Windows will no longer work. What to do if Microsoft stops working in Russia?

What to do if Microsoft completely leaves and Belarus from mid-June cannot download the Windows operating system of the 10th and 11th versions from the official website of Microsoft. In the English.language support service, the company explained restrictions on a certain “government order”. Pravda found out from experts what to do to users if the largest player in the software market leaves and how it will affect the digitalization of public services.

In the spring, the company froze the sales of products and services in the territory, however, for existing customers, support remained available.

The fact that Microsoft will gradually withdraw a business from “There is nothing left left in the country,” said the head of Brad Smith Corporation in an interview with The Washington Post.

“The gradual departure of Microsoft and the restrictions on the use and updating of the corporation’s products are one of the implemented negative scenarios, which was forecasted by our company experts back in February. The most expected further development of events is a massive review of licenses for basic software, and then the usual Microsoft products will just stop working. This is if we are talking about the official licensed products of the corporation, and not pirate versions, work via VPN and payment by foreign bank cards. But this option is not for constant, confident and regulated use, ”said Boris Popov, director of Vinteo’s business development.

In his opinion, for the further functioning of companies and departments, you need to choose and purchase operating systems and basic software bags. Alternatives are presented in the Register of Import Substitution Catalog Association of Developers of Software Products “Domestic Soft”.

“Office software and operating systems. high.quality replacement of Microsoft products. For example, domestic OSs are successfully used both in the public sector, including at the KII facilities and in commercial companies, ”Popov said.

The expert also noted that office packages are beaten in the number of implementations. so, in June, VTB Bank announced a replacement of Microsoft Office Applications Pack Moofis. We are talking about the acquisition of 100 thousand licenses worth about 1.2 billion.

On the basis of the domestic office package P7-office, a standard of working software has been developed with the possibility of rapid replication at all enterprises of the customer. It includes only products-the Communication platform of the Communigate Pro (including email, instant messages, IP-telephony, contacts for contact centers), protected Messenger Express and VINE-Conference-Conference Vinteo.

“Separately talking about the fairly popular decision of the video between MS Teams and Skype, they are already easily and successfully replaced by VKS developers,” the expert added.

Dmitry Laskov, Director of the Technical Department of Khaitek-Integration, believes that there may be several scenarios for the development of the situation with the departure of the corporation from the market. The first of them. Microsoft will stop selling new licenses, but will continue to provide support under current agreements (now this situation is just). In this case, neither ordinary consumers nor corporate users will feel any changes. However, due to the instability of the situation, another scenario is possible, in which Microsoft will completely stop supporting already sold licenses on the conditions unknown so far. But in any case, all users (private and corporate), left without support, will at least not receive products updates, which means that their computers and other systems will become more vulnerable. In addition, in the case of disconnecting support for Microsoft software operating through/in the “cloud”, their performance will be interrupted at all.

“The public sector, I think, will suffer less than business, but more than ordinary ordinary users. This is due to the fact that in recent years the import substitution program has been actively implemented in the public sector, which involves the achievements of maximum digital and technological sovereignty. During the implementation of the measures of this program, it was carried out, and now it is even more actively carried out, the transition to software and hardware products where it is possible, ”says Laskov.

He also admits that there will be difficulties using specialized software that is not adapted, for example, under Linux and similar OS, but their integration is just a matter of time, and in the current situation this is much less than a year or two years ago.

Microsoft leaves. what does it mean

The decision to leave, albeit temporary, from the market, Microsoft accepted as a response to a military special operation in Ukraine.

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According to Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft, the company turned all the sales of products and services without exception, however, he did not specify whether users who bought their licensed products can count on updates. Representatives of the Microsoft office could not answer the question of this.

Microsoft has replenished a list of foreign companies that no longer want to work in who is next?

It should be noted that at the end of spring 2019. Microsoft was ready to deprive the Chinese company Huawei access to Windows updates. Then there was a probability of recall and license to use the operating system itself. After that, the Chinese government in direct threats explained to Microsoft that further pressure on its part would lead to some “consequences”.

