Xbox Series S how to open a browser. Reminders of a break

How to go to the browser on Xbox 360?

You can launch a browser for Xbox 360 in the same section of the application, but instead of viewing, click on the category of my applications. The browser is absolutely free, but remember that access to the network opens only after buying the Xbox Live subscription.


How to connect the Internet to Xbox One

  • Go to “All settings”. “network”. “network parameters”. “additional settings”;
  • Manually prescribe the IP address, the subnet mask, gateway and DNS;
  • Check the Internet.

How to go to the Internet on Xbox 360?

On the Xbox 360 S and E External adapter is not needed. To connect to the Internet, you need to go to the main menu and press the Guide button (Settings). In the window that opens, select the item “network parameters”. Next, select the type of connection and enter the password if required.

To connect the Xbox 360 with Freeboot to the computer and set up the Internet manually, you need:

  • Press Guide and open “settings”;
  • Select “System parameters”. “network parameters”. “wire network”. “set the network”;
  • Go to the “Basic Settings”. “IP parameters”;
  • Select “Manually”. “IP address”;

Transfer your games and save files

Even if you still have several games for Xbox One in line, you will want to play them on Series X. Additional power will provide a more smooth frequency of personnel and, in the case of old games, Auto HDR. If you are updated with the Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, there is no need to repeat these games from scratch, because you can simply transfer them directly.

Connect both consoles to the home network (ideally using the Ethernet cable) and go to the “System” “System” “Reserve and Transfer” “Network Transfer” on Xbox One. Install the “Resolve on the Web” checkbox, then go to the same menu on your Series X / S, select the games that you want to copy and click “Copy the selected”. This can take some time. again, it is strongly recommended to use Ethernet. but when it will be done, you can forever disconnect the old Xbox One.

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Calibrate your HDR levels

Xbox Series X and Series S really shine on new TVs supporting 4K and HDR. But not all HDR televisors are the same. This is why your Xbox allows you to calibrate HDR levels for a “surge” HDR without losing any image details. To launch the master, go to the “Settings” “General” “Parameters of TV and display” “HDR calibration for games” and follow the instructions on the screen, setting a fairly high brightness so that the fields simply disappear. If your TV has HGIG mode, turn it on and make sure that the “video modes” menu set all the necessary flags.

The main menu of Xbox is set up, which allows you to configure its topic, organize games and restore the menu in the pop.up manual that appears when the Xbox button is pressed. To immerse yourself in details, click the “View” button on the controller. the one with two rectangles. and explore this menu.

You can add or delete lines from the main screen, switch between light and dark themes, change the background color and configure the “Guide” menu. You can even create groups for your games, streamlining them according to the genres, a multi.user or single mode, or what you want to play further, and then place these groups in the center of the main screen.

6ой способ. Запуск общего аккаунта Xbox One / Series оффлайн (нули в днс)

Why should Xbox One should be reviewed?

It would seem that by releasing a game console to the market, they should have done everything in Microsoft so that users did not need to change the software on the device. But the situation has developed such that prefix manufacturers are forced to think not only about the convenience of customers, but also about the prevention of piracy and, as a result, about the regular receipt of money in the game industry. Many gamers are ready to download console games from the Internet, write them down on blanks and play without paying anything to the developers. In order to prevent this, a special defense is built into the original firmware of the Xbox One. Because of it, the console normally perceives only licensed games-bought on branded disks or downloaded from the store on the Xbox Live network. Just to get around this protection, and you have to hack Xbox One! After such hacker processing, the console forgets about all the restrictions and allows its owners to enjoy any game applications from any medium. The prospect of being able to play on Xbox One in all the stunning variety of virtual adventures that exist in the world seriously seduces gamers. But it is very scary manufacturers and developers of games.

1 games will be available at the start

On November 22, simultaneously with the launch of Xbox One, 21 games will receive 21 games. Six games will be exclusive for this console: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Crimson Dragon and only in the form of digital copies. Lococycle and Killer Instinction. Also, several multi.platform and cross.platform projects will be available: Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders: Swap Force, Need for Speed: Rivals, Just Dance 4, Assassin Creed Flag: Assassin Creed: FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Zumba Fitness World Party, Fighter Within, PowerStar Golf, Zoo Tycoon and Angry Birds Star Wars.

The browser is originally installed on the Xbox prefixes. It is impossible to remove it from the console.

To launch a browser on the Xbox prefix:

Immediately after this, the browser will open, and it can be started to use.

Xbox Series S how to open a browser

Jake, well, for example, I watch football through it from different sites. Convenient on a large screen

Mark Yelkin

Mark Yelkin answered Oleg

Mark Yelkin answered Oleg

well, now you definitely don’t download, and so in vain, of course, a cool program. And her absence for me is one of the minuses of Xbox Series X.

