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First of all, we must decide for what tasks we buy headphones. The truth is that Airpods sound far from perfect, and when we talk about the ultra budget segment, our requirements should decrease. If you are looking for headphones with “wide stage”, “deep bass”, “fragile treble”, etc., then you are in the wrong place. If you are looking for headphones for your child, so that the sound of the game from the smartphone does not interfere with everyone in the house, then they do an excellent job of this task. over, the headphones have a special game mode (how to activate it is described above), where the sound delay is significantly reduced. If you are looking for headphones to listen to music or watch YouTube on public transport on short trips, then they are enough for you too.

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The volume reserve is decent, and even at the maximum mark, you can listen to music without discomfort and crackling, which is often found in available headphone models. There is no lag of sound from the image when watching movies and videos. If we talk about using headphones as a headset, then everything is very predictable. You will perfectly hear the interlocutor in any conditions, because silicone ear pads provide good passive noise isolation, but if it is noisy around you, then your interlocutor will not hear you in the best way.

Realme Buds Q: Xiaomi AirDots are not a competitor?

Fresh headphones from Realme called Buds Q may shake the position of the long-known and affordable AirDots headphones from Xiaomi, however, there is one “but”. Earphones from Xiaomi have proven themselves well for a long time, but for the Buds Q this still needs to be done. Looking ahead, I can say that the novelty has every chance to compete for the title of “top in the budget”.


The first thing you will love about operating these headphones. no accidental clicks. How did the manufacturer achieve this? Very simple. There are simply no “one-touch” gestures, and accordingly, when you want to fix the earpiece in your ear, put on a hat or fix your hairstyle, then with a light single contact nothing will happen and this is a plus. The default headphone gestures are described below.

  • Play / pause. double tap on any earphone;
  • accept / end the call. double tap on any earphone;
  • enabling game mode. holding your fingers on both headphones until the sound of the engine appears in the headphones;
  • next track. triple tap on any earphone;
  • drop an incoming call. finger hold on any earphone.

For budget headphones, such control capabilities would already be quite enough, but that’s not all. Realme has a proprietary app called Realme Link and it’s available for iOS too. It has few functions. You can connect headphones through it, you can view the charge of each earphone, enable the game mode, but most importantly, it flexibly configures the headphone control capabilities. Here you can set up a call to the voice assistant, or you can put a return to the previous track in one of the headphones. The only thing that is not in the settings. increase / decrease the volume, but this is already the prerogative of more expensive items, for example Galaxy Buds, Buds Plus or Buds Live.


In terms of connectivity, everything is without surprises. Of course, there is no proprietary animation when opening the case :). I just took the case with the headphones out of the box, opened it, and then went to the Bluetooth menu on the smartphone and selected Realme Buds Q among the found devices. The connection was instant. Later I tried another way. downloaded the Realme Link app and connected the headphones to the smartphone through it. It was a little longer, but also a little more aesthetically pleasing. For sound quality, convenience, etc. the connection method does not affect, so you can do it as you like. While listening to music, I did not lose the connection, although reading the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of users on the network I understand that this can sometimes happen. I haven’t had this yet.


The earbuds are compact and resemble the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus in shape, although the Samsung earbuds will be more massive. TWS earbuds in my ears usually hold up without problems, both vacuum and in-ear. With the “leg”, as in the Airpods and without it, but with the Buds Q, I got the impression that they hold on a little. They never fell out, but there was always a feeling that they were about to fall out. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are very light. One earbud weighs only 3.6 grams.

The earbuds are IPX4 protected. You can play sports in them without any problems, if they firmly sit in your ears. Raindrops or sweat will not damage them. According to the standard, they can easily withstand bathing in the shower, but I strongly do not recommend that you do this. Even if the protection would have been IP68, it’s still better not to tempt fate once again.

On both earbuds “R” is written and at first I was confused, and then I realized that this means Realme, and not the designation where is the right and where is the left earphone. “L” and “R” marks are located on the inside of each earbud.

