Xiaomi Band 4 How to Use

Xiaomi Band 4 How to Use

Xiaomi Mi Band 4. A budget fitness bracelet from a Chinese manufacturer, released this summer. It differs from previous models in the list of functions and color display, the previous tracker had a black and white screen.

The manufacturer produces bracelets for watches in several colors. In our case, it is red. Replacing the bracelet is easy, just remove the capsule and insert into a new one. Everything is almost the same as in previous versions. But this time there is a special groove on the capsule, and it itself cannot fall out.

We offer you to understand what features the Mi Smart Band 4 has, and how to use them.

Features Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The new Xiaomi fitness bracelet has the following functionality:

  • It copes well with the watch function.
  • As in previous versions, you can configure the inclusion of the screen when raising your hand, which is convenient.
  • Automatic heart rate measurement.
  • Counting calories during a workout.
  • Sleep analysis.
  • Counting the number of steps and distance traveled.
  • Notifications about calls, SMS messages and notifications.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Search for a connected device.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Timer and stopwatch.
  • Unlock device via bluetooth.
  • A reminder of the warm-up.
  • Music playback control.

We’ll deal with the basic functions of the gadget.

How to turn on and off Mi Smart Band 4

As in previous models, Xiaomi did not equip the fitness bracelet with an on / off button. If the gadget is charged, it automatically turns on, when the battery is completely discharged, it turns off. If necessary, the user can reboot device. To do this, go to the “Advanced” tab, select “Settings” (the most recent) and click on the “Reboot” button here.

In the same section of the menu, you can adjust the screen brightness, turn on the lock screen, reset the device to factory settings.

Pairing Mi Band 4 with a smartphone

Since Xiaomi Mi Band 4 cannot work on its own, it must be connected to the phone or tablet on which it is necessary to install the Mi Fit application. Other gadgets of the Chinese manufacturer, for example, sneakers or floor scales, can be connected to the same application.

  1. After installing the application and registering in it, you should add a new device. To do this, click on the “” button located in the upper right corner and select the type of device, in this case “Bracelet”.
  2. After pairing is complete, you need to confirm it on the watch by touching the screen. The procedure is simple, just follow the instructions that appear on the phone.
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Setting up the Mi Smart Band 4 watch

You do not need to set the clock and date, it will be set automatically when connected to a smartphone. To activate the screen when raising your wrist, you need to open the Mi Fit application. Go to the profile tab, click on the device, in this case, on the inscription “Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4”, open the menu item “Lift your wrist to view information”. Here you can turn this feature off or on (for the whole day or for the scheduled period), and set the response speed (high or normal).

Automatic Heart Rate Measurement Mi Smart Band 4

You can set parameters for measuring your heart rate through the app. To do this, select the menu item “Heart Rate”, where you can set:

  • Interval for measurement (1, 5, 20 or 30 minutes);
  • Measurement method (in addition, you can choose the measurement of heart rate during sleep);
  • Activity determination function (if the bracelet detects that the user is doing exercises, he will automatically increase the frequency of measurements);
  • Notification function (if the pulse exceeds the set value, the bracelet will begin to vibrate).

Set up Mi Smart Band 4 notifications

To configure vibration for incoming calls, you must select the menu item “Incoming call”. Here you can activate the vibration, select its type, turn off the notification of unknown calls (then the bracelet will only respond to calls from numbers entered into contacts), set the display of the number or name of the caller.

To configure notifications Mi Smart Band 4, you need to open the “Notifications” tab in the application.

  • Here you need to activate the vibration when receiving push notifications.
  • Here you can configure the strength of vibration, set your own or choose the default.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a “Manage Applications” button. When you click on it, a list of all installed applications will drop out. Of these, you must select those for which the bracelet should respond to notifications.

Counting calories during exercise

Calories burned during a workout in Xiaomi Band 4 are based on the heart rate. To start it, go to the “Training” tab in the bracelet menu and select an activity mode. You can choose from: outdoor jogging, treadmill, cycling, walking, exercise, pool.

The analysis of the number of calories, pulse, load analysis (no load, intense, anaerobic and so on), distance (in walking or running mode). In the walking and running mode on the street, you need to enable geolocation on the phone.

To pause or stop training, hold down the center button of the bracelet for a short time. Next, select either the pause button or the stop button.

Alarm Clock Mi Smart Band 4

Unfortunately, there is no smart alarm function in the bracelet, but you can turn on the usual one. To do this, open the “Alarm” menu in the application and set the desired time. You can create an alarm that works once, will work every day, or only on weekdays. Here, by clicking on the “Vibration” button, you can set the type and intensity of the notification.