Mark Yelkin answered Oleg

Dima Tkachev answered Mark

Mark, Is KinoPoisk working on boxing? I tried to write on the screen there is no access to the network or even the type of such

Mark Yelkin answered Dima

Using Pi-Hole or Adguard Home

Of course, you can act more radically and block advertising and trackers throughout your home network using something like Pi-Hole or Adguard Home on Raspberry Pi. They have a similar effect, replacing your existing DNS and filtering out unpleasant things. Or you can use Adguard DNS to your home network if you are looking for something less technologically advanced.

Whatever you choose, the process includes the entrance to the settings of the router, and, of course, all of them are different. But you will look for the same settings as on your Xbox console, manually installing DNS on what will block advertising and trackers for you.

Restrictions on the developer regime

The developer’s regime has some restrictions that you need to know, especially if you are going to develop your own applications. Even if you do this for emulation, you may face some problems due to Microsoft restrictions.

On the Xbox One or Series X or S console, UWP applications can only access files of 2 GB or less files. This may be a problem if the application that you are trying to use is trying to access a large ROM or video file. This restriction is unique for the developer regime.

There are also hardware restrictions on which system resources can contact UWP applications. The maximum amount of memory allocated for applications is 1 GB, and for games. 5 GB. Applications can jointly use 2-4 core nuclei and have up to 45% of the graphic processor. Games can use 4 exclusive and 2 common cores of the CPU, but have full access to the graphic processor.

Only 64-bit (x64) applications (32-bit (x86) are not supported). Although the applications are limited by DirectX 11, the games get all the DirectX 12 functions.

You can disable the developer mode

If you someday you want to delete the developer mode from your console, run the Xbox Dev Mode application and select “Deactivate”. You can also enter the center of Microsoft partners and delete your Xbox from the XBox Consotes Managing menu. The reset of the console to factory settings by default also delements the developer mode.

Whether you install emulators or develop your own applications, now you can use the developer mode on Xbox at any time. All you need to do is run the Xbox dev mode (or use the old DEV Mode Activation application on Xbox One, S or X).

While Xbox Series X escaped forward in high.budget retail outlets, Series S is still gaining weight when it comes to emulation. Learn more about the differences between the series X and S.

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Configure remote playback on Xbox Series X or S

To play games remotely, you first need to turn on the remote functions on the consoles. To do this, you must use the powerful Xbox “Instant-ON” function, which significantly accelerates the time of launching the console.

To start, turn on the Xbox and press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select the “Profile and System” tab, and then select “Settings”. Go to the “Devices and Connections” “Remote Functions” and make sure that the “Turn on Remote Functions” checkbox is installed.

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In the “Power Mode” section, include “Instant-on” if you haven’t done this yet. Then select “Check the remote playback” and wait until the Xbox performs some self.test to determine how well the streaming of the game will work through the connection.

After that, you should see some information about how suitable your Internet connection is suitable for streaming outside your home. He will also show whether your Xbox controller is updated and whether the power settings are suitable for remote playback.

To complete, select “Turn on remote playback”. After that, you should see a message confirming that everything is ready. If you someday you want to disable the remote playback, just return to this menu and remove the “Turn on Remote Functions” checkbox.

If you switch the power supply to the “energy saving” again, it will also turn off the functions of remote playback.

Configure the Xbox application and accompany the gamepad

If you haven’t done this yet, download the Xbox application for iPhone, iPad, or Android. Go into the system with the same Xbox accounting data that you use on your console, and then touch the Library tab. At the top of the screen, click “Consoles”.

If your console is already indicated, you are ready to work. If you have not set up the application yet, click “Configure the console”. From here you can either set up a new console or add the existing. Just follow the instructions to tie the console with a smartphone by typing a code displayed on the screen.

Note: Xbox wireless gamepad, supplied with series X and S, is currently not supported by Apple devices. Microsoft promised that in the future, support would act through the firmware update. In the meantime, you can use other supported controllers, such as the Xbox One or Sony DualShock 4 controller.

Now you need to connect the controller to the smartphone in the Bluetooth settings. The process will depend on your device, but usually you simply transfer the controller into detection mode, and then press it when it appears in the list of available Bluetooth devices.

For testing, we connected Dualshock 4 to the iPhone X, and he immediately earned. We instantly circled the Xbox dashboard with the PlayStation controller.

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Unpacking. Impression.

The console comes in a fairly small box, which will easily fit almost anywhere. The box itself shows a console with a gamepad and the main key information. Unpacking is not entirely standard. The box freely “reveals” the type of casket and is kept in a closed state only thanks to three dense large rectangular stickers. The stickers have comfortable tongues so that they can easily pick up them.

