Windows System Protected Your Computer How to Disconnect

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Hello. We’ll talk about Windows 10 today, I recently installed it on a virtual computer. Delivered the latest version, that is, Creators Update. Although when you read this, the latest version may already be different. In general, it doesn’t matter. So, and here I am trying to install one program. But it pops up to me that Windows protected the computer and it doesn’t let me put a program. In short, it protects me from this program, although I launched it myself. I don’t know what to say, it’s like security, but for me such security is too much.

And I also found out that there is a SmartScreen filter involved. That is, this is his doing, you understand? I inquired about SmartScreen what it is all about. And I learned that this thing looks exactly what you are launching and decides whether it is safe or not. If the program is unsafe, then its launch will be blocked. Actually what happened to me. = (

But I just didn’t give up. He started poking around on the Internet and found out everything. In short, this SmartScreen needs to be turned off, as it’s clear. But not the first time I managed to do it.

So, look. I’m running DML.exe in short, I don’t remember what kind of installer it is, it doesn’t matter, well, so I run:

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Windows System Protected Your Computer How to Disconnect

Well and then the following message pops up:

The joke is that it was not easy to turn off his appearance and was even angry.

You probably are already eager to find out how to disable this SmartScreen so that this message does not exist? In general, see. Clamp Win R, then a window will appear, insert this command there:

The local group policy editor starts. You need to go here:

Computer configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components SmartScreen Windows Defender

There are two sections, Explorer, this is to disable in Explorer, but Microsoft Edge, so that in this browser. I went to the section, opened Explorer:

Then I clicked twice on this option:

Then there was such a window, well, here this option is turned on or off, I selected the Disabled item and then clicked OK:

In the Status column opposite the option it was written Disabled:

Then I ran the DML.exe file again and there was already a window, just a warning that the publisher could not be verified and that’s all:

Another option that turns out to work too!

This will disable file verification from the Options window. We open the Options window, I do it this way, right-click on the taskbar and there I select this item:

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Next, in the window, click Home:

Then I write the word defender in the search and select the Windows Defender Security Center:

A window appeared, click here:

Well, and then finally the cherished options will finally appear, I turned off everything here =) This is Application and File Check (in principle, it’s enough to just disable it and that’s it):

I also disabled SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge:

Disabled and SmartScreen for Windows Store apps:

For maximum effect, I decided to turn off everything. Then I rebooted so that the changes take effect exactly. After rebooting, I launched the file and see, this message is also missing:

You probably ask me, so you turned off in Group Policy. Guys, I returned everything there to check the shutdown from the Options window.

So both the first method and the second work, which I am very happy =)

That’s all guys, I hope I helped you with something. If something is wrong, please excuse me. Good luck and be happy!

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I’ll leave you in the bookmarks all the same, you never know what. ))) Yes, and I can give the advice myself!: D, finally I’m already correcting it by praying): D, but you bring useful information to people, well done !!

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write help that I can, there will be time. )))

This, of course, is all well and good, but after shutdown, will there be some kind of check that will not interfere with downloading, but will simply warn that a virus or something like that?

So it seems that the defender does not turn off this way? So he will be. But in general, if this window often does not pop up, it may not turn it off. There, by the way, there are shutdown levels, you can select the penultimate one. In essence, this is not protection against viruses, but protection against software installers, that is, many safe installers will display such a window. In short, against viruses. the protector. And make a restore point before disconnecting. In general, you can use the free antivirus, which is much better than the built-in antivirus. Well this is my opinion. Good luck if you write!

Thank you, and then put 10 ku after seven like a monkey with a grenade!