Xiaomi adb fastboot tools how to use

Remove system applications from Android without Root

Readers’ interest in this topic is especially high on my website. in the last two days alone, the first article has been read by more than 20,000 people

Someone did not succeed, according to the instructions from the previous article, to freeze all built-in programs, but someone found it not enough to simply safely stop some services from Google.

There were also those who, not understanding the question at all, rushed in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to teach me something, to prove something

But all this I accidentally found on one very popular forum on a smartphone topic a 100% working method of completely getting rid of the built-in “non-removable” system applications in any smartphone models from Xiaomi.

Just a few days ago, on the occasion of the anniversary, I bought myself a new wonderful super Smart from this manufacturer with global firmware. Mi Max 3.

While the monthly counter is ticking to unlock the bootloader, I cannot set Root rights to my Smart shovel, so I personally checked the method described below on it.

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools Program

On the Internet, they write that this free program is designed to remove built-in applications on a locked bootloader and without ROOT rights (also applicable to unlocked devices). So. we are coming to you, together with the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools utility!

First, we need to activate something in the smartphone

Reducing the number of ads in MIUI

Just be sure to remove “Analytics” and “Msa”

All applications listed in the program window can be safely removed. no glitches and errors will appear.

For example, if you use the Opera browser to surf the network, you can safely remove the built-in one. The same story with a video player, mail.

If you do not use a Mi account, you can safely delete their cloud. Otherwise, pop-up windows with an error connecting to the cloud drive will be tortured.

How to enable USB debugging

To do this, in the “About phone” settings section, we tap 7 times in a row according to the MIUI version

Then go to advanced settings

Here you just need to move one slider

How easy it is to enable USB debugging.

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

Go ahead. Download the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools program to your computer at the end of the article and unpack it.

How to uninstall Android system app without Root

As promised the day before yesterday, I’ll tell you in this article how to completely remove a system application from Android without Root. fast, easy and safe.

A short and simple instruction with pictures will apply to absolutely all smartphones from the very popular, recently, Xiaomi company.

Of course, we will not get rid of all system applications that cannot be removed in the usual way, but only those that you do not use, selectively.

This is useful to free up RAM, remove unnecessary shortcuts from the smartphone screen and increase free space on the device.

xiaomi, fastboot, tools

By the way, at the same time we will noticeably reduce the number of pop-up ads in the Miui shell.

How to Install Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tool | All in One Tool for Xiaomi Device’s

How Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools Works

Now be more attentive and careful. strictly follow the sequence of actions:

  • connect the Xiaomi smartphone to the computer with a standard cord and run the program

look for a few seconds at the process of completely removing the built-in system applications in the left section of the program and wait for the appearance of “Done!”

Everything! We press “Reboot into System” and rejoice in boiling water. we could just completely remove the system application from Android without Root

The list of garbage to be removed may vary depending on the installed firmware and the version of the utility. That is why, I recommend using always the most current version of the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools program.

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Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

In general, this program has a lot of useful and interesting features, but we will leave this to experienced users.

Now you know how to completely remove the system application from Android without Root in Xiaomi smartphones.

Up to new useful computer programs and interesting applications for Android.

xiaomi, fastboot, tools

Description of XAFT modules

You might think this is just another ADB / Fastboot installer. In fact, the program contains many tools in one interface, which are called modules. XAFT includes all the basic functions of traditional ADB / Fastboot tools, only targets Xiaomi devices and has a graphical interface.

You no longer need to memorize ADB commands. they are available through the application’s GUI. This makes it easier for novice users and does not delve into the use of the command line, as is the case with the Android Debug Bridge.

  • App Manager. Removes, reinstalls, disables and enables built-in apps and services. Xiaomi phones usually come with several default apps including Mi Store, Mi Calculator, Mi Scanner, Mi Remote, etc. Any of them can be uninstalled.
  • Camera2. Allows you to enable or disable the Android Camera2 API. You will be able to install any manual camera applications and control the electronic image stabilization EIS. To work with Camera2, you need to install TWRP recovery.
  • File Explorer. manage files stored in the phone memory. Can copy and paste files between smartphone and PC.
  • Screen density. Adjusts the DPI value (dots per inch). The higher the DPI, the better the picture on the screen. The lower it is, the lower the image quality, but the longer the battery life of the device.
  • Screen resolution. adjust the screen resolution by overriding the width and height values.
  • Device properties. statistics and information about the device.
  • Flasher is the main feature of the XAF. The software can flash almost anything that can be flashed through the ADB-Fastboot connection: Recovery ROM, Fastboot ROM, etc. This function is also capable of booting any image.
  • Wiper. clears the cache or performs a factory reset of the smartphone.
  • OEM Unlocker Locker. unlocks the phone’s bootloader, but only if it is running Android One (Mi A1 / Mi A2 / Mi A3). This feature does not work on Xiaomi devices with MIUI shell.
  • ROM Downloader. Get links to the latest MIUI Fastboot firmware. You no longer have to search for updates manually, the utility will do it automatically. You can copy the link or download the ROM directly.
  • Rebooter. reboot the phone from the utility interface without using buttons.