Microsoft is known around the world primarily thanks to its two products. Windows operating system and Office office programs package. Apparently, first of all, the restrictions will affect them, but in this case they will suffer mainly to the company.

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Another popular Microsoft product is Azure’s cloud service. It is consistently high in demand around the world, occupying in the global cloud market the second place with a share of 21 % after Amazon Web Services with its 32 % (statistics Statista.COM for III quarter 2021.). They probably won’t be able to use it anymore.

So far, the fate of the game consoles Xbox Series X and Series S is not fully understood. Perhaps they will also leave and here the probability of such an outcome is extremely high. They are based on AMD processors, which steamed Intel announced the termination of operations a couple of hours before Microsoft.

What will happen to the video game market segment is also a big question. Over the past year and a half, Microsoft has shifted most of this market for itself, having bought several largest publishers and developers.

Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, remains. It is a web version of the usual Microsoft Office with the advanced capabilities of several people on one document. Perhaps they will no longer be able to use it, but, unlike Azure, which does not have a worthy analogue, Microsoft 365 has a lot of domestic competitors.

After Microsoft leaves, her business clients will probably lose its proprietary database management system MS SQL. But this may only accelerate their transition to domestic in the framework of the import substitution policy. For example, in August 2021. MS SQL was refused in favor of the decision by the State Group RusHydro, and in December 2020. A similar step took “Rosatom”.

Microsoft departure announcement from

In April, the information agency Reuters reported a partial resumption of Microsoft cooperation with companies that avoided sanctions, but on June 23, President Brad Smith gave an interview that Microsoft was closed in 2022 due to sanctions, the consequences of losses of the company are not scared.

It was then that it was stated that the company intends to leave the market completely, “there will be nothing left” so far, ”but plans to support employees. At the same time, the dismissal or reduction was not mentioned.

At the same time, referring to the newsletter of the company, the Bloomberg news agency reported that Microsoft intends to fulfill existing obligations, but new deliveries are still on the foot.

The consequences of Microsoft’s care will be from Microsoft from in 2022? Obviously, there will be consequences for users, employees and companies. Although the reductions are not yet announced, the dismissal and loss of jobs cannot be avoided.

Microsoft was significantly, by 50%, reduced back in 2014, after the very first anti.Western sanctions. The company then stopped direct deliveries to the federation and began to make them through intermediaries, distributors. Dismissal from that time was carried out constantly, but by 2021 the staff was slightly increased.

The company and users have their consequences, and forecasts are not optimistic here.

The consequences of Microsoft’s care. will it be possible to update Windows in 2022?

First of all, I am interested in whether Windows will work in after Microsoft in 2022. There are few grounds for a negative answer so far. Such a cardinal solution as a complete shutdown is though theoretically and implemented, but carries serious reputation risks for the corporation. Most likely, previously purchased software and games will continue to work. However, if licenses for basic software are revoked, then some of the products may stop functioning.

Users have three exits:

  • download Windows and updates from sites;
  • Fake the IP address, apply VPN or payment by foreign cards to receive access to the official site, purchase OS and updates;
  • Consider the option of applying other operating systems. The latter option is most preferable for organizations and companies in order to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment. Experts recommend Linux, which is able to perform 99% of the tasks realized and its use will require retraining of personnel.

Is it possible to update Windows 10 now it is worth finding out experimentally, if the update is made, then it is possible. You should not be afraid of disconnecting the system, the version with the disconnection during update has not been confirmed.

How Microsoft Corporation announced the termination of Internet Explorer

But last weekend, a larger problem arose: it became impossible to download a new system from the IP address, for example, switch from Windows 10 to the next version.

over, some other products also became unavailable, confirmed by Kommersant editor Mark Protasevich, talking with the corporation’s support service: “I tried to download the new version of Windows 11, but an error constantly arose. I contacted the official English.language support of Microsoft. At first, the operator considered that the problem in the version of the operating system, which is on my computer, then he transferred me to some other support operator. I explained that I am in I can’t download a single program. He wrote that according to a government order from the territory and Belarus, it is impossible to download or install no files “.

