Wireless Display On Iphone 6 Does Not Charge

From the release of iPhone 11, fans of the brand expected a new high-tech miracle. The device really turned out to be pleasant, but not fantastic. CHIP has already tested the new product and is ready to share its impressions.

Wireless Display On Iphone 6 Does Not Charge

The new iPhone 11 is the direct successor to the iPhone XR, but it does not have an additional letter or designation. The new iPhone has a large selection of colors for the back panel: iPhone 11 is available in six different color options. In addition to the already well-known black, yellow, white and red, green and violet variants appeared this year. But orange and blue disappeared. The iPhone that we tested is made in classic black.

Packaging, as we are used to at Apple, is as compact as possible. When unpacking, the buyer will find, in addition to the smartphone itself, a power adapter, a Lightning cable, a clip for removing the SIM tray, wired headphones and classic accompanying documents: a user manual, a warranty, and, of course, Apple stickers are included again.

Let’s get back to the most important thing: the iPhone 11 fits comfortably in your hand, it worked perfectly, like the previous model. The shiny glass back panel also resembles the iPhone XR, for the new iPhone 11, Apple developers, unlike its two older brothers 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, opted for a matte back panel.

The same display, the same edges of the display, the same notch: the front of the iPhone 11 is similar to the iPhone XR, so they can be confused

Speaking of the rear panel: on this side, the iPhone 11 shows itself uniquely as a model of the 2019 generation. Because Apple has replaced the Single-camera with a dual. Together with the flash and microphone, she comfortably settled in a quadrangle with rounded corners in the upper left corner of the device. Thanks to this, the iPhone 11 fits into the design language of the current lineup of Apple. In addition, the Apple logo has moved to the center of the device. The location of the Apple logo now closely resembles the design of iPod Touch models.

On the side is a very large power button, and on the right is a SIM card slot, on the left side of the frame are the volume buttons. In addition, a typical iPhone switch is installed on the left to quickly mute the device. The dual speakers of the smartphone are located at the bottom of the frame and in the notch above the screen. At the same time, the lower speaker is much louder and sharper than the speaker in bangs. Also on the underside is the Lightning connector.

The design is very similar to the predecessor iPhone XR.

New Retina LCD Display

On the front panel of the new iPhone is a 6.1-inch display. Unlike the Pro models, the iPhone 11 has a display not created using OLED technology, but a screen that Apple has dubbed “Liquid Retina HD Display.” If you understand, it turns out that the type of technology is an LCD display. The resolution of 1792 × 828 pixels with the diagonal of the display of the iPhone 11 gives a pixel density of only 326 ppi. this is a relatively weak result. In everyday use, such a resolution will be enough for most users, but compared with Pro models or smartphones with Full HD resolution, the difference, however, is striking. Focusing on the rather big price of about 60,000 rubles, frankly, one could expect Full HD resolution. Otherwise, the image quality is very good. The screen brightness of the iPhone 11 is a maximum of 635 cd / m². Although it is smaller than that of related Pro models, it is still enough for almost all situations.

The edges of the display of the iPhone 11 are identical to the edges of the display of the iPhone XR and, therefore, they are relatively wide. True-Tone technology is also used, which adjusts the color temperature of the display according to the available lighting, which should improve color reproduction.

Display cannot compete with Pro models

IPhone 11 shows excellent performance

Inside the new iPhone 11, as well as in other new models, the new Apple A13 Bionic processor is running, which provides tremendous performance. According to Apple developers, when creating a new processor, the main focus was not so much on improving productivity as on its energy efficiency. Nevertheless: compared with the predecessor Apple A12 Bionic, the new processor breaks records: so our iPhone 11 top list loads in record 0.17 seconds, and it took less than 3.3 seconds to download our Render test in PDF format. one of the best values.

The new processor is supported by 4 gigabytes of memory. IPhone XR had to do with 3 gigabytes. Performance, as usual, the highest level. Due to the low screen resolution of the iPhone 11, our performance test is even higher than the Pro models.

Performance sets new records

Better photo quality, more options

It was the camera of the new iPhone that was optimized as much as possible, compared with the iPhone XR, the new model has another camera. In addition to the traditional main lens, you can now use an ultra-wide angle lens when taking photos ands. The resolution of both cameras is twelve megapixels, while the main camera gets good points for the f / 1.8 aperture, while the ultra-wide-angle camera will have to be content with not an aperture of f / 2.4, but its angle of view is 120 degrees. can be shot at up to 4K resolution at 60 fps (frames per second).

The front camera takes selfies with a resolution of twelve megapixels and an aperture of f / 2.2. Also, the selfie camera can shoot 4K at 60 frames per second. Optical stabilization is, however, only in the main camera located on the back of the smartphone.

Among the new products of the iPhone 11. a new wide-angle lens

But the camera has other innovations.

New night mode: even iPhones now have a night mode, as well as competitors from Huawei, Samsung and Co, who managed to introduce it earlier. This allows you to shoot images with better quality even in low light conditions. Our test showed that the quality of night shots does not quite reach the quality of the leader of the Huawei P30 Pro. But on the other hand, it keeps up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Google Pixel 3.

