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Ideal solution for vans, trucks, trucks, buses, caravans.

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Product Description WIFI parking camera for mobile APP (iOS, Android

WIFI parking camera for mobile APP (iOS, Android) with IP68 waterproof protection and mobile phone monitoring with infrared night vision LEDs. The camera has the ability to view live video on a mobile phone with 12 IR LEDs at night, IP68 protection (waterproof and shockproof). Wireless rear view camera for large vehicles (vans, trucks, caravans, agricultural machinery). This wireless Wi-Fi camera guarantees hassle-free parking of your large vehicle. The rear camera connects to your smartphone via a Wi-Fi wireless system using a mobile app. The camera is made of durable aluminum material, it is shockproof and waterproof. IP68 protection. 12 IR LEDs for night vision guarantee visibility even at 0 lux. which provides convenient parking even in complete darkness. The application works with iOS and Android operating systems.

You don’t need to buy any other devices. such as a monitor, your smartphone is enough and you can immediately see what is happening behind your car. The camera with its parameters has a wide range of applications. therefore it is suitable for minibuses, minibuses, buses, caravans, semi-trailers, trailers, trucks or agricultural machinery.

WI-FI parking camera for mobile app (iOS, Android

The night vision. 12 IR LEDs, visibility even at 0 lux

Aluminum camera body. Shockproof, Waterproof IP68 Adjustable Camera Mount: 60 ° Rotate Auxiliary Reverse Directions: On / Off Display Switching: Mirror / Normal Screenshot Function

Sensor: 1/3 ” CMOS TV system: PAL / NTSC Camera resolution: 648 518.550 TVL Camera dimensions: 75x73x37 mm Consumption: 150 mA Video output: 1.0Vp-p75ohm Power supply: DC9V-36V Camera angle: 110 ° (H), 150 ° (D)

Compatible with iPhone and iPad Requires iOS 8.0 or higher

Compatible with Android devices Requires Android 4.0.3 or later

BEST WIRELESS Backup Camera!! (Trust me, I have tried a lot!)

1x Wireless Camera 2x Camera Holder 1x Mounting Kit 1x Power Cord 1x Antenna 1x Manual

Garmin BC 40 Wireless Rear View Camera

With the BC 40 wireless reversing camera, you can see your surroundings when reversing:

  • Full vision of the surroundings when reversing
  • Installs quickly and easily using the included license plate mount
  • Wirelessly connects to a Wi-Fi compatible Garmin navigator to display the rear view camera on the navigator screen
  • Transmits data up to 7.5 meters so you can get a wide and clear video of what’s behind your vehicle
  • Rugged and weatherproof housing (IPX7 waterproof) built to withstand a variety of road conditions
  • Activating camera viewing using voice commands
  • Uses 2 AA batteries; Battery life with average use is up to 3 months (lithium batteries recommended, batteries sold separately)

Simple and quick installation Installs quickly and easily. without drilling or securing wiring. Attach the license plate holder to your car and lock the camera in place. We’ve saved you the hassle of plugging this camera into your car’s power source. Just install 2 AA batteries (lithium recommended) and the BC 40 is ready to go.

Voice control You can use simple voice commands on your navigator, such as “Show video”, to start viewing the BC 40 camera image.

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Wireless rear view camera with WI-FI module GlobusGPS GL-Wi1


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GlobusGPS GL-Wi1 Wi-Fi camera for any gadget on Avdroid or iOS.

GlobusGPS GL-Wi1. miniature wireless rear view camera. If you have a GPS navigator based on the Android operating system, then you can connect the GlobusGPS GL-Wi1 wireless video camera to it. This gadget connects via Wi-Fi and transmits video up to 15 meters away. However, in addition to GPS navigators of any manufacturer, you can connect this camera to a tablet or to a phone running Android or iOS. Just download and install the free Sight WI-FI app, place the camera outside the car near the rear license plate and use it as a parking reversing camera.

GlobusGPS GL-Wi1 is universal, suitable for installation on any brand of car, has a sealed design according to protection class IP 67, is not afraid of any bad weather. The power connection is usually carried out from the rear brake light. I would like to note that a mobile application installed on a phone, navigator or tablet allows you not only to see what is happening in front of the camera, but also to record in the phone’s memory (navigator or tablet). The camera image is complemented by parking guidelines to make reversing much easier.