Each earbud has two charging contacts, as well as a microphone hole just below the touch zone for controlling the earbuds. Of course, there is no active noise cancellation here, and, as strange as this fact may sound, I am very happy about it, because it is unlikely to be implemented well in budget headphones.


TWS earbuds have not surprised me with complete accessories for a long time, the last time was when I unpacked the Anker Liberty Air 2 and Liberty 2 Pro earbuds. I recommend them whenever possible, because they are among the best in their price segment. Back to the Buds Q. The banana-colored box contains a case with headphones, two additional pairs of interchangeable ear pads. The middle ones are already on the headphones, and there are also sizes L and S separately. There is a short Micro USB cable in the box and this is a little upsetting, because it’s still 2020 on the street.

Included with the headphones there is an instruction in English that will tell you about the basic capabilities of the headphones and technical characteristics, and you can also find a QR code in it by scanning which will be redirected to the download page of the proprietary Realme Link application. I’ll tell you more about the application below.

An interesting point is that the box says “expiration date 2 years”. What does it mean? What happens after 2 years of using headphones? Or did they mean the box? :). Unknown, but I want to believe that under the right operating conditions, the headphones will delight the owner longer.

The headphone case is made of black, non-premium plastic. It is matte with a minimum of fingerprints. The lid has the inscription “realme”. On the front there is a special recess so that you can “hook” and open the case. Opening the case with one hand is almost impossible. There is a Micro-USB connector on the back of the case. The case has nice rounded corners. In terms of dimensions, it is slightly larger than the Airpods case. Why are we comparing it with Airpods? For the latter are actually reference in the understanding of compactness and everyone roughly understands the dimensions of the Apple headphone case.

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If the case is opened and turned over, the headphones will not fly out. Are magnetized firmly enough. On the front of the case, there is an indicator that glows in only two colors. Red when charging and green when the percentage of the charge has reached 100.


A single charge lasts about 4 hours of playback at 70% volume. The case can charge the headphones 4 more times, and, accordingly, the total autonomy increases to 20 hours. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the case. With autonomy, everything seems to be standard and the only thing that leaves an ambiguous impression is the micro-USB connector.

Does AirDots have a competitor? Indisputably. The headphones have a lightweight body, decent sound for their price segment, and also boast synchronization with the proprietary application, where you can flexibly adjust the playback control. Again, these headphones are not meant to amaze you with detailed audio, but they are ideal for gaming, short-term trips and sports as long as they stay firmly in your ears.

Redmi AirDots not syncing

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones bring comfort and independence to the life of every owner. But the interrupted song, the interruptions in the sound, are annoying. Synchronization issues are common gadget glitches. The reasons and what to do in such situations are of concern to every user.

Why don’t they work together

The sources of interference are different and are not always associated with the loss of contact between the inserts. Consider possible situations.

  • AirDots do not connect to a smartphone. Possible Bluetooth version conflict. Disconnect active devices for a while, try to sync the headphones again.
  • Play a song with delays. Earlier versions of wireless channels have low bandwidth. Remove unused TWS devices.
  • The connection between the headphones and the phone is constantly lost. Clear the cache and list of Bluetooth devices. Run Connect again.
  • The sound on one earbud is quieter. Examine the case. Remove dirt. Use a toothpick, lint-free cloth.

If the specified solutions to the problems did not help restore the work, only a factory reset will help. Zeroing a TWS headset is carried out if:

  • The headphones lay outside the case for several hours, and after activation they do not synchronize with each other.
  • The indicator lights up in white on the left and right ear pads.
  • The light of the diodes in the container does not change to red.

Since the Mi and Redmi AirDots models are functionally and externally similar to each other, the instructions are applicable for the two versions.