What order are we talking about, it is incomprehensible, because the sanctions of such measures are not said. Therefore, the leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin is convinced that the inability to download new Windows or download software from the site is a technical error. If only because the problem is eliminated using VPN. At the same time, Microsoft will continue to support previously sold products, Eldar Murtazin is sure: “The company’s policy has already been declared. it is gradually leaving the market. They stopped sales of new distributions in March, the corporation also stops partnership with a number of companies.

But this does not mean that they do not support their products, the same Windows, Office. All updates remain affordable, there are no sanctions directed against ordinary people, users of the same Windows “.

However, far from all Kommersant’s interlocutors agree with this, they do not exclude that in the future Microsoft will not only not solve the problem of users, but will completely turn them off from maintenance and constant updates of the system.

What foreign software will receive support to users and companies will have to switch to domestic or even pirate software, says Igor Bederov, an expert in the field of information security: “There are a fairly large number of alternative operating systems that have been made in Astra Linux, other Linux assemblies that are quite convenient and quite convenient and operative. Finally, there are resources where Windows work assemblies are sold. Of course, this is not updates right on the fly, online, with the full support of the operating system, but also quite a viable history, and several times cheaper than the official purchase of the same operating system ”.

In March, the interlocutors of Kommersant predicted the mass spread of the pirate in. They cited the example of Crimea where Microsoft has not worked for all these eight years. However, the company is unlikely to arrange such a decision-risks of data loss due to viruses are too increased.

And it is possible to transfer the business to domestic software, but the process will be not worn, according to IT expert German Klimenko: “It seems that we have 5 million jobs of officials, there are state corporations, and replacing the operating system is not criminal. However, the main problems of Microsoft is not that it makes operating systems, but that the document management is also worth. There is Word, Excel, and under this below there is a huge layer of various kinds of workflow, notifications, calendars, outlook.

If Microsoft really has now reached the so.called war path, then our system has a colossal challenge that cannot be quickly resolved ”.

The transition to the software is complicated by another factor. Each company has its own tasks, and you cannot release a solution suitable for all. It will be necessary to transfer business to domestic software manually, but most experts work with Windows in Windows. So the problem of personnel arises acutely, the interlocutors “Kommersant” summarize.

How to continue using Windows after Microsoft leaves

Microsoft as part of sanctions may stop supplying OS Windows updates for users. How not to lose PC data due to open vulnerabilities, a “said analyst Ivan Samoilenko.

Samoilenko is sure that the decision of Microsoft will suspend services in the work of already purchased computers. But if OS updates cease to come, which eliminate vulnerabilities, PC safety may suffer.

Minimize risks due to restrictions on the functionality of the OS in different ways.

First you need to reconnect from the Microsoft account of your computer to a local account. The latter is not tied to one computer and is not available for all Windows versions.

To do this, through the “Start” button, we go to the “Parameters”, then to the “Accounts”. In the paragraph “Entrance options”, select “Enter instead with a local account”.

Another way is to turn off the update, but there is a threat of device safety.

Methods of disconnecting updates may differ for different versions of the operating system.

So, in the “top ten” you need to go to the settings menu, go from the “Update and Security” item to the Windows Update Center. There are “additional parameters” there and click on the “Surgery Use” button. Immediately, the user has the opportunity to configure the time for which auto.renewal is canceled.

Samoilenko advises important information to transfer to the external medium. If the computer has an optical drive, part of the data can be saved on the disks. Their minus is the ability to store a smaller amount of information than flash drives and hard discs can.

If there is too much data, it is better to break them on topics and copy on flash cards separately: photo on one, documents for the other, etc. D.

The third storage option. cloud services. Here you should take into account the country. the owner of the service: the risk of data leakage cannot be excluded.

In addition, the expert reminded of domestic software, in particular, the free Linux operating room: with its help you can walk the risks to a minimum and maintain PC performance.

