Wire for connecting laptop to TV

What is the name of the cord from laptop to TV

Depending on the functionality of the laptop and TV, there are several types of cords, we will consider each of them.

You can find a VGA-output in almost every laptop, regardless of the year of manufacture, but it is rarely found in TVs. If your TV is equipped with an input for such a cable. Then you can connect your laptop to the TV using a standard cable. But also do not forget that in this case you can use adapters.

What is the name of the cord from laptop to TV

Many users like to connect laptop to TV, why do they do it? You can clone an image from a laptop screen to a TV, the second one can often have better image quality and any movie will be much more pleasant to watch. Also, the TV screen is always larger, which means you can work for a long time without straining your eyes. Also, if you connect a laptop to a TV, then you can make a whole media system, this is useful if you need to simultaneously work and negotiate via Skype.

In order to connect a laptop to a TV, you need to use a special cable or set up a wireless connection. We’ll talk about the second later, now we’ll figure out what types of cords are for transmitting a digital signal and in favor of which cord to give preference?

Why do you need such a cord

All of these cords are needed to carry a digital signal, but each has soy features. For example, an HDMI cable has the best picture quality and can transmit both video and sound. The same cannot be said for the other two cords. First, their video quality is noticeably worse. And secondly, they are only capable of transmitting a video signal.

How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI. Easy & Fun

If the goal is to show a presentation or just work in a text editor, then they are quite suitable, moreover, as already noted, they often come complete with equipment. And if you want to watch a movie on a big screen or play video games with sound, then you have to connect a speaker from a laptop or use headphones, you can also connect portable speakers to the TV in addition.

In order to make the connection correctly, you need to decide what type of cord your equipment supports. But we still recommend using an HDMI cable, just buy the appropriate adapter.

What to do if there is no sound from the TV speakers?

Check that the sound is not muted (mute button), and the volume on the laptop and TV is not set to minimum.

Also set HDMI audio output as default device.

1 Right-click on the sound icon in the lower right corner of your laptop screen. Then click Play Devices.

2 Highlight HDMI Audio Out and click Set as Default.

If you don’t see HDMI audio output, right click on an empty area and check Show Disabled Devices.

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable

Today, many people connect their laptop to a TV in order to enjoy watching videos on the big screen. There are many ways to connect your laptop to your TV. In this article, we will tell you about one of the most popular ways. how to connect a laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable. This method is quite simple. Just follow the 4 steps below and you will get it right the first time.

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Turn on laptop and TV (both must have HDMI input) and prepare HDMI cable.

Insert HDMI cable into port on laptop and TV.

You will see a blue background on the TV screen with the message “No signal”.

Press the INPUT or SOURCE button on the TV remote control.

Then use the arrows on the remote to select HDMI 1.

The laptop’s desktop appears on the TV screen.

If not, follow the steps below to use other settings.

1 On your laptop keyboard, press the Windows R keys together to open a command window.

wire, connecting, laptop

2 In the command window, type control and press enter to open the control panel.

3 Select Display in large icons mode

5 From the Display drop-down list, select TV

6 Change the resolution settings until you find the perfect picture on your TV screen. Once done, click OK to save the settings.

The sound still did not appear?

If after making all of the above settings, no sound comes out of the TV speakers, we strongly recommend updating the HDMI audio output device driver. You can download the latest driver from your device manufacturer’s website.


In the event that the TV is equipped with a VGA output, you just need to purchase the most common cable and connect both devices. In a situation where the required connector is missing, you will need to purchase an adapter. It is accepted to use VGA-HDMI or VGA-Scart. Since VGA is only responsible for transmitting video signals, you will have to purchase an additional cable to transmit sound.

In principle, this cable is more recommended for viewing photographic images or general presentations on a large LCD screen. The maximum resolution in this case is 1600×1200 pixels. It will also be convenient to play video games with headphones.

An unambiguous advantage of connecting with a VGA cable is obtaining a fairly wide resolution, simple operation and the presence of this interface on many laptops. The disadvantages, as mentioned above, include the need for an additional cable for sound and the likelihood of the lack of an interface on the TV.


It is possible to connect a laptop to the TV via a DVI cable, but only if the personal device has an appropriate connector. Usually, the required output is available on stationary computers, but laptops are far from always equipped with it. However, to connect two devices via a DVI cable, you can use a special adapter DVI-VGA or HDMI-DVI.

The advantages of such a connection are ease of connection, as well as the ability to watch videos in high resolution Full HD. 1920×1080 pixels.

The specificity of the connection does not change depending on the brands of equipment used. The disadvantage is just the rarity of using the connector on laptops, as well as the impossibility of sound transmission.

The length of the connecting cable is not limited by anything, but it should be remembered that a DVI cable less than 10.5 meters is capable of transmitting digital video data at a resolution of 1920×1200, while a length of more than 15 meters ensures normal transmission of only 1280×1024 pixels.

Some modern models go on sale with a Dual Link DVI-I interface. It allows you to watch videos at 2560×1600 pixels, but requires a separate audio connection. It should also be remembered that the DVI-A specification is only responsible for analog transmission, DVI-I handles analog and digital transmission, while DVI-D is only capable of handling digital signal.

DVI-D to DVI-D will work either way, and DVI-I to DVI-D only works through a cable connection with DVI-D connectors. You can connect DVI-D and DVI-I with a DVI-D cable. DVI-A with DVI-D likely won’t work at all.