Earbuds not syncing

To fix the out of sync issue, run:

  • Before starting all the steps, remove the pairing with the smartphone.
  • Place the liners in the container. Connect to power supply.
  • The end of charging will be indicated by the indicator on the front of the case.
  • Take out your headphones.
  • Prepare a stopwatch. Hold down a function key or touch pad for 50 seconds.
  • Allow for the specified time. During this period, the bulbs of the earbuds will flicker white, at first slowly, then the pace will accelerate. At the end of the process, the indication will change to red, after 5 seconds it will turn off.
  • Release the pressure and put the Dots in the case.
  • Wait 10 seconds, remove plugs, check phone contact.

The earbuds are connected as a whole when the reset is done correctly. If the left and right AirDots appear separately in the Bluetooth list, it takes another minute to complete the setup.

  • Place the left earbud in a container.
  • Disconnect the right AirDots by holding the key or sensor for 30 seconds. When the flashlight flashes red, leave the earphone on the table.
  • Take out the left gadget, turn it off in the same way as your partner.
  • Put devices in the case.
  • After 10 seconds, remove.

Devices sync and find each other. The indicator will light up only on the right.

The loss of the AirDots connection with a smartphone or headphones to each other is an unpleasant situation. Don’t be in a hurry to panic. Useful instructions from the article will help you quickly solve the problem.

How to untie headphones from an external device

In order to untie the headphones from an external device, you must first go to the settings of your smartphone, PC or tablet in the Bluetooth section. Find Redmi AirDots or Xiaomi_mi_AirDots in the list of connected devices. Further, the instructions differ from device to device, but the principle is the same. On iPhone, press the i button to the right of the name of the headphones, in the window that opens, select Forget this device. The second stage to disconnect will be to completely disconnect and turn on the headphones. This step is described in this article How to connect both AirDots headphones to a smartphone or PC.

If you still have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or go to our telegram channel there is a link to the chat in which you can get quick and high-quality advice.


  • AirDots headphones come in two flavors: from Xiaomi and the recently spun off from the Redmi brand. The first one releases AirDots in white, and the headphone control button is touch-sensitive. Redmi also produces headphones in black, and the control button is mechanical. The principle of operation of Redmi AirDots and Xiaomi Mi AirDots is identical, this article is universal for both models.
  • When synchronizing with a device, in order for both headphones to work, you must first connect the left earphone to the right one, and then connect the right one to an external device (smartphone, PC or tablet)
  • To control the headphones, only one button is used with various press variations, which we will discuss below. The button is located on the outside of the earphone case (see the picture below).
  • If you take one earphone out of your ear, then music playback will continue on the one in your ear. To completely disconnect both headphones, they must be put in a case.
  • Users who do not sync their headphones correctly often face the problem that the left AirDots earphone does not connect, for you we have instructions on how to connect both AirDots headphones to a smartphone, tablet or PC

We connect both AirDots headphones to a phone or computer

We will immediately determine if the headphones have already been used on another device, or you have already tried to connect them to an external device, then you need to first untie the AirDots from the device. If you disconnected the headphones, or connect them for the first time, then go ahead. First of all, they are necessary:

  • We take out both headphones from the case at the same time
  • If the headphones are on, then we hold down the buttons on both headphones for 6-10 seconds until the red indicator lights up. This would mean turning them off.
  • Again, simultaneously hold down the buttons on both headphones for 2-3 seconds until the indicator on both headphones quickly blinks white.
  • You need to wait a few more seconds for the headphones to sync with each other. In this case, the right earphone (main) will emit a sound signal. At the same time, the indicator on the left earpiece will go out, on the right one it will blink white, but already slowly.
  • Now on your external device to which you want to connect headphones (smartphone, PC or tablet), open the Bluetooth settings. In the list of available devices you will see Redmi AirDots_R or Xiaomi_mi_AirDots_R click on it. In this case, the headphones should not be in the case.!
  • After successful connection, all indicators on the headphones will turn off.
  • If you failed to connect them the first time, do not be discouraged, we advise you to do the whole procedure again, having previously untied the headphones from the devices with which you tried to synchronize.
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AirDots color indicator: symbols