We add that instead of the Office package from Windows, you can use OpenOffice, Google Docs, as well as Yandex.The documents.

The news about limiting activities on the territory of the largest manufacturer of computer software of Microsoft appeared on March 4. The decision was made within the framework of antisanctions due to a special operation in the Donbass.

The company’s official statement indicates the suspension of “all new sales of Microsoft products and services in what specific services are talking about, the company did not explain. If “new” sales are canceled, then it is logical to assume that the restrictions will not affect already purchased goods. like a Windows license.

The fact that the company will continue to support its services in the territory was reported by the source of Gamemag.

“All previously purchased games, software and other products will continue their work. However, the company plans to revise its pricing policy, ”the publication says.

Computer functions that may turn off in Microsoft sanctions are named

On March 4, Microsoft announced the suspension of new sales in this due to the fact that the United States and a number of other countries of the world imposed additional sanctions on our country in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Microsoft. Supplier of the Windows operating system, which has become a consumer standard for PC, as well as a number of important consumer services and professional platforms. We figure out what the consequences of this step for computers users can be and how to minimize them.

The most important thing: at the moment it is only about the suspension (not completely canceling) new sales (and not support for the already purchased products of the company). This means that server solutions, database platforms and other products for companies and developers are still in service, despite the state affiliation. They are not threatened with neither remote shutdown, nor even the termination of support, MK was told by an employee of the ιτ-department of one of the ministries of the government that already received clarification from the corporation’s representative office on this occasion.

In state structures, the planned replacement of operating systems and other workstations with Microsoft products and other foreign suppliers for domestic assemblies of open operating systems and products continues. This process, the interlocutor of MK said, started a few years ago; The departments relied on domestic software not only because of its security, but also for the sake of savings: modern office and other software requires regular payments, and to the foreign corporation. Domestic developments and “transparent” for information security forces do not require subscription.

The fate of the Skype communication platform included in the Microsoft ecosystem remains incomprehensible. in all likelihood, if it operates, then only in basic mode, without paid services.

From June 15, Windows 10 will stop working on all computers without exception

June 16, 2022, 12:00:00 June 16, 2022, 10:45

than six months ago, the Windows 11 operating system came out, however, some computers users continue to use the outdated Windows 10. The Ten was published back in 2015, and although Microsoft regularly issued its updates, it will not work anymore. This was reported by the information portal

Microsoft believes that the further support of the “dozens” is inappropriate. This means that from June 15 of this year, users who prefer the “top ten” will not be able to use it on any type of device. from the tablet to a stationary computer. It is likely that the support will stop gradually. the turning off the functions will take place in stages, or maybe Microsoft, on the contrary, will put users in strict conditions. either update to Windows 11, or it will become impossible to use the device.

In addition, such a decision of the company will also mean that using one of the oldest browsers. Internet Explorer will also become impossible. Instead, users will be offered to use Microsoft Edge, after updating the system. It should be noted that Internet Explorer is popular among some users, since it is convenient to communicate with state structures. However, for those will update the system and go to a new browser, there is a special option that allows you to transfer all bookmarks and other data.

Those who do not use Internet Explorer or have long been updated by the operating system of their computer to Windows 11, there is nothing to worry about.

Recall also that in the spring there were rumors that Microsoft leaves and therefore the closest Windows update will turn computers into “bricks” that will not work at all. However, this did not happen, since this would violate the terms of the license agreement that was concluded between the computer buyer with the Windows operating system and Microsoft, however, information appears on some forums that recent operating system updates are significantly slowing down Windows computers. closes: they advised to urgently master another operating room

Microsoft Corporation without additional ads blocked access to the distributions of its operating systems for users. For home users, the problem is still small. you can turn on the VPN, you can use torrents. But for corporate customers Windows rings the last call: it’s time to re.equip on domestic OS. Is it possible, I found out “MK”.