  • Working voltage: 12V DC;
  • Working current: 150mA (maximum);
  • Working frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz;
  • Wireless protocol support: IEEE 802.11 b / g, IEEE802.n (1T1R Mode);
  • Encryption mode: WPA2;
  • Modulation mode: 802.11b: DSSS (CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK) 802.11 g / n: OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM);
  • Transmission distance: 10m (without obstacles);
  • Weight: 60 ± 5g;
  • Dimensions: 71 x 35.5 x 12.3mm;
  • Working temperature:.10-50 ° C;
  • Storage temperature:.20-60 ° C;
  • Humidity: 20%. 90% RH
  • WI-FI camera GlobusGPS GL-Wi1;
  • Fastening elements (3M adhesive tape, self-tapping screws);
  • Power cable 2.5 m;
  • User manual
  • Package

How to connect the camera to different devices

Before proceeding with the instructions, you need to understand the principles of work and with all the necessary presets. It is also worth understanding that although the instructions for all devices are very similar, there are differences in which device to choose for such a task. If you already have an Android head unit installed, the choice is obvious. But if you don’t have one, the choice is between a smartphone and a tablet.

The tablet is chosen by those people who want to install a stationary device and never take it out, but do not want to bother with a radio tape recorder.

The smartphone is suitable for those who are afraid to leave electronics in the car or simply do not want to “freeze” it in the winter. In any case, the choice is yours. The only thing to consider is that for a car, an Android device must have OTG support.

All wired cameras require a special adapter called EasyCAP. It looks like this:

You don’t have to limit yourself in which camera to choose. Fortunately, the market is full of good offers: with backlighting, night mode and other functions. You only need to select according to the compatibility of the camera outputs with the EasyCAP inputs, which you can see in the screenshot above.

An important factor is the price. But you should not chase high price tags, justifying this with the best quality of the product. even the cheapest solution is suitable for our purposes.

A wireless rearview camera for Android can also be an interesting choice. With it, you can customize the video display on Android without using any adapters. All that is needed is a special program that is supplied in the kit or indicated in the instructions.

Wireless cameras are divided, in turn, into those that connect via Wi-Fi and those that use Bluetooth to connect.

A more common option is a Wi-Fi rear camera. It looks like this:

All you need to do to connect is to attach the camera and transmitter, and then connect via your smartphone or tablet to the network. Just keep in mind that this gadget works at a temperature of at least 20 degrees, and in the off state it can be at a temperature of at least 30 degrees Celsius. So it’s better to install the transmitter in a secluded place.

A bluetooth rear-view camera is much less common. Users of such cameras claim that the quality is worse here, and some complain about the black and white picture. So it is better to exclude this type of equipment.

With all this sorted out, you can go directly to the installation instructions.

Tablet connection

We will not tell you how to mount the equipment. Let’s start from the moment of connection. To connect a camera to an Android tablet:

LOOK-IT a Truly Wireless Backup Camera System for Vehicles

  • Connect the camera leads to the corresponding inputs on the EasyCAP by simply color matching.
  • EasyCAP connect to OTG adapter.
  • Now you can connect the other side of the OTG cable to your tablet.

Connection work completed. But the equipment won’t just start up. You will need a dedicated Android program for the rear view camera.

At the moment, several programs, both paid and free, are working with the equipment that we have connected.

One of the best and most popular free ones is FPViewer. Therefore, we advise you to use it. If you have connection problems on your tablet model, try any other option from Google Play. until the picture appears.

Smartphone connection

If you want to connect to a smartphone, you will need to follow exactly the same sequence of steps as when connecting a tablet. The application may not be suitable for displaying the image on the screen. But you can always pick it up from the Play Market, especially since the link is in the section with the tablet connection.

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Cool post! How demanding is software on Android? The most primitive phone with 2 cores and 512 operatives works for me as a navigator. Will pull?

I have to try it, it works on my MTS phone with 512 RAM)

I have to try it, it works on my MTS phone with 512 RAM)

By the way, it is possible in more detail, why didn’t they start feeding to the reversing lamp after all? It takes a long time to load?

