Windows Smart Screen how to enable. What to do if the SmartScreen filter warns…

SmartScreen filter in Windows 8/10

Windows Smartscreen is an important Windows function that provides a computer protection from suspicious software. Previously, the filter was built into the Internet Explorer browser, but starting with Windows 8, it became an integral part of the operating system itself. For the time being, the user may not guess about the existence of SmartScreen, but at one fine moment, when trying to establish some program, a message will appear with a warning about a possible threat. What is this Windows filter, is it possible to disable it and what is fraught with this deactivation?

As we have already noted, the SmartScreen functionality is integrated into the Internet Explorer browser. After the appearance of the new Microsoft Edge observer, such protection was supplied with such protection. So the loading software through any of these browsers can be blocked if SmartScreen suddenly considers it potentially dangerous.

If the executable file is already on your computer, then the filter will make itself felt when trying to start it. A jumped window with a warning message will give the user the opportunity to either refuse to execute or continue, despite a certain risk.

And here the question arises, by what criteria the filter refers the applications as undesirable and whether it is worth ignoring the notification?

During its work, Windows Smartscreen refers to a cloud database that stores a list of programs and their rating. Information comes here from users computers who include the SmartScreen filter and is active, which allows Microsoft to transfer information about all installed software products. Based on the collected data, a trust rating is created, and if the loaded application has a low security assessment or is completely absent in the storage, then the above message is displayed.

What will happen if you disable Windows Smartscreen?

Very often the filter erroneously blocks applications that do not pose any threat to the user. In such cases, you should just use the button allowing to continue the program. If the protection is constantly triggered, then it can be completely turned off. But in this case, a good antivirus with constantly updated bases must be installed on the computer without fail. Otherwise the possibility of launching malicious. Let’s say you are completely sure that you don’t need SmartScreen. What are the ways to turn it off?

In the Internet Explorer, we first click on the gear in the upper right corner of the window to disable Web-sites, then select the “Safety” line and the item “Disable the SmartScreen filter”.

Select the corresponding point in the window and save the settings.

To remove protection in the Microsoft Edge browser, click on the Multi.Status button in the upper right corner, and then go to the parameters. view additional. options. Weed down and switch the desired option to the OTL position.””

SmartScreen work

When you work with a browser, this filter checks all the visited pages and downloaded files. If a certain file has been loaded repeatedly by other users, then it is considered relatively safe, respectively, the service will allow you to download it without any problems. But if before the element has never been used or an insufficient number of times, then most likely SmartScreen will give you a warning that the file may be unsafe.

If you have visited the site created to deceive the user, you should be reflected in a warning that this resource is included in the list of phishing sites. This is quite inconvenient if you entered the page not very popular on the network, but thanks to this function, your PC will receive additional protection.

Settings using the control panel

If you want to change the settings of this service, perform the following actions:

    Using “Start” or a combination of WinX key, open the control panel.

How to use SmartScreen in Microsoft Edge?

Do not get confused with the name SmartScreen, it has nothing to do with your screen. SmartScreen filter is a security function in Windows 10, which protects your computer from malicious websites and uploaded files. He comes with Microsoft Edge browser and is also part of the Windows Defender Safety system. You can use this function to increase protection when viewing web pages and uploading applications.

If you use Google Chrome, there are several ways to protect your computer using Chrome. Similarly, SmartScreen can protect you from the following situations when using EDGE browser:

  • Dynamically check the visits to sits and warn if they are potentially dangerous and can affect your computer. You can continue or close the page for safety.
  • Block the site if he finds that the site you visit is in the public list of phishing sites.
  • Protect your computer from downloading malicious files from the Internet.
  • You can report on the malicious site in Microsoft to add to the black list.

In addition, you can block dangerous applications and check the reputation of uploaded files using SmartScreen parameters on the Windows security settings page.

How to enable or disable SmartScreen?

By default, the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser is supplied with the on Smartscreen option. However, this can often prevent the download of legal files from the Internet. Although you have the opportunity to warn SmartScreen every time to continue, you can also disable SmartScreen for Edge in Windows. You can disable it either in Edge or on the Windows Security Safety page.

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Disable SmartScreen from Edge

  • Run the Microsoft Edge browser and press the button with three points in the upper right corner with the inscription “Settings and much more”. You can also press the ALT F key combination to open the menu.
  • Click on the “Settings” menu from the options.
  • You will go to the browser settings page and click on the section “Privacy, Search and Service”.
  • Scroll down on the right panel and check the “Safety” section.
  • Disconnect the parameter “SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender”.

Disable SmartScreen in the Windows Security System

SmartScreen offers many other functions in addition to protecting actions from Edge. For example, you can protect the content used by Microsoft applications installed on your computer.

