Xiaomi Factory Reset Password


Be sure to save all valuable data and settings before performing a reset. It is better to save all backups in cloud services, they are now quite free with a large amount of storage. Try not to abuse the hard reset function, carry out the procedure only if there are reasons.

Dear Reader! If suddenly the method described in the article did not help you. Help, please, the rest. Write how you dealt with the problem or ask a question. By the way, the answer to your question may already be in the comments.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3 hard reset via the recovery function

  • If the user cannot log into his phone, cannot unlock it (forgot the password, the password is no longer suitable due to system failures, and so on), then resetting all settings will also reset the current password. But you cannot enter the menu, what to do in this case?
  • You need to turn off the phone, SIMultaneously press the Power key and the volume rocker to increase the volume. After the company logo appears, release the Power button, hold the rocker until the menu appears.
  • We select the item where the word recovery is. We use the rocker to move through the items, the power button, as a confirmation of the choice.
  • We select the option with the word Reset, then click on the item with the phrase All Data, that is, rub all the data. We agree, wait, reboot the system, enjoy the refreshed gadget system.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro factory reset

In the work of increasingly complex mobile equipment, over time, symptoms resembling fatigue begin to appear. Various program battles, system slowdown. This is due not only to the low-quality software installed on the smartphone, but also to the fact that modern operating systems have a tendency to accumulate unnecessary files, which not weakly burden it. Hence the brakes and some glitches. Of course, periodic cleaning of the system from such garbage helps to maintain the gadget in working order, but no program can guarantee the correct removal of all unnecessary files. In this situation, for Xiaomi Redmi Pro, a factory reset is the optimal solution to all problems.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro hard reset: what are the advantages of the procedure

The specific problem that caused the failure is determined, as a rule, for a long time, and even using complex programs that also need to be mastered. It is much easier in this case to do a hard reset of Xiaomi Redmi Pro 3, that is, a complete reset of the system settings and parameters. Over, it will be more reliable, there will be nothing superfluous in the smartphone, only what was when it was released from the factory. It is worth noting that all modern smartphones have the ability to hard reset, and the aLGorithm offered here is suitable for other models of the brand.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro: hard reset step by step

This method is the SIMplest, it is used on a work smartphone, which has just begun to show signs of fatigue. To reset you need:

  • Go to the settings menu on the phone;
  • Select the backup and reset item in the list;
  • Next, click on reset to factory settings;
  • Agree with all confirmations and wait for the system to do everything.

At this point, it is strongly discouraged to do anything with the smartphone, let the system itself reset the parameters to the end.

How to restore your smartphone to work

In fact, when the phone malfunctions, the user has only two options for resolving the issue:

  • Go to the service center and hand over the device to specialists, paying for their work;
  • Solve, or try to solve the problem yourself.

A software failure, this is not very scary, because spare parts are not needed for this, therefore, quite rightly, most smartphone users choose for themselves the path of independent solution of the issue. Largely because this option is free. In addition, if all else fails, the phone will not physically suffer, and the service will do everything right, and the user will remain with a sense of accomplishment (he did what he could). If the Xiaomi Redmi Pro hard reset procedure ends with success, then you get a very good savings.

Instructions for resetting to factory settings Xiaomi Mi and Redmi

Resetting to factory settings Xiaomi is usually used after the smartphone started to fail and clearing the memory did not help. Also, Hard Reset Xiaomi smartphone is useful if you want to prepare a smartphone for sale.

It is quite rare to write about using a factory reset after the system crashes. This situation happened to me, including, and not only on Xiaomi smartphones. Probably you have also come across a situation when the phone SIMply refuses to turn on. In this case, there is a good chance that a reset can help.

Cleaning the device through Google account

The fifth way to factory reset a Xiaomi smartphone also works remotely. In order to use it, the device must be associated with a Google account.
To clean your phone using your Google account:

  • Follow the link
  • Click “Clean device”

Discharge through third-party recovery

Factory reset Xiaomi through third-party recovery deservedly ranks third on our list. There is nothing special in this method, the only thing is that it is suitable for owners of smartphones with an unlocked bootloader.

