Xiaomi AirDots how to distinguish a fake

The era of wired headphones is inexorably coming to a standstill. the new generation does not tolerate old ideas, but craves innovation. Simplifying life to the impossible, they more and more give preference to wireless models. First big bulky new generation earphones (bluetooth) and now even minimally small in-canal or ear buds. and even more so there are no wires. Controls the Bluetooth process. And this, believe me, is quite convenient and practical.

Hello, dear music lovers. Today I want to talk about what we sometimes “get” our favorite tracks. Yes, we will “talk” about them. About headphones, which some of us can’t even imagine a day without. On the street, on the subway, or in a cab. never mind. Certainly they have taken over our lives. And lately, wireless headphones that connect via bluetooth are beginning to catch on. everyone owns that function. Remember how uncomfortable ordinary “plugs” can be. First, let’s compare both of these variations of music mediators.

This type of headphone is pretty hard to lose, for the attentive. impossible. (as long as they are plugged in, of course).

Some of them are great headsets for talking.


In the more expensive models. High quality, clear sound.

Always available. no charging required.

In s or other places where they are free from “work”, tangled in the worst way. The intricacies of the wires are sometimes impossible to untangle.

The wires can get frayed, torn. get caught on a door handle, for example, but even without external influences they break easily.

Some headphone earplugs “fall out” over time. The fasteners of the two “halves” in which the speaker is located open.

The wires, which are on the verge of rubbing, noticeably degrade the sound of the headphones.

Now let’s talk about wireless (TWS) headphones.

  • No hated wires! No more spending time untangling them.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Everyone has one.
  • Insanely comfortable and practical. Plugged into your ears. and go. For jogging, for work, for school. anywhere. You have full freedom of action. Don’t get snagged by wires.
  • Independence. You can, for example, wash dishes in the kitchen while your smartphone is on charge in the bedroom. Or let your child play and listen to music through the same device.
  • The latest models even have their own memory. you don’t have to occupy it on your smartphone.
  • Aesthetically pleasing in the ears (and out of them), which attracts others.
  • The sound here is inferior to wired headphones. In my opinion. temporarily.
  • Unexpected discharge. Many models do not show battery value. That is, their constant use is impossible.
  • Some models are quite heavy on the ear.

Conclusions, I think, you can make yourself. And now moving on to the Redmi AirDots.

These are headphones I bought from a reliable seller. That is, there is no doubt in their originality. If you buy them on AliExpress, Joom and other sites, you need to confirm the trustworthiness of the store. How to spot a fake. below.

  • Place of purchase. Kaspi store (in the application itself). Can only buy from Kazakhstan (I live in Kazakhstan).
  • Price. from 20. But you can be sold a fake even for 40. Personally, I bought them for 31. But they cost, as written above, from twenty. So the price ranges up to 25. As soon as I ordered these headphones they rapidly fell in price and cost 20. Such a sad story.
  • Additional column on prevalence. Redmi AirDots are sold everywhere. But, alas, the possibility of buying a disposable copy is high. If you decide to buy them from Megaphone and the like, be sure to ask for an “autopsy”. If not allowed (and the regulations of the establishment will allow), the seller is definitely hiding something.

We get the case and directly two headphones. everything that was in that box. Rather unfortunate, because charging comes from the connector MicroUSB, and the whole world is switching to Type-C. That is, Xiaomi saved on a penny cord, but in the package for him there is room.

The device has an aesthetic appearance. Brushed aesthetic appearance, devoid of unnecessary details. This minimalism is captivating. Also the material, that is plastic, is quite pleasant to the touch. The bottom of the case is rounded, while the top. sharpened. Why. unknown. Because of this, their arrival in s is uncomfortable.

The headphones themselves, thankfully, smoothed. They have a mechanical button. No accidental presses. With the button you can accept or reject a call, as well as call the voice assistant.

Fits comfortably in your ear. Absolutely no feel even in standard form. My ears do not seem to be big. The kit has spare ear cushions for different type of earshells. Small, large, medium size.

The appearance has a big disadvantage.

The case is easily scratched and dirty. You will have to buy a cover if you are not satisfied.

I want to especially note that for the untrained user, linking the headphones to each other and to the smartphone can be difficult.

Now for the technical specifications.