It is very easy to use the capabilities of the set of utilities, the interface is intuitive even for beginners.

Flasher, Wiper and Camera2 modules in Fastboot mode require an unlocked bootloader, but everything else works without rooting or unlocking.

If an attempt to uninstall an application causes the program to crash or the application is not uninstalled, this is not a program error. This means that ADB cannot uninstall this application and nothing can be done about it.

Likewise, if the uninstallation process does not display a result (success or failure), it means that ADB has not reported anything, so the program cannot display information about the result of uninstalling the application.

How to install Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools and use the application

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools (XAFT) is a free GUI utility for Android command line management. Designed specifically for Xiaomi devices.

Although ADB and Fastboot are generic Android interfaces, some algorithms and operating methods of the program are specific to Xiaomi devices. Its correct interaction with other models is theoretically possible, but not guaranteed.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to install and use Xiaomi ADB Fastboot, as well as a description of the utility’s capabilities (modules).

How to download and install Xiaomi ADB Fastboot

The program was created and maintained by an independent developer who posted it on GitHub. Unlike regular utilities, there is no installation file (usually.exe). after downloading you will see a.jar file.

XAFT is designed to run in the Oracle Java Virtual Machine and requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 11 or later to run. If you do not have it installed, then this can be done using the official Oracle website:

  • Windows. install Oracle Java from here or OpenJDK from here.
  • macOS. Install Oracle Java from here.
  • Linux. install Oracle Java from here or OpenJDK from your preferred package manager (openjdk-11-jre).

Download Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools v. for Windows

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools. functional features, available options

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Xiaomi smartphones are very popular in the world. They are chosen due to their affordable cost, wide functionality. The manufacturer also provides a number of applications that are installed on devices by default. The experience of a huge number of users shows that not all of these programs are necessary in practice. In addition, the software takes up system resources, creating an additional load on the RAM. It is impossible to remove it by standard means. For many owners of Xiaomi gadgets, this becomes a real problem. The optimal solution is to use an additional software application. the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools utility. Its use will not cause absolutely any difficulties. To achieve this goal, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

After Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools is launched on the computer, connect the smartphone and, after waiting for it to be detected, press the “Debloater” button.

If the phone is not detected, try installing the drivers, the links below are fixed.

To connect the gadget, you must use the original cable. You will also need to select the USB connection mode in the settings section.

After the actions have been completed, a list of services and applications that are installed on your smartphone will appear in the program window. Even those that are not displayed on the phone will be presented here.

To uninstall programs, check the boxes next to them and click the “Uninstall” button. Remember that you only need to uninstall those applications that you do not need. If you do not know the purpose of the software, it is better not to rush. Specify the information and only then proceed with cleaning. To confirm the operation, after waiting for the completion of the process in the “Status” window, reboot the device.

The advantage of ADB Fastboot Tools is that it supports all models presented by Xiaomi. The program is distributed free of charge, which makes it available to everyone. Working with a convenient, intuitive interface will not cause problems. Also, users do not have to worry about the supported operating system. The utility functions on all operating systems, starting from Windows XP.

The utility, in addition to its main function, provides the ability to flash the device. Users can use the option to update the device. The ease and high speed of the procedure will suit everyone. It is often required to “freeze” some services and processes of the smartphone. Thanks to the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools options, all these tasks and a number of others will be completed quickly and efficiently.

Note: the recovery file for launching or flashing must be in a folder without Russian letters and spaces

Fastboot Tools. utilities for Fastboot mode

  • Image flasher: Brows image (select the img file), then select the section (boot, cust, modem, persist, recovery, system), the Flash key. flash, the Boot into Recovery key. download the selected recovery file without installation.
  • Wiper: wipe cache. clearing cache_a, Wipe cache and Data. clearing the cache and the Data section.
  • OEM Unlocker / Locker. OEM unlock / lock.
  • Rebooter. Reboot into system. reboot into the system, Reboot into Fastboot mode. reboot into fastboot mode, Reboot into EDL. reboot to EDL mode

Warning: use the utility at your own risk. Removing factory apps can damage your phone.

xiaomi, fastboot, tools

Download and Launch Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools App

Our next step will be to download the Xiaomi_ADB_Fastboot_Tools_2.3.1 application through which the applications will be removed. After downloading, you need to unzip the application and run the file XiaomiADBFastbootTools.exe and click on the Debloater button