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Hold down the power key and volume up
  • We get to the recovery menu
  • There is a possibility of changing the language (there is no Russian)
  • Drag the half-knob to the right to reset
  • Waiting for the reset to complete
  • Reboot the system

Before resetting Xiaomi to factory settings through third-party recovery, be sure to pay attention to the Team Win Recovery Project version. The order may differ, it makes sense to find detailed instructions for your version

Easy reset method via phone settings

To factory reset Android Xiaomi, do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • “Advanced settings”
  • “Redundancy and reset”
  • “Reset to factory settings”
  • We choose whether we need to clear videos, photos and other user data
  • Click “Reset settings”

This method is suitable for all models of Xiaomi smartphones. It can be used only with a fully functional device.

Via Mi Cloud service and Google account

The fourth method is suitable for resetting the smartphone settings remotely. By itself, the main purpose of this method is to reset the smartphone if it is lost. Those. If your smartphone is stolen, you can safely erase all data via the Mi Cloud.

I draw your attention, we consider resetting via Mi Cloud, assuming that your smartphone is connected to the service.

  • Go to the official website of Mi Cloud
  • Log in to your account
  • Select “Find device”
  • Click “Erase Data”

You can also read detailed instructions on setting up Mi Cloud on our website.

Hard Reset Xiaomi through recovery mode

Resetting to factory settings via Recovery is a more serious method that can only be used if you have an unlocked bootloader.

So, to reset the settings:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Press the power button and volume up
  • After the phone vibrated, release the power button, while holding the volume up
  • Select the language, confirm the selection by pressing the power button
  • Next, select the item “Wipe and Reset”. Navigation is carried out using the volume up / down buttons
  • Next “Yes”
  • We are waiting for the completion of the hard reset, and we restart the smartphone

It will be optimal to reset the settings to factory settings in this way if the smartphone stops turning on or lags (slows down) a lot. Of course, if you can get to the reset through the standard menu, it would be better to use the method.

5 ways to factory reset Xiaomi

By and large, on Mi and Redmi smartphones, there are four main ways to reset Xiaomi to factory settings:

  • The first method is resetting to factory settings Xiaomi through the standard menu. The easiest way, it has a way to use it when the memory is full or the smartphone starts to lag. Also, this method can be used before selling Xiaomi, in order to remove all personal data and files in one fell swoop
  • The second way to reset to factory settings Xiaomi is through Recovery mode. Used in case of a system failure when you cannot turn on your smartphone to reset to factory settings via the menu
  • The third method is suitable for those who use custom firmware. An ordinary user is not recommended to do such things, but everyone needs to know about it. So, reset to factory settings using third-party recovery (recovery)
  • The fourth method is rather unusual. It is supposed to be reset to factory settings via the Xiaomi Mi Cloud, i.E. Remotely
  • The fifth method will also allow you to wipe your device remotely using your Google account.
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Briefly figured out, now we turn to the detailed instructions for resetting the settings of Xiaomi Redmi and Mi smartphones.

This article provides the standard ways to reset your Xaomi smartphone to factory settings. If these options did not help to cope with the problem, then it makes sense to reflash the phone, but for this the best option is to contact the service center. If you are determined to do this yourself, be sure to first read the special articles and video instructions.

Option: Non-standard method

Let’s say that you do not remember your account password and cannot connect via remote access, and you cannot physically unlock your Xiaomi phone. In this case, you can use the method described below. But keep in mind that it is quite difficult, especially for novice users.

The method implies full flashing of the smartphone with an update to the latest version. Over, the phone must already have an unlocked Bootloader mode.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download and install MIUI ROM Flashing Tool on your computer from http://api.Bbs.Miui.com/url/MiFlash;
  • Go to the official MIUI website at http://en.Miui.com/download.html and select your phone model from the list;
  • Download the latest firmware for this device and save it to your computer;
  • Activate FastBoot mode on your phone. To do this, turn off the device and SIMultaneously press two keys. “Volume down” and “Power” (power button);
  • As soon as the phone boots into this mode, you will see a picture with a MIUI man and Android on your screen;
  • Now connect your smartphone to the computer via a USB cable, unzip the archive with the firmware and copy the path to this file from Explorer;
  • Open the program, in the Select item, manually specify the path to the folder with the firmware, or just paste the path you just copied from Explorer;
  • Click on the Refresh tab. After which the system will automatically recognize the new device;
  • At the bottom of the program, be sure to check the box next to Clean all. And click on the Flash tab;
  • The system will automatically start the process of removing the old firmware and installing the new one. As soon as the progress bar turns green and the Success notification appears on the right side of the program, you can remove the device and try to turn it on.

