Xerox iPhone print app. Best AirPrint Enabled Printers You Can Use With iPhone Or iPad

Best AirPrint Enabled Printers You Can Use With iPhone Or iPad

You may be interested in AirPrint printers if you like the idea of printing wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.

AirPrint printers allow you to print photos and documents wirelessly from iPhone without installing any additional software, making them ideal for macOS and iOS users who don’t want to deal with cables.

Printers that work with iPhones should ideally be relatively compact, although bigger printers may have more printing and scanning capabilities. Many of the top options on the market offer fast printing and scanning, great photo quality, and may even include a companion app.

In this article, you will find our top picks for the best printers for iPhone from different price ranges and categories.

Best AirPrint Enabled Printers for iPad and iPhone

Apple’s AirPrint is easily one of the best printing solutions available. Here are the best AirPrint printers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac based primarily on their functionality.

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

This monochrome laser printer is engineered for increased efficiency and has printing speeds of up to 36 pages per minute, making it a class leader.

Manual feed slots accommodate a variety of paper sizes and types, including card stock, and envelopes so you can create professional-looking files. You can save time with multi-page copying scanning with up to 50-sheet automatic document feeder.

The laser printer is equipped with dynamic features that meet your evolving needs. With its 250-sheet paper capacity, it requires fewer refills and can handle letter- and legal-size papers.

In addition, you can print wirelessly from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Canon TR8620a All-in-One Printer Home Office

If you are looking for a compact home office printer that can handle all of your work needs, the PIXMA TR8620a is an excellent choice. Featuring front and rear paper feeding, a five-ink system, a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, plus wireless and wired connectivity options.

You can scan multi-page contracts using the built-in Auto Document Feeder, print double-sided homework assignments from online classroom systems, or print family pictures wirelessly with the PIXMA TR8620a.

PIXMA TR8620a is a compact home office printer with big-time performance and productivity for printing, scanning, faxing, and more.

HP OfficeJet 8015e Wireless Color All-in-One Printer

A fast printing speed and custom mobile shortcuts make the HP OfficeJet 8015e a highly productive printer. At no additional cost, it comes with the optional HP Smart Printing System that keeps itself up-to-date, secure, and ready to print anywhere, at any time.

With this printer, you can print professional-quality color documents, such as forms, reports, brochures, and presentations. Besides fast color printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, the printer also supports 2-sided printing, mobile printing, and wireless printing.

Sign up for HP free to take advantage of advanced features for mobile printing, security, automatic updates, and more. To use HP, you must have an HP account, an internet connection, and Original HP Ink for the lifetime of the printer.

As a final note, the printer can print black and white documents at a speed of 18 pages per minute and color documents at a speed of 10 pages per minute.

Epson EcoTank ET-2800

You need a printer that’s easy to use, fast, and affordable for your family. That’s why we added the EcoTank ET-2800 to our list of the best printers for iPad and iPhone. With its high-capacity, easily refillable ink tank technology, it is an innovative cartridge-free solution. This will save you a lot of money on replacement ink and lessen your worry about running out of ink.

With its genuine Epson print quality, high-resolution flatbed scanner, and convenient color display, the ET-2800 is an ideal basic home printer.

Printing on virtually any type of paper is easy with the printer’s Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology, which produces crisp text – along with impressive color photos and graphics – on practically any material.

All in all, the built-in scanner copier features a high-resolution flatbed scanner, as well as a color display for easy document copying.

Xerox B230/DNI Printer

If you are looking for a small, reliable, wireless printer, the Xerox B230 Printer is what you need. This device is ideal for small teams or home offices that need technology that fits in tight spaces and is easy to set up.

Thanks to Wi-Fi and Apple AirPrint support, the B230 can print from a wide range of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Taking advantage of the simple installation without the need for local IT support means the printer is up and running almost immediately after opening the box.

A comprehensive security program safeguards sensitive data and documents from rising and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

To minimize environmental impacts, this printer uses features like automatic 2-sided print and N-up printing. Furthermore, the Green World Alliance recycling program makes it easy and hassle-free to recycle toner cartridges.