Namely, 3 seconds, and this is important when you park in parallel and there is already a traffic jam behind you)

Useful post!))) Thank you For example, I distribute the Internet to the tablet on a wafer from the phone, and if the camera does not work either, they will not interfere with each other? will be able to work in parallel with two devices via Wi-Fi, or it is possible to put priorities on the camera?

Yandex Market data from 03/08/2020 00:00

matrix: CMOS; 420TVL; viewing angle: 170 °; waterproof case

CMOS rear view camera for JUKE / NOTE / PATHFINDER III (2005-.) / PATROL VI (2010-.) / QASHQAI / X-TRAIL II (2007-.) (# 063)

CMOS standard rear view camera AVS312CPR is made specifically for certain brands of cars, hence it has the name. standard.

installation type: case; matrix: CMOS; 1/3 “; 648pixx 488pix; 480TVL; viewing angle: 120 °; waterproof case

Monitor for rear view camera CX432 Eplutus

The CX432 reversing camera monitor, thanks to its versatility, can be installed in any convenient place. If you have problems with parallel parking, then the CX432 car monitor will be your best choice for car safety and reverse traffic.

CCD OEM reversing camera with dynamic markings AVIS Electronics AVS326CPR (# 075) for Smart

CCD OEM reversing camera with dynamic markings AVIS Electronics AVS326CPR, changes the mowing line marking in accordance with the trajectory of the vehicle.

Rear view camera in license plate frame Incar-VDC 006S

License Plate Frame Rear View Camera Fits Almost Any Car Model.

CMOS standard rear-view camera AVS312CPR is made in a form factor specially for certain car models, in fact, hence it has the name. standard.

Side View Camera Kit for Audi Q5 Pleervox PLV-CAM-SIDEAU

Mirror with monitor and rearview camera for Nissan Qashqai, X-trail, Pathfinder, Note, Juke, Navara, Sunny, Patrol. Peugeot 207/307 (Hatch) / 308/3008/407/408/508 / RCZ. Volkswagen Crafter. Citroen C4 / C5. Lifan X60

Mirror characteristics Screen LCD monitor diagonal 4.3 “, TFT LCD Resolution 480272 Mode

Set for wireless connection of rear view camera AVS01WK

The AVS01WK kit consists of a receiver and a transmitter for wireless transmission of video from a rear view camera at a distance of up to 100 meters. The video signal is transmitted over a radio channel at a frequency of 2.4-2.483 GHz. The transmitter is installed in the trunk and connected to the rear view camera (signal source), and the receiver is connected to the monitor, which will display the video from the rear view camera. When reverse gear is engaged, power is automatically supplied to the receiver and transmitter AVS01WK.

Wireless rear view camera with WI-FI module GlobusGPS GL-Wi1

This gadget connects via Wi-Fi and transmits video up to 15 meters away. However, in addition to GPS navigators of any manufacturer, you can connect this camera to both a tablet and a phone running Android or iOS.

Rear view camera PHANTOM CA-2307N, universal

installation type: case; matrix: SUPER CMOS; 1/4 “; 762pixx 504pix; 580TVL; viewing angle: 170 °; waterproof case; for installation in cars: universal

Rear view camera CMOS with built-in IR illumination AVIS Electronics AVS335CPR

The rear view camera for trucks and buses AVS335CPR has a built-in IR illumination and a High-End CMOS sensor, which makes the camera work even at night. High degree of dust and moisture protection IP69K. Truck camera angle of view. 120 °.

Universal rear view camera MYCAR Camera CAT003 (Sony CCD sensor)

Universal rear view camera MYCAR Camera VDC-007

Rear View Camera Xiaomi 70Mai HD Reverse Video Camera Midrive RC03 Black

A multifunctional gadget that greatly simplifies the life of motorists.

Universal rear view camera AVS311CPR (# 180)

The universal rear view camera is the optimal solution for drivers who care about the appearance of their car and want to comfortably turn around and park in tight spaces without being afraid of accidentally hitting any obstacle. What are the advantages of this rear view camera on a car? Firstly, it is full control over the situation behind the car thanks to the increased 180-degree viewing angle.