What you need to know before resetting?

Often, users who are little versed in the intricacies of mobile operating systems thoughtlessly follow the step-by-step actions described in the articles, ignoring the recommendations! It is important to know that all your data will be completely deleted, including your account, password from it, all applications, favorite photos, data from social networks and everything else.

Before you reset the settings to the factory settings, be sure to make a copy of all the information, so that you can quickly restore it to any smartphone on the same operating system, or copy the information separately to a computer, SD-drive, removable drive. For example, you can upload photos to a cloud service, link contacts to your account or make a backup, save data from games in the Google Play Center, upload videos to your computer or upload to YouTube, cloud services. In general, there are many options, and you should not ignore them.

Option: Via the “Device menu

Xiaomi devices have a separate section in the settings menu so that the user can independently delete all information.

Xiaomi Factory Reset Password

The considered method is suitable for users who have physical access to their smartphone and at the same time it works correctly, does not freeze, does not have cracks on the touch screen that would prevent pressing menu items.

Option: Via remote access

Let’s say that you do not have the opportunity to enter the smartphone’s menu or it has a pattern or password set at its entrance. Or maybe it was stolen and the information needs to be removed urgently. In this case, remote access through the Google service will help.

In Xiaomi, as in other smartphones based on Android, accounts are linked to the Google service, which allows you to control some functions on the phone. For example, a user can send a command to turn on the ring, to hear the phone ring, turn on blocking so that attackers cannot do anything, or clear all data from the system. We are also interested in the last point.

  • And so, you need to go to the remote access page https://www.Google.com/android/devicemanager, log in to the site under the account that is used in your phone and click on the “Clear” tab.
  • As soon as your smartphone gains access to the Internet, all data from it will be automatically deleted, and the attackers will not even have time to recover. But the end time of the procedure largely depends on the amount of information.

Option: Reset by pressing keys

Some Xiaomi phones can be reset to factory settings via hotkeys and a separate menu.

  • To do this, turn off the phone, remove the SIM-card, SD-card from it and boot into recovery mode. To activate it, you need to do the following: SIMultaneously press the power button and with it the volume down button. Hold for a few seconds until the MIUI logo (modified Xiaomi system) lights up on the screen. Release the keys.
  • The system will show a list of languages. Choose English (in addition to English, there is also Chinese or Japanese). Confirm the choice of language with the “Power” button. If there is a Russian language, then choose it, but mainly on the devices of this line there are only foreign languages;
  • Next, in the appeared menu “Main Menu” find the item “Wipe and Reset” and click on it, controlling the volume keys (and.) To move through the items;
  • After clicking, you need to click on the item “Wipe All Data”. Again, confirming pressing the “Power” button. The system will ask for confirmation of the operation. We will confirm it again;
  • We are waiting for the operation to be completed. The smartphone will reboot and a notification will appear on the screen with a greeting and further settings. The data has been deleted, you can use your phone again.
  • Wipe Cache. Clearing cached data from the file system (mainly application files with cache, browser history, etc.);
  • Wipe user data. Deletes only user data. This leaves applications, photos, individual settings;
  • Wipe SD Card. Complete removal of information from a memory card. Essentially an alternative to standard formatting.

Option: Via Mi Cloud service

This is a complete alternative to the service from Google and Apple, where you can control your devices.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, has developed its own cloud service that allows you to perform various operations with the phone, including deleting all content from it at a distance.

And so, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Go to the official website of the Mi Cloud service using the link https://i.Mi.com/ and enter your username and password, log in with your account;
  • Go to the “Devices” section. Find your mobile phone, track it on the map and click the “Format Device” button;
  • As soon as the data is deleted, you can reboot the device and enjoy the comfortable and stable operation of the smartphone. Again, remote control is only possible when the phone is connected to the Internet.!