Smart-HDR and Live-Photos: The new iPhone 13 with iOS 13 has improved the HDR mode, Live-Photos have a new length. Apple is especially proud of the latter circumstance, since here, even before pressing the shutter button, several frames will already be taken, which sometimes look even better than specially shot ones. In addition, after enabling this function, the iPhone additionally captures images with the new wide-angle camera, even if its mode is not turned on at all. Thus, in post-processing, you can crop the plot you need.

Quick-Take: using the iPhone in the future, even in the camera’s own application, it will be possible to shoots in the same way as in Snapchat and Instagram: if the situation requires fast recording, you can simply hold down the camera button to start shooting, the recording will stop, when you release the button.

With Slowfies, Apple introduces a new subcategory of selfies: thanks to the front-camera time-lapse mode, which records up to 120 frames per second with Full HD resolution, you can now play back selfies with a great slowdown. How useful this is, let’s see now with the new iPhone we have this opportunity.

In the test, we really liked the image quality of the iPhone 11. In daylight, the pictures are taken on par with competitors from Samsung, Huawei and Co. The new night mode is activated automatically when the lighting conditions are insufficient, now even in dim light you will get quite good images.

Most camera innovations are software enhancements

iPhone 11: works forever, charges forever

While Apple finally includes an 18-watt fast charger with the Pro models, the regular iPhone 11 should still be content with a slow 5-watt power supply. Accordingly, the charging time is not at all pleasing: almost 3.5 hours are required for a smartphone to “sprint” from 0 to 100 percent. For half an hour, the battery charges only 16 percent. It should be noted that the new iPhone has a wireless charging function. If you want to charge iPhone 11 faster, then you have to purchase a more powerful power supply. With a more powerful power source, charging time decreases from almost 3.5 hours to about 2 hours, and in the first half hour, the iPhone charges 46 percent, not 16 percent.

The battery capacity is 3 110 mAh, it, according to Apple developers, should support life in the iPhone 11 for an hour longer than it was with the previous XR model. In our test, the iPhone 11 lasted only three minutes longer. about 13 hours. Thus, the promise of Apple for the iPhone 11 was not fulfilled. But the predecessor. iPhone XR in our test showed excellent battery life.

Charging time is disappointing, but battery life is good

Equipment with minor flaws

The memory of the model we tested is 128 gigabytes. There are alternatives with 64 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes of your choice. It is a pity that Apple continues to produce models with a minimum memory of 64 gigabytes, and does not start with models with 128 gigabytes of memory, and despite the fact that no option can expand the memory with an additional card.

As the operating system on the iPhone 11 at the time of our testing, a completely fresh version of iOS 13 is used. In addition to the Dark Mode and completely redesigned Apple applications, the new version includes updates such as Quick-Path and Sign in with Apple ”, which are already in use on the new iPhone 11.

IPhone 11 supports all major LTE and Wi-Fi standards, including the current standard Wi-Fi ax, Bluetooth in the current version 5.0, as well as NFC. The latter is especially important for payments using Apple Pay. However, unlike the current iPad Pro and almost all other modern flagship smartphones on the market, the new iPhone 11 does not use USB-C technology, but remains true to its own Lightning connector. In addition, we drew attention to a well-functioning and accurate vibration motor, which Apple called the “Taptic Engine”. Another novelty is the increased protection against moisture, now the iPhone is certified to IP 68.

The price of the iPhone 11 is slightly lower than the recommended price of the iPhone XR last year. For 60,000 rubles (as of October 2019), iPhone 11 is available in a version with 64 gigabytes. For 65,000 rubles you will receive doubled memory, for 70,000 rubles it will be increased four times to 256 gigabytes.

IPhone 11 is well equipped but not perfect

Product Conclusion

On the one hand, the iPhone 11 received good points in our test for excellent performance, a cool camera, a very long battery life and very high quality processing. On the other hand, the low resolution of the display spoils the overall impression a bit. In addition, the long charging time and wide edges of the screen also did not please us. Compared to the direct predecessor of the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 has a second camera and higher performance. If you do not care about the ultra-wide-angle lens, then you should pay attention to the iPhone XR, which is 10,000 rubles cheaper.


Extremely High Performance
Long battery life
Great camera quality.


Very long charging time
Low resolution display
Almost no innovative innovations.

Alternative. Apple iPhone XR

In the test, the iPhone XR proved to be excellent: thanks to its super-battery, it even leaves behind the more expensive sister models XS and XS Max in our overall rating. It has excellent performance, the quality of photos is also very good, and in this regard, the iPhone does not lag behind the versions of the iPhone XS, despite one lens.

Only the display turned out to be a little weaker, because Apple does not install the XR in the XR, but the lower-resolution IPS LCD. In addition, the edges of the display are much wider than the top models. The display and its bezel are the same as those of the iPhone 11. You will hardly even notice a jump in performance from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 11. In addition, our test showed almost the same battery life.