  • if the headphones are in the case, and the red color flashes, then the headphones are charging
  • the headphones are removed from the case, if you hold down the buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, the indicator will turn red, and this will mean that the headphones have turned off
  • the indicator lights up in white quickly. it means the headphones are looking for each other for synchronization
  • the indicator lights up in white slowly. it means the headphones are ready to sync with an external device

How to Switch Music on AirDots

There is no music player control on AirDots headphones, but there is a life hack that will allow you to do this. It is necessary to call the voice assistant by double-clicking, and ask him to switch the track or change the volume.

AirDots control instructions

  • A single press pauses music, unpauses and continues music playback, answers the call when a call comes in
  • To reset an incoming call, you need to hold down the button for a few seconds
  • Double tap to call the voice assistant. Supports Siri, Ok Google and Yandex Alice.

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The phone does not see the headphones, it does not react to pressing, the diode lights up on the box, how to solve this problem?

And how to make it so that music would play in the video when the shooting was through these headphones

The left earphone does not work at all what could be the problem

turned it off and on several times, as required by the instructions. I press R and only he plays, on L and only he works. I don’t understand what’s the matter

Remove the Bluetooth channel of these headphones from the phone and insert them into the case, and then at the same time take out and the left one should turn white and go out, and the right one will blink white, then connect to AirDots R and both will work.

I did everything and it works, maybe you did not do it at the same time

Xiaomi AirDots

Many owners of Xiaomi AirDots headphones are familiar with the problem when one earbud does not work. You can easily fix this problem yourself. How to do this, we will tell you further.

Because of which only one earphone can play?

Why Xiaomi earbuds can start working one at a time? The reason for the problem is that they cannot sync. Communication between the right and left earbuds and the smartphone stops working.

This is caused by various reasons, for example, a complete discharge of one AirDots. In addition to a complete lack of connection between the headphones, they may not connect correctly. This can cause the sound to become out of sync, making it impossible to listen to music. Therefore, the problem that has arisen will have to be resolved immediately.

How wireless headphones work

A wireless headset relies on receiving data from a device using a variety of data transfer methods. It can be radio communication, infrared receiver, Bluetooth connection. Xiaomi wireless headphones use the latter method, which is due to the simplicity and reliability of the connection and ease of use.

To connect a Xiaomi Bluetooth headset, you need to turn it on and connect to the gadget. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the headphones are ready for use.

How to solve this problem?

The problem is solved very simply. you need to synchronize the headset by performing a full reset of the headset.

How to Manually Turn Off Xiaomi AirDots

To reset Xiaomi wireless headphones, you need to turn them off. Pinch the touchpads and hold them until the lights turn red. Press the panels again and hold for 30-50 seconds. AirDots should turn on (you will see it by the blinking white indicator), after 10-20 seconds the lights will turn red and white and blink twice. Keep the buttons pressed until the lights go out and then flash a few more times. This is a signal indicating the successful completion of the repair.

Place the discarded headset in the case for 5 seconds and take it out. Synchronization starts. When the left earbud can find the right one and connect, try connecting to the phone. If the headset is working properly, you will hear stereo sound.

This method works with both Mi AirDots and Redmi AirDots. In the case of wireless headphones of the Redmi line, you need to wait until they beep twice, all other points of the instructions remain unchanged.

After a hard reset, a situation may arise where the phone sees both earbuds as two separate devices. In this case, connect the right earphone, wait until it starts working, and press the button on the left one. Both earbuds should sync.

There is another way to make both AirDots connect. This procedure is also very simple and does not take much time. The main thing is not to rush and follow the sequence of actions:

  • remove the headset case, close it and make sure it is charged;
  • if the battery is charged, take out one earbud;
  • wait for the earphone to turn on automatically and turn it off forcibly with a long press;
  • hold the panel and hold it until the red indicator turns on;
  • pull out the second earpiece and do the same with it in the same sequence;
  • put the headset with glowing red indicators in the case.