How to factory reset a Xiaomi phone

Whatever smartphone you use, over time it starts to slow down, glitch, does not launch certain programs and applications, automatically closes processes, and so on. And in this case, the user resorts to the factory reset function. In principle, this is correct. If we know how to do this on ordinary Android smartphones, then some difficulties arise with Xiaomi phones due to the specification of the modified operating system. Well, let’s talk about all the nuances and methods of returning factory settings on Xiaomi models.

As you can see, there are many ways to reset the settings, despite the fact that Xiaomi has a separate version of the Android operating system, which is very different in functionality from other models and manufacturers.

Be sure to create backups, connect the “Find My Phone” option, bind to cloud services and remember the passwords that you set, otherwise you will experience numerous problems during such operations.

Unlocking Mi Account

Consider the SIMplest option, when you know your mobile number or email and you can request a password reset to access the system through the company’s website.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Using a computer browser, go to the company’s website, go to the authorization form and click on the “Forgot your password” link, or immediately follow the link https://account.Xiaomi.com/pass/forgetPassword.
  • We indicate the email address or mobile phone number that were specified when creating the Mi account.
  • Enter captcha.
  • We confirm the password reset. A secret code will be sent to the specified number, enter it in the appropriate field on the site and cancel the old password.
  • Enter a new password twice to access the system, confirm the operation.

If the procedure went through correctly according to the instructions, you can unblock your account by entering the ID code and a new password to access the system.

How to unlock Mi account on Xiaomi: after reset, to unlock the bootloader

How to unblock Mi account if factory reset didn’t solve the problem? Today we will look at the main ways to unlock an account, which are easily implemented at home without the help of specialists from the service center.

At the first stage of recovery, it is worth deciding what data for access and recovery you have at your disposal. If you remember the mobile phone number or email address to which the account is linked, the procedure for restoring the unlocking of the account will take a few minutes. If you do not have access to a mobile number, you will either have to use the help of Xiaomi technical specialists, or try to perform a full reset of the smartphone to factory settings, followed by reinstalling the operating system.

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Unlocking your smartphone via support

You can contact company representatives by e-mail. It is worth sending letters to the address service.Us@xiaomi.com, it must be translated into English, in case of problems with knowing the language, you can get the translation in the online translator.

The letter must contain a detailed description of the problem you encountered (the smartphone is blocked due to lack of access to my account). Representatives of the company may ask the user to provide receipts of purchase, photos of the gadget box, have and other information that will establish that the smartphone really belongs to you.

Lack of cooperation with the support service. The correspondence to unlink the account can take several weeks, all this time there will be no access to the mobile phone. Another drawback is the low percentage of approval of applications, often Xiaomi representatives SIMply refuse to restore access, referring to the company’s policy in the field of protection against fraud.

Unlocking via hard reset

If you are the owner of an old smartphone (models Redmi 4, 4a, 4x, 5, 5a, 6a) and others, you can try resetting your smartphone to factory settings.

How to unblock Mi account on Xiaomi:

  • Hold the power button on the smartphone until the device turns off completely;
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button and the increase access button until the Mi icon appears on the screen;
  • Use the volume swing to select the appropriate language for the recovery menu;
  • Go to the factory reset section;
  • Confirm your intention to remove all personal information from the gadget and return it to the “out of the box” state;
  • Return to the main menu and restart the gadget.

After a factory reset, the gadget may load for a long time. Reset helps unlock the phone in only 50 cases out of 100. If the method does not help, use the method suggested below.

Unlock without phone

Many users who own Redmi phones are wondering how to unlock a Xiaomi phone if they have forgotten their Mi account password and there is no access to their mobile number. Such situations occur if you changed your SIM card for one reason or another or purchased a handset with a password already set.

Unlocking via firmware

The choice of the flashing method depends on the processor used on your smartphone. For devices on Snapdragon, flashing is carried out via fastboot, miflash, for devices with MTK core, the procedure is implemented via flashtool loader.

An important condition is that you need to install on the phone not a new, but an old version of the firmware, preferably not higher than MIUI 7, which does not have a mandatory account verification. In 90% of cases, the flashing method helps to unlock devices, some users face the following problem. The smartphone remains unlocked until it is connected to the Internet.