A window should appear on your phone with permission to debug from this computer where you need to click OK

(On Windows 7, after pressing the Debloater button on the phone, a window with permission to debug did not appear, I solved the problem by connecting the phone to another PC with Windows 10, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев who worked on Windows 7). In the new window that opens, select the applications that need to be removed

List of applications that can be removed

If the application specified below is not in the program, then you can click on the add custom apps button and enter the name that is indicated below in the list in brackets, for example, I indicated the Quick applications application. Then in the list of applications we look for com.miui.hybrid, activate the checkbox and click on the Uninstall button

I want to note that you do not need to delete everything. You can get a brick! All actions you do at your own peril and risk! Below is a list of applications that can be removed, each application has a description.

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Removing Xiaomi system apps

Every year, MIUI firmware adds system applications that take up the internal memory of the phone, some of them work in the background, which means that your battery will drain faster and, of course, applications take up the device’s RAM. It is impossible to uninstall pre-installed applications in the usual standard way, and today we will consider one of the methods for removing such applications, the method described below is good because it is universal, that is, it is suitable for all Xiaomi phones, and the removal of applications will be carried out on a locked bootloader and without ROOT rights. To remove system applications, we need a PC with the operating system Windows 10, a USB cable to the phone and the phone itself.

Preparing your phone

First of all, we need to activate the developer mode on the phone, for this we go to the phone settings, then select About the phone and click on the MIUI version 7 times, after which the system will notify us about the activation of the developer mode, it is located in Settings-Advanced settings-For developers. Next, in developer mode, we look for and activate USB Debugging. Now you can connect your phone to PC via USB.

List of applications that can be removed

Quick Apps (com.miui.hybrid)

Google Drive (com.google.Android.apps.docs). drive from Google, I advise you to remove this and put it from the Play Market, so you can control the application and give it the necessary permissions

Games / Games (com.Xiaomi.glgm). Something like Google Play, but only from Xiaomi, I see no reason to use two identical applications.

Maps (com.google.Android.apps.maps). I do not use Google maps, so I demolished.

Google Lens (com.google.ar.lens) is an image recognition technology

SIM card menu (com.Android.stk). Removed this rubbish, some say that cellular operators use this application for advertising, for example, on Megafon, when checking the balance, an advertisement window appeared.

Population alert (com.Android.cellbroadcastreceiver). As far as I understand, the application does not work in Russia.

Applications (com.Xiaomi.mipicks). Similar to the Play Market, I see no reason to use it, moreover, notifications are constantly received.

Analytics (com.miui.analytics). the application collects information about your use of the device.

(com.Xiaomi.joyose). Chinese entertainment service, I think you won’t need it.

Duo (com.google.Android.apps.tachyon). Video chat from Google, if you don’t use, you can safely delete.

App Installer (comsystem). Application Installation Manager

App Manager (comappmanager). Manager of installed applications

Services (comservices). services

Gmail (com.google.Android.gm). Mail client from Google, if you do not use, you can safely delete.

Google Photos (com.google.Android.apps.photos). A service for storing, editing and sharing photos and videos, I also do not use it, so I deleted it, and so at your discretion.

(com.Android.providers.partnerbookmarks). bookmarks in a standard browser from Xiaomi partners

Google Play Music (com.google.Android.music). music player from Google

Google Play Movies (com.google.Android.videos). a video service from Google

Mi Roaming (com.miui.virtualsim). virtual SIM-cards in Russia does not work


Mi Credit (com.Xiaomi.payment). e-wallet from Xiaomi, most likely only works in China

Mi Pay (com.mipay.wallet.in). the main component for Mi Credit

MRGSVendorApp (com.my.games.vendorapp). some service from (one of the sponsors Xiaomi)

MSA (com.miui.msa.global) is another analytics that eats traffic and hangs in the background

PartnerNetflixActivation (com.netflix.partner.activation). Affiliate app from Netflix

VsimCore (com.miui.vsimcore). component of Mi Roaming application

GBoard (com.google.Android.inputmethod.latin). a keyboard from Google, if you don’t need it, you can delete it, but before deleting, be sure to install any friend, for example, a standard one from Xiaomi.

Service and feedback (com.miui.miservice). you can safely delete if you do not use.

After uninstalling applications, you need to restart your smartphone. To do this, click “Reboot into System”

To summarize, using this method you can get rid of various unused junk, free up space in the phone’s memory, save battery power and remove unnecessary shortcuts from the desktop, and all this on a locked bootloader and without ROOT rights. If you liked the article, then please rate it, and in order not to lose this post, share it on social networks, ask all the remaining questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to answer and help you with everything.