  • Click the “Win ​​I” keys to open the Windows settings page and go to the “Update and Safety” parameter.
  • Go to Windows Safety and go to the “Applications Management and Browser” section.
  • Click the link “Parameters of reputation.based” in the section “Protection based on reputation”.
  • Here you can disable the option “Smartscreen for Edge”. Remember that you must enable SmartScreen for Edge to use the “Blocking potentially undesirable applications” option.
  • However, you can continue to use other parameters “Check applications and files” and “SmartScreen for Microsoft Store applications”.

You can enable or disable SmartScreen at any time when you need. Windows defender will show a warning when you turn off SmartScreen filters.


Therefore, we recommend that you turn it on, especially if you use Edge as the main browser. Please note that reputation.based protection is a new Windows function that you will not find in old versions. In this case, you can find SmartScreen parameters in the “Application Management and Browser” section.

Smartscreen is not available

Sometimes SmartScreen does not work, and you will see a message that “SmartScreen is not available now”. This usually happens when you changed the default browser from Edge to another browser on your computer.

Error SmartScreen

If you really want to use SmartScreen, close the warning message and go to Edge settings.

  • Click the default browser on the right side panel. In addition, you can directly open the URL shortcut URL: // Settings / DefaultbrowSer in the edge browser.
  • In the default browser section, click the default button to make Edge by default browser.

Now SmartScreen will start working correctly when you open uploaded files. If Edge is your default browser, check the problems in Windows Defender and correct them so that SmartScreen settings work.

How to fix SmartScreen is not available right now in Windows 10

Windows 10 proactively scans and blocks threats for the system. This is done by scanning uploaded files or neglected applications. If the Windows defender includes browser control, the malicious files you download will be scanned and blocked even before you can view them.

Windows 10 will check the file when loading and copying it, but SmartScreen will also check whether it is signed or not when you try to run it. This usually happens with files that are executable or can be extracted.

It is impossible to fix SmartScreen right now

SmartScreen will check the files when you open them / start. Windows defender has already checked the file when loading it, but the second check will still be performed.

To check the file, SmartScreen checks it for the presence of well.known malware markers. These markers are constantly updated to guarantee the blocking of new threats. If you are trying to open / run the application and see the error “Smartscreen is not available right now”, this is what you can do.

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Check the Internet connection

SmartScreen works if you have an Internet connection. Without active connection to the Internet, he cannot see the updated list of markers of the malicious file.

  • Click the wi-fi icon in a system tray.
  • Search your network in the panel.
  • It should be said “connected, protected” or “connected, Internet” under it. Otherwise, you do not have Internet access.

Check SmartScreen Service Status

SmartScreen is a service; He works on a desktop computer, but for work he needs to exchange data with an online server. If the server does not work, you will see the error “SmartScreen is not available” if your Internet works.

Unfortunately, there is no status page for this service. You will have to draw, online forums and various Microsoft accounts to check whether the service is working.

Switch SmartScreen

SmartScreen may face problems, and switching it to the “Off.”And” VCL.»Can fix them.

How to Enable or Disable the SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 and 11

  • Open Windows defender.
  • Go to application management and browser.
  • Click protection settings based on reputation.
  • Turn “check applications and files” turn off.
  • Reload the system.
  • Return to Windows Defender and turn on, turn on again “check applications and files”
  • Open the file and SmartScreen will scan it.

Disconnect the proxy and VPN

The proxy server or VPN should not interfere with the work of SmartScreen, but there are always exceptions. If you set up proxies in Windows 10 or use VPN, turn it off and try to open the file.

Scanning using Virustotal

If SmartScreen still does not work, you can try to scan the file using Virustotal, although it works only for executable files.


  • Click select the file.
  • Download the file.
  • After displaying the initial results, click the button with the update arrow on Virustotal to start a new scanning.
  • If the file is safe, go around SmartScreen and open it.

Circle SmartScreen

SmartScreen is conservative regarding file blocking. He will block anything for seemingly harmless reasons.

Although in general it’s good, t. E. You want your antivirus to be excessively careful, sometimes it can be ignored. If you know that the file is safe, go around SmartScreen.

  • Twice click the file you want to run.
  • On the screen “Smartscreen is not available” now, click anyway.
  • The file will open.

Windows store

The operation of the computer protection function for applications from the Windows store sometimes causes utility failures that were downloaded with Windows Store. To cancel the function, do the following:

The article presented several ways to disconnect Smartscreen. This tool was provided for by the developers in order to protect your computer. But sometimes the application, to put it mildly, “bends”. After you downloaded the necessary application or use the inaccessible site, turn on SmartScreen again in order not to infect PC with malicious files.

Frequently asked Questions

Smart Screen is one of the functions responsible for security in Windows. The essence of the Smart Screen is comparing the downloaded from the Internet, which you want to launch from the database of malicious programs. This allows you to more effectively protect your system from viruses.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that Smart Screen perceives some user applications as viruses. About how to deal with this, read on our website.

I launched the file I need, but the Smart Screen protection system took it as a threat and removed it from the disk. What should I do to return an important file?