Unlock via factory reset

This method is only suitable for older smartphones with firmware up to MIUI 7 inclusive: Mi 4, Redmi Note 3, 3s, etc.

  • Turn off the device by long pressing the power button;
  • For a few seconds, hold the same button together with the volume up key to display the Mi logo on the screen;
  • In the menu that appears, select the appropriate language and go to the reset section;
  • Find the appropriate item in the list, agree to the removal of personal information;
  • Return to the main menu and restart the smartphone.

The method is SIMple, but no longer provides a 100% guarantee, since the Chinese brand is working to improve the service, releasing updates even for older models.

This means that the smartphone can be blocked again after gaining access to the Internet.

Unlocking methods

The method of restoring access will depend on what data the user has.

If he has a phone number or e-mail address to which the profile was registered, then unlocking via id.Mi.com will take a few minutes.

In all other situations, you will either have to contact Xiaomi technical support, or resort to extreme measures: a complete reset to factory settings and a flashing of the device.

Disable blocking permanently

If for some reason it is necessary that the lock screen does not appear in principle and does not require any passwords, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Recovery” menu as in the previous method. But now select the item “Advanced”, and then “File Manager”.
  • The file system should open, where you need to click “Data-system” and delete the files that are associated with locking the smartphone: “gesture.Key, password.Key, locksettings.Db, locksettings.Db-wal and locksettings.Db-shm”.
  • Reboot your device and enjoy your work without blocking.

Contacting technical support

The only official way to unlock a device without a username and password is to convince a Xiaomi specialist that the phone was purchased legally. In this case, the inaccessible account will either be helped to restore, or deleted with the data stored in it, returning the factory settings.

You can contact technical support at the following addresses:

  • Service.Global@xiaomi.com. This address belongs to an international service. They accept questions from buyers from all over the world, so you will have to wait a week or longer for an answer. Another inconvenience is that you can only communicate with technical support in Chinese or English.
  • Support.Ru@mi-shop.com. Support service.
  • Info.Ru@mixtech.Biz. You can write here on issues related to service.

Experts will definitely require proof of the legitimate purchase of the device, therefore, to speed up the process, you must immediately attach as many facts as possible to the application: a cashier’s receipt, a photo of the box, EMEI, confirmation of ownership of a SIM card.

If the blocked account belongs to the owner of the smartphone, but he no longer has access to mail or phone number, then as proof he can provide the login, previous passwords (the older the better), the last contacts, other devices from which he could enter Mi-account, the name of the home Wi-Fi network and any information that can confirm the fact of ownership.

In case of a negative decision on the application, re-submission is possible in a month.

“Hard reboot

How to unlock Xiaomi Redmi 4 if you forgot the password and the phone is not synchronized with either Google or Mi-account? We’ll have to do a Hard Reset. To make everything go like clockwork, do not rush to press the cherished buttons.

First, you need to charge the phone at least 80%, save all important information on a third-party carrier, if possible, and, accordingly, remove the USB flash drive from the phone. A hard reboot looks like this:

  • Hold down power and volume up for 10 seconds. As soon as the phone vibrates, you can let go.
  • Select the line “Recovery” then “Wipe data”.
  • After rebooting, configure a “clean” smartphone for yourself and come up with a new password if necessary.

If you forgot your password and login

The easiest way is to access the Mi-account created by the owner of the smartphone. Even if it was a long time ago and the registration data were lost, the login can be remembered, and the password can be changed.

You cannot recover the old password, but you can reset it and create a new one. This is not difficult. A SIMilar procedure exists on all sites, besides, any device with Internet access is suitable for performing the operation.

  • Open account.Xiaomi.com page where account login is located.
  • In the Login field, enter the phone number or e-mail to which the account is supposedly registered, and then click the Forgot Password? (“Forgot your password?”).
  • If the login is specified incorrectly, the system will inform you that the user was not found. In this case, you should try another option. The number of attempts is not limited, so you can experiment for a long time.
  • When the login is guessed, the system will first ask you to enter a captcha, and then send a message with a confirmation code to the specified mail or phone. If the Mi-account is registered to the SIM-card in the locked device, it will have to be rearranged to another device.
  • The received secret code must be copied into the appropriate field, confirm the reset of the old password and enter a new one.