Universal rear view camera AVS115CPR (# 980)

The AVS115CPR series of universal cameras with CMOS sensor is the best offer in terms of price / quality ratio. At a low price, the cameras have a real glass lens, dust and moisture protection IP67, decent viewing angles. The warranty period, as well as for all AVEL car electronics, is 12 months. The AVS115CPR camera (# 980) has a metal body and a very simple and reliable fastening: thanks to a special pin, the camera is simply installed in a pre-made hole for its diameter and fixed with a nut

70mai HD Reverse Video Camera (Midrive RC03)

PARK CITY rear view camera (invoice). resolution 728×628, viewing angle 170 PC-2204

Common xapa? Teristi? And: Type of installations? And: universal. Location? And: consignment note? Signal transmission method: wire. Image transmission type: real. Kopyc:? Ompat? Tny, water-proof. Dust and moisture protection class: IP67. ? ap? female size? a: Well, from? Camera: Type? Amera: color. Color system: PAL. Matrix type: CMOS. Number of pi? Celei: 628×582. Horizontal resolution: 420 TB lines. Viewing angle on the horizontal: 170 degrees. Minimum illumination: 0.01 Lux.

Many modern cars are equipped with on-board computers and rear-view cameras. In new models, even some budget cars, everything is already connected, and you can use the camera in the car without completing anything yourself. But what about those with a leaner trim or older model that doesn’t have an onboard PC? The easiest option would be to install the device on Android. It can be a car radio, a tablet, or even a smartphone. You will learn how to connect a rear view camera to Android devices in this article.

Connecting the radio

In order to connect to an Android radio, you will need to carry out almost the same steps. No need for an OTG adapter, because the radio has an input for a full-size USB cable.

The radio may not detect EasyCAP via the app. This problem is solved as follows:

  • Engage reverse gear.
  • In the window that appears on the screen of the radio, check the box next to “Use as default” and click “OK”.
  • In the next window, select the first item.
  • The camera image should appear.

Rear view camera wireless for Android

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Selecting compatible devices

To connect a rear view camera to a tablet or phone, you need to select compatible gadgets. It is better to choose a video camera specifically for a tablet or smartphone model, which will voluntarily cooperate with Android mobile systems. To connect a conventional camera with analog signal, the tablet module must be equipped with a USB port, video and audio codecs for the applications to function properly. Any modern mobile modules based on Android can catch the video signal.

Your tablet or phone can be connected to wired or wireless Wi-Fi rear view cameras. Modern models are equipped with a built-in access point, which makes it possible to easily connect equipment to other devices. Wired systems are cabled and provide high speed signal transmission. To play back a high-quality picture from the camera, you will need a tablet or phone compatible video capture device with a USB connector.

Wireless accessories do not require a cable to be routed through the interior of the car, but they have a higher price and are susceptible to external interference from other equipment. Wireless signal transmission is carried out at a distance within a radius of 15 meters. When using wireless accessories while parking, it is necessary to take into account the important nuance that the video signal is sent to the screen with a slight delay.

Camera Connection Methods

Depending on the functionality of the selected devices, a rear-view video camera can be connected to a tablet or phone in several ways:

  • USB webcams can be connected using an OTG adapter. All elements of the system are connected by a cable that runs through the interior of the car. To control the camera, you need to download the corresponding applications from Google Play.
  • Conventional car rear view cameras require a dedicated TV tuner that supports video input and Android devices. On the one hand, the tuner has a cinch for connecting to a camcorder, on the other, a USB output for connecting mobile devices. Gadgets without a USB connector can be connected using an OTG adapter.
  • The fastest and easiest wireless way to connect is via Wi-Fi without using a cable. The disadvantages of such a system include the expensive cost of equipment, a small signal delay and possible interference. To receive an image from a Wi-Fi camera, the mobile gadget must detect and connect to an access point.

The features of connecting devices depend on the make of the car, the model of the rear view camera, tablet or phone. For the convenience of using a mobile gadget, you need to find a good place to place it in the cabin near the driver. Usually, a niche for a radio tape recorder, the upper part of the dashboard, a torpedo or a windshield is used for installation. For fixing and secure fastening of equipment, special car accessories and holders are used.