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (HFP/A2DP/HSP/AVRCP)
  • Range: Up to 10m
  • Speaker diameter: 7.2 mm
  • Range: Up to 4 hours without earhook, up to 12 hours with earhook
  • Battery capacity: 40mAh in each earphone, 300mAh in the case
  • Charging time of headphones in the case: up to 1.5 hours
  • Case Charging Time: Up to 2 hours
  • Weight: 4.1g (one earphone), 35.4g (earphone with case)
  • Dimensions: 62 × 40 × 27.2mm (case), 26.65 × 16.4 × 21.6 mm (headphone)
  • Protection: IPX4 for earphone only
  • Charging port: microUSB
  • Controls: mechanical buttons
  • Microphone with DSP chip and noise cancellation for voice calls
  • Voice Assistant support: Siri, Google Assistant
  • Work with 2 devices: No
  • Support for AptX: no

Briefly. The headset is not waterproof. do not get wet. Case charges for two hours, can recharge the headphones about three times. With the headphones itself briefcase charges in 1.5 hours. There is a microphone, controlled by a mechanical button, support voice assistants. Works from one device.

Probably the most exciting thing about the Redmi AirDots is not their appearance, but the sound quality.

  • Quality “bass”. the sound is deep.
  • “Top” frequencies are pretty decent for their price. But still, unfinished. The average user will not notice. The “bass” covers everything.
  • The “middle” frequencies are also not bad.
  • There is good soundproofing.

It is better not to listen to rock songs at high volume. the sound turns into mush, but the headphones playback perfectly well with these parameters. A pleasure to listen to.

My experience.

Of course, I am completely satisfied with the Redmi AirDots. They’re my helpers, they lift your spirits and make you forget about the surrounding routine. Fully compliant with the presented characteristics, these headphones become the best offer in their price category, not inferior to more expensive models.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

Alas, even relatively inexpensive headphones are counterfeited. poor quality copies. And what’s even sadder is that their cost is not less than the real ones.

However, it is possible to fell yourself from a low-quality purchase even by the appearance of the packaging.

It has to be bright as the image of the headphone itself. However, it can be quite difficult for visually impaired people to judge brightness. The protective “seal stickers” that seal the package come to the rescue. Even if it was opened, there are sticky half-circles at the top and bottom. There are none and the seller honestly says that there was no previous opening. 100% fake. This “omen” is universal in that you can distinguish it even when buying online. Also the date of manufacture on the reverse side of the original product is pixel. in a low-quality one.

Even though the hieroglyphs in the instruction book are “informative”, they can be helpful. The original product has quality paper, and the low-quality. an ordinary A4 sheet of paper folded n-number of times. The font will be fuzzy, playful. In the original, it is bold (or semi-bold, I can’t figure it out), clear.

Take the case in your hands and turn it over. The inscription on the back will be clear. They should be barely visible. It also opens differently. The fake will only open at a 45 degree angle, while the original. at 90, that is, will be direct.

Each earpiece has an “L” and an “R” engraved on it. On real Redmi AirDots you will not feel them with your fingers until you look closely. It’s like they’re glued on a copy.

These tips will help you buy the original products.

Redmi AirDots. The best TWS headset in the “economy” segment, which in some respects is not inferior to more expensive models. For twenty dollars you get great sound quality, autonomous charging and a good microphone through which you can talk to the interlocutor. I advise anyone and everyone do not hesitate to buy this product. you will not regret, unless of course you try to record a music track through them ( ))) ).

I did not think that I would recommend to buy fakes. And maybe it’s not completely serious. But next time I myself will take the headphones at Ali, but not in a branded store. For I have experience buying both. And the comparison is also a good one.

I have used cool wired headphones SENNHEISER CX 200 STREET II, which my husband found for quite a long time. They didn’t chop the bass at all and lasted over 4 years until my son ripped them. I’m an adept at their impeccable sound quality and recommend them to everyone. But now it’s time to go wireless.

  • Eidots are affordable up to 2,000
  • Good sound without any extraneous noise.
  • Everything in general ace, except that in some moments the bass is ringing, but not critical.
  • They fit comfortably in your ears.
  • They’re easy to use.

True, all this, if you are lucky enough to buy a working model that is not capricious. And with it problems.

The first headphones I ordered for my son as a gift on Ali Express. Knowing that it does not live long, I set a goal not to find the originals (at all on Ali is difficult).

My goal was to buy cheap but with good quality. Reviews are helpful. On Black Friday I got for 1000 at the WSAD STORE. There were no problems, shipping was fast, arrived all in 3 weeks, packaging is good. The product itself is excellent.

These headphones are among the most commonly counterfeited in Russia. That’s why the second pair was taken in the Xeomi branded offline store.

Mi or Redmi AirDots. what’s the difference?

The series where the package says Mi. Earlier, the plastic is worse than the new Redmi. The headphones themselves have not been redesigned. The Mi series has a lot of complaints about chipping when dropping the headphones or charging case. In Redmi it has been worked out. I have no ambitions to buy everlasting headphones, if you drop a thing, it breaks, so I have no complaints.