After the performed manipulations, you can take a smartphone and enter the updated registration data. The lock will be removed.


A radical method used in the most extreme cases. Firstly, it is technically more complicated than the previous ones, and secondly, if the smartphone was under warranty, then the latest information is lost. However, the main drawback of this method is that it does not always help, because account data is stored in a protected memory area that is difficult to delete.

The firmware will require access to the operating system of the device. You can get it if you reset the settings through recovery and create a “Second Space”. This function is available in Xiaomi smartphones. The device will unlock for about an hour, and during this time you need to have time to complete all the manipulations.

Unlocking Mi Account

Consider the SIMplest option, when you know your mobile number or email and you can request a password reset to access the system through the company’s website.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Using a computer browser, go to the company’s website, go to the authorization form and click on the “Forgot your password” link, or immediately follow the link https://account.Xiaomi.com/pass/forgetPassword.
  • We indicate the email address or mobile phone number that were specified when creating the Mi account.
  • Enter captcha.
  • We confirm the password reset. A secret code will be sent to the specified number, enter it in the appropriate field on the site and cancel the old password.
  • Enter a new password twice to access the system, confirm the operation.
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If the procedure went through correctly according to the instructions, you can unblock your account by entering the ID code and a new password to access the system.

Unlocking via firmware

The choice of the flashing method depends on the processor used on your smartphone. For devices on Snapdragon, flashing is carried out via fastboot, miflash, for devices with MTK core, the procedure is implemented via flashtool loader.

An important condition is that you need to install on the phone not a new, but an old version of the firmware, preferably not higher than MIUI 7, which does not have a mandatory account verification. In 90% of cases, the flashing method helps to unlock devices, some users face the following problem. The smartphone remains unlocked until it is connected to the Internet.

How to reset Xiaomi Redmi 4 to factory settings using Hard Reset

After using a mobile phone for a long time, its software will inevitably degrade. Various glitches and slowdowns begin to appear, and using such a smartphone is no longer as comfortable as on the first day after purchase.

But it is quite possible to bring feelings as close as possible to the very first ones. A complete reset of all installed settings will help in this. It is also called Hard Reset. Such a procedure is done quite easily and quickly, and most importantly. It does not need special devices, and absolutely everyone can cope with it.

  • When and why to do Hard Reset?
  • How to Hard reset on Xiaomi Redmi 4
  • Reset through recovery
  • A couple of important notes

Reset through recovery

If the bootloader is unlocked on your phone, then it is convenient to reset Xiaomi settings through recovery. This is done in an elementary way:

  • First of all, we take out a memory card and a SIM card from the phone. If this is not done, the information stored on them may be damaged or even deleted. Also, do not forget to fully charge the phone. Of course, the procedure is not so long that there is a risk of killing the entire battery, but, as they say, just in case, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before any software configuration of Xiaomi smartphones;
  • Turn off your mobile device;
  • We SIMultaneously hold down the power and volume up buttons. This is a well-known combination that directs us into recovery mode;
  • Among the available languages ​​there are oriental languages ​​that are obscure to our people and, of course, English. In the absence of Russian, we choose English. Menu navigation is carried out using the same power and volume buttons. We move up and down using the volume buttons, and confirm the actions with the power button;
  • In the menu we are interested in the item “Wipe all data”. It implies the intention to delete all data from the phone. Of course, the system will ask you again if you are sure of the radicalness of your decision. Feel free to agree and click on “Wipe clean”;
  • Having received the final answer from you, the phone has no choice but to start deleting data and rolling back to factory settings. As a rule, the progress of the process is displayed on the screen in the form of a bar with percentages. The system accelerates from zero to one hundred in about a couple of minutes, and upon completion the phone will reboot;
  • We see the familiar menu of the initial setup of the smartphone, indicate the time zone, Mi account data, etc. In a word, we act as if a newly purchased gadget fell into our hands, and you see it for the first time (although you already know how to set it up).

How to Hard reset on Xiaomi Redmi 4

Today we are going to learn how to reset the phone to factory settings. For example, consider the line of Xiaomi Redmi smartphones, namely its fourth generation. Although we must say right away that the recommendations given below are relevant for most other Xiaomi gadgets due to the SIMilarity of the configuration of the models.