After carrying out these manipulations, the headphones should be synchronized and work in stereo mode.

If you did not succeed the first time, repeat the procedure. Clearing the data of the Bluetooth app on the smartphone can also help.

The difference between Redmi AirDots and AirDots

The first feature is the changed appearance and color of the device. Mi AirDots are produced in a classic style for the Chinese brand and have a white body color. And the new Redmi AirDots received a black version, which makes it more elegant.

The differences also affected the dimensions of the device. The Redmi product is slightly smaller than the Mi AirDots. This increases the wearing comfort of the accessory, eliminating unpleasant sensations during prolonged use. However, the charging case has become larger.

Both models are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and earlier. Support for the 5th generation increases the range, reduces power consumption, and also allows you to transfer large amounts of data without losing communication stability.

Redmi AirDots Synchronization. earphones work separately

In terms of autonomy, the models do not differ. Each earbud houses a small 40mAh battery that provides about 4 hours of listening time. Using the charging case, you can charge the gadget up to 3-4 times. The total operating time reaches 12 hours.

How to turn headphones on and off

Before connecting a gadget to external devices, you should figure out how they are turned on and off. Redmi AirDots instructions for activating the headphones:. Before using for the first time, you need to charge the case and headset Take the headphones out of the case, hold your finger on the touchpad for a few seconds. When the white indication appears, they will start up and are ready to use To disconnect the headset, hold your finger on the touchpad for a couple of seconds The second way to turn off is to put the headphones in the case, after which they are automatically deactivated.

Management and configuration of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

The instruction of the Redmi AirDots headphones in Russian explains in detail the control of the device. It is convenient to connect and use them:. Pause music playback. touch the touch panel of the device or do it in the program of your phone, tablet or laptop Single tap pauses, double tap switches tracks. A triple tap activates the previous action If you use a double press in standby mode, the headphones will turn on the voice assistant With a double tap, you can answer or drop calls There is no function of changing the volume or switching tracks without pairing with a device.

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Redmi AirDots color indicator. designations

The color indication on the headphones means:. When the headphones are stored in the case, a red blinking color indicates the charging process If the red indicator lights up when holding two buttons for 10 seconds, it indicates that the headphones have turned off Fast white blinking indicates the headphones are searching for devices to sync.

How to connect one and both earbuds

If one of the headphones stops working, you need to execute the following commands:. Deactivate both headphones by holding the buttons for a long time until a red indication appears Hold the control keys for 30-50 seconds until a white indicator appears. After 10-20 seconds, the headset will blink twice in red and white Then you need to continue to hold the sensors so that they go out for a couple of seconds After resetting the settings, you must put the device in the charging case Subsequent opening of the case will lead to quick synchronization of the two headphones.

How to tell if they are charged

A white indicator is used to confirm successful charging of the headphones. The appearance of a red signal indicates a discharge of the device.

How to connect headphones to a computer and disconnect them

To connect AirDots to a computer or laptop, you need to make sure that the devices support Bluetooth communication. Open the device search item in the Control Panel and wait for pairing. The setup process takes a couple of seconds, after which the user can freely listen to music or watch movies.

To disconnect pairing, you need to open the settings of your smartphone or computer, open the Bluetooth section, and find the desired device in the list of connected ones, click on the menu item “unlink or remove the device”.

One earbud does not work for Xiaomi wireless headphones

Let’s start with the most common problem. disconnecting one earphone Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition or Redmi AirDots (Mi Earbuds). This happens due to a violation of the synchronization between the right and left earphones. The difficulty lies in the fact that the user has no direct control over this process, all we can do is pair the phone with AirDots and expect everything to work fine.

When the connection between Xiaomi headphones is broken, we will have to roll back their connection to the phone and to ourselves to the factory state in order to restart the synchronization algorithm and hope that this will help restore work.