How to distinguish the original Xiaomi Redmi AirDots (Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic) from the fake?

Signs (may not be all, fakes are constantly improving)

It’s normal if the box code is global (ZBW4480GL), and the case. Chinese (TWSEJ04LS)

Why you should not be afraid of fakes and look for quality?

I should say straight away that this is my personal experience and opinion, I do not call anyone for anything. Just sharing my opinion. Headphones from AlieXpress turned out to be a fake when tested for all these attributes. From the store. by the original. But I could have done without checking, they were under warranty, and I’ve already taken them twice to an authorized Xeomi service center, and they quickly distinguish a fake from the original and fakes are not taken for warranty service.

Read it again. Twice. Wore. On service. In less than a month of clean use.

But I originally looked for a seller on Ali with a lot of reviews and no labels that he sells counterfeit. This is important. There are proposals for 600 without reviews at all or with a declared inconsistency with the original standard. The point of buying from such?

Where the fake in my case beat the original?

  • By the fact that it did not break. Whereas the original has already broken down twice.
  • The phone detects it easier and without any problems. If your apartment has bluetooth on two phones at the same time and you want to plug in the headphones, a fake will be identified. It took me and my son a long time to understand what was going on. Then we learned through experience that it is necessary to first turn on the original, and only then a fake. Otherwise both mine and his phone only catches fakes.
  • It doesn’t require a reset in case the right and left are out of sync. So far this has never happened to her.
  • It charges faster.

And the sound quality is IDENTICAL. I emphasize this. And what is the point of paying more, and still go to the service, as if to work?

Again, not encouraging you to buy fakes, they’re not the same. I speak for myself. Next time I’ll buy from a trusted store on Ali.

Not flawless, the Synheisers were better, but the quality is also cool.

You put the ears in the case. he charges them himself. It takes about 20 minutes to recharge. In non-stop music listening mode, fully charged headphones work up to 2 hours.

The case itself also needs to be charged, it can withstand 2-3 charges of the ears. It takes longer to charge itself than the ears. 2 hours.

How to tell if the headphones are charging. they glow red.

Will the Xeomi Eaddot headphones fit an Android phone charger??

Yes, but not from every phone. Depends on the connector. We have several Android cords at home. I show in the photo which one will fit.

  • Deep velvet bass.
  • Some particularly luxurious saxophone gear, I’ve never heard such.
  • Drums sound great. soulful, tart and maximum volume.
  • Clear sound.
  • There is not even a hint of extraneous noise.
  • The electronic sounds of the synthesizer are very interesting and well defined.
  • Listening to audiobooks is great, too. Clear background, no noise or interference. Clear voice, good protection from ambient noise.
  • Your music is barely audible to others (unless, of course, you turn it up really loud). For me this is critical. So as not to get in people’s way. When all around are forced to listen to what one listens to the headphones. it’s the deepest disrespect to those around them.

I was afraid my ears would be too wide for me, have encountered this. the ear begins to hurt. But the fit is perfect.

The kit comes with several “skirts” of different sizes, you can pick your own.

Do not fall out of your ear even with vigorous movement (if initially well, comfortably fastened). You can easily run on a treadmill with them, dance or do complex exercises.

Unobvious. Only if you take it apart very deeply.

  • The xylophone does ring a little, but how many listen to music with this instrument?
  • You need to find “his” position in your ear so the headphones fit comfortably and do not pop out. If you do it one way, on the run, the “ear” might run off.
  • There is no charger for the case. You have to buy it separately. Micro USB connector.

Many people write that the plastic is brittle. I’ve dropped them more than once. nothing. No problems, chips, etc.

I’m not much of a music lover. I can not say that I am a particular music connoisseur. So for me the quality is 100% enough.

Considering that the price of the headphones is generous, I think this is a very good offer. And I can recommend it to everyone, except for those looking for special quality.

Checking the authenticity through the site Mi Verify

This is the fastest and most reliable way, working with all devices from Xiaomi, from phones to fitness bracelets. There is a 20 digit code on the packaging of the headset. The number is hidden by a protective film that needs to be erased with a coin.

Enter the 20-digit code in the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” box and wait for the number of checks to pop up. If the device has been checked with the number you specified just once, it is the original, because Xiaomi assigns its products different combinations of numbers. Several checks on the same number indicate a fake.

xiaomi, airdots, distinguish, fake

The same procedure can be done through the barcode. Look for it on the box and take a picture in the app “Scanner” (on Xiaomi phones it is installed by default, and owners of other smartphones can download the program from Google Play). After processing the barcode, the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” page will open and the verification results will appear.

the case is made of pleasant to the touch plastic. Indicator light is located just under the finger indentation, lights up white when you open the cover or press the side button. Other colors indicate a replica.