So, there are two main options for action. The first one is suitable only for new models of smartphones on which the Qualcomm processor is installed and the bootloader is blocked by default. If you have just such a phone, then in its settings there is a special button for restoring factory settings. Just click on it, wait a few seconds and you’re done. All settings on your mobile device are reset. This is the SIMplest and most common method of action that owners of modern Xiaomi phones enjoy with pleasure.

When and why to do Hard Reset?

In addition to the considered situation of deterioration of the quality of the firmware from the time of using the smartphone, there are also other situations in which you cannot do without a rollback to the factory settings. In particular, these are:

  • Preparing the phone for changing the firmware;
  • Blocking the device due to the fact that several times the graphic or numeric password has been entered incorrectly and there is no way to remember it.

Before flashing, it is recommended to reset so that the new software is installed not over the old settings, but on the cleared ground. In this case, the likelihood increases that you will not encounter any old smartphone errors after changing the firmware.

If you have forgotten the password for the phone, then you will not be able to unlock it in any way, except for resetting the settings. The password, in fact, is one of the user settings.

A couple of important notes

Depending on whether you have official or custom firmware (and recovery), the name of the items in the menu may differ. But in any case, look for the word Wipe. The button with it is responsible for resetting the settings.

Make sure your phone is 100% charged before starting the process. If it turns off suddenly during a factory reset, it will be difficult to turn it on.

The first start-up after a reset takes longer than usual. But don’t think to worry. This is by design. The system reboots with the updated settings, and it is logical that this takes a little more time.

We hope our recommendations were useful for you, and you can perform factory reset on Xiaomi even with your eyes closed.!

System redundancy (backup)

For local backup of system settings, all accounts and applications, use the “Local Backup“ option. In this case, all files are saved on the phone or memory card. They can then be transferred to a computer via a cable for more secure storage.

Create a backup.

Select the required system settings and installed applications that you want to keep. Click “Create Backup”.

Next, the reservation process will begin. This can take up to 1 hour, so make sure your phone battery is charged.

Do not forget to turn on the “Auto Reservation” option. This is much more convenient. The data will be stored without your participation. Set the time for reservation, day and objects of reservation. Better to set night time when you are not using your smartphone.

Backup to Mi Cloud

Save data from your phone to Xiaomi cloud storage with the possibility of recovery. To do this, you must have a Mi-account.

Select “Reservation Settings”, set auto reservations, schedule (for example, once a week). Click “Get Started”.

Here you can also manage previously created phone backups. Unnecessary ones can be deleted so as not to take up space in the cloud. It is limited to 5GB, the rest is for money.

To recover your files to your phone, click “Recover from Mi Cloud”. The following objects will be restored:

  • Applications, desktop and wallpaper;
  • Alarm, clock and time settings;
  • Notification settings;
  • MIUI and system settings.

Data backup, restore and factory reset

Data backup and restore functions will protect your files, phone settings from loss. You can easily transfer all data from your old phone to a new one using backup and restore from Xiaomi, Mi Cloud or Google account.

All functions and settings for copying and restoring data can be found here: Settings Advanced settings Backup and reset.

Google Backup Restore

For the backup to work, you must have a configured Google account on your phone.

Turn on “Data Backup” to automatically copy settings and files to remote storage on Google Drive. Those. Information will be periodically copied there without your participation.

Next, select an account to reserve. You can choose an existing one or create a new one. Each account is given 15GB of cloud storage space.

Enable AutoRecover so that when you reinstall the app, you can restore a backup of your settings and data.

To see statistics on the backup, what data was saved and when, go to “Google Account”.

For example, I have a Google Drive backup set up to my personal account. And the data was copied literally half an hour ago.

Return to factory settings

This function deletes all data from the phone and memory card: contacts and messages, installed applications (cache, save and other data), phone settings, multimedia (photos and pictures, music, video), all user files. Be aware of this action, because unsaved data can no longer be recovered.

I recommend doing a factory reset when you give the phone to another person, if the smartphone slows down and glitches.

The forced erase process will format the memory card as well. Better get her out before dumping.

There is no need to be afraid of a factory reset. After the reset, re-register the Mi-account or Google-account on the phone and perform data recovery.