Lexmark C2535dw Color Laser Printer with Duplex Printing

Across the entire product portfolio, Lexmark takes a comprehensive approach to product security. With security features, your information remains safe – on the device, on the network, and everywhere in between.

This device supports both USB and gigabit ethernet, as well as AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria via Wi-Fi, which can be used on any network that has Wi-Fi access. The Lexmark Mobile Print app allows you to print anywhere, anytime, just by clicking print, selecting your printer, and picking up the job.

Take advantage of energy management features that reduce power consumption regardless of whether the device is in active or sleeping mode. This printer achieves EPEAT® Silver and ENERGY STAR® (2.0) certifications thanks to a low fusing temperature, automatic core management, and standard two-sided printing. This product is both environmentally and economically beneficial, it is a win-win situation.

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

This HP color inkjet photo printer offers copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, two-sided duplex printing, an automatic document feeder, and Instant Ink capabilities. With a compact all-in-one, you can keep it on your desk, on a shelf, or anywhere you need it.

You can print laser-quality documents and photos directly from your smartphone or tablet. HP Smart app lets you set up your printer, scan from your phone, order toner, and print from the Cloud-such as Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

As part of the package, this printer comes with an XPI USB printer cable, which simplifies the initial setup and subsequent use of the printer.

Canon G3260 All-in-One Printer

Canon PIXMA G3260 Wireless MegaTank All-In-One Printer delivers high-volume, low-cost printing. With its refillable MegaTank ink system, you can print up to 6,000 black / 7,700 color pages from a single set of ink bottles – that’s 30 times more than conventional ink cartridges!

You can print both documents and photos using a hybrid ink system, which uses pigment black for sharp text, and dye-based colors for vivid borderless photos. Featuring fast print speeds, a flatbed scanner, and wireless functionality, this wireless All-In-One can handle printing, copying, and scanning.

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It’s worth mentioning, Canon PRINT makes it easy to connect and print wirelessly from your computer or smartphone, or through Apple AirPrint or Mopria without any additional apps.

Final Words

Printing high-quality documents or simplifying paper handling requirements, these printers are more than capable of accomplishing tasks with admirable results. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to use.

Ultimately, all the iPhone and iPad-compatible printers in this list have great features and options. To determine which AirPrint printer is right for you, know your particular needs.

What printer are you using currently? Let us know your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

How to add a printer and print directly from your iPhone or iPad, with or without AirPrint

If you want to print on your iPhone or iPad, it can be easier than you might think. The simplest way to print from an iPhone is by adding a printer with AirPrint, so you can print directly with a wireless connection.

You can also print wirelessly without AirPrint by downloading your printer’s app on an iPhone or iPad, or by connecting your devices with a USB cable and adapter. Here’s how to do it all.

How to print from an iPhone or iPad with AirPrint

Most current printers with wireless capabilities have the AirPrint feature, which allows the printer to easily sync up with an iPhone or iPad and print directly.

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Quick tip: You can check this list of AirPrint-compatible printers to see if your printer has AirPrint. The list is very long, but if you hit control F and type in the name of your printer, you can quickly check.

To add a printer to your iPhone or iPad with AirPrint and use it to print:

Open the document, image, or webpage you wish to print. This can be located in your email, web browser, Photos app, Files app, or elsewhere.

Locate and hit the Share button, which is the square with an arrow aiming upward out of its center. If you don’t see this button, depending on the app you’re using, you may need to select the icon of three horizontal dots or the icon of an arrow pointing to the left.

In the pop-up, scroll down until you see an icon of a printer next to the word Print.

Tap Print, and on the next screen, tap Select Printer at the top. Find and select the name of the nearby printer you wish to use.

Hit the word Print written in blue in the top-right corner of the screen.

The AirPrint enabled printer will now be added to your list of preferred devices and will come up as an option for printing whenever in range. You can add another printer to your iPhone at any time by following the same steps with a new printer.

How to print from an iPhone or iPad without AirPrint

Not all printers have the AirPrint feature, especially if they are a bit older. But if they have a wireless capability, you should still be able to print from it wirelessly. you’ll just have to download your printer’s app on the App Store.

