Wireless Charger And Iphone Compatibility

Wireless Charger And Iphone Compatibility

A wireless charger is a relatively young but no less desirable invention. Users of phones on the Android platform (Android) already have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of wireless charging. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about fans of Apple products (Apple), who still do not have free access to it. Why is the Yabloko company so diligently ignoring this technology. a mystery. We only have one thing left. to try to figure out the reasons and find alternative options for iPhone users.

Can iPhone owners charge their smartphones wirelessly?

Wireless charger

Before starting the debriefing, I would like to say a few words about the wireless charging itself. Outwardly, it looks like a small stand connected to the network. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. We will not go into details, but a few words about the technology itself are worth it.

An induction coil is built into the charger itself, which creates an electromagnetic field around itself. Once in this field, the phone starts charging, in the literal sense of the word, through the air. However, there is one thing. the phone must also be equipped with an induction coil, which would act as a kind of receiver. This is the problem with the iPhone. they do not have such a receiver.

Using wireless charging with iPhone

Not so long ago, Apple released a new smartphone model. iPhone 7. Many have a reasonable question. does the iPhone 7 support wireless charging? Unfortunately, no. the manufacturers also decided to leave the new model without this option. So far, iPhone users have only one way out of this situation. to use auxiliary accessories.

The most popular and practical option is to use a special overlay (otherwise you will not name it). It looks like a very thin plate with a small wiring that connects to the smartphone connector. Such a gadget is placed under a standard cover and after a few minutes it is safely forgotten.

Together with a similar overlay, you will need a station on which the smartphone will be charged. Most often they are supplied in the kit, but this does not interfere with choosing the best option. A standard station is a small circle connected to a network. That’s all. Let’s consider more pleasant options.

Nillkin Wireless Charger Lamp LED

One of the devices they are talking about is 2 in 1. It is also a charger for the phone and a bright desk lamp. It looks very stylish. The rubberized surface firmly holds the smartphone from slipping. The brightness of a lamp equipped with five LEDs can be adjusted. A USB port is built into the stand in case you want to recharge a device that does not support wireless recharge.

Nillkin Wireless Charger Lamp Magic Disk II

Very compact and with a nice backlight. which will please any user and organically fit into any interior. If you do not need any “bells and whistles”, then this option is definitely for you. That’s the whole secret. Get a special pad, station. and you are a happy user of a wireless charger. And the abundance of design solutions for this gadget will always pleasantly surprise your guests.

Pros of Using Wireless Charging

There are many pluses, but the main thing is convenience. Like it or not, everything that is created by people for people is primarily focused on ease of use. A wireless charger will allow you to keep the charge level of your smartphone at around 100%. just find a suitable place for it. Surely it already exists, but you do not attach any importance to this.

You are sitting at a laptop, and the smartphone is on the table, or, as usual, you left it on the nightstand in the hallway. It is for such places where the hand itself reaches for putting the phone, and wireless charging has been created. Do not forget that you will forever get rid of a huge number of wires.

We hope the article was useful and answered all your questions related to the compatibility of iPhone and wireless chargers.