The fact that current versions of Windows, like a number of other programs from Microsoft, are now inaccessible to users with IP addresses, became known on June 18. When trying to go to the corporation’s website and download the distribution portal, the portal issues a refusal under various pretexts: in particular, the Windows 11 link from under the address leads to the announcement “The problem with your request arose”, and an attempt to download the Media Creation Tool ends with “error 404”: Like, there is no such file.

over, if you do the same operation through the VPN. a tool familiar to many users prohibited now in foreign social networks. everything works as it usually worked. Microsoft’s official Комментарии и мнения владельцев (in June, the company announced “reduction of presence” in no, in their absence the profile press and forums came to an unambiguous conclusion: it is most likely to be unnecessary sanctions.

Microsoft reported the departure from the market in early March 2022. It was not hidden about the termination of sales of new products in the main reason: it was primarily about financial sanctions prohibiting settlements with banks and their clients in US dollars and euros. Support for the already sold in terms of not stopped. And this, among other things, means the ability to download distributions and updates. But this in June without warning became unavailable for users.

At the moment, it is known about the problems of downloading Windows Distributions versions 10 and 11 (older versions are already withdrawn from free download on the official website). In addition, the already mentioned Media Creation Tool and the assistant for the installation of operating systems is not available. The change of provider (home or mobile Internet) does not correct the situation, unlike the use of VPN.

As a result, adjusted for the use of anonymizer (recall. June 20 once again stated that the use of these software products in itself is not an offense and is not punishable), while everything remains as it remained as it was as it was. But you need to be ready, of course, to any development of events. if the supplier of the most popular OS in the world (in May 2022. a little more than 75% of the world market) will decide not to declaratively, but to seriously block users, he can do life under Windows for Windows for Windows ordinary user is very difficult.

“All modern operating systems in one form or another cloud,” Ilya, system administrator of one of the departments of the city hall, explained MK, explained This is so for at least ten years, if not fifteen. Here are the main problems that can be if the vendor seriously blocks users. Firstly, the lack of access to software libraries-the system or some applications will have cut functionality or generally refuse to work. Further, a cloud for automatic storage of data, synchronization and backup-they are not used as often as a similar solution from Apple, but some still use it for command work. In the worst case, the supplier can spread for users from the update blocking the entire system.

This scenario, according to the interlocutor of MK, is unlikely: such an update, most likely, will not be able to make a “high.precision”, and millions of others may suffer together with users. In addition, part of Windows computers will avoid “attack”. this is possible with competent administration with an prohibition on automatic updates.

Nevertheless, relying on cloud services from Microsoft would now be frivolous, the expert emphasized. “If the company is large, you can and need to make your assembly of cloud solutions for internal document management,” the administrator believes. And for small teams you can choose a solution from third developers, it is better. so there will be fewer problems with support and the risks of blocking are minimized.

Although almost the entire world market of operating systems for computers (until recently) is divided between transnational “grades”. Microsoft and Apple. there are alternatives to a “big deuce”, including development. Almost all of them are based on Linux, which debuted in the 90s of the last century on a superstructure over one of the oldest operating systems for personal computers-UNIX.

This system has developed for many years as a tool for an advanced IT public, while there are many options for “assembly”, convenient for an ordinary user of the system. This is the import.substituting system of Red OS, which is sold in retail, which is supplied to the corporate market, the Alt system (who knows how to work, including on domestic Elbrus processors) and several more systems, including those who know how to work with secret and confidential information according to standards.

“Where special security is needed, there are already cars on these OS,” an employee of the State Transport Corporation told MK But in ordinary offices where there is an unexpected document management, while everything is on Windows almost completely. The fact that everything will be transferred to domestic software, they say for years, but this is not realized.

“The main obstacle to the translation into domestic systems are users’ habits,” Ilya is sure of the system administrator Although all manufacturers of domestic systems say that they are similar to Windows by the intense, we have a lot of low.skilled users, and for every little things at first people will have to help. And if you have several hundred people of such “non.cutting” employees, there is a problem. We need either special trainings, and half of the people will skip them, the second half will not understand anything. Or introduce in small portions in order to have time to retrain everyone. What we are doing.