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Search for a connected device

A very convenient feature for those who are constantly losing their phone. Open the menu item “Advanced” on Mi Smart Band 4 and click on the “Search for device” button.

  1. If the phone is in range (that is, at a distance of no more than 30 meters), it will start to emit a signal.
  2. It will automatically turn off as soon as you unlock the smartphone or press the crossed-out bell icon on the bracelet screen.

Weather forecast Mi Smart Band 4

The weather forecast is automatically configured when connected to the Mi Fit application and data synchronization.

Timer and stopwatch

These functions are available in the “Advanced” section, just press the appropriate button to open the timer or stopwatch.

Bluetooth device unlock

Unlocking a mobile device with a fitness bracelet is configured through the application. To do this, select the menu item “Unlock screen.” The unlock distance is set here (close, close, far). When the distance “near” is set, the smartphone automatically unlocks when the user wearing the bracelet picks it up.

Warm Up Reminder

Such a reference would be useful to office workers. It is configured through the application, for this you need to go to the “Reminder about the warm-up” item, where this function is activated and the time interval for it is set. If reminders are turned on, the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet will vibrate if there is no activity for an hour.

Music Control Mi Smart Band 4

To start the music control, just swipe the screen to the right or left. Here you can stop or start playback, include the next or previous song.

Changing the screen design of Xiaomi Band 4

To change the screen design of the Xiaomi Band 4 fitness tracker, go to the “Advanced” menu tab, where to select the “Display” section. Three screen designs are preinstalled, you can select the desired one by clicking on it. Additional can be downloaded through the application. In the menu you need to select “Dial Settings”.

It offers to download more than 50 options. It is enough to select the one you like and click on the button “Synchronize clock screen”. After synchronization is complete, the new design will be installed automatically and will appear in the list in the clock menu. Tell us about your impressions of using the bracelet!

By purchasing a new gadget, each user rejoices in its functionality, completely forgetting about the need for charging. This happens with the owners of the fourth generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets. Upon purchase, users often see a dead battery due to a seller check. As a result, before using the tracker, you need to replenish the charge so that when connected to the phone and performing other actions, it does not refuse to work. To do this, it is important to know how to properly charge Mi Band 4. This is what we will talk about in the article.

How can I charge Mi Band 4

Especially for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the manufacturer released a USB charger. It is present complete with tracker. Charging the gadget through it is a sure and effective way, but besides it there are several more options.

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The charger is a very fragile and small thing, and therefore it is easy to accidentally lose or take it out of service. Unfortunately, for inexperienced users, such situations often occur. But you should not be upset, because there is still a way out of such a nuisance.

You can charge Mi Band 4 without charging in the following ways:

  1. Side cord. To recharge, any USB cable is suitable. In it, you need to expose the black and red wiring, and then press them to the contacts of the tracker and secure with clips for greater reliability. After the cord is required to connect to the computer via the USB port.
  2. Power Supply. This method will be better understood by people who are knowledgeable in electrics. First of all, you need to define “” and “-” on the bracelet. After that you need to take the laboratory power supply, set it to 5 volts and bring the “spikes” to the contacts.

How to properly charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Now let’s go directly to the analysis of how much you need to charge the device and how to do it. The charge is always recommended to replenish up to 100%, without interrupting the charging process prematurely. It takes no more than two hours.

Before starting to charge remove the capsule from the strap. For this you need:

  • To take with a strap with both hands from different sides, turning the device screen up;
  • Slightly pull off part of the strap near the top of the capsule and squeeze the second up, wielding the index finger from below.

Next, you need to take the charger included in the kit and insert the capsule so that the contacts of both were in contact. Immediately after this, the cord can be connected to the computer via USB.

For the first time

Once the purchased Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 has been brought home, it should first be put on charge.

For the first time, a device must be fully charge. Up to 100%. This is necessary to warm up the battery and its better functioning in the future.

All subsequent times

Starting from the second charge, Mi Bend 4 is allowed not to be brought to an indicator of 100%. Here you should consider the frequency of use of the tracker:

  • At minimum loads there will be enough charge up to 85-90%;
  • When working with all options, including the included notifications, 100% will be required.

How to understand that the bracelet is charged

As soon as the Mi Band 4 watch’s battery is fully charged, the device emits vibration, and the image of the full battery and the inscription appears on the screen “Battery is full”. After that, the cord is allowed to be disconnected, and the capsule can be returned back to the strap.