  • Let’s disconnect AirDots from the smartphone, to do this, on the phone, enter the Bluetooth menu. find them in the list of connected devices. If you have Mi AirDots they will be called “Mi AirDots BASIC_R”. if you have Redmi AirDots, respectively “Redmi AirDots BASIC_R”. Next to the name, click on the Arrow icon. you will be taken to a new menu, in which click on the Unpair button;
  • Now we will return the headphones to the factory state, to do this, put them in the charging case, make sure that charging has started, wait 10 seconds;
  • Remove both earbuds from the case and simultaneously hold down the touch control panels on both of them and hold down for 40-50 seconds. Of course, the wireless AirDots will turn on and start blinking a white light, ignore that. After about 15 seconds, the indicator will start flashing alternately white and red, again do not pay attention. After another 20 seconds, the blinking will stop, which means that the Xiaomi gadget has been reset, which is what we wanted. We put them back in the charging case;
  • We wait 10 seconds and take out both headphones, no need to press anything. After a few seconds, AirDots should detect each other and synchronize, you can understand this by a short beep. If there was a signal, we need to reconnect them to the phone and enjoy music.
  • There is a nuance that, for a reason unknown to me, sometimes arises and AirDots do not work: after resetting the Xiaomi headphones, when you try to pair them with a phone in the Bluetooth menu, you will see two entries for left and right. In this case, put them back in the case, wait 5 seconds and try to pair again.

    If you see two records again, repeat the procedure, but this time remove only the right AirDots from the case, then connect it to the phone and remove the left one. The headphones are synchronized again with each other, and you will get a fully functional gadget.

    What to do if one earbud is not charging in Xiaomi AirDots?

    Another common reason that one Xiaomi wireless earbud does not connect is battery problems.

    Each of the earbuds has its own lithium-ion battery inside, which requires a rather careful attitude.

    Few users know that batteries do not like temperatures below zero very much, they noticeably lose their capacity, and in severe frost they can turn off altogether, despite the fact that you have just fully charged it. Therefore, if one Xiaomi AirDots earphone does not light up, you need to take it carefully and consistently try to restore its performance.

    After warming up, the battery capacity is restored with loss, and if you often exposed the battery of Xiaomi wireless headphones to the cold, for example, if you wore them in winter in extreme frost, in just one winter it can become completely unusable.

    If one of the Xiaomi AirDots is not charging, you need to look at the indicator light. The manufacturer has built in a simple self-diagnostic system, and if you see that when you connect the USB cable to the case containing the AirDots, one of them blinks pink, this means a complete failure of the battery and the need to replace it.

    If you are sure that the charging case’s own battery is charged, you put one of the headphones inside for 20-30 minutes, remove it and it does not charge or turn on, then the battery is broken and needs to be replaced.

    One Xiaomi (Redmi) earphone does not connect

    Today we will talk about Xiaomi wireless headphones, and what problems can occur with them during operation.

    In the beginning, I want to talk a little about the principles of operation of Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones. Each of them is equipped with its own Bluetooth communication module, and each can work both separately in mono mode, and together in stereo mode.

    But the Bluetooth protocol does not imply (at least up to the Bluetooth 5.1 version) simultaneous operation with each of the headphones, so the connection with the phone occurs through one (most often the right one), after which it is synchronized with the left one so that the sound in them sounds simultaneously in stereo. mode.

    It is with the synchronization of the right and left gadgets that the problem most often occurs, due to which one earphone stops playing. Strange, but for the most common problem in the instructions there is no ready-made solution, although it is carried out in a couple of manipulations with AirDots.

    What to do if one Xiaomi earphone does not play?

    The main reasons for the failure of the Xiaomi True Wireless battery are:

    Remember: neither independently nor in a service center, it is impossible to restore the battery’s performance, this product is disposable and is designed for a certain service life and operating conditions, upon reaching which only replacement is possible, but not repair.