AirDots Pro charging cable has a Type-C connector. While crooks use Micro USB.

The original headphones are controlled by touch switches. There are no buttons on the case. Microphone is located between the charging contacts.

Along with the Bluetooth headphones come interchangeable ear cushions packed in a square bag. Fakes usually come without additional attachments.

The branded manual consists of 9 pages, the first is the brand logo. The print quality and clear. But the replica comes with a manual of 3-4 pages on the first page without any logos. Also often a fake comes with a scanned manual.

Genuine Redmi AirDots do not come with a USB charging cable because the company skimped on that. Whereas scammers, not paying attention to such a detail, put a wire with a copy. But do not confuse Redmi with Mi AirDots. this model Xiaomi kits USB.

Buyers of Chinese versions, which are called the Redmi AirDots, you should first pay attention to the case cover. There should be a marking Redmi, but in no case Redim, Rrdmi or Mi. The Mi logo will be only if you bought the Global Version called Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic.

Next, we look at the charging jack on the back side. The joints should not bulge, USB port smooth and even. Moving to the front of the dock: the indicator light is visible only when the dock is on. If the light is not on, it is completely invisible. The lid hinges at 90 degrees, so you can easily put the earmolds in the charging slot.

Signs of a replica are evident immediately on the packaging. Redmi box is made of sturdy cardboard. No scuffs, creases, uncut parts.

The top and bottom cover are sealed with a plastic seal. Rarely seen on copies.

On the original box the picture of the earphones is done in holographic style. Shimmering in the light. No errors or typos in the names.

On the back of the sticker with a bar code. The print quality is high, letters and numbers are clearly visible. If you rub your finger, the paint will not smudge. Scammers save on consumables.

Manufacturer Xiaomi emphasizes writing the date of manufacture. The value is printed with a pixel font.

How to check the Xiaomi AirDots headphones for authenticity: the differences between the original and copy?

Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots are not rarely counterfeited. Most often they send copies, purchased through the Internet. That is why it is important to buy the device in specialized stores. If you can not do it, then you need to take into account a few points, so as not to run into a fake. And the cost of a copy may be the same as the original.

How to check the Xiaomi headphones for authenticity?

Many people at least once in their lives, perhaps without even knowing it, have bought fakes. Five years ago you might have come across a copy of some more or less expensive gadget (Beats by Dre headphones for 200 for example), but now craftsmen make copies even of cheap headphones from Xiaomi, which cost up to 20.

There is no escaping from this fact, we can only take it as a given and be more careful when making a new purchase. So how to check the headphones Xiaomi authenticity, we will describe in detail in this article. Xiaomi took care of its customers and made this process as easy as possible.

In Chinese online stores are full of copies of gadgets from the Chinese company, most often counterfeited popular models Mi Power Bank and headphones Xiaomi. Most likely, this interest is due to the great popularity (and consequently the prevalence) of these devices among the population.

In the network a lot of videos of disassembly of external chargers, inside of which people find the most unusual things, from screws to sand. The danger is that outwardly it is often very difficult to distinguish a fake from the original. As soon as the problem started to gain momentum, Xiaomi has implemented a system of QR codes to check the authenticity of their devices. You probably noticed the paper flags that hang from the wires of new headphones. One of these flags you see in the photo.

Labeling, box and inscriptions on the package

Going to buy these hit headphones, you need to know how to distinguish the fake from the original Redmi AirDots and what are the ways to do it. The first thing you must do is carefully examine the packaging, paying particular attention to the following points.

  • The presence of standard transparent seals.
  • Print color and typeface. All inscriptions should be clear and undistorted and the color should be bright and saturated.
  • Image of the headphones. It should give off a glossy finish and shimmer in the light.
  • Barcode. The font should be flat, without crookedness, and all the letters and numbers are clearly visible and understandable.
  • SKU number.
  • Date of manufacture. On copies it is flat and small, but on the original it is bright and pixelated.

Another option for Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones how to distinguish the original from the replica, which is available for the web version of the authentication service. “Product Authentication” as well as for the mobile app. “Mi Verification”. To distinguish the Redmi AirDots copy from the original, you must open the tab “Xiaomi Product Authentication,” and there enter the 20-digit code that is located on the box, under the protective film. The last one should be erased with the edge of a coin. If you are the first owner of the gadget, the value “1” will appear there.