Xiaomi Airdots How to Identify the Original

Today, the Chinese produce so many electronic products that you can get lost. And a large proportion of these products are counterfeit products of famous brands, including Chinese ones. The same share befell the company Xiaomi, which produces electronics and accessories at affordable for consumers. For example, the fake Mi headset for smartphones is so skillfully made that sometimes even a specialist can verify the authenticity of a product. Fortunately, we know how to check Xiaomi headphones for originality and today we will tell you about it.

In order for users to be aware of their fake or the original, Xiaomi has assigned a unique number to each of its devices, which you can always check by going to the company‘s official website. The manufacturer was very insightful and provided that those who create fakes can simply duplicate the same number on several products. For this, Xiaomi has created a service that calculates how many times this number was checked for uniqueness.

Validation Procedure

The most popular way is checking by QR code. For it, you will need a smartphone with an Internet connection, an application for reading QR codes (for example, Barcode Scanner) installed on it, and headphones that you are going to check.

Opening the box, you will see a QR code, which is not a way to check the headset for originality. After reading it, you will follow the link and you can download the Chinese VIP application, which is available for both Android and iOS, Windows Phone and even Symbian and Java.

The manufacturer pasted a QR code to check on the headphone wire itself in the form of a small flag made of paper or a special film. By the way, on one of the first versions of headphones (for example, Piston White), such a code may not be. We read this code through a special scanner application on the phone and agree to the request to go to the specified link. If you saw a very joyful little animal and a lot of Chinese characters. you can rejoice, you have the original!

Difficulty checking

By the way, this is not the only, but the most popular and easiest way to verify the authenticity of the headset from Xiaomi. However, you should remember that their official site often crashes, so if you see an error message after clicking on the link from the QR code, try again after a while. Those who have ever tested Xiaomi IMEI smartphones know what it is about.

Xiaomi Airdots How to Identify the Original


Now you know how to check the originality of Xiaomi headphones through the use of QR codes. If something didn’t work out, there are questions or suggestions. write in the comments, we will try to help.