Download and install the RS Partition Recovery program. It is developed just for such cases and allows you to restore the lost files due to accidental deletion, formatting the disk, damage to the logical structure of the disks, etc.D.

I launched the file I need, but the Smart Screen protection system took it as a threat and removed it from the disk. What should I do to return an important file?

Download and install the RS Partition Recovery program. It is developed just for such cases and allows you to restore the lost files due to accidental deletion, formatting the disk, damage to the logical structure of the disks, etc.D.

In the Smart Screen settings, filter operating modes are inactive. How to disable Smart Screen in this case?

If Smart Screen’s operating modes are inactive, then to turn it off, you will have to edit the Windows Register. The Smart Screen shutdown process is described in detail on our website in detail.


The easiest way to enter the SmartScreen filter settings in Windows 10: Enter the expression “SmartScreen” in the “Search for Windows 10” field. In the parameters, select “Change the SmartScreen parameters”.

In the “Safety and Service” window, click on the “Change of Windows SmartScreen” parameters.

In the Windows Smartscreen window, you can change the filter settings. The following functions can be changed:

  • request an administrator’s approval before launching an unidentified application from the Internet (recommended);
  • warn before performing an unidentified application, but do not demand approval by the administrator;
  • do nothing (turn off Windows Smartscreen).

By default, before launching an unidentified application, a window will open for approval by the computer administrator, with the report that the filter prevented the launch of an unidentified application.

Another option is less strict: you will see a warning before performing an unknown application, but to start the application you do not need approval of the administrator.

How to disable SmartScreen

In the SmartScreen settings, you can turn off the filter in the Windows 10 operating system. To do this, activate the point “Do nothing (turn off Windows SmartScreen)”, and then click on the OK button.

Next, you need to turn off the filter to check the web pages (if you want it). Go along the way: Start menu, then “Parameters”, select “Privacy”.

In the “General” section, in the “enable SMARTSCREEN filter to check the web-holding (URL), which can use applications from the Windows store, switch the switch to the“ disconnected ”position.

After that, Windows Smartscreen will be completely disconnected in Windows 10. If necessary, you can turn on the filter on the computer again.

  • Open the “support center” on the “control panels” and turn off the “Smart screen” there, using the method described in the “Management Panel” section in this article, that is, using the installation “nothing to do”.
  • In the “Security” section, click on the link “Do not receive any more message on the topic of Windows SmartScreen”. Follow the link “Do not receive any more messages on the topic”
  • Reboot PC if necessary.

We use a DISM program

In addition to Windows, to deactivate protective function, you can use utilities. One of these is DISM from the company-developer Chuyu Team. In it you can change many “Operating” settings. Its integration is translated into Russian and is conveniently arranged. even a beginner can be figured out. However, it is free. Where to download it and how to use it, we will tell in a short and understandable instruction:

  • Go to the next official address of the utility. Click on the link DISM X86/X64/ARM64 to download the archive with files. it weighs only 3.5 mb. Follow the link DISM X86/X64/ARM64
  • Open the archive and select a document corresponding to the discharge of your system. Click on “accept” to agree with the conditions for using the program. Launch the executable file in the archive and accept the terms of the agreement
  • In the program window, start the block for optimizing PC immediately. Go to the “Optimization” section
  • Click on the third menu “Safety Settings”. Click on the switch corresponding to the “Turn off SmartScreen” options
  • Find the third line “Turn off SmartScreen”. rearrange the switch to the position “.”So that he does not become gray, but blue. Close the program. now the Smart Screen will no longer bother you with messages about the lock. When the option is activated, close the program window

Fix smartscreen can’t be reached right now windows 10 | Disable SmartScreen

Deactivate SmartScreen and open unknown files downloaded from the network only if you are sure of their security. Otherwise, you risk infecting your PC virus. Disconnecting is possible for the entire system as a whole. through the “register editor”, “security center”, “control panel”, “local group policy editor” or a special DISM utility. Keep in mind that you need to choose a method based on the version of the “dozens” and its assembly. If you want to turn off the filter only for Microsoft Edge, go to the parameters in its integration.

As a SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender, when the user tries to start the application

The Smartscreen filter in Microsoft Defender checks the reputation of any web application at the first launch from the Internet, checks digital signatures and other factors regarding the service supported by Microsoft Corporation. If the application does not have a reputation or, as you know, is harmful, the SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender can warn the user or block it completely, depending on how you configured the starting function in the organization.

By default, users can SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender Protection, allowing them to run legal applications after a warning request for a warning. You can also use a group policy or Microsoft Intune to block the use of unrecognized applications or completely turn off the SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender (not recommended).

How users can report websites as safe or unsafe

SmartScreen filter in Microsoft Defender can be configured to warn users that they can go to a potentially dangerous site. Users can report a website as safe from a warning message or unsafe from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.