These stickers are sitting very reliably, you need to fit a considerable effort to tear them off, even if you do it slowly and carefully, most likely, the box is a little, but it will suffer, they hold on to the box so tenaciously. Owning the stickers, we throw off the upper part of the box and observe in front of us a beautifully and festively laid console, which meets us almost a bow with the inscription “Power Your Dreams”.

In fact, all this causes very pleasant feelings, after all, unpacking a new device, and especially the device that comes out every 5-7 years. This is also part of the holiday, and here this holiday is felt. Everything is done pleasantly, beautifully and efficiently, everything is neatly packaged and laid. In a niche above the console, a power cable, a high.speed HDMI cable and a gamepad with batteries in the kit (are separate). We remove the festive “bow” (you can simply pull it, or open it, pulling the tongue located on the side), unfold the protective layer and finally get to the console itself.

She is cool. Highly. The plastic is very pleasant to the touch, it is soft (but dense), matte, and is not felt cheap, on the contrary, gives a feeling of a more expensive and solid device. On my previous Xbox One X plastic was rude and felt cheaper. over, Xbox Series S is felt in the hands of an absolute monolith, it is firmly knocked down and perfectly assembled how much I did not bother with him, as he did not spit, a feeling of complete monolith. The same Xbox One X did not have this, he was felt more fragile, and there was a feeling that there were separate components inside the external corps. And if you take the Xbox One X with one hand in one edge, now and then it seems that it will be in half in half.

There is no such sensation on the Xbox Series S, as if you are holding in your hands just a whole piece of some kind of monolithic object. Everything is done really cool and with attention to the details. On the lateral and lower parts, there are small oblong soft legs, the console can be placed both horizontally and vertically. On the bottom (with a horizontal location) right in the center, a horizontal fishing line for a trimmer passes through the entire console ending with the inscription “Hello from Seattle”.

A pleasant trifle, although what purpose this fishing line for a trimmer is not understood, maybe just a design solution to somehow dilute the continuous white plane of the console with a vertical installation. In an upright position, the console stands, by the way, very strong and quite stable, contributes to this wide relatively its length (depth) of the case and good weight for its dimensions. However, to put it vertically, if there are some children, animals in the house, or the place itself does not bode its 100 % safety, I would not become.

By the way about dimensions and weight. She is very small, just a crumb. It is vividly less lively than it might seem in photographs and pictures from the Internet. It is very small in depth and width, but at the same time quite high, it turns out such a kind of thick brick, or, rather, even a concrete block. In general, despite the apparent simplicity of the form, this “box” looks live very stylishly and beautifully.

It weighs about 2 kilograms, it is a little in general, but in the context of its dimensions it feels like a weighty. This, in particular, allows her to stable in an upright position and generally adds solidity.

Standard set set, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Memory Slot. I don’t see sense to get hung up on this separately. I only note that there is no more optical connector, which is insulting, because there are a lot of devices and scenarios, when it is required to display the sound of high quality in stereo to the external device. For example, stereo DACs, power stereo (stereo headphones, active stereopars). Optics in such cases has always been an ideal solution, because it is almost everywhere (if we are talking about the stereo device), unlike HDMI (you almost do not find stereo.satuers, nor stereo ds, or active stereopara, which would have HDMI input in ). At the same time, the optics in the stereo is able to derive an uncompressed sound without loss in 192/24 mode, that is, for the stereo more simply does not need. Now a person will have to think about some kind of bypass decisions. Starting from the output of the sound through the TV, ending with some incomprehensible HDMI spites.

When picking up the gamepad, you feel about the same sensations as with the console. a rather soft, pleasant matte plastic. Although in essence it is approximately the same as that of the gamepad from the Xbox One X. However, there are differences, on the back, on triggers and a little shifts (or bumpers, excuse me, I do not understand this terminology), it has a textured relief, and a very large and rude one.