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In general, any connection is carried out as follows: the equipment is turned off and connected to each other using a cable. Then, using the remote control, the used connection channel is selected, and after that the laptop is turned on. If the image is not displayed on the screen, then you need to go to the “Screen settings” menu, and then select the “Detect” function.


Despite the fact that many modern TV models have a USB input, it is not suitable for direct connection of a laptop. However, the same connector on the laptop can solve the problem. It is not possible to connect a USB port to a USB port, but you can do this using a special external USB video card that can convert a signal coming from a computer to HDMI or VGA. Instead of a converter, you can also use a device called Q-Waves Wireless USB AV and is used for wireless signal transmission.

This device is also equipped with both VGA and HDMI outputs.

Both devices can only be used if the laptop has a USB 3.0 port.

I must say that the wireless gadget operates only within 10 meters, so for correct operation you still need a conventional converter.

To create a connection, the USB cable is connected to the laptop on one side and to the converter on the other side. Next, a double HDMI cable is attached to the same gadget, the other end of which is already connected to the TV.

To set up, you will need to turn on the TV, press the button on the remote called “Input” or “Source”, and then, in the menu that opens, assign the HDMI port as a signal source. On a laptop, in the meantime, you can change the resolution and adjust the display mode.

How to connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable. Easy

Why do you need?

Most often, a laptop is connected to a TV to display a photo or video image on a large screen. For example, this can be useful for collective viewing of photos or holding a home cinema marathon. The connection between TV and laptop is also created for organizing presentations and conferences, as well as communication in programs such as Skype. Of course, avid gamblers will like to do what they love on the big screen.

How to connect laptop to TV via cable?

Displaying an image from a laptop on a large TV screen greatly simplifies many tasks. The implementation of this procedure is possible in several ways.

Connection methods

The ability to connect a laptop to a TV in several ways allows you to successfully solve the problem with minimal costs. The most common is the connection using an HDMI cable. This interface has the ability to transfer digital video data with high quality HD resolution and higher, as well as multi-stream copy-protected audio signals. over, today the HDMI connector is present in almost all TVs and laptops. from 15 “to 100” screens. A regular HDMI cable has similar connectors on both sides.

How to Connect LAPTOP TO TV (HDMI & Wireless)

The maximum possible length of the cord is 10 meters. if this indicator is exceeded, then interference will interfere with signal transmission.

You can buy a cable with a length of less than a meter, a meter, a length of 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3, 5 and 10 meters. You can connect a TV and a laptop with each other only when both devices are off. Lack of power at this point saves HDMI connectors from burning. By inserting both ends of the cable into the corresponding jacks, you can turn on the TV and use the remote to select HDMI as the playback channel.

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In the next step, the laptop is connected. When the operating system is loaded, the TV screen will display the current state of the computer screen. By right-clicking on an empty section of the desktop, you will need to select the “Display Settings” section, and then go to the “Multiple Displays” tab.

It is here that the user configures the mode of operation of both screens, even turning off one of them at will. In the event that the picture goes beyond the edge of the TV screen itself, you can change the resolution or personally scale one of the displays.

Another fairly common way is to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. that is, create a wired or wireless Internet connection. When choosing Wi-Fi, the user does not even have to deal with additional cords. In both cases, the image will have the highest quality, it will be possible to simultaneously transmit both sound and video, in addition, it will be possible to work directly from the TV with files stored on a laptop.

The main disadvantage here is one. not all TVs are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module or an Ethernet port.

The essence of the connection is that both the TV and the laptop are simultaneously connected to the router, after which the control is carried out using a conventional remote control. The TV can be connected to the router using a cable or via Wi-Fi, the same can be said about a laptop.

wire, connecting, laptop

Through the “tulips”

When it comes to connecting through the “tulips”, you need to understand that the RCA and S-Video interfaces are meant, which today are found only on old equipment. over, laptops with this connectivity have practically gone out of circulation, so special converters and adapters are indispensable. It is also necessary to understand that outdated technology of a high-quality picture will not give.

The tulips themselves. RCA connector. are inserted into the TV panel, and the converter is connected to a laptop.

RCA consists of three connectors: yellow for video, and white and red for two-channel stereo. The easiest way in this case is to use a VGA adapter capable of connecting to a laptop.

Having connected the switched off devices to each other, it is necessary to turn on the devices and select the signal playback via RCA / S-Video using the TV remote control. At this time, the laptop is set to a screen resolution not exceeding 640×480, after which it is better to restart the device.

Typical problems

When watching videos on a large screen, many users are faced with the fact that there is an image, but there is no sound. Most often, this is solved only by purchasing and connecting an additional cable for transmitting an audio signal, since the cable used does not have the ability to transmit sound.

However, an HDMI cable should do this, so the lack of sound should be eliminated quickly and easily. Start by right-clicking on the sound icon located on the notification bar and selecting the “Playback devices” section. Next, the required TV is found in the list, right-clicked on it and the “Use as default” item is activated.

In the case when the TV does not see, and therefore does not display data from the laptop, you can “dig” into the settings of the latter. Having found the “Display Settings”, you need to designate an additional monitor in them, and then use the “Expand” function. Also, it will be possible to set the supported resolution of the second monitor.

wire, connecting, laptop

In the next video, you can watch the process of connecting a laptop to a TV using a VGA cable.