displays the total number of satellites from which the device accepts
The number of satellites used The main working field is the right upper corner Gives information about the number of spacecraft available for use

How to enable/disable GPS in Xiaomi

We think it’s no secret for anyone, why the GPS function is needed. Therefore, we move on to action. On the smartphones Xiaomi GPS turns on in two steps. Oddly enough, but the way to include geolocation is also two.

On the device on the device, lower the “curtain”. If a new version of the notifications is included in the later firmware, then you need to draw a finger closer to the right side.

Now click on the GPS button so that it caught fire in white:

Method 2

Go to the “settings” of the phone:

Go to the item “Others”:

Further “Privacy”:

And finally, the “location”, which is located below the list:

To turn on the GPS receiver, click on the switch and select “Determine by GPS”:

The points “High accuracy” and “determine by the network” find the location without GPS technology, but they perform their function mediocre.

How to enable geolocation on the iPhone?

The algorithm, how to enable geolocation on the iPhone, differs from the disconnection method described above only slightly. The user also needs to follow the path of “settings”. “privacy”. “geolocation services”. In the last section, he will see that there is only one slider (main), and the list of applications using geolocation is absent.

It is necessary to activate the toggle switch, then turn off the applications from geolocation that this function is not very needed.

Geolocation and GPS are the same?

Users who believe that geolocation and GPS are synonyms are mistaken. Geolocation is a general concept associated with the determination of the location of the device; GPS is a trademark of the American satellite navigation system. Most often, geolocation uses GPS technology-hence the misconception of the equivalent of concepts.

However, in order for geolocation to be affordable, it is not necessary to include GPS at all. other methods of calculating positional data are possible:

Despite the fact that geolocation and GPS are different concepts, and there are several ways to calculate positional data, at the moment it is possible to accurately determine the location of the object only through GPS.

Disconnect access to the iPhone photos for games and applications

Unscrupulous application developers can integrate complex algorithms for scanning photos in their programs. So, after providing some access to the gallery, they can find out confidential information about you and transfer it to third parties for processing.

To prevent this from happening, you can limit access to photos and games. If the application still needs to choose a picture, for example, for an avatar, you can give out a resolution only for the desired picture, but not for the entire Gallery of the device.

Such a parameter is set along the setting path. confidentiality. photo. First, forbid access to the gallery for most applications, and then give some programs access only to the selected pictures.

Do not share a geo.position through the photo

By default, each iPhone picture contains information about the location. These data can be transmitted along with the photo if you send or shame the pictures on the network.

So that data on the location is not transmitted before sending the photo click the parameter button and turn off the toggle switch Geopolor.

You can completely disable geothegs. To do this, go to the settings. confidentiality. geolocation service. camera and forbid access to geopolita for application.

How to disable access to geolocation for applications from App Store

To turn off the access to geolocation for installed applications, make the following:

Go to the settings. confidentiality. geolocation services.

Walk on the application list and turn off the geolocation for some programs and games.

Access to GPS is not needed in most games (you only need Pokemon Go), messengers, utilities and programs that work with the network connection.

Even weather applications allow you to manually indicate your city so that you do not determine the location of the smartphone at each launch.

If you doubt whether the application needs access to GPS, select “Ask next time”.

So the program, if necessary, will ask for access to the geolocation module, and you can allow determining the location at once without further operation of GPS.

Many applications for such a definition of location will be enough.

How to disable access to geolocation for iOS system services

The operating system itself has several services at once, which periodically turn to the GPS module data to determine the exact location of the device. In most cases, this can be disabled painlessly by saving the precious charge of the battery.

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Go to the settings. confidentiality. geolocation services.

At the very bottom of the list, find the System Service section.

In this menu, you will see services that recently gained access to geopolition (purple arrow) or determined the location in the next day (gray arrow).

Based on your needs and preferences, disconnect access to geolocation for some system services.

Identif. seller pay. to accurately determine the place of payment.

Find iPhone. for the work of the Apple search service.

Share a geo.position. for those who often shaft their location for friends.

Homekit. to trigger automation scenarios for arrival or care from the set point.

Access to geolocation for other services, most users can disable it painlessly.

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Apple ID password you know only you?

You are sure that the password of your Apple ID, entered along the Tuning Path → Your name → iCloud nobody (friend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, brother, etc.D.) does not know?

Let us give a simple situation from life. Husband (guy) gives my wife (girlfriend) iPhone with geolocation services on (about them is described below) and independently registers her Apple ID. Naturally, the girl would not even occur to something to change. But here it is worth taking into account that a person who knows the password and login of Apple ID can not only constantly monitor the location of the devices attached to the account (this is done so), but also remotely block the iOS device, for example, after a quarrel (again, an example from life ).

You need to change the Apple ID password. But most likely you will face another problem. you will not be able to recall the control questions that are necessary to change the password. If two.factor authentication was included, control questions are not used.

If the password is not possible to change (but you know the old one). turn off the option to find the iPhone along the setting path → Your name → Locator → Find iPhone.

If you do not know the password, it remains only to resort to partial (described below) or complete disconnection of geolocation along the setting path → Privacy → Geolocation Service.

Settings of geolocation in the iPhone: what do they influence and which can be turned off to maintain a battery charge?