Quick tip: If you have an HP printer, download the HP Smart app on your iPhone or iPad. Or, for Canon printers, download the Canon PRINT InkJet app.

To set up a printer on your iPhone or iPad without AirPrint and use it to print:

Open your printer’s app on your device.

Turn on your printer’s Wi-Fi.

Go into your phone or tablet’s Settings and hit the Wi-Fi tab.

Locate your printer under OTHER NETWORKS and tap on it.

Pull up the document, image, or webpage you want to print, then hit the Share icon.

No AirPrint Printers Found (FIXED)

You should now be able to connect the printer through the app and print.

How to print from an iPhone or iPad with a USB cable

To print from an iPhone or iPad with a printer that can’t connect wirelessly, you’ll have to use a piece of hardware as the go-between. You’ll need a USB cable and a USB OTG (on-the-go) adapter that connects your iPhone to the USB cable.

To print from an iPhone or iPad with a USB cable:

Turn on your printer and connect one end of the USB cord to your printer and the other end to the USB OTG cord. Plug the other end of the USB OTG cord into your iPhone or iPad.

A pop-up should appear on your iPhone or iPad. tap OK.

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Best Airprint Printers in 2023. Directly from Apple to your Printer

Then, on your iPhone or iPad, go to the document you wish to print and tap the Share button.

In the Share menu, select the Print option.

The connected printer should appear next to Printer on the Printer Options page.

Tap Print in the upper-right corner.

ENVY Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer (small)How to print from Google Chrome on your desktop or mobile deviceHow to print directly from your Android device using Google Cloud PrintHow to add any printer to your Windows 10 computer using the Settings appHow to print contacts from your iPhone using iCloud, to have physical copies whenever you need them

How to fix the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ error

This is what to do if the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ error message appears when you try to print wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using an AirPrint-enabled printer.

What is the problem?

AirPrint is a useful Apple technology that lets you print from an iOS device or Mac to a compatible printer with zero set-up. The technology is built inside many of the most popular printer models.

However, sometimes you may find the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ appear when you tap to print to a printer you’ve used before from your mobile device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or even Mac).

Printers that support AirPrint will usually have an icon like this on the box

This problem is well-known. Most printer manufacturers (including HP and Brother) have created support articles describing what to do when you encounter such a challenge and made these available online.

Typically, you’ll see this error if your printer and device are on different wireless networks — that’s really the very first thing to check: Are both the printer and the Apple device on the same Wi-Fi network?

There may also be other reasons. To address this problem please follow these steps:

Try these steps first

If none of these steps work then you should try the following steps in this order:

#1: Check the printer

Move directly to step two if you have used AirPrint on your printer in the past and this error message appears. If you are using a new printer then you should check with the manufacturer (see below) to ensure the printer supports AirPrint and check it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device. Now may also be a good opportunity to check your printer is switched on and has ink.

#2: The basics

Confirm Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your Apple device (you may have disabled these when switching to AirPlane mode, for example). You should also check to make sure that your device and your printer are on the same Wi-Fi network and that they are near each other.

#3: Try this

Sometimes you can fix this problem by switching off Wi-Fi in Control Center and then switching it on again. It never hurts to try the old switch it off and on again trick for problems like this.

#4: What kind of network?

AirPrint does not work on public networks. It requires security protection be enabled on the network.

Sometimes you need a print doctor.

#5: Update everything

Install the latest software versions on all your devices and the printer.

#6: Switch it on and off again

If the software is up-to-date, the printer and device(s) on the same private Wi-Fi network and wireless printing is configured correctly on the printer and you are still seeing the error message, try restarting both devices.

On a printer this generally involves disconnecting the device from power, a Restart on a Mac, or a Force Restarton iPhone, iPad.

#7: Restart the router

I did say restart everything, right?

Now try restarting your Wi-Fi router and then restarting the printer. Try switching your iOS device’s Wi-Fi bandwidth between 2.4 Ghz to 5 Ghz or vice-versa. You may see some success if you turn your printer’s DNS settings to and

#8: Move closer

Move your printer closer to your router.

Hopefully these steps will resolve your problem. If they do not then you may need to contact the printer manufacturer, or Apple support.