And this decision is already quite controversial. I still do not undertake to talk about sensations in the long run, I need to use it for a long time and thoroughly, but the sensations this texture causes strange and there is a suspicion that over time it may even cause irritation (both in the literal and figurative sense). Imagine that you are playing, holding in your hands, say, a comb or a large sandpaper. I will exaggerate, of course, but the essence of my thoughts, I believe, you have caught. Although, I suddenly had even more understandable, logical and similar comparison. Gantic vulture with penetration. Who has a similar or at least holding in his hands, he will approximately understand what I mean. Otherwise, the gamepad is excellent, it, like the console, is perfectly assembled and firmly knocked down. Nothing plays, does not creak. The buttons, it seemed to me, are pressed a little softer and a little bitter than on the gamepad from the Xbox One X, and maybe the same, I compare from memory. I can’t say. The gamepad itself is slightly different in its geometry (it has become smoother and round) and the size, although not much, in general it lies like a native, the cross is now circular and it clicks quite loudly when pressing. Although, I would even say that she does not click, but clicks. The sensations from the new cross, began to look more like mouse clicks than clicks on the familiar button. Actually nice, but the sound is still loud, sleeping people can interfere. Shifts (bumers?) on the contrary, they were clicking earlier, now they are more likely to click. It is also worth noting a separate button for pictures and recording the gameplay, which was very missing in the past. In general, I repeat, the gamepad is excellent, I definitely like it more than the past, by ergonomics, feelings from presses, but in particular I like its soft matte plastic. In his hand it lies much more pleasant than rough slippery plastic from the past generation gamepad. Questions remain so far only to the textured surface. time will tell what it will be in the future. By the way, I almost forgot, maybe it seemed to me, but the vibration of the new gamepad is less aggressive than the old. The weight of the gamepad with batteries is 288 grams.

The best game platform of the next years.

So why do I think this console. The best gaming platform of the coming years? It’s all about the totality of consumer qualities. For 299 or 26990, we get an actual device with the ability to play any current games of our time, and, coupled with the Xbox Game Pass subscription, we get access to the extensive library of a variety of games for a whole full.fledged game in the store. Microsoft games appear there immediately on the day of exit and remain forever. Having bought this subscription, we get access to all the future and already released games from Microsoft, such as new parts of the Forza, GEARS series, as well as a number of other games of internal studios and partners, such as Zenimax Media (doom, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout) or future Stalker 2.

We add to this perfectly working compatibility system with access to the games of all the platforms of the past generation (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, Xbox One), and not just the opportunity to launch these games, but to launch these games with improved graphic settings, in higher resolution, with Auto HDR technology and we get a truly ultimatic gaming device, which simply does not exist.

xbox, series, open, browser

At the same time, we will deal with an extremely compact, light and actually silent device that does not require any additional actions to work. Put, connected, turned on. play.

That’s why I think this console. best gaming platform for the next couple of years. She just has no alternatives.

But why then is not Xbox Series X, you ask you? Because for almost two.time surcharge from above, we will not get anything new except a slightly more increased permission, which, taking into account modern methods of reconstruction of personnel and the future of a similar DLSS solution from AMD, becomes, to put it mildly, a much less appropriate and interesting solution than Xbox Series Series S. Especially if we play on the TV and do not look out the number of pixels with a magnifying glass near its screen. Xbox Series X. This is a solution for enthusiasts who are important to have all the best, not paying attention to the expediency or optimality of their choice. Simply put, Xbox Series X. This is about the same as GeForce Titan from the world of video cards. a solid decision, it is even a little faster, but also much more expensive. Is such a solution optimal? Of course not.

As for PS5, there is nothing to talk about here. At the moment, this console is practically no interest. There is no analogue of Xbox Game Pass, there is only a certain PlayStation Plus Collection, which gives access to only about 20 games from the last generation, which is not at all compared with what Xbox Game Pass offers. Reverse compatibility works only with the past generation, ignoring all the previous ones, which also significantly narrows the list of potentially accessible games. At the same time, the games themselves are often even more expensive than they are, but for Xbox Series. In addition, at the moment, the PS5 has a number of technical and software problems, which, apparently, have not yet managed to solve. What remains in our dry remnant? Exclusions. Yes. That’s just a truly exclusive machine will begin to accelerate only after a couple of years, but for now we are dealing only with single and possibly far from the most interesting examples, most of which even go out on other platforms (at least. on PlayStation 4). Based on all of the above, we can draw a logical conclusion with you: PS5 can be interesting, but only after a couple of years, or even later. And therefore, Xbox Series S is still the only non-alternative ultimatical solution at the moment.

As for PC, then here I don’t even want to spray much. At the moment it will be at least much more expensive. The DXR video card alone will cost more than the whole console. And this is already enough to finish on this.

Install Retroarch and imitate the classic

Finally, the Xbox Series X and S console are completely compatible with the universal emulator Retroarch UWP (universal Windows platform).

You will need to enable the developer mode (for a small fee), then install Retroarch and provide your own ROM, after which you will have a console that can really do all this.

If you are faced with a problem

Xbox has come a long way since the catastrophic launch of the Xbox One and the sagas about the red death rings, which persecuted the first days of Xbox 360. But something can go and go wrong, so make sure that you know about some common problems of Xbox Series X | S and what can you do with them.

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