Home iOS geolocation settings in the iPhone: what do they influence and which can be turned off to maintain the battery charge?

Choosing a modern smartphone, you will probably be interested in the capacity of its battery or at least a time of autonomous work. It is no coincidence that Apple describes its iPhone from the point of view of the implementation of certain scenarios of work. But users have long known that you can teach your device to work longer by correctly setting it up and disconnect unnecessary functions. This will allow you not to resort to the help of a charger for the long time.

In the same iPhone, GPS is a rather energy.consuming module. Fortunately, there are many opportunities in the smartphone settings that allow you to configure the optimal work of this sensor. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the description of each toggle switch located on the menu along the setting path → Privacy → Geolocation → System Services.

Understanding the purpose of the switches will make it possible to disable some unnecessary services, thereby improving the autonomy of the device.

What are the geolocation settings for iPhone are responsible for?

Georgia. this option enables both the system and to third.party services to give the user updated proposals based on information about its location. But this service helps mainly advertising offers. If you are tired of notifications of permanent promotions from the nearest chain stores, this option must be disabled.

Georgne. despite the name similar to the previous paragraph, this service is much more important. It is needed to work out various scenarios tied to geolocation. For example, these can be reminders that work when determining the desired position or an automatic action associated with a certain location. It is better to leave this switch with active. But if you definitely never use such functionality, this option can be disabled.

Data and wireless. Networks-using this switch, a more accurate determination of the location of the gadgets in the premises, the transfer of information between them using the UWB (Ultra WideBand-super-foam-bottom communication), which allows without activation of Wi-Fi, to find nearby devices using AIRTAG marks. Turning off this switch can affect the decrease in the performance of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and UBW.

Apple Pay seller identification. the option allows you to determine the location of the user when paying for services using a contactless payment system. The option of the option makes it possible to find and more accurately determine identified sellers entitled to accept payments through the Apple service. In other words, the switch of switch helps Apple to learn more about the seller based on your location. But do you need it?

Compass calibration. this option can be left active if you often use navigation applications. It helps to correctly and quickly position the card depending on the user’s gaze. But usually this helps with this when moving, and the compass calibration is not required. So the option can be left active only when using a smartphone as a navigator in difficult conditions away from civilization.

Calibration of traffic accounting. a function that allows you to increase the accuracy of measurements of the distance, speed and cost of calories on the Apple Watch (instructions for calibration), as well as the built.in Shagomer in the iPhone. If you are not the owner of the Apple Watch, and do not use your iPhone as a shagomer, the function can be disconnected.

Find the iPhone-it is “to find iPhone” that is responsible for the search for the lost device, including the “Locator Network” tool, which allows you to carry out an offline post of even turned off devices. Of course, the option must be activated.

System setting. the option is required for the functioning of some iOS capabilities: optimized charging, changing the theme of the design or Night Shift, taking into account the not given schedule, but the time of sunset or dawn. If you are sure that you do not use such functions, then the switch can be deactivated.

Share a geo.position. thanks to this option, GPS work is ensured in order to transfer data on their geopoli to other people. If the switch is inactive, then you will not be able to send your location in the chat or locator.

Search for a cellular network. thanks to this option, statistics are collected about the location of the user relative to mobile tower. But this theoretically needs Apple itself, and the operators in improving the coating. In reality, the toggle switch can be turned off.

Installation of the clock belt. this option helps to automatically change the time on your smartphone when crossing the clock belts. But if you travel extremely rarely, then you definitely don’t need this chip. But for those who spend a lot of time in air travel, you can not do without it.

Emergency calls and SOS. when activating the SOS mode, this option will help to more accurately determine your location.

Homekit. This option is needed to trigger scripts in a smart house built on arrival or retirement from there user. If you do not have a smart home or it was not created on the basis of Homekit, or there are no scenarios on such a basis at all, then the switch can be disabled.

Important geopolitions are just the same service that constantly monitors you and remembers all the places you visited (detailed review). It is believed that on the basis of this information, the system will be able to issue certain recommendations.

Improving the product. under this name a whole group of switches is collected, responsible for the services of improving Apple products. Are you ready to spend your smartphone batteries on this charge? Hardly.

Removing the history of locations

If you need to make sure that no one recognizes data about movements, they are deleted by the way described below.

Step Go to the section with the history of locations
Step Press the menu, which is indicated by points in the corner on the right
Step Move on to viewing and management, choose the corresponding function

Also go into settings and press the section “History”. After that, it will be possible to delete all information or part of them.

Attention! After removal, information cannot be restored.

Pros and cons of the geolocation shutdown

To prohibit determining the location is convenient. This is a useful function for those who do not want to watch their movements or learn this information in the future. Also, after disconnecting GPS, some people become more comfortable using the phone and other gadgets.

Note. GPS disconnection allows you to reduce the speed of the battery discharge.

But there are also disads. When GPS does not work, the user cannot use all the functionality of the smartphone. Some applications that do not “see” coordinates become useless.

The GPS function is popular, as it helps to build a route, find the phone when it is lost and so on. But if necessary, it is turned off, choosing a method depending on the OS of the device. Users also have the opportunity to delete the history of movements, but you cannot return the information after the procedure.