Hopefully one of the above steps has already resolved your problem, so please take a moment to explore all my other tips — there may be something that helps you there.

How to print with an AirPrint printer on iOS

The above video helps explain the importance of Apple to the use of fonts in modern graphic design.

AirPrint-enabled printers

There are three primary ways to set your printer up to work using AirPrint:

Connect your printer to an active Mac.

Connect your printer to a router, such as AirPort Express, which has now been discontinued and will only be available while stocks last.

Purchase a printer with built in support for AirPrint such one of these:

Apple hosts a (lengthy) list of AirPrint-enabled printers on its website. This list is updated every month.

How to buy an AirPrint-enabled printer

Print manufacturers sell printers like razor blades – you’ll pick up the machine for what seems to be a song in comparison to the cost of cartridges. The market is also highly competitive, so do check for the best price deal, though other important considerations when purchasing a printer include:

  • What is the manufacturer’s track record for providing software updates?
  • How much do ink cartridges cost?
  • How many pages do you yield per cartridge?
  • What is the speed of print?
  • Double-check AirPrint compatibility.
  • Don’t buy the printer with your Mac or other Apple product, you’ll find better deals elsewhere.
  • If you intend printing photographs then choose a printer that is capable of the highest quality photo output.

Useful links to print manufacturers

You can find more information about available printers on manufacturer websites. Here are links to some of the more widely-used printer manufacturers.


Even if you don’t use your printer very much, it still makes sense to keep one printer for photos and colors and a second for monochrome print jobs, mainly because you can ration your ink better this way. One of the best monochrome printers around (and it’s not just me who claims this) comes from the ever dependable people at Brother, the Brother HL-L2350DW.

I very much hope this advice helps you solve this problem. Please feel free to explore my vast collection of tips here — there are hundreds to learn.

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Troubleshoot PDF printing in Acrobat and Reader

Find solutions to common PDF document printing issues.

If you are facing issues in printing single-side or double-side on Mac, see Unable to print double-side or single-side in Acrobat on Mac

The first step in solving a printing issue is to trace the source of the issue. The troubleshooting techniques below solve some of the most common issues and are grouped into three categories:

Can you print this troubleshooting page?

Try printing this troubleshooting page. If you can’t, follow these steps to check your connection to the printer:

If your printer is plugged into a USB hub, unplug the printer cable from the hub. Then, plug the printer cable directly into a USB port on your computer.

Are you using the latest printer driver?

Make sure you update to the latest printer driver (a program that controls your printer). Printer manufacturers offer updated drivers to improve compatibility with newer software, such as newer versions of Reader and Acrobat.

Have you tried printing to a different printer?

If you have a different printer connected to your computer, try printing the file to the other printer. Sometimes a different printer can successfully print a PDF that doesn’t print on another printer.

To switch printers on Windows, see Change the default printer (Windows 10 and 8) or search Windows help for instructions.

To switch printers on Mac OS, see Change the default printer (macOS) or search Apple support for instructions for your operating system.

PDF file solutions

Often printing problems stem from issues with the PDF file. Even if a PDF looks fine on screen, it can contain incomplete or corrupt data.

xerox, iphone, print, best, airprint

Try the Print as image option

If you’re in a hurry and want to print a simple document (such as a letter or form), use the Print as image option. Click the Advanced button in the Print dialog box to find this option. (In Windows 7, the Advanced button is at the bottom of the dialog box.)

Copy or download the PDF again directly to your hard drive

Sometimes a PDF file becomes damaged or contains corrupt data. If you downloaded the PDF from the web or received it in an email, download the PDF again or ask the sender to resend it. Copy the file directly to your hard drive, rather than a thumb (portable) or network drive.

xerox, iphone, print, best, airprint

Open the new copy on your hard drive and print again.

Create a copy of the PDF using Save As command

In Reader or Acrobat, choose File Save As and give the PDF file a new name. Include only letters and numbers in the filename. Do not include symbols such as %. or []. Try printing the new copy of the PDF.

Recreate the PDF file

If you have the original source file that the PDF